Constance Prince Maurice

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Constance Prince Maurice - Mauritius
Constance Prince Maurice - Mauritius
Constance Prince Maurice - Mauritius
Constance Prince Maurice - Mauritius
Constance Prince Maurice - Mauritius
Constance Prince Maurice - Mauritius
Constance Prince Maurice - Mauritius
Constance Prince Maurice - Mauritius
Constance Prince Maurice - Mauritius
Constance Prince Maurice - Mauritius
Constance Prince Maurice - Mauritius
Constance Prince Maurice - Mauritius

Designed by architectural mastermind Jean Marc Eynaud and designer David Edwards, Constance Prince Maurice is where style, space and architectural designs create the perfect hotel lifestyle.

Peaceful by day, the hotel is amidst lush tropical greenery. Our infinity pool and natural reserves add to the décor by instilling a sense of tranquillity. Picturesque at night, the structure of the hotel is enhanced by warm lights positioned to harmonise with the environment.

Romantic hideaway, stunning architectural design, luxurious setting; choose from one of the 64 Junior suites, 12 Family suites, 12 Villas or the lavish Princely Villa at Constance Prince Maurice.

Luxurious, exclusive and dreamlike, the Princely Villa is the place to be for a Princely Holiday. It is situated on the most private parcel of the hotel’s land, on dazzling white sand, facing turquoise lagoon with the Indian Ocean as view. You will be swept off your feet!

Princely Villa measuring 350 m2 offers: 3 individual terrace each facing a different part of the ocean. Comprises of 2 Junior Suites and 1 Villa with a patio Similarly equipped as a Junior Suite and Villa with a kitchenette for service staff, terrace with dining/seating area, private heated pools with a personal villa master.

Direct access to the beach, beautiful ocean view at a prime location on the east coast of Mauritius, all Beach villas offers everything you need for a perfect blue sky holiday. Each Beach Villa measuring 130 m2

Set alongside the Barachois, Villa on Stilts offers intimacy and comfort with a hint of coziness. Sunbathe or star gaze, the furnished balcony is made just for that!

Gastronomy at Constance Prince Maurice is infused with a pinch of local cuisine, it will send you on an aromatic journey! Like most of our executive chefs, Michael Scioli is familiar with various cuisines, culture and diverse culinary techniques.

Since 2009, Chef Scioli has been enhancing the restaurants of Constance Prince Maurice and pleasing the fine palate of our discerning guests as he masterly combines Asian ingredients with French technique to create mesmerizing dining experiences.

Savour fine dining and discover Constance’s philosophy of food with a light Mauritian twist at Archipel Restaurant. Beautifully crafted food is served in an elegant setting with view out across the beach or the infinity pool. Amateurs de vin can request to have their fine food pair with an exclusive wine from our wine cellar.

Stroll down a lantern-lit pontoon that heads mysteriously through mangrove trees until you find yourself in the romantic seclusion of Le Barachois. Enjoy a candlelit feast of authentic Indian Ocean flavours as you float above the calm water of Le Barachois, on one of the restaurant’s 5 floating decks.

Regardless of regional differences in cuisine, Constance’s philosophy of food embraces nature’s diversity and serves beautifully crafted food through fresh produces, innovative techniques and a harmony of flavours. Enjoy our new sushi bar where fresh sushi, other fine Japanese food and some classic chinese dim sum can be appreciated.

Situated in the main building with two sundecks, Laguna bar overlooks the pool and the beach. Exquisite cocktails are on the menu every night.

The trendy Lounge Bar is located in the main building, adjacent to Archipel restaurant. Exquisite cocktails and live entertainment (piano, jazz) Ideal for an aperitif before dinner and drinks after dinner in an elegant and intimate atmosphere.

Opened from 17H30 until 23H00, the floating bar is an incredible spot with a beautiful and peaceful atmosphere. Enjoy your aperitif while listening to relaxing music and gazing down the Indian Ocean.

Close to the Archipel restaurant, our Wine Cellar measuring approximately around 175m² is dedicated to exclusive wines with more than 25,000 bottles from around the world. The cellar has been designed with wine lovers in mind with a dedicated area for wine tasting.

Step into the luxury Constance Spa at Constance Prince Maurice. You will be welcomed by the florally scented atmosphere and lush tropical plants surrounding the spa. Relax, rejuvenate, detox, deep cleanse, re-hydrate or simply enjoy – whatever you choose, your ultimate spa experience will be tailored according to your preferences and objectives.

Soothing, pampering or energising; choose from a wide range of massages and other spa treatments at Constance Spa during your holidays at Constance Prince Maurice. From a ‘Jetlag’ massage to an ‘After sun repair wrap’; each spa ritual has been designed to make your holiday pleasurable from end to finish.

Choose from the wonderful range of Constance Spa Classic massages, facials and body treatments using aromatic natural products inspired by plants from the Indian Ocean.

An exceptional range of treatments and products from Sisley is also available. Do try the blissful manicures and pedicures from leading Podiatrist Brice Nicham recognised as offering the best pedicure in Mauritius by United Kingdom’s Condé Nast Traveller 2016.

As from 4 years old, kids can enjoy free yoga session every Thursday at 3 pm. A 30 minute energising session held at the gym under the guidance of qualified instructors.

Honeymooners, enjoy 75 minutes of pure bliss during the honeymoon ritual followed by a private relaxation time and spa cocktails.

Discover Sisley’s Phyto-Aromatic treatments for face and body and let yourself be transported to an exotic and sensorial world.

A tropical island in the Indian Ocean which is also paradise: Mauritius. Its white sandy beaches are perfect to enjoy ‘the sweetness of doing nothing,’ while its volcanic mountains entice you to experience vibrant adventures. In the midst of this natural oasis is the luxurious Constance Prince Maurice, an exclusive resort perfect for a honeymoon.

Start your day with a romantic and intimate breakfast on your terrace, relax with pampering spa treatments at the magnificent Constance spa, cool off in the beautiful infinity pool, have a glass of champagne against the backdrop of the sunset, or practice your swing on a world-class golf course.

So many experiences to choose from on your honeymoon at Constance Prince Maurice. Here’s a list of unique experiences you can add to complement your honeymoon experience at Constance Prince Maurice

Feel like 60 or 120 minutes of total relaxation at our luxurious spa or in the privacy of your own suite? Choose a couples’ ritual and get ready to treat your senses with an experience that culminates with a delicious cocktail.

What if you could steal away a piece of the beach, just for the two of you? We’ve gone ahead and chosen a Hidden Jewel for you, a slice of paradise overlooking the sea where you can enjoy some delicious hors d’oeuvres.

Start the day in the most romantic way. Have a relaxing, delicious breakfast served in the privacy of your own suite

The flavours of the sea blended with exotic spices to provide you with a unique culinary experience. Enjoy a romantic dinner in an intimate setting right by the sea.

With more than 25,000 bottles of wine, Prince Maurice cellar is a true paradise for wine connoisseurs & amateurs alike. Enjoy unique dishes, perfectly paired with award-winning wines carefully selected by our sommelier.

A spectacular Mauritian sunset, a champagne sabrage ritual just for you and your partner, and an exquisite selection of canapés. Le Sabrage includes a professional photographer who will immortalise your magical moment.

Immerse yourself in a world of relaxation where time stands still. You can choose between the spirit of the lotus, the soothing scent of lavender, and the regenerative force of vetiver, or dive into the vibrant fusion of aromas from the Pamplemousses Botanical Garden.

A special day deserves a special dinner. Our team will take care of pampering and surprising you so you will never forget this part of your honeymoon at Constance Prince Maurice. Let yourself be carried away.

Discover the wonderful world beneath the warm water surrounding Constance Prince Maurice. Marvel at a wide variety of sea creatures, unique diving sites and enjoy snorkelling.
Our dive masters and instructors at the Blues Diving kiosk offer group and private dives.

Rooms: 89
Price: from 405 EUR per night


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