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Amanpuri Phuket - Thailand
Amanpuri Phuket - Thailand
Amanpuri Phuket - Thailand
Amanpuri Phuket - Thailand
Amanpuri Phuket - Thailand
Amanpuri Phuket - Thailand
Amanpuri Phuket - Thailand
Amanpuri Phuket - Thailand
Amanpuri Phuket - Thailand
Amanpuri Phuket - Thailand
Amanpuri Phuket - Thailand
Amanpuri Phuket - Thailand
19 June 2022

Soundtracked by the whispers of coconut palms and the sighs of the Andaman Sea, Aman’s first resort presides over its own peninsula, promising guests space, serenity, an idyllic white-sand beach, exceptional restaurants and a Holistic Wellness Centre.

Amanpuri’s Wellness Centre provides a range of adaptable wellbeing programmes and wellness retreats tailored from start to finish to meet personal goals.

At Amanpuri, guests are invited to create their own customs, incorporating as much or as little convention into their occasion as they wish, ensuring the day is marked with utmost significance.

With an extensive range of state-of-the-art watersports equipment, Amanpuri invites guests to explore the Andaman Sea at any pace they choose – from the thrills of high-octane adventure to gently drifting along the waves.

Beside the peaceful Andaman Sea, Amanpuri is harmoniously ensconced within a pocket of lush tropical vegetation, where idyllic sanctuaries blend Thai tradition and timeless serenity.

Set on a hillside overlooking a private stretch of Phuket’s west coast, the resort’s Pavilions are elegant and spacious with oversized bathrooms and dressing areas providing airy retreats, while Villas offer consummate privacy, with coconut palms casting tropical shadows onto private swimming pools and terraces.

Nine-Bedroom Ocean Villa
Set on a private headland on Phuket’s west coast, Amanpuri’s Nine Bedroom Ocean Villa reflects Thailand’s gracious architectural aesthetic, overlooking the azure waters of the Andaman Sea.

Designed around an expansive private swimming pool, the villa makes it possible for large groups of friends, families or colleagues to celebrate special events or simply come together and enjoy the Aman lifestyle year-round.

For entertaining, the villa offers various lounging and dining areas both inside and out, while in the kitchen, fresh cuisine is prepared by the villa’s dedicated Thai chef. The villa also has its own housekeeper to ensure a seamless stay.

Six-Bedroom Ocean Villa
Amanpuri’s Six Bedroom Ocean Villa is set apart from the main resort and rests at the tip of the peninsula, affording sweeping sea views in a discreet location. With king-sized bedrooms built around a central swimming pool, carefully considered design equally balances guest privacy with ample space for entertaining.

Interiors are finished with Thai wooden furnishings and comprise a spacious living and dining area, with large windows and sliding doors for seamless indoor/outdoor living. A Thai chef and housekeeper are also on hand, to ensure a seamless stay.

Three-Bedroom Ocean Villa
Offering breathtaking views of the Andaman Sea, Amanpuri’s Three Bedroom Ocean Villa offers guests a serene retreat shaded by coconut palms.

With three-king sized bedrooms designed around a central swimming pool, both private and social spaces are found in balance and are serviced by a dedicated chef and housekeeper for a seamless stay.

The villa celebrates its coastal setting with various outdoor areas for lounging and dining, while inside, a living room and dining room offer an airy space with room for guests of all ages.

Two-Bedroom Pool Pavilion
Set back against the hillside and offering mesmerizing views of the Andaman Sea, Amanpuri’s Two Bedroom Pool Pavilion affords guests with 350 square metres (3767 square feet) of interior and exterior space.

With a private pool, sun deck and dining terrace surrounded by calming greenery, the pavilion celebrates outdoor living, yet inside, an elegant and airy hideaway offers two king-sized bedrooms with large en suite bathrooms complete with deep-soaking tubs.

Ocean Pool Pavilion
Overlooking tranquil views of the ocean below, the Ocean Pool Pavilion is ideal for couples seeking a serene retreat, with 230 square metres (2476 square feet) of indoor and outdoor space for seamless open plan living.

Bright and airy with traditional wooden accents, the pavilion’s king-sized bedroom with en suite bathroom and deep-soaking tub are flooded with light and access the expansive timber terrace through sliding doors.

Outside, the reflective swimming pool, dining area and lounging sala are an inviting place to spend an afternoon in consummate privacy.

Dining at Amanpuri
Amanpuri’s family of restaurants invites guests and non-residents on a gastronomic journey around the world, delving into the authentic culinary traditions of Thailand, Japan, Italy and the Mediterranean against the stunning backdrop of the Phuket coast.

Set beside the sea, Nama pays modern-day homage to Japan’s ancient culinary heritage, combining seasonal Japanese ingredients with local Phuket produce to create dishes of great delicacy and finely balanced flavour. Nama is open for lunch and dinner to both resort guests and non-residents between December and April.

The art of washoku
Meaning ‘raw’ in Japanese, Nama follows Japan’s Unesco-recognised tradition of washoku, a style of cuisine that elevates cooking to an art form, often taking years for chefs to perfect.

Exquisitely crafted sushi and sashimi are at the heart of a menu that celebrates the finest seasonal ingredients, prepared using techniques that bring essential flavours to the fore.

Beauty in simplicity
The secret to washoku lies in the chef’s understanding of an ingredient and how to isolate and amplify the essence of each component of the dish, resulting in beautifully clean and balanced flavours on every plate. Though the process of preparation can be highly complex, washoku is at heart a celebration of simplicity.

A sense of place
Although specialist produce is easily obtained direct from the markets of Osaka and Kyoto so that dishes can be crafted with absolute authenticity: Phuket’s tropical setting offers Nama’s chefs a cornucopia of exceptional ingredients on the doorstep, sharing space on the menu with Japanese delicacies such as chargrilled Wagyu beef.

Open to guests and non-residents, Arva is Amanpuri’s tribute to the conviviality and warmth of classic Italian cooking.

Freshly caught fish, free range chicken and organic fruit and vegetables are paired with skill and dexterity by the executive chef to create a sociable, seasonal and sustainable menu showcasing timeless Italian recipes in their purest form.

Flavours of the harvest
Meaning ‘cultivated land’, Arva follows the southern Italian tradition of ‘Cucina Del Raccolto’, and is creating exquisite dishes out of honest ingredients, grown in gardens or on farms, foraged from forest floors, or plucked fresh from the oceans. The chef’s seasonal menu includes fresh pasta and risotto, along with bold, hearty piatti principali.

Rooted in community
The local community is an essential source for Arva’s fresh, organic produce. Every day, Khun Somnai, a fisherman from the local village of Bangtao, brings the prime of his latest catch to Amanpuri, including snapper, soft-shell crab, mud crabs and live grouper, caught to order.

Free-range organic chicken and eggs are supplied by an orphanage in Phang Nga, allowing Arva to offer sharing platters of herb-roasted chicken; whereas the produce markets of Phuket Old Town ensure a daily supply of tropical fruits, fiery chillis and fresh vegetables.

Amanpuri’s main restaurant offers guests and non-residents an authentic Thai dining experience, shaped by the lifelong passion and peerless culinary expertise of the Executive Chef. Thai-inspired and international classic breakfasts are served here beside the pool each morning.

Fragrance and flavour
From smooth, aromatic curries to fresh salads and perfectly balanced pad thai, Buabok’s menu provides an insight into the best of Southern Thai cuisine, featuring freshly sourced produce, catch of the day from local fishing boats, and homegrown herbs and vegetables from the Amanpuri gardens.

Specialities of the south
Alongside Thai staples, the Buabok menu showcases the distinct culinary culture of southern Thailand, with fresh fish from the Andaman, fiery curries, piquant tom yam soups laced with lemongrass, and fragrant green mango salads with betel leaves and crispy soft shell crab.

The Sunset Terrace
The Sunset Terrace at Amanpuri is an idyllic setting offering breathtaking views across the resort’s iconic bay and the Andaman Sea.

Whether gathering around the table with friends or enjoying a family event, this new drinking and dining venue, with its creative cocktail and food menu, celebrates coming together by providing a feast for the senses and an ideal location to enjoy a pre or post dining experience, or special occasion.

A celebration of joy
Situated next to Amanpuri’s iconic steps, with a panoramic view of the Andaman Sea, The Sunset Terrace is the perfect place to linger for sunset drinks or celebrations. Guests are able to take advantage of direct access to the beach, delighting in the soundtrack of the waves as the sun dips below the horizon.

Together with Arva, The Sunset Terrace is styled as a gastronomy and mixology hub, with cocktails crafted for pre-dinner drinks while post dinner drinks serve as a digestive with a sweet petit four pairing, as well as the location for private cocktail making masterclasses and other events throughout the year.

Curated by expert mixologists
Offering handcrafted Elixir cocktails, each inspired by storytelling and honouring Thai myths, legends and folk stories, The Sunset Terrace focuses on seasonality whilst supporting the surrounding community by using locally sourced liquors and organic ingredients.

Signature cocktails will also include The Classics, featuring Aman’s own Gin, and inspired by Aman resorts and hotels worldwide.

The Beach Terrace
Open seasonally for drinks and dining, Amanpuri’s Beach Terrace showcases an authentic selection of local Thai specialties and fresh Mediterranean dishes alongside wood-fired pizzas and vibrant salads. With the Andaman Sea in full view, the lounge-style venue is ideal for a relaxing lunch.

Wood and charcoal
A live grill and wood-fired oven harness the flavours of organic meats, wild fish and handmade pizzas in The Beach Terrace’s outdoor kitchen.

Amanpuri specialities including Grilled Tiger Prawns, Catch of The Day and the organic ‘James’ Burger are cooked outdoors over wood and charcoal for a true alfresco dining experience.

Local flavours
Traditional Thai ingredients influence The Beach Terrace’s menu which also boasts several vegetarian dishes. Delicious wok-fried vegetables, rice and noodles are served alongside meats and fish marinated in local herbs and spices, accompanied by favourites such as Satay Gai (chicken satay) and Pow Phia Tod (vegetable spring rolls).

Finish with the resort’s much-loved Phuket Pineapple – a refreshing tropical dessert that balances sweet and sour.

A scene for celebration
An atmospheric sunset destination, the terrace is perfect for groups celebrating special occasions, alongside private dining experiences.

Dine by torchlight under the magnificent night sky with one’s very own beach barbeque, or alternatively, come together around the table to share wood-fired pizzas with made with indulgent Italian ingredients.

Barbecue by candlelight
The Amanpuri team can set up a number of locations for a private dining experience, but perhaps one of the most romantic is a Thai barbecue hosted on the resort’s secluded stretch of Pansea Beach.

Choose from an Italian, Thai or Vegan menu, with bespoke touches – from floral arrangements to live music and entertainment – arranged upon request.

Holistic wellness at Amanpuri
Amanpuri has long been a sanctuary for those seeking a positive shift. Harnessing the ancient healing arts of Thailand as well as leading global therapeutic practices, the Holistic Wellness Centre offers tailored treatments, massages, immersions and personalised fitness programmes to enhance the body and enrich the spirit.

Our Holistic Wellness Centre is also equipped with a sauna, swimming pools, as well as a jacuzzi and juice bar.

Amanpuri Awakening
Designed to imbue a deep sense of place as well as to relax and rejuvenate, this journey is the ideal way to start a stay at Amanpuri. It begins with an aromatic body exfoliation using a body polish of Thai herbs, spices and extra-virgin coconut oil.

Follow this with a classical Thai massage, either aromatic with herbal compresses, or dry with deep stretching or pressure point stimulation. End with a personalised facial that leaves the skin glowing.

Muay Thai
Teaching basic self defence and emphasising the importance of a healthy mind and body, Muay Thai is superb for building strength and agility while toning and conditioning muscles.

Step into Amanpuri’s professional Muay Thai boxing ring for an authentic training experience. Also known as Thai boxing, Muay Thai is called ‘the art of eight limbs’ because it combines the use of fists, elbows, knees and shins.

Traditional Chinese Medicine
One of the primary characteristics of traditional medicine is to approach the root cause of a condition or problem by treating the body as a whole. Amanpuri’s TCM therapists employ the holistic procedure known as the Four Diagnostic Methods to discover patterns of disharmony or imbalance and assess what the body needs.

Based on this analysis, a detailed questionnaire and an in-depth discussion, the consultant recommends a schedule of treatments to address personal health needs and achieve wellness goals.

Wellness Immersions
Lasting three nights or more, Amanpuri’s tailored Immersions are engineered to help guests increase fitness and performance, cleanse and detox, achieve long-term weight management and redress hormonal imbalances.

Personalised to the guest’s wellbeing aims, Immersions combine movement classes such as Muay Thai, circuit training, Pilates and yoga, with mindfulness, spa therapies, and nutrition plans, complemented treatments such as craniosacral therapy, reconnective healing and Reiki.

48-hour Wellness Discovery
Ideal for busy individuals in need of a lifestyle reboot, this targeted programme puts a time-efficient spotlight on health.

Using a comprehensive range of medical diagnostic tools and screenings as well as results-orientated complementary therapies, it generates a current health profile, outlines personal wellness goals, and provides a strategic health plan for achieving them.

One-Day Wellness Introduction
For those intrigued by the Immersion concept and interested in boosting wellbeing, this programme gives guests the freedom to experience Amanpuri’s wellness offerings in a more condensed manner.

Taste of Wellness is ideal for those travelling with friends or a partner and keen to add a wellness aspect to their journey without committing to a multi-day Immersion.

Wellness Immersions
From yoga retreats to personalised fitness routines, Amanpuri is the ideal stepping-stone on your journey to self-discovery and self-improvement. Amanpuri’s Wellness Centre provides a range of adaptable wellbeing programmes tailored to meet personal goals.

Offering Original and Intensive Immersions lasting three nights or more, the Centre’s scope ranges from medically led therapies to holistic treatments designed to alleviate stress and lift the spirit.

Original Immersions
Lasting a minimum of three nights, Original Immersions are tailored to individual wellness needs to inspire and promote meaningful change.

Whether shifting unwanted weight, detoxing for renewed awareness or managing stress, each Immersion is personalised based on in-depth assessments and wellness screenings. Programmes can accommodate non-Immersion travel partners without compromising results.

Intensive Immersions
Unique to Amanpuri, these in-depth holistic programmes last five nights or longer, beginning with a comprehensive medical consultation and examination on arrival.

Medical diagnostics including blood-panel and heavy-metal OligoScan testing inform a bespoke programme of prescribed medical treatments, as well as a personalised nutrition plan, customised private movement sessions, and specialised therapies and spa treatments.

Life Reset
Designed to transform participants physically, mentally and emotionally, this pathway lifts guests from a state of exhaustion to a place of equilibrium and positivity.

This fully personalised wellness programme tackles burnout, from poor lifestyle habits and detachment, to tension headaches, skin breakouts and sleeplessness.

Curated to give you exactly what you need in terms of nutrition, stress management and coping mechanisms, the Immersion is tailored to personal circumstances and health needs, addressing every aspect of burnout for a complete and long-lasting lifestyle reset.

Weight Management
Approaching the issue of weight management with sensitivity and expertise, this Immersion pathway is designed anew for every individual, whether wishing to shift unwanted weight and address its root emotional causes, gain muscle mass or permanently break bad habits to achieve a lasting new reality.

An initial consultation and optional blood analysis form the basis of the Original Immersion. The tests address such key factors as pH levels for optimal digestion, cravings, hormonal imbalances and weakened immunity.

Every meal, whether raw, liquid or cooked, is nutritionally aligned to personal needs, removing stress and inflammatory markers to promote an internal environment adaptive to self-healing and change.

Detox & Cleansing
This pathway holistically resets mind, body and spirit for a new start. Counteracting the effects of pollution and a hectic lifestyle to rest, cleanse and nourish the body, it also helps dispel negativity, forge new neural pathways and increase mental acuity.

Curated afresh for every individual to address the unique needs, this fully personalised programme naturally stimulates the detoxification pathways of the body, removing the obstacles to wellness created by emotional eating, bad habits and high-stress lifestyles.

Treatments concentrate on clearing toxicity, draining the lymph, and releasing tension to relax and renew the body and mind.

Mindfulness & Stress Management
Gain a deep sense of peace and relaxation, and develop the skills for managing a stressful lifestyle with a calm spirit and focused mind.

Taking each guest’s unique situation into consideration, this pathway enhances quality of life by mitigating the negative effects of ageing, stress and environmental factors from the inside out. Every person’s circumstances and challenges are different, so no two Immersion will be the same.

The practices of meditation, yoga and reflection are combined with modalities that encourage inner healing (cranial sacral therapy, reconnective healing and Reiki), those that purify (exfoliation) and those that calm the central nervous system (massage).

Host the perfect event
At a traditional Thai Buddhist wedding, the ceremony is often performed by up to five monks who garland bride and groom with fragrant phuang malai, entwined to symbolise the coming together of two individuals.

The couple are then blessed with holy water before celebrations fill the air with joy and merriment – a truly sacred occasion which is believed to give every couple the happiest start in their journey together.

At Amanpuri – one of the most fabled retreats in South East Asia – guests are invited to create their own customs, incorporating as much or as little convention into their occasion as they wish, ensuring the day is marked with utmost significance.

From the resort’s peaceful peninsula, there are a number of uniquely private locations to host any style of event.

Its exquisite oceanside villas and pavilions set amid verdant gardens and coconut palms are ideal for more intimate occasions, while its midnight blue pool and regal sweep of stone steps leading to secluded Pansea Beach, offer a backdrop filled with drama and opulence.

Choose to take inspiration from Amanpuri’s surroundings with traditional Thai music and dancers, elephant rides, and fire and khon (masked) performers for after dark.

Alternatively, allow Aman’s expert event planners to bring one’s own vision to life where no request is too big or too small. An aisle spanning the swimming pool offers the bride a dramatic entrance, or a post-dinner fireworks display adds an element of surprise.

For those hosting multi-day events, an island-hopping cruise of Phang Nga bay with a beach barbeque provides the perfect opportunity for guests to gather in the days preceding the wedding.

Amanpuri’s private peninsula offers a host of venues for special events including spectacular Amanpuri Villas, the magnificent Beach Club, and Arva, Nama and Buabok restaurants. Capturing the warmth and generosity of spirit so unique to Thai culture, Amanpuri’s dedicated team oversees every aspect of a celebration.

From menus, music and entertainment, to flowers, decorations, group activities and cultural experiences, every detail is taken care of, ensuring hosts and their guests feel completely at home.

Experiences at Amanpuri
Surrounded by the tranquil Andaman Sea and framed by white-sand beach, Amanpuri is the starting point for an enriching array of water-bound adventures, cultural explorations and nature tours in Phuket Island.

From underwater exploration and high-speed watersports to educational experiences for children, Amanpuri offers activities and excursions for guests of all ages and interests.

Watersports at Amanpuri
The turquoise waters of the Andaman are a glittering invitation to adventure, whether exploring the Phuket coasts by boat or paddleboard, jet-skiing or scuba diving.

Enjoy a peaceful evening paddling around the bays while the sun sets or experience the excitement of riding the world’s fastest underwater vessel – Amanpuri offers watersports to suit every tempo.

Take to the water
With an extensive range of state-of-the-art watersports equipment, Amanpuri invites guests to explore the Andaman Sea at any pace they choose – from the thrills of high-octane adventure to gently drifting along the waves.

Discover the underwater world at leisure with a Seabob, or skim across the ocean’s surface by wakeboard or waterski.

High-adrenaline activities
The Mastercraft Star is the original high-performance vessel, allowing Amanpuri guests to experience a wide array of high-speed ocean thrills – wakeboard, wakeskate, hydrofoil or old-school waterski.

Amanpuri’s seasoned watersports team are on hand to guide guests through new skills or help build on previous experience to achieve daring new feats.

Drift away
For those wishing to take the pace down a notch, pedal yourself fit aboard a Hobie Mirage Eclipse – a large paddleboard with handlebars for ultimate stability. Take a seat on an easy-to-use Schiller Bike to enjoy a leisurely ride exploring the waters – a wonderful way to connect with nature at a gentle pace.

Take a stand-up paddleboard around the bay, or slow right down and perfect your poise with a private yoga lesson on the board.

Undersea discovery
For seasoned scuba divers, boats depart daily to the best sites around Phuket, including Shark Point, Koh Dok Mai, Anemone Reef and the King Cruiser Wreck.

For those new to the sport or eager to improve, a range of PADI courses are available, with introductory lessons in the resort pool. Amanpuri also has a selection of vessels available for private charter to explore the seas on your own itinerary, serviced by a full crew.

Amanpuri for families
Amanpuri offers an escape for families to enjoy and connect, with a multitude of spaces and activities designed for all ages, from toddlers to teenagers.

The extensive facilities and range of activities encourage quality time whether exploring Thai culture and cuisine, experimenting in new sports or immersed in the tranquillity of nature.

Nature, craft, cooking and culture
The Eco-Beach Discovery Centre offers a daily programme of activities for children aged 5–12, including Thai cooking and dance classes, batik workshops and a range of eye-opening experiences designed to introduce young guests to island wildlife.

Embark on a critter safari along the beach, hunt for hidden treasure while learning about the history of the Andaman Pirates, or learn to master the art of sand sculpture.

The Hot Spot
The ultimate environment for teens to hone their sporting skills or try out a new activity. Alongside the host of outdoor activities and watersports, the Hot Spot houses a Digital Room – a creative hub where teenagers can express their artistic talents.

Grab a GoPro and capture some amazing footage, learn how to edit videos and create the ultimate film soundtrack.

Tailor-made children’s wellness
Amanpuri’s junior wellness programme is designed for children aged five and up, and includes yoga, Pilates, Thai boxing, swimming and tennis. The Holistic Wellness Centre also offers a range of treatments adapted for children.

Wonders of nature
Discover the beauty of the Phuket’s lush natural landscape with guided treks through the pristine rainforest.

A four-hour morning hike in Khao Phra Thaeo National Park brings guests face to face with a startling array of indigenous flora and fauna, including rare white-backed palms, and colourful birds such as the red-billed malkoha, the greater racket-tailed drongo and red-backed sea-eagle – as well as providing opportunities to see dramatic waterfalls and meet playful gibbons in their natural habitat.

Streets of the Old Town
Phuket’s colourful markets are a fascinating way to sample traditional Thai food, watch street performers, and browse local arts and handicrafts.

Set in a charming pocket of Phuket Old Town, Walking Street Market is well worth a visit on any day of the week, but we recommend that you time yours to coincide with the vibrant weekly night market.

On Sunday evenings the old Sino-Portuguese houses lining the street light up with bright colours as the spaces between them fill with buskers, performers, and stalls selling local food, handicrafts, clothing and souvenirs.

Great for golf
Phuket is blessed with six superlative courses, spread over coconut plantations, costal cliffs and beautifully landscaped gardens.

They include the revered Blue Canyon Golf & Country Club, a PGA Tournament host that is home to two championship courses. Amanpuri guests are free to use the resort’s collection of high-quality clubs, with both right-handed and left-handed men’s and women’s’ sets available.

Rooms: 84
Price: from 900 EUR per night


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