Como Shambhala Estate Bali

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Como Shambhala Estate Bali - Indonesia
Como Shambhala Estate Bali - Indonesia
Como Shambhala Estate Bali - Indonesia
Como Shambhala Estate Bali - Indonesia
Como Shambhala Estate Bali - Indonesia
Como Shambhala Estate Bali - Indonesia
Como Shambhala Estate Bali - Indonesia
Como Shambhala Estate Bali - Indonesia
Como Shambhala Estate Bali - Indonesia
Como Shambhala Estate Bali - Indonesia
Como Shambhala Estate Bali - Indonesia
Como Shambhala Estate Bali - Indonesia
14 December 2022

Como Shambala Estate Bali, is located in the forest between two mighty rivers, with unique Residences inspired by nature. This is a magical destination spa specialising in nutritious cuisine, Ayurvedic treatments, outdoor activities and more.

The resort is located just beyond the town of Ubud in Bali’s interior — around a 90-minute drive from the beaches and international airport at Denpasar. Multi-suite Residences and standalone villas create a sense of home while immersed in wildlife, with design inspired by Indonesia’s rich culture.

With wellness at our heart, our experiences are designed to feed body, mind and soul, with immersive hikes and carefully curated cultural tours. You can immerse yourself in the flavours of Indonesian cuisine at Kudus House, or enjoy the balance, nutrition and sophisticated tastes of our healthy COMO Shambhala Cuisine on all-day menus at glow.

COMO Shambhala Estate is made up of private residences, villas and suites set into the forest and jungle clearings with award-winning architecture by Cheong Yew Kuan and interiors by Koichiro Ikebuchi. Local stone, wood and traditional alang-alang roofing all feature, inspired by the elements of wind, earth, fire, water and forest.

1,200 tonnes of stone were imported from the nearby island of Sumba to construct this bold Residence, named after the ‘Sound of Fire’.

This Residence, inspired by ‘Windsong’, combines the traditional clean lines of Balinese design with details from colonial Java, such as Victorian antique baths and Venetian beds.

This Residence faces the majestic Mount Batukaru, and is aptly named ‘Umabona’ which translates to ‘House of the Earth Son’. The Residence aesthetic draws influence from the Majapahit palaces.

Our one-bedroom pool villas are a mix of cool and contemporary style together with traditional Balinese design elements and peerless forest views. There is also a private pool, Jacuzzi and outdoor deck for lounging and leisure.

The two-storey, two-bedroom pool villas each boast a private swimming pool, Jacuzzi, and large living and dining areas. Each floor is an exclusive space unto its own, with views of the verdant valley below.

The three-bedroom pool villas feel like private homes with expansive living areas and a fully equipped kitchen. The villas each have two master bedrooms and one guest bedroom, as well as a private garden, an infinity pool and Jacuzzi.

These are the principal suites in each Residence. Each COMO Shambhala Suite has an interior decorated with Indonesian antiques, and a generous ensuite with private Jacuzzi. COMO Shambhala Suites also have access to the Residence’s shared pool, lounge and dining areas.

You can immerse yourself in the flavours of Indonesian cuisine at Kudus House, or enjoy the balance, nutrition and sophisticated tastes of our healthy COMO Shambhala Cuisine on all-day menus at glow.

Our COMO Shambhala Cuisine maintains the nutritional integrity of the original foods’ essential components and allows you to benefit from the ‘life force’ of specific ingredients—many of them raw, brought from field to table with minimum delay.

Kudus House showcases the diverse influences, flavours and spices of Indonesia’s regions. The intimate restaurant occupies a picturesque 150-year-old former Javanese residence, from which it serves both breakfast and dinner.

Glow features easy dishes and our nutritious and delicious COMO Shambhala Cuisine—including salads, energising juices and blends rich in living enzymes, vitamins and minerals.

Glow is the buzzing heart of COMO Shambhala Estate. Those interested in cookery will particularly enjoy glow’s open kitchen, where you can watch your food being prepared. glow also curates the picnic lunch that is served at the Kedara Water Garden after an Estate walk or spring blessing — please speak to us for more information about this experience.

Embark on our Estate Walk and discover Kedara, our hidden water garden at the jungled heart of COMO Shambhala Estate.

Every weekend, celebrate health, flavour and good company at COMO Shambhala Estate. The galley kitchen at our restaurant, glow, comes to life under the vision of Executive Chef Dewa Wijaya.

He will serve a menu of dishes with ingredients from our organic garden, freshly caught seafood and grain-fed beef – all cooked with methods that preserve the purity of nutrition. While you eat, sit back and enjoy soft gamelan music and traditional dance performances.

Our team specialises in preparing intimate gourmet meals in a host of unforgettable locations, whether its your private Residence, our unique Tea House, or on the grassy bank of the Ayung River.

Our Estate’s approach to wellness is rooted in our unique location: a jungle enclave in Bali above a rushing river, with a spring that provides the mineral water that runs through every tap. We work in tandem with nature to provide immersive experiences that include our tailored Integrated Wellness Programmes.

Meaning ‘peace’ in Sanskrit, Shambhala alludes to the pursuit of balance. It defines the essence of the COMO Shambhala approach to holistic wellness, combining modern science with ancient practices to align mind, body and spirit.

COMO Shambhala Estate is the most complete manifestation of the COMO Shambhala philosophy, offering a wide range of treatments, experiences, products and activities. Complementing these services is our signature COMO Shambhala Cuisine, featuring healthful nutrition-optimised dishes using pure ingredients in nourishing combinations.

Meet with our experts in private consultation rooms before embarking on your wellness journey in our myriad facilities. We also have a well-stocked COMO The Shop for your retail needs.

COMO Shambhala Estate can host parties, meetings or celebrations in spaces as classic as our Sattva Meeting Room, or as sublime as Kedara, our hidden water garden. Our Estate team can also arrange outdoor activities, wellness seminars by our in-residence experts, or cultural tours of nearby neighbourhoods.

Weddings with us are for those looking for an unforgettable ceremony in a sacred landscape, in venues that range from secluded pool villas to our grand multi-room Residences. A full estate buy-out is like nothing else on earth, with exclusive use of our garden, jungle and holy springs above the Ayung River.

Bali enjoys a balmy year-round tropical climate. Temperatures average a very pleasant 27°C (80°F) in the Ubud area and a little lower at night. The best time to visit is May through to September when there’s less humidity. In Bali, there is always the chance of rain, but showers tend to be an hour-long downpour, rather than all-day drizzle.

COMO Shambhala Estate’s location in a lush enclave above the Ayung River provides access to jungle walks, rapid rafting and a sacred spring. Our resort is only a few miles from Ubud Town, where our expert guides can take you on private tours.

Take part in an authentic Balinese spiritual experience at the water temple of Tirta Empul. The 10th-century temple plays a key role in Balinese mythology and religious history.

After making offerings under the ancient banyan tree that shades the outer temple you will enter the inner courtyard, where your guide will lead you through a series of cleansing processes in several of the 30 water sources. Each water source has its own meaning and purpose, ranging from protection against nightmares to clearing one’s chakras.

Be prepared to spend half an hour or more in the holy waters. After visiting the fountains you take part in a final prayer, led by a priest, in the innermost temple. From here you can see the spring water welling up from the ground, stirring the dark volcanic soils of the island.

Embark on our Estate Walk and discover Kedara, our hidden water garden at the jungled heart of COMO Shambhala Estate. Spend mornings or afternoons swimming in or lounging beside sunlit pools of mineral water.

Then come up for air to eat a delicious breakfast or lunch picnic. Our team will prepare your chosen meal in woven baskets, deliver them to Kedara and set them up on the deck.

Join us for a thrilling white-water rafting adventure down the Ayung River, which flows beneath COMO Shambhala Estate. The rapids are rated class two and three, making it an exhilarating experience where you will encounter swirling waters, turbulent rapids and sudden adrenaline-inducing drops.

You will also have the opportunity to take in the lush jungle surroundings, waterfalls, and intricate wall carvings — a scenic and unforgettable experience.

In the emerald green gardens of COMO Shambhala Estate you will find an ancient spring of rejuvenating holy water just footsteps from the Ayung River. Dressed in traditional Balinese attire, you will be guided through chanting and offerings by a local priest.

You will wash beside a statue of the god Ganesha, allowing the minerals to soak into your skin. While chanting, the priest will splash each participant three times with holy water. With this, you will be considered new – clean in mind and soul. This experience can be combined with a Kedara picnic.

The well-known Tjampuhan Ridge walk is on the checklist of many visitors to Ubud. The trek starts at the 8th-century Gunung Lebah temple that marks where Ubud all began, at the auspicious confluence (or ‘Tjampuhan’) of the Wos rivers.

We will visit the temple while learning about the history of Ubud and the traditions associated with the location. From there we find the trailhead at the base of Lover’s Hill. Our journey continues for just over two kilometres along the ridgeline that separates the rivers, offering views of rice terraces, temples, traditional houses and distant volcanoes.

Try your hand at cooking a three-course meal at COMO Shambhala Estate, with instruction from our talented chefs in the Estate’s main kitchen. You can choose the menu you want to prepare, whether it’s an authentic Indonesian dish like those we serve at Kudus House, or our healthful and energising COMO Shambhala Cuisine served at glow.

You’ll be taught everything from preparing the raw ingredients to presenting the food in COMO’s elegant style. Then after you’ve finished cooking, you can sit down and dine on your creations in glow, our contemporary, open-sided restaurant at the heart of COMO Shambhala Estate.

This easy walk takes you through the Estate’s environs. Enjoy lush rice fields and learn about temples and housing compounds. See the locals at work in the fields, cultivating the rice and tending to their flocks of ducks. Your guide is an expert in everything local and will be thrilled to share with you information of interest.

This tour is designed around three key elements of Balinese culture: spirituality, art, and trade — taking you through galleries, temples, local shops and the rice terraces of Ubud. Speak to your guide about customising your tour to incorporate the elements of local culture you most want to experience. The tour leaves early in the morning to avoid the midday heat.

Our guides have devised a range of cycling routes starting from the Estate through lush rice fields and past the plethora of temples and shrines that dot the countryside. Our routes are accessible to bikers of all ability levels and is usually about seven kilometres long.

Rooms: 40
Price: from 590 EUR per night


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