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JOALI Maldives
JOALI Maldives
JOALI Maldives
JOALI Maldives
JOALI Maldives
JOALI Maldives
JOALI Maldives
JOALI Maldives
JOALI Maldives
JOALI Maldives
25 August 2021

Can you feel it? A heightened awareness, a shimmering sense of awakening. As the soft ocean breeze strokes your skin and ivory sands caress your toes, you feel more alive than ever.

Incredible artworks unfold across the landscape, taking you on an inspiring journey of discovery. Seemingly ordinary moments set the stage for transformation, opening the door to new perspectives and everlasting memories.

In this paradise of abundance, amid lush coconut palms and sparkling waters, everything makes perfect sense. The joy of our island emerges from within, from its inherent nature, spreading its wings each day. Let your joy, too, take flight in this magical realm.

Hidden away in the northern reaches of the Maldives, JOALI is situated on Muravandhoo Island in the Raa Atoll, one of the largest and deepest in the world.

The English word “atoll” comes from atholhu – a Dhivehi term used by early geographers to describe the region’s distinctive ring-shaped coral reefs, wrapped around tranquil lagoons.

Our art-immersive island resort is located in the middle of the Indian Ocean, fringed by pearly beaches and surrounded by brilliant blue waters that boast vibrant marine life. We invite you to discover one of the most beautiful places on earth, resplendent with nature’s treasures.

The Maldives is the collective name for 1,190 tiny islands scattered across the Indian Ocean. Some are inhabited, while others are used largely for tourism and agriculture.

Our host island of Muravandhoo is bordered by dreamy white beaches, a lush land of bountiful coconut palms and turquoise lagoons, brimming with exquisite marine life waiting to be discovered.

Caring For The Environment

The Maldives is a unique place with a fragile ecosystem. From the tiniest sea creature to tallest palm tree, each living thing plays a vital role in the replenishing experience created by these islands.

Our resort was constructed keeping in mind the conservation of the natural environment as much as possible. Over a thousand trees were preserved, and they continue to share their abundant gifts with us each day.

After the devastating coral bleaching event of 2016, which saw up to 85 percent of the reefs in the Maldives die out, we have a responsibility to help these precious ecosystems rehabilitate and recover. At JOALI, we do this through our Reef Restoration Programme.

By using the two-step gardening concept, we grow corals of opportunity in a mid-water nursery for 9-12 months before planting them back on the reef. Our efforts are focused on increasing corals that show resilience to heat, the driver of coral bleaching, and ensuring healthy genetic diversity.

Beach Villas
Soak in beach, garden and ocean views from our lavish one-bedroom villa. Featuring handpicked objets d’art, a private beach garden and a bathroom with spa amenities, this 108 sqm paradise can comfortably accommodate up to 3 guests.

An infinity pool overlooking the waves awaits, perfect for a secluded swim under the stars, while our butler and valet services ensure a pampered stay.

Sunset Luxury Water Villa with Pool

Raise a toast to superb sunset panoramas from your bedroom and sundeck every evening. As the endless ocean shimmers under impressionist skies, the close of the day is infused with magic and joy. This 108 sqm villa comes with an extravagant 35 sqm infinity pool, making it the ultimate island getaway for up to 3 guests.

Family Villas

Featuring two private pools, this fabulous family villa offers twice the fun. Your infinity pool overlooks stunning ocean vistas, while the backyard pool is bordered by lush tropical foliage.

Reconnect with loved ones as you unwind together in the beach garden and share delicious feasts on the breezy outdoor terrace. Tailored for small groups and families, this 142 sqm gem can accommodate up to 4 guests.

Two Bedroom Beach Villa with Pool

Lounge in style at our superb over-water residence, where uninterrupted ocean views renew each day with joy and vitality. Extending across 400 sqm, this expansive accommodation comes with two infinity pools, three bedrooms and two living rooms – ideal for up to 6 guests.

Share magical moments with family and friends at the scenic outdoor terrace, or rediscover romance in the intimate embrace of our private balconies. Luxurious touches make your stay extra special, such as dressing rooms with twin built-in closets and a private spa treatment room overlooking the shimmering waves.

Vandhoo offers a specially designed dining experience encompassing South East Asian, Chinese, and Mediterranean cuisines.

Join us for unmatched breakfast spreads, themed dinners, and art-immersive experiential dining. A lavish range of handpicked labels from across the world awaits wine enthusiasts in our top-of-the-line cellar.

Her Kitchen
Her Kitchen offers a personalised environment for you to learn and enjoy new cuisines. Cook local recipes in the luxurious surroundings of a professional restaurant kitchen, guided by our experienced chefs.

Discover all the joy of cooking – without any of the failed attempts! If you’ve been dreaming of becoming a master of the grills and stoves, here is your chance.

This distinctly Japanese restaurant has been designed by world-renowned restaurant architect Noriyoshi Muramatsu. Gazing out at the most incredible ocean views, the lounge offers an ideal venue for private brunches and wedding celebrations.

This floating haven of delectable food serves select sakes, sushi and a choice of teppanyaki or kotatsu seating for iron-griddle enthusiasts.

Those who seek this pearl from the Mediterranean shall find a fine dining experience that offers a piece of Italy right here in the Maldives.

From a bar dedicated to making perfect peachy Bellinis and homemade limoncellos, to a menu carefully crafted by Michelin-star Chef Theodor Falser, all the jewels of Italy are here for your enjoyment.

Elegantly crafted cuisine, authentic Italian flavours and an ultra-luxurious ambience – our key ingredients add up to your most memorable meal yet.


Dating back to 3000 BC, the word TUH’U comes from the one of the world’s oldest recipes. It was found in the Mesopotamian region, an area that is now part of Western Asia across Iraq, Syria and Turkey. Incredibly, all of the ingredients used in this recipe remain the same until today!

This ancient, authentic dish reveals an incredible explosion of flavours, taking you back in time and fuelling your passion to discover more.

Mura Bar
The Mura Bar overlooks a pearly beach and a swimming pool that meets the sea, creating infinite sparkling shades of azure.

Our airy cabanas and infinity pods provide plenty of space for everyone to relax, while the menu offers scrumptious snacks and street food that hits the spot. The Mura Bar also hosts unmissable events each evening, such as sunset rituals and live performances.

Our artisanal chocolate and ice-cream store is here for you and the kids to satiate all your sweet cravings. Whether you prefer the refreshing taste of fruits, the savoury notes of bitter chocolate or the sweet delights of vanilla, La Joie offers the perfect dessert spot.

Destination Dining

Imagine being able to have the cuisine and service of a high-end restaurant in the privacy and comfort of your own villa. Destination dining offers the option to savour delectable dishes even on nights you would rather stay in.

Let our barbeque and dinner catering team create a memorable culinary experience for all your guests, or a romantic evening for you and your special someone. Simply tell us what you desire, and we will take care of the rest.

Joali Spa by Espa
The globally known Espa Spa offers tailor-made treatments for the ultimate spa experience , leaving you feeling refreshed, revitalised and beautiful. JOALI spa by ESPA’s unique signature treatments will completely restore your body’s vitality and vibrancy, unlocking your inner joy.

The 8 treatment rooms, with breathtaking garden and seaside vista, merged with a luxuriously and artful design spa concept, prides in a bespoke holistic and unique wellness experience.

At JOALI, fitness is a mindset. And working out is much more enjoyable in the Maldives! With its breathtaking views overlooking the crystal ocean and lush green foliage, our fitness center offers an indoor workout experience at the heart of nature.

Why not drop in, meet our brilliant trainers and enjoy the views while taking care of your body.

Spa Sanctuary

Guided by the elements of health and beauty in our spa design and in all of our spa rituals and treatments, one can be immersed into a world of inner peace and utmost relaxation.

Spa Ultimate Wellbeing Journeys – combining our spa and fitness programs we create personalized wellness programs, offering energy, exclusivity, romance and luxury, making them perfect for individual, couples or groups of friends.

Relaxation Lounge – Tucked amid a lush garden overlooking the Indian Ocean, replace your cares with unlimited comfort. Our spa relaxation lounge encourages quiet contemplation and is surrounded by lounge beds and a tranquil view of the spa private beach.

Spa Healing Garden – walk along our “little corner of cure” as you find JOALI Spa signature ingredients homegrown for treating specific disorders, while others have a generalized positive effect on our health when used regularly.

Visiting Expert Healers – Enjoy therapeutic treatments from our regular visiting practitioners to provide a more extensive and individualized approach to integrated wellness.

Wedding Ceremonies

Begin your forever love story in the most romantic destination in the world. The charming tropical setting will be your witness while saying ‘I do’ in the most magical of weddings.

Whether you wish to be surrounded by family and close friends or prefer to have just your special someone beside you, we are committed to offering a finely curated, detailed, elevated experience and set the stage for life’s more cherished moments.

Trust our team, relax into the planning process as it unfolds, and stay in the moment throughout your spectacular wedding celebration!

Art Studio & Gallery
Inspiration, like joy, is contagious. Our exclusive art studio nurtures local arts as well as art-lovers through interactive events and workshops.

The Art Studio & Gallery hosts guest artists who create interactive art projects and nature-inspired collections so you can experience art as a participant and nourish your creative side throughout your stay.

Whiskey & Cigar Lounge

Discover a private area within Mura Bar where whiskey and cigar aficionados can enjoy select products against a marvelous scenery and in peace. An excellent space for bachelor parties, the lounge offers the utmost privacy and exclusivity for your entertainment.

Maison de Joali

Enjoying life starts with enjoying the little things. Like your morning tea or the painting you see every day. Our store offers select teas from all over the world, distinct textile products, decorative objects created by local and global artists, and one-of-a-kind works created at the Joali Art Studio.

Art & Beyond

You will be delighted when you realize that JOALI is the first and only art – immersive hotel in the Maldives. The island is infused with interactive and experiential artistic pieces that you have never encountered before.

The Art Map of the hotel pinpoints all the art and sculptural pieces you can discover. Some of these pieces are created in collaboration with artists and local artisans in order to support the local community and to revive the local artisanal works made in Maldives.

If you are a collector, some of these unique pieces will be available for purchase as well.

Family vacation

This summer, JOALI Maldives introduces a range of exciting activities, especially crafted for children between 4-12 years. Hosted by Muramas Kids Club, these educational workshops offer the ideal blend of learning, creativity and enjoyment.

Young guests are invited to explore positive new experiences in the areas of culture, oceanography, environment, astronomy, health, sports and the creative arts.

Each day brings a new adventure – from immersing in local Maldivian customs and discovering the night sky’s starry wonders, to diving under the waves and learning useful skills like cooking and yoga.


From yachting across sparkling waters to meeting enigmatic manta rays and majestic whales, every excursion is an adventure that is waiting to be yours. Ever wonder how the locals live? You can visit other Maldivian islands or take a dhoni excursion to discover everything the archipelago has to offer.

Water Sports

From water skiing to chartering a speedboat, our island offers great options for those who want to add a little excitement to their stay. Enjoy the lush, unending views of emerald and turquoise while parasailing or wakeboarding.

Marine Sports

Dive and snorkel to discover the vibrant corals around the island. Let a marine biologist guide you through the majestic world under the waves.

Manta Tree House

Meet one of our favourite spots to relax. With unending views of green and blue, the Manta Tree House is the perfect place to make unforgettable memories. Whether there are little pirates or adults aboard, this natural sweet spot offers an enchanting experience to all, with tailormade music and meals.

Memorable Moments

Let us handle everything so you can step into your new life with peace of mind. To start planning your special day, discover our packages created by a variety of expert wedding designers.

Rooms: 73
Price: from 1.711 EUR per night


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