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Bawah Reserve - Indonesia
Bawah Reserve - Indonesia
Bawah Reserve - Indonesia
Bawah Reserve - Indonesia
Bawah Reserve - Indonesia
Bawah Reserve - Indonesia
Bawah Reserve - Indonesia
Bawah Reserve - Indonesia
Bawah Reserve - Indonesia
Bawah Reserve - Indonesia
Bawah Reserve - Indonesia
Bawah Reserve - Indonesia

A gorgeous tropical paradise surrounded by a blue ocean, Bawah Reserve sits in sheltered seclusion 160 nautical miles (300km) northeast of Singapore in the remote Anambas Archipelago, Indonesia.

This pristine and previously uninhabited marine conservation area is surrounded by turquoise lagoons and coral reefs, which cater to outdoor adventurers looking to indulge as well as those looking to relax in paradise. Bawah offers sustainable luxury at its best.

For larger groups, we offer a four-bedroom villa comprising of a two-bed pool villa and a two-bed infinity pool villa, which are interconnected by a covered walkway.

This villa option offers four king or twin bedroom suites with ensuite bathrooms, two central dining and lounge pavilions and two plunge pools and lagoon views. It’s the perfect accommodation for families or groups travelling together but who may like some privacy. This spacious sea-facing villa (750 m²) has direct access to the lagoon.

The Jungle Lodge is the newest addition to the Reserve and a good option for families. Peaceful and private, this treetop lodge offers gentle breezes and partial sea views – although the beach is just a few minutes walk down 50 hand-cut stone steps.

There are two en-suite bedrooms, a large open plan living and dining area and a full-length front-facing outdoor balcony accessed from sliding doors in the living room. The lodge offers panoramic floor to ceiling windows that give a sense of being immersed in nature and a direct private pathway to Tree Tops restaurant.

A luxury tented beachfront suite set amongst lush foliage and a stone’s throw from the pristine, white sand and glistening lagoons. Peaceful privacy, gentle breezes and sea views from your verandah.

Dotted along the island’s white-sandy shoreline with the sound of the waves gently lapping, experience the romance of sleeping in one of our 19 beachfront luxury safari-style suites (70 m²). Open the canopy to the elements or close the sides as you prefer. The suite’s tented ceiling stretches across the verandah for a shaded daytime reading spot or a fine dining lunch.

Step down onto your own private beach area and enjoy a soothing massage experience or drift away on your sun lounger. End your day with a dip into warm waters that are so crystal clear it’s almost a cliché.

Perched high up into the landscape of Bawah Island and surrounded by tropical rainforest, Tree Tops restaurant offers breathtaking views of the lagoon, stunning bamboo architecture and an impressive lighting installation representing a bloom of jellyfish.

Let the food, the wine, and the magnificent landscape merge into a single sensation that provokes all your senses. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and offers a large table suitable for a group of up to 20 guests.

If you are seeking fine dining with crimson coloured sunset views, Tree Tops should be your number one choice. For a more intimate dinner under the stars, The Lookout offers a private, romantic setting of lanterns, wine and dinner à deux.

Named after the large fish that inhabits our lagoons, the whimsically-decorated Grouper Bar is a convenient meeting place at any time, thoughtfully situated jettyside, beachside and poolside.

This is a social hub with a chill lounge vibe, offering everything from coffee to cocktails, ambient music to aperitifs, Champagne and fine vintage wines to 18-year-old highland malts.

The perfect spot for a casual drink with friends, an aperitif before dinner, or a sociable evening of tapas and garden-to-glass cocktails made by our resident cocktail crafters.

Delectable local seafood with a sand-between-your-toes experience and ocean views from every table. Day through to night, The Boat House is the perfect chillout spot offering beach loungers and dining, BBQs, entertainment and cinema nights under the stars.

Find total zen and integrated wellbeing in the soothing, natural surroundings of Bawah Reserve and Aura Spa and Wellbeing. Nestled in the island’s beachfront jungle, Aura Spa offers a natural and luxurious setting, rejuvenating treatments and practices to ease away everyday stresses and enhance your physical and mental wellbeing.

Indulge in a variety of tropical spa experiences, ranging from sea salt scrubs and locally sourced Ayurvedic oil massages, Pilates and sunrise qigong on the beach. All are designed to relax, invigorate and rejuvenate both the body and the mind.

Drawing inspiration from ancient Asian traditions, Aura Spa targets six Journeys for achieving true wellbeing. Nature is extraordinarily generous. It nourishes and heals, grounds and protects.

Like the ancient civilisations who came before us, we know that harmony and balance need not come from something designed in a lab. The answers are found all around us – in our seas, our gardens and the earth upon which we live.

That’s why Aura Spa & Wellbeing was designed with nature at its core. We make many of our products with healing ingredients picked fresh from our islands – salt is harvested from our seas, turmeric is grown in our permaculture gardens, and aloe vera is plucked from our forests.

Aura Spa is set in natural surroundings and is the perfect environment for total rejuvenation of the mind, body and spirit. Our treatment rooms provide a revitalising space where you can sink into luxury and allow yourself to be fully pampered.

We offer a range of treatments from head to toe, our facial will leave your skin glowing and our foot mapping will energise tired feet. Bawah’s signature massages have been created from the vast range of experience of our highly-skilled therapists.

There’s nothing more serene than a rejuvenating spa experience surrounded by nature. The only thing that could make it just a little more perfect? The adventure you take to get there.

Kayak. hike or enjoy a boat ride to one of our spa pavilions, strategically dotted across our six islands to provide idyllic views and relaxing, natural surroundings. Be soothed by the lapping waters, tropical bird song and silence as you enjoy your paradise spa experience.

Surrounded by tranquil, turquoise waters Bawah Reserve is a collection of six tropical islands with two unique retreats of breathtaking beauty and easy, natural charm.

Simplify your planning with our wedding collections. Invite your wedding party to celebrate your special day and experience the spectacular natural atmosphere that provides these secluded islands with their charm.

Our experienced and trusted staff are on hand to ensure you and your guests enjoy a wonderful stress-free holiday while celebrating your love. Our wedding collection options can be a starting point to create a bespoke wedding to suit you and your partner’s wishes. Let us help you create the wedding of your dreams.

Start your life as a married couple in a romantic paradise. Let us spoil and surprise you and make memories of a lifetime in this idyllic destination.

Escape to a private island on a boat excursion with a personal picnic waiting for you on arrival, dine on your sun terrace where you can watch the sunset over a mouth-watering multi-course dinner, or simply spend your honeymoon lounging on one of our 13 private, white sandy beaches.

If you’d like a helping hand in popping the question and successfully pulling off your dream Bawah proposal, we will help you to find the right place, plan the moment, and set the mood for creating the next step towards your happily-ever-after.

Bawah Reserve offers endless activities above, below and beyond the lagoon waters. Consider it a natural playground for the explorer in everyone.

The Anambas Islands are labelled one of Asia’s top five tropical island paradises for divers. Bawah Reserve is surrounded by jaw-dropping underwater scenery and 12 dive sites right off the coast, reachable by a short boat ride.

As one of Indonesia’s first marine conservation areas, the Reserve features an abundance of flourishing coral reefs and healthy marine life. All dive sites have similar topography, with a gentle sandy slope going down to approximately 7 meters before a further 25-30 meter depth – diving is spectacular at any of those depths.

Bawah Reserve diving customers typically enjoy a morning and afternoon dive, making it a very relaxing activity to fit into your island getaway. Of course, you are welcome to arrange up to 5 dives per day, inclusive of a night dive.

Grab your fins and your GoPro and discover Bawah’s underwater world (a protected marine conservation area). Come face-to-face with giant Bumphead Parrotfish, Clownfish, Angelfish, Rabbitfish, Butterflyfish and Long-nosed Trumpetfish to name a few. Keep your eyes peeled for the illusive Pufferfish, Triggerfish, Giant Clams and Nudibranch galore.

Make waves and set sail on our easy-to-use catamarans. Enjoy a sail on our turquoise lagoons with magical views included. A relaxing and fun activity that provides unforgettable adventure at sea. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced sailor, gliding through the water is an experience like no other – the ideal sport to add to your tropical island holiday.

Guests are free to pick up a kayak from the Actvities Centre at anytime to explore the lagoons and alcoves or paddle to our islands and their beaches. A paddle to Sanggah island will uncover evidence of Bawah’s volcanic past. Guided kayaking excursions are available upon request and facilitated by our knowledgable Activities Team

Join the Anambas Foundation team on a reef dive to help transplant and preserve coral for future generations or assist with other marine conservation efforts such as underwater clean-ups to remove ghost fishing nets and equipment left on the reef.

Our calm lagoon waters are the perfect place to learn or practice paddleboarding. SUP offers a challenging full-body workout and great views above and below the waves. Guided paddleboard excursions are available upon request and facilitated by our knowledgable Activities Team

The swimming pool is half-moon shaped and 22 meter at its longest point making it great for morning laps. Shaded by trees, the pool offers a cool respite from the tropical heat.

The ultimate paradise retreat deserves the ultimate paradise experience. If you’re looking to make your dining experience one to remember, we have options to suit everyone.

At the heart of our wilderness you’ll encounter primary jungle and a rich ecosystem bursting with life. Don’t miss the ‘King of Our Jungle’ – a 50-metre high, 500-year-old Keruing tree.

Bawah offers three marked trails, leading to magnificent lookouts where you will be rewarded with commanding views of the coastline, Coconut Beach, the statuesque Batu Tokong and surrounding islands.

Want a guide? Start or end your day immersed in nature with a guided sunrise or sunset hike. Our knowledgeable Activities Team will take you to the most picturesque spots you will learn about the flora and fauna as you trek.

Enjoy a memorable cinema experience watching a classic movie by moonlight on our outdoor screen, shown twice a week at The Boat House and the Infinity Pool. Ease into a lounger with popcorn, gentle tropical breezes and enjoy the show.

Humans have always been in awe over the night sky. It’s the reason so many of us gather to watch astonishing events like meteor showers and the reason why astronomy is the oldest science.

With no light pollution, Bawah Reserve is a great place to see the night sky in all its glory. On the beach in front of The Boat House you can also see stars and planets up close in our telescope.

Our activities lawn is situated in between the boutique and the permaculture gardens. Enjoy a traditional, slow-paced game of croquet or get the heart racing with a game of lawn tennis.

The soft sandy beach in front of the Activities Centre provides the perfect spot for a host of beach fun. From a game of football to learning the local game of Sepak Takraw, our Activities Team are always up for a friendly competition.

Join us for an informative hour-long walking tour to reveal the hidden stories behind the building of Bawah Reserve, which took seven years to build by hand. Discover the process of building on the previously uninhabited islands and the architectural practices that use new engineering and traditional Indonesian building methods.

Learn about how the bamboo structures of our Beach Suites were designed and constructed, the traditional method for making rock walls and the artists who weaved strips of bamboo to create the rich tapestry on the walls and ceilings.

Indonesian cuisine is world famous for it’s aromatic flavours. Learn about the spices and taste the freshness of our home-grown vegetables as you’re guided through a two hour cooking class by one of our chefs. Take home a recipe and the skills to recreate the dish.

Indonesian Batik Class Discover the art of batik making, a craft included in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity list. Learn the process of traditional plant-based wax dyeing along with the basic principles of the craft. Create your own batik with the assistance of our experienced team.

Drinking jamu, made from a variety of locally grown herbs, is one of the most popular and widespread rituals in Indonesia. Traditionally, it’s the females in the family that mix the tonics and pass down the recipes to the next generation. In this class you will discover the ancient techniques of Jamu creation, prepare your own-using organic ingredients, and then enjoy.

The Anambas Foundation is an Indonesian Foundation that aims to improve the overall ecosystem in the Anambas, both underwater and terrestrial, as well as sustainably lifting the community’s welfare.

The Anambas Foundation has pilot programmes in two nearby villages. During this half- day trip you will see the positive impact the foundation is having in the community — see the organic farms, interact with kids learning English via the Digital English Club or simply experience life in these humble seaside communities.

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