COMO Cocoa Island Maldives

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COMO Cocoa Island Maldives
COMO Cocoa Island Maldives
COMO Cocoa Island Maldives
COMO Cocoa Island Maldives
COMO Cocoa Island Maldives
COMO Cocoa Island Maldives
COMO Cocoa Island Maldives
COMO Cocoa Island Maldives
COMO Cocoa Island Maldives
COMO Cocoa Island Maldives
COMO Cocoa Island Maldives
COMO Cocoa Island Maldives
9 June 2022

COMO Cocoa Island is an understated private island resort in the Maldives, with 33 overwater villas allowing you to slip from your balcony into the turquoise lagoon to explore the sealife-rich house reef.

We promise what few luxury Maldivian resorts can truly provide: peacefulness, privacy and the opportunity to do very little – very little, that is, aside from stroll on silk-soft sand, snorkel in a world of colourful marine life and simply relax, whether that’s on a massage table or on a daybed staring out at the hypnotic azure ocean.

From its personalised service and sophisticated cuisine to its distinctive design, authentic culture and calming spa, our Maldives luxury resort works hard to tailor the experience to your needs.

We can orchestrate customised cruises to neighbouring islands and beaches; plan private dinners at secluded locations; arrange yoga, diving or snorkelling; and create adventures for families travelling together.

COMO Cocoa Island, known locally as Makunufushi, is located among South Malé’s coral atolls. Importantly, guests do not need seaplanes to access the island; it is just a 40-minute speedboat transfer from the international airport on Malé (the main island).

The Maldives are a year-round destination with a near constant temperature of 86°F (30°C). The water temperature remains steady never falling below 77°F (25°C) and reaching 84°F (29°C) during high season.

However the islands are tropical and therefore also subject to two distinct seasons, or monsoons. April is a transitional time between these two seasons and is known for the clear water, which is appealing to divers.

The iruvai (northeast monsoon) is hot and dry and runs from December to April, making this the official high season when the islands enjoy little rain and low humidity. Rain is more likely from May to November (during hulghangu, or southwest monsoon), making this the official low season.

The style of COMO Cocoa Island is like that of no other luxury hotel in the Maldives. With a uniquely local aesthetic, the resort’s 33 suites and villas are inspired by the gently curving wooden forms of the local ‘dhoni’ fishing boats.

Each bungalow, connected by a sinuous planked walkway, sits offshore and overhangs the lagoon. Built of New Zealand pine with Kajan thatched roofs, each suite has high raftered ceilings and glossy teak floors.

Floor-to-ceiling windows open to substantial decks, blurring the line between inside and out. Blue and white décor further brings the sea, sand and sky into the heart of every room.

The style and design of our newly refreshed 33 overwater suites and villas are like that of no other luxury resort in the Maldives.

Uniquely inspired by dhoni boats—the gently curving wooden vessels used by local fishermen—COMO Cocoa Island’s rooms arc out from the island itself. Simple wooden walkways built above the shallow lagoon connect them, forming an overwater boardwalk pathway.

Some villas have private pools, and each has its own private terrace—all the better for slipping into the warm Maldivian sea, right from your room. Views from the floor-to-ceiling windows look across the watery expanse and horizon, as if you’re floating on the ocean.

Our three-bedroom COMO Sunset Villa features two villas connected by a wooden walkway and is named for its spectacular sunset views. The one-bedroom villa has a master bedroom, a large terrace, a 10-metre private swimming pool and a gym.

The two-bedroom villa has two wings, as well as its own private infinity pool. Both villas are suspended over the turquoise ocean and have living rooms and a private study.

Ideal for families travelling together while keeping the luxury of independent space: a wooden walkway connects the spaces, but can also be closed off for privacy in either villa. The three-bedroom COMO Sunset Villa can accommodate six guests. Mobile beds can be added upon request.

These light-filled villas sit on their own secluded jetty, each with a private entrance deck, surrounded by the aquamarine ocean.

Outside, there’s a new private pool and a balcony with a daybed, where you can relax as the sun rises and sets on the ocean. Inside, the spacious living area with floor-to-ceiling windows provides plenty of space to unwind.

Shaped like a traditional ‘dhoni’ fishing boat, our Dhoni Loft Water Villas have an expansive lower level living area and a master bedroom on the mezzanine, making them great for families.

The design is about bringing the outside space in, with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the water, and a private terrace touching the ocean.

Our split-level Dhoni Water Villas stand out for their unusual design: shaped like a traditional Maldivian ‘dhoni’ fishing boat, they make you feel like you’re floating on the ocean.

The generous living room is a calming space to relax, while the overwater private terrace has a staircase that leads to the lagoon’s warm waters.

Offering some of the best dining in the Maldives, our menus are modern, light and steeped in the nuances of South Indian cuisine.

We also offer contemportary interpretations of other Asian and Mediterranean classics, as well as old favourites like pastas and salads. Our healthful COMO Shambhala Cuisine is always popular.

Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner with flexible dining to suit guests’ preferences. Cuisine features European dishes in addition to a blend of Indian and Mediterranean traditions with an emphasis on locally caught seafood, fresh produce and COMO Shambhala healthful eating options.

At COMO Cocoa Island, we seek to create memorable dining experiences. Our goal is to create moments that spark joy, whether it’s a candlelit dinner for two, or a gourmet family meal with dramatic ocean views. Our discreet staff will ensure each meal feels private, special and above all, unforgettable.

COMO Shambhala Cuisine is a unique nutritional concept that incorporates organic ingredients rich in living enzymes, vitamins and sea minerals while still delivering on flavor. Food is raw, steamed or grilled for maximum health benefits.

Chefs also make ample use of the tandoor, a type of Indian oven that allows for the fat-free cooking of meats and fish whilst introducing a wonderful charcoal flavor. COMO Shambhala Cuisine is served at Ufaa and is also available via in-room dining.

Faru Bar is an easy-going, foot-in-the-sand resort bar where our inventive bartenders put together refreshing cocktails (and mocktails).

Fine wines, classic cigars and light snacks also feature, alongside some easy beats at sunset. Faru Bar is open from 10am until late, adjacent to the infinity pool and leading directly to the beach.

In-room dining at COMO Cocoa Island includes salads, pastas and refreshing juices and is available from 7am until 10pm daily.

COMO Shambhala Retreat, our island wellness centre, is the embodiment of our philosophy for healthy living. We draw our inspiration from our surroundings, with treatment pavilions that combine natural wood, traditional Maldivian coral walls and thatched roofs.

Our treatment rooms – two double and one single – have commanding views of the turquoise lagoon, while our couple’s pavilion overlooks tropical foliage.

We also have one of the only hydrotherapy pools in the Maldives, where guests can relax in the heated water, with purpose-built high pressure jets to target different areas of the body.

At this nurturing island retreat we offer Asian-based therapies, physical fitness classes and a new Pilates studio, as well as a fitness centre and airy yoga studio, where you can practice mindful exercises with views of the island.

To complement the wellness experience, we have crafted a daily schedule of activities, including yoga and Pilates alongside a range of other wellness pursuits.

COMO Shambhala offers a variety of classes and activities, including yoga, Pilates and fitness sessions. In-house guests are welcome to join any of these classes.

Our internationally accredited teachers are also available upon request for personal training and private sessions. Please refer to the COMO Shambhala Schedule of Activities or approach our wellness reception team to make your reservation.

Water is powerful – when warmed, it can relax muscles, increase circulation and provide pain relief. This is based on evidence that heat receptors are close to the nerve cells that make you feel pa in; the sensation of heat overrides the sensation of pain.

Water also alleviates joint pressure and discomfort, and the consequently increased range of movement makes hydrotherapy optimal for physical rehabilitation.

Pick up a new skill while you relax on our private island – that benefits both of you. This experience lets you try your hand at the art of back and scalp massage with the guidance of one of our expert COMO Shambhala therapists.

They will demonstrate a 25-minute sequence – dry and oiled – on one of you, before you practice on each other. At the end of your session, take home a bottle of our COMO Shambhala CALM blend that relaxes your senses with mood-balancing bergamot, soothing lavender and reassuring geranium.

COMO Cocoa Island’s shores provide an intimate, romantic atmosphere, while the entire private island environment can also be bought out for more extravagant celebrations – making it one of the best wedding venues in the Maldives.

From the moment you decide to hold your big day here, we’ll guide and support you through every step of the planning process, from crafting your own bespoke menus, to sourcing local musicians and finding the perfect blooms for your bouquet.

Our team is dedicated to tailoring your ceremony to your vision. Please speak to us if you have any special requests or customisations in mind and we’ll be happy to help.


The first weeks of a couple’s married life should be a time of intimacy and spontaneous extravagance – values at the centre of every honeymoon with COMO Cocoa Island. We like to elevate each experience with value-added extras.

With its tranquil white sand beaches, COMO Cocoa Island is an unforgettable option for event venues in the Maldives. Whether it’s a corporate retreat, birthday celebration or a reunion of family and friends, COMO Cocoa Island can provide gourmet culinary offerings, floral arrangements, live music and more.

For an even more extraordinary experience, you can even buy out the entire island for you and your guests to have all our facilities to yourselves.

In the translucent waters of South Malé’scoral atolls lies a private island rimmed incoral. The water is so clear, it’s like peering through a window, and the sand so fine, it’s like stepping on cream silk.

This is COMO Cocoa Island – a jewel-like resort that is yours to rent, promising peace, discretion and nature’s bounty at your fingertips.

All 33 sun-drenched overwater villas can be yours, sleeping up to 72 guests. It is a place for weddings,anniversaries, or family get-togethers,where everyone, of every age, will treasure the memory.

COMO Cocoa Island is an intimate private Maldives island resort located in the South Malé Atoll (or South Kaafu Atoll). Surrounded by spectacularly clear waters, the land itself is made up of live coral reefs and sand bars, making the natural ecosystem here truly distinctive.

Encircled with powder white sand, the carefree, understated luxury experience includes world-class diving, fishing trips, as well as sunset cruises offering a chance to watch dolphins at play. Select from a variety of wellness, sports, dining and leisure activities available on property.

Located at Maldives’ South Malé Atoll, COMO Cocoa Island enjoys a marine-rich atoll full of pristine dive sites, such as the dramatic Kandooma Caves and the ever-popular shark cleaning station at Cocoa Thila.

Divers will discover reefs and overhangs teeming with marine life, including green turtles, reef sharks, bigeye trevally and many other colourful reef fish. Along with our professional guides, our resident marine biologist can also accompany you on dives to explain about the flora and fauna present at our dive sites.

This exciting trip begins with a speed boat ride across to the Ari Atoll, where our search for the largest shark in the ocean will begin.

Once a whale shark has been spotted, guests are invited to snorkel alongside this gentle sea giant. At lunchtime we will stop on an uninhabited island to enjoy a picnic, before heading back out to continue the hunt.

Enjoy an intimate evening beneath a canopy of stars, surrounded by the sounds of the ocean and gentle sea breezes. You will dine at a private table, set up along COMO Cocoa Island’s eastern sandbank, where your personal butler will serve a five-course meal accompanied by a bottle of chilled Champagne.

Reef bottom fishing is a traditional activity in the Maldives, which guests can try for themselves while the sun sets over the island. Potential catches such as humpback snapper and groupers can also be cooked by our chefs for lunch or dinner the next day.

This guided excursion takes you to two different reef sites near COMO Cocoa Island where you will discover vibrant coral colours and abundant marine life. Our knowledgeable guides will swim with you through these luscious seafloor landscapes, helping you spot and identify the Indian Ocean’s flora and fauna.

See a different side of our stunning house reef after the sun has set. Armed with bright, underwater torches, our guides will help you glimpse the reef’s shy, nocturnal creatures, including lionfish, lobsters and moray eels.

Enjoy a gourmet breakfast and a bottle of vintage Champagne as the first rays of morning sunlight appear over COMO Cocoa Island. Your breakfast will be set up on your own private sandbank surrounded by turquoise waters, with a dedicated butler on hand.

Wild dolphins migrate through the waters of South of Malé in pods of between 10 and 30. This excursion sets out in the evening, to where the dolphins swim playfully and jump out of the water to showcase their acrobatic skills spins.

They may also come up close to surf the boat’s bow waves. On the way back to COMO Cocoa Island you can enjoy the sunset while sipping sparkling wine and nibbling on gourmet canapés.

Rooms: 33
Price: from 1.189 EUR per night


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