Royal Palm Beachcomber Luxury

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Royal Palm Beachcomber Luxury - Mauritius
Royal Palm Beachcomber Luxury - Mauritius
Royal Palm Beachcomber Luxury - Mauritius
Royal Palm Beachcomber Luxury - Mauritius
Royal Palm Beachcomber Luxury - Mauritius
Royal Palm Beachcomber Luxury - Mauritius
Royal Palm Beachcomber Luxury - Mauritius
Royal Palm Beachcomber Luxury - Mauritius
Royal Palm Beachcomber Luxury - Mauritius
Royal Palm Beachcomber Luxury - Mauritius
Royal Palm Beachcomber Luxury - Mauritius
Royal Palm Beachcomber Luxury - Mauritius

Located on the sheltered north-west coast, stretching along a pure white sandy beach, Royal Palm Beachcomber Luxury is a tranquil tropical haven with an uncompromising commitment to excellence.

Common areas and suites at Royal Palm Beachcomber Luxury enhance the ultimate luxury experience. The hotel has a unique atmosphere, natural charm and timeless elegance. Bathed in soft lighting, the rooms combine delicate and bold hues, fine fabrics, finishes in wood and marble and custom-made wooden furniture crafted by local artisans.

Time is purely subjective within Royal Palm Beachcomber Luxury’s environment as if it was made for unique moments, the kind that leaves indelible traces in one’s heart. Your every wish is anticipated and every whim is satisfied with impeccable service.

Whether you are enjoying a meal in one of the hotel’s restaurants, a treatment at the lavish spa or simply relaxing on the beach, at one of the hotel’s three swimming pools (including a 25-metre lap pool), the team at Royal Palm Beachcomber Luxury is committed to your well-being.

Royal Palm Beachcomber Luxury is also celebrated for its award-winning cuisine. Three restaurants, presided over by French Chef Wiiliam Girard, invites you to a tantalizing culinary experience.

Should you choose the casual elegance of Le Bar Plage, the spacious terrace of La Goélette or the intimate setting of the Italian restaurant named La Brezza, any choice you make will be perfect. Immerse yourself in complete luxury and book your holiday in Mauritius at Royal Palm Beachcomber Luxury.

Cultivating the Art of beautiful means creating the perfect stay, one where beautiful surroundings are woven through with care and attention from our artisans.

This suite is the epitome of luxury and intimacy. A single majestic wooden door opens up onto a vast reception area. The predominance of wood and leather gives this suite unique style, luxury and character. Bright tones of blue and orange complement the cool greys of the lush rugs and chic furniture.

The mix of modern and traditional Indian influences creates a sophisticated haven of relaxation. On the ground floor guests of this prestigious suite will find a spacious indoor living area, enhanced by high ceilings, that leads onto a delightful gazebo, ideal for a romantic candlelight dinner.

Surrounded by decking and edged with pebbles, the private infinity pool has its own whirlpool feature and overlooks the beach and the ocean beyond. The master bedroom occupies the top level of the suite and opens onto a private terrace offering a spectacular view of the sparkling lagoon and pure white beach.

Known as the “135” the Royal Suite is somewhat of a legend. This unique suite offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience of the finest things in life.

Spectacular double doors swing open, inviting guests into a luxurious yet traditionally designed suite. The Presidential Suite redefines elegance and sophistication with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living area and a large terrace.

Plush furniture and accessories decorate the living room that leads onto the spacious terrace where up to six guests can enjoy an alfresco meal next to the sea. Intense colours such as bronze, blue grey and red, paired with rich fabrics designed by famous textile brands, lend a touch of sophistication and vitality to the living room.

Both radiant and cosy, the bedroom features splashes of straw, bronze and golden hues which convey a warm, intimate feel. Equipped with contemporary wall-mounted furniture, the spacious bathroom features a skylight that bathes the room with natural light.

Offering breathtaking views onto the bay, the terrace is where guests will relax and watch the most beautiful sunsets. The Presidential Suite offers the ultimate in space and intimacy in Mauritius.

The Penthouse’s impressive entrance gives guests a foretaste of the luxury that awaits inside. Extra high ceilings give distinction and personality to the Penthouse while enhancing the volume and light.

The perfect hideaway for couples, the Penthouse has a large living area, a lavish bathroom bathed in soft lighting, a bathroom and a large terrace. Extending onto the bathroom, the bedroom achieves a romantic look with lovely straw, bronze and gold tones.

Separated from the bedroom with a silk drape, the living room combines bold tropical patterns and delicate violet, gold and taupe hues. It opens directly onto a large outdoor terrace which in turns leads to the gardens and sea.

The outdoor area is partially covered to promote al-fresco living. The outdoor furniture has been tastefully laid out for guests’ comfort, whether it be for dining, sunbathing or simply relaxing in an enchanting setting. Designed as a luxurious holiday house, this suite holds all the cards for a dream holiday in Mauritius.

Designed as a haven of stylish elegance in soft peachy tones with a hint of rust, the Junior Suite provides an intimate and soothing atmosphere. Bathed in soft, romantic lighting, the rooms are furnished with impeccable taste and feature contemporary wooden furniture set against a light-coloured floor.

Through the tropical palm trees that surround the terrace there is a delightful view over the bay. The Junior Suite provides a private getaway for guests to enjoy the peaceful setting and first-class service of the Royal Palm in Mauritius.

At Royal Palm, a hotel renowned for ultimate luxury in the Indian Ocean region, gourmet food lovers will simply experience the finest cuisine in Mauritius.

This prestigious hotel is home to three gourmet restaurants acclaimed by connoisseurs around the world. Priding themselves on a reputation that has ventured far beyond the bounds of Mauritius, La Goélette, La Brezza and Le Bar Plage restaurants serve delicious food that pleases the most discerning palates.

Attention to detail being the hallmark of Royal Palm Beachcomber Luxury, sophistication is also reflected in beautiful food presentations that delight the eye and the palate.

At Royal Palm Beachcomber Luxury, menus reflect the glorious diversity of Mauritius and combine hand-picked local fruits and vegetables, fresh catches harvested from the deep blue sea off the island enhanced by exotic spices and premium overseas products.

To bring out the subtleties of the flavours, guests can rely on the experienced staff to help them select the best wines from an extensive selection to pair with their meal.

To complement the unique gastronomic experience offered at Royal Palm Beachcomber Luxury, all three restaurants pride themselves on fabulous locations on the coast of the island with panoramic views of the beach and sea.

Gastronomic restaurant overlooking the bay. International cuisine and local specialities. La Goélette is Royal Palm’s main restaurant. Whether it be for breakfast or dinner, a meal at La Goélette is a classy affair.

Housed on a large terrace overlooking the sea, La Goélette is an elegant venue that captures the unique sense of sophistication of the best hotel in Mauritius. First-class service complements the restaurant’s unique location, treating guests to spectacular views of the ocean by day and night.

Another highlight of the restaurant is its sleek walk-in wine cellar which invites guests to choose the wine to match their food or have the professional staff choose for them. As for food, guests can expect the best. The restaurant has a superb menu that features both creative dishes and gastronomic classics with an inventive twist.

Designed to resemble a private dining room next to the main restaurant, La Table du Sommelier is available for small parties looking for an exclusive venue. It is perfect to celebrate a special occasion with close friends and family in complete privacy.

Restaurant and beach bar. Set under a magnificent badamier tree, offering guests a relaxed and casual atmosphere. Le Bar Plage is a romantic beachfront restaurant which has acquired well-deserved international status over the years.

The restaurant’s unparalleled charm resides in its unique setting looking over one of the most spectacular beaches in Mauritius. It features two crescent-shaped wooden decks set in the cool shade of a spreading age-old badamier tree.

In this soothing atmosphere, guests can enjoy an eclectic mix of international and local favourites while looking at the sea which stretches to the far horizon. The restaurant also has an elegant bar which opens all day from 10 a.m. This is the perfect place to sip a cool drink in the afternoon.

Italian trattoria facing the lagoon. As from 7 p.m, gentlemen are requested to wear collars, trousers and closed shoes. La Brezza, has two terraces just a few yards from the lagoon. This restaurant is named after the late afternoon breeze that often wafts in from the sea.

La Brezza, which uses quality ingredients available in Mauritius and imported from Italy, specialises in truly authentic Italian cuisine – good, straightforward cooking that compliments the superb food available in the Royal Palm’s two other restaurants, La Goelette and Le Bar Plage.

Overlooking one of the most spectacular beaches in Mauritius, the hotel’s main bar breathes elegance and gentility. Located at the heart of the hotel, it is fitted with stylish and comfortable furniture arranged with impeccable taste to complement the open-plan design.

Guests may enjoy commanding views of the beach and sea below, at any time of the day whether it be to relax, socialize with friends of admire one of the island ’s glorious sunsets.

Step through the grand entrance of Royal Palm’s spa and you will feel relaxed at once! Past the threshold, an entire world of pampering awaits to be explored. Whether guests choose to spend one hour or a full day experiencing the different treatments, it will be like entering a new realm of serenity, sensorial pleasures and well-being without even leaving the hotel.

The sophisticated spa design is a feast for the eyes and seamlessly blends indoor and outdoor spaces which center onto a series of cascading pools surrounded by a spacious sun deck. Natural materials including lava stone, granite, wood and slate blend with the environment while providing a strong visual statement.

Considered the most prestigious hotel in Mauritius, Royal Palm has spared no effort to bring the finest facilities to its elite clientele.

Set amidst lush vegetation, all cabins are connected via a shaded pathway. Some of them have large bay windows to welcome the natural daylight. Each cabin has a different theme and a private patio. Adjacent to the entrance, a thatched pavilion houses the yoga area.

In this tranquil setting, guests will immerse themselves in an atmosphere of charm, luxury and elegance to achieve peace and a balanced spirit. An extensive pampering menu is on offer, featuring both ancestral rituals and cutting-edge technology.

Our Spa Experiences are designed to help you reconnect with yourself and take back home an enhanced sense of well-being from our islands and beaches. Our wellness areas are places of peaceful rejuvenation where the Beauty of the setting converges with a Bounty of blissful services enhanced by the Expertise of our teams.

The traditional therapists of the Art of Wellness Spas will ensure that your needs are taken care of and will guide you through the discovery of the Art of Well-Being and Beauty.

Our Commitment: We will offer you our know-how and will introduce you to the secrets of an art de vivre that is mindful of our planet and embraces age-old traditions of natural healing.

Our Promise: The Art of Wellness Spa Experiences will introduce you to the Art of relaxation to achieve an unprecedented sense of self-fulfilment and harmony.

Our body and mind are our most precious treasures. Experiencing a deep sense of well-being is a priceless gift. But most of all, the best experiences in life are those that we have yet to enjoy and this is why we look forward to sharing with you the benefits of our expertise.

The Royal Palm is known for its all round excellence and the sports facilities make no exception. Located at the heart of the hotel’s gardens, the modern and spacious sports centre offers the latest equipment whilst a team of professional trainers and supervisors ensure safety and offer classes for the activity* of your choice.

Close to the spa and tennis courts, this area is a unique haven of well-being for guests looking to keep fit during their holidays in Mauritius. After a good workout guests will be able to relax in the hammam, also located within the sports centre.

Set on the beautiful north coast, the Royal Palm enjoys a natural setting for guests to make the most of outdoor activities. The hotel offers a choice of land sports for all ages and levels. Guided by the team of professionals, guests will make the most of the sports facilities and services.

More experienced tennis players can enjoy a challenging match with one of the professional coaches, whilst beginners will benefit from group or individual lessons. An exclusive squash court and a bocciball court offer first class areas for guests to practice their favorite sports.

On a sheltered stretch of beach of the north west coast, protected from the trade winds, the Royal Palm benefits from an ideal location to make the most of an array of water sports.

Close to the hotel’s main pool and public areas, the boathouse is easy to access for all guests. Enthusiasts and amateurs of all ages will be able to practice the water sport of their choice in one of the island’s finest lagoons. All activities offered at the boathouse are supervised by experienced instructors.

If you enjoy being active on vacation, you’ll feel right at home at Beachcomber, where we have a multitude of sports and activities for all ages. The idyllic setting of our hotels, along the shores of a sparkling lagoon, is an irresistible invitation to share in fun and excitement with friends and family.

With an ideal temperature all year long, waters harbouring treasures for everlasting memories, lagoons stretching out to the coral reefs, passes, outer reefs, drop-offs or shipwrecks, Mauritius has multiple diving opportunities for both beginners and experienced divers. Internationally recognised courses (CMAS and PADI certifications being the most renowned ones worldwide) are also offered by diving centres.

Sensitive to safety issues and environmental concerns, the national association places great emphasis on these two elements. After having remained relatively unexplored for quite some time, it is now agreed that the Mauritian marine underworld is worth the trip, as testified by the prominent place that most hotels around the island give to diving activities.

There are countless good reasons for which you should come and dive in Mauritius, one of the most notable ones being the proximity of the sites, which can be reached within 20-minute boat rides, or even the possibility of having your first diving experience in a swimming pool and a lagoon with bountiful stocks of fish and shimmering corals.

Here in Mauritius, diving sites are everything but congested. For the sake of environmental protection, boats are not anchored and with just a few diving groups on the different sites, you’ll be in for an amazing discovery of this fascinating world. Each region boasts of its very own characteristics and assets.

At Royal Palm, both parents and children are treated like royalty from start to finish. The hotel is known as the most prestigious in Mauritius. As such, it goes to great lengths to offer guests a superb selection of facilities and programmes for all ages.

Royal Palm provides luxury accommodation exclusively in private suites opening onto the beach and sea and decorated with impeccable taste. Children can share a suite with their parents or, if they are old enough, have a separate suite all to themselves.

A luxury family holiday at Royal Palm provides plenty of opportunities for parents and children to reconnect. They can enjoy each other’s company in stunning surroundings and neither have to compromise on engaging in the many things they love to do!

The hotel has also one of the best kids clubs in Mauritius, fit for a prince or princess and equipped with a private pool. Outnumbering guests, the professional staff takes it to heart to accede to guests’ wishes and take pride into anticipating them in advance.

Of course, the hotel’s legendary service extends to the children’s club staff who simply loves to interact with children. The children programme is famous for its originality and even includes cooking classes with a real chef!

Opening hours from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. Royal Palm is a kingdom for kids and the kids club is their castle! It truly reflects the hotel’s unique sense of style, discreet luxury and natural elegance. Set in the tropical garden, “Ti Royal” kids club is referred to as the ” children’s house ” by the professional team.

Designed with children aged 3 to 11 in mind, it provides young guests with a home away from home while simultaneously creating a world apart to spark their imagination. The interiors are divided up into different areas, each providing activities suitable for specific age groups.

The secured garden heralds plenty of fun and features a private paddling pool which is ideal for safe splashing supervised by the well-trained staff. Miniature loungers are even set beneath small parasols for relaxation in the shade!

Whereas Royal Palm treats younger guests to an endless list of toys, the staff also makes sure kids are entertained during their stay with a fun-packed programme.

A honeymoon at the Royal Palm is synonym of a once-in-a-lifetime experience where newlyweds will indulge in some of the finest things in life throughout their stay.

The resort’s intimate architecture guarantees ultimate privacy whilst the world renowned service is discreet and ensures that your every wish is attended to. The endless stretch of pure white beach, lapped by the turquoise waters is most certainly the perfect setting to spend the honeymoon of your dreams.

For a match that is truly made in heaven, you have come to the right place to create the perfect atmosphere in which to say “I do”. Whether you plan an intimate ceremony with close friends and family or a lavish celebration on a grand scale, the venue takes centre stage to create the perfect atmosphere for your dream wedding in Mauritius.

You are comfortably seated in the cabin of the Nessee, a semi-submersible specialised in underwater outings in Grand Baie at 1m50 below sea level, offering a panoramic view of underwater life.

The large glass windows of this 15-metre long, 3.40 metres wide vessel is an excellent way of exploring the Mauritian seabed without getting wet. The excursion lasts for approximately an hour and forty-five minutes. It comes with explanations on the history of the sites visited, the flora and fauna of the lagoon and reef.

The Nessee offers diving enthusiasts the opportunity to stop and admire specific sites such as the coral reefs. They can access the deck, put on diving outfits and mingle with the enchanting show put on by the multi-coloured fish. As for children, they get to experience a spectacular view within a secure environment.

Nestled between the walls of an old sugar factory in Beau Plan, the Aventure du Sucre narrates the inspiring history of the sugar industry of Mauritius, cornerstone celebrating three hundred years of economic success.

Sugar was part of all the accomplishments of former Isle de France. Introduced from Java by the first Dutch colonists in 1639, the sugar cane enables them to produce alcohol by the process of distillation. It is only during the French period that the first sugar mills were built for the purpose of exportation in 1745.

The production of this gold, sometimes white, sometimes brown, was done on an ongoing basis. During the British period, it was taken to another level, by becoming the main economic activity of the island. Showing how much the history of sugar and the History of Mauritius go hand in hand.

The tour of this sugar museum lasts for at least 1:30 am. However, for a complete and detailed visit, you need to consider a 3-hour tour.

You will witness the birth of the island and get acquainted to sugar throughout the ages: you will go back in time to discover the chimneys of the old Mauritians factories, and then take a glimpse at the future through the technological progress which accompanied the development of the sugar cane industry.

You will enrich your knowledge with the characteristics of this native grass originally from Oceania. You will then navigate the sugar and trading routes across the globe and also get to learn more about the manufacturing processes related to the production of rum.

In addition to educational and cultural aspect, this visit includes the tasting of a variety of more than thirty products at the Boutik Village including the twelve natural brown sugars, New Grove rums, jams and honey, only waiting to be tasted. The vast majority of this tour is made accessible to folks on wheelchair.

It eventually replaced the citrus fruit and vegetable gardens of the governor of La Bourdonnais founded in 1735 created to supply ships heading to the Indies. Pierre Poivre purchased the estate of Mon Plaisir in 1770, former property of the governor of La Bourdonnais.

The latter became the Pamplemousses Garden, a sampling and acclimatisation garden, place from which the botanist will send some of his precious plants to Madagascar and the Antilles.

Pierre Poivre gathered trees and spices from the entire world: bay trees from the Antilles, camphor trees from China, breadfruit trees from the Philippines, lychee trees from Cochin China and reunited them in one place.

Pierre welcomes Philibert Commerson, a botanist from the Bougainville expedition that stopped off in Isle de France. These two men botanised, classified, indexed, drew and planted for two years.

Abandoned by the British after the conquest of the island in 1810, the garden was taken over by James Duncan in 1849. Regaining its charm of yesteryear and welcomed new species: ferns, araucarias, orchids and bougainvilleas. James Duncan also planted many types of palm trees.

Although having suffered from the cyclones in 1861, 1892, 1945, 1960, 1975 and 1979, the Garden’s alleys and avenues, which bear the names of the well-known naturalists having contributed to its famous flora of the Mascareignes, have survived the passing of time.

A very popular tourist attraction, the garden today bears the name of Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam, first Prime Minister of an independent Mauritius.

The first evidence of paved roadways coincides with the Middle Ages period and the urban development of the 12th century. This is to say, the predestined bond between the Vieux Conseil and its paved stones leading to the Photography Museum of Mauritius. Just as paving stones, photography stands the test of time.

The Photography Museum of Mauritius is a private museum founded in 1966 by the collector Tristan Bréville and his wife. It was initially located in their house in Rose Hill, then in Quatre Bornes.

It eventually settled in its current site in 1993: in an old building donated by the Port-Louis city council and restored thanks to the assistance of the Association of French-speaking Mayors (AIMF).

The official inauguration was on the 1st of July 1993, and took place in the presence of Jacques Toubon, French Minister of Culture, and Jean-Luc Monterrosso, director of the European House of photography.

Mauritius is one of the first countries in the world to have ventured in this newly discovered art. The daguerreotype made its appearance in Mauritius in February 1840, four months after the purchase of the patent of Louis Daguerre in France.

Many documents on the history of photography in Mauritius – portraits, landscapes, city and countryside scenes, major events, factories, fishing scenes, first cars, the first buses (1930), the Mauritian railroad, colonial houses, historical buildings, flora and fauna – are exposed in the Mauritius Photography Museum.

Its collection contains over one thousand cameras of different eras, of which the lens of Charles Chevalier manufactured for Daguerre in 1839. It’s more than 400,000 acetate negative films, it’s 5,000 glass discs, 28 daguerreotypes, 10 autochromes of the Lumière brothers, more than 200,000 shots of history and landscapes of Mauritius, it’s 9,000 old postcards, it’s more than twenty-five hours of movies about Mauritius and its inhabitants since 1939, it’s documentation of newspapers between the end of the 19th century and 1945 on photography in Mauritius and of the books and newspapers on the history of cinematography in Mauritius since 1897 also make the Mauritius Photography Museum an iconographic research centre.

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