Royal Mansour Marrakech

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Royal Mansour Marrakech - Morocco
Royal Mansour Marrakech - Morocco
Royal Mansour Marrakech - Morocco
Royal Mansour Marrakech - Morocco
Royal Mansour Marrakech - Morocco
Royal Mansour Marrakech - Morocco
Royal Mansour Marrakech - Morocco
Royal Mansour Marrakech - Morocco
Royal Mansour Marrakech - Morocco
Royal Mansour Marrakech - Morocco

The Royal Mansour can be counted amongst the few establishments in the world that defy hotel excellence. Just a few steps away from the famous Jemaa El Fna square beats the heart of the Marrakesh Palace, offering travellers the unique concept of a medina within a medina.

Each area has been designed to intuitively take guests on a sensory journey. Take a step into the secret and sumptuous history of one of the most beautiful hotels in the world. Feel the full strength of the city’s pulse as you enter the doors of the Royal Mansour.

Traditional architecture, lush gardens and outstandingly sophisticated riads await you. The design of this luxury hotel in Marrakesh incorporates the elements of an authentic medina, where guests can stroll around and discover sensual delights.

The rooms and suites have been replaced by luxurious riads, and the corridors by winding alleyways. The Royal Mansour Marrakech is the only hotel establishment in the world to offer this unique concept.

Born out of a desire to share the Moroccan lifestyle with the world, the Royal Mansour Marrakech plunges travellers into a timeless atmosphere where confidentiality is key.

At peace from the buzz of the city through the enchanting décor, the mind is free to wander in this prestigious, perfectionist universe. Listen, feel, observe, experience, resonate…allow yourself to be carried away by the pure magic of this unparalleled palace, known to insiders as the “best hotel in Marrakesh”.

Protected by the walls of the imperial city and overlooked by the majestic peaks of the Atlas Mountains, the emblematic Marrakesh Palace is at hand to guide you through its exclusive 5-hectare estate.

Its medina, restaurants, gardens, 2500 sqm spa, 53 charming riads and outstanding concierge service set a new bar for luxury hotel standards with the classic Royal Mansour style.

At the Royal Mansour Marrakech, rooms and hotel suites are replaced by luxury riads, spread across a medina filled with little alleyways and secret doors. It’s here, in this location with its one-of-a-kind concept, that the 53 private residences of the Palace hide.

Each riad of the collection is unique, with 3 floors decorated to its own style. All you have to do is select one and you’re on for one of the most beautiful experiences of your life.

Stand in amazement as your riad’s door opens out onto the patio and reveals the quintessence of Moroccan craftsmanship. Subtly varying zelliges, fabrics, wood features, rugs, carved plaster and custom-made furniture give the riads their harmonious and elegant vibe.

Captivate your senses… The roof terrace with views of the Atlas Mountains, a private pool and complete immersion in the Moroccan lifestyle… The Ochre City has never been so imperial.

In the most intimate part of the palace lies Marrakesh luxury hotel and world icon: the Grand Riad. This prestigious abode thrives off of the famous guests it accommodates.

With absolute relaxation in the hammam, delicious meals and suave nights in one of the 4 star rooms, you will enter into one of the most refined and elegant atmospheres. An exceptional riad that inspires the craziest of dreams.

The private entrance via the olive tree patio allows you to discreetly access the Grand Riad as if it were your own home. Luxury lifestyle lovers will immediately be seized by the spectacular volumes of this vast 1800 m² Moroccan residence that opens out onto its landscaped garden and private swimming pool.

The Grand Riad is a window into the Kingdom’s finest. Zelliges combined with crystal suspensions. Silky fabrics with stucco lace. Carved cedar wood with modern artwork. Flowing lines, abundant materials and fine fabrics: everything is in perfect harmony.

The final touch is the butler, who is there to cater for your every need in the exceptional riad. He will stylishly and meticulously coordinate the staff members, who discreetly take care of you from the professional kitchens and three staff rooms of the riad. An unparalleled interpretation of luxury.

The ground floor opens out onto the garden around the patio. Between sunbathing at the poolside, eating in the neoclassical dining room and business meetings in the office, life goes by peacefully. From the library, to the reception rooms, bar and snooker room, each guest can enjoy their slice of heaven.

The private cast iron lift takes you to the first floor where you will discover 3 bedrooms with adjoined dressing rooms and independent bathrooms. The boudoir next to the main suite can be converted into an additional room.

In this silky universe, surrounded by mashrabiyas and marble, sleeping and bathing take on a new dimension. Just above, on the roof terrace, you will enjoy one of the best accommodation views of the Atlas Mountains, bettered only by that of the Koutoubia Mosque, right in front of you.

Pool, bar, lounges, hammam, gyms and a cinema invite you to enjoy this luxury lovers’ paradise. Private receptions and cocktail nights organised here are nothing short of legendary.

he Grand Riad is not only the gem of the Royal Mansour Marrakesh for its sumptuous décor and generous proportions but also for the exceptional service offered. The fruit of the work put in by the riad staff members, the luxury is in the perfect details provided at every instant.

Subtle floral fragrances, genuine smiles and unexpected gestures are served in due measure in the most wonderful way. They represent all of the talent put into conjuring imaginative treasures to create the spirit of this extraordinary place.

Butlers, maids, chefs, nannies, artists and security staff all employ their expertise in equilibrium…Nothing is ever too beautiful nor too grand here, when our goal is to surprise and create everlasting memories for you.

A fine dining restaurant in Marrakech, chic and laid-back terrace, the ideal spot to taste delicacies at any time that takes your fancy? The Royal Mansour has an answer to your every desire.

On either side of the iconic blue patio and gardens, the Royal Mansour Marrakech restaurants promise an unforgettable sensory experience, orchestrated by the creative of two great Chefs: Yannick Alléno for La Grande Table Marocaine and Le Jardin and Massimiliano Alajmo for Sesamo.

Food, luxury and gourmet-lovers looking for something different have but to choose the setting in which the journey shall begin. The fine dining restaurants of the Royal Mansour Marrakech offer unique taste experiences formed by inventive dishes using irresistible flavours to tantalise taste buds.

Our restaurants have one thing in common: they are the signature of two three-Michelin-star Chefs, Yannick Alléno and Massimiliano Alajmo, who brilliantly, each in his universe, embody the Royal Mansour spirit.

With La Grande Table Marocaine of the Royal Mansour Marrakech – the capital of hospitality and generosity – has its best ambassador for illustrating the art of hosting rooted in local tradition.

The exceptional sensory journey guests are taken on makes them reluctant to share their knowledge of the best Moroccan restaurant in Africa.

In the restaurants’ pavilion, the famous blue patio leads travellers to the culinary tables of the Royal Mansour. A brass door opens to an haute cuisine establishment in Marrakesh: La Grande Table Marocaine welcomes you for all special occasions.

The fine-dining restaurant, emblematic to Marrakesh, offers nothing but taste discoveries and sensory delight. Sh’hiwates, seafood pastillas, seven-vegetable couscous and Amlou ice cream show you a new interpretation of Moroccan cuisine based on the deep secrets of tradition.

The very best of Moroccan fine dining is served in an equally matched setting: simply royal. High ceilings, original artworks, designer linens, cutlery, glassware and peaceful melodies from luth and oud musicians: the omnipresent elegance is there to give rise to the greatest pleasure.

La Grande Table Marocaine tells a story that started with one of the most talented chefs of his generation exploring ancestral cuisine.

When the Royal Mansour called on the talented Parisian Yannick Alléno in 2008, the chef was still attached to working with French produce and did not yet know how to make his mark on this traditional family cuisine.

The 3-Michelin starred chef decided to use this heritage as the base of his cooking, holding to its meaning, to make a success of the fine dining Moroccan restaurant in Marrakech.

After long and rigorous research and understanding, the unique culinary identity of La Grande Table Marocaine was born, bringing it to the top of the list of the best Moroccan fine dining restaurants in the Kingdom and continent.

The newest addition to the plethora of existing restaurants at the Palace takes you deep into the heart of a unique Italian culinary experience where you can learn all about the country of Italy.

Royal Mansour Marrakech joins forces with the Alajmo group to offer the best of Italian cuisine in the heart of the ochre city. Together, they launched SESAMO, the newest restaurant at the Palace.

For decoration, the Royal Mansour Marrakech naturally turned to the architecture and decoration professionals, 3BIS, who have been decorating and providing their services to the Palace since it opened in 2010.

With high ceilings, wall hangings, contemporary elements, etc., each small detail has an impact on our guests. While dining in one of the most refined settings, gourmet guests are sure to feel the true spirit of Venetian palaces when visiting our hotel.

Michelin-star chef Massimiliano Alajmo, referred to by many food critics as “the Mozart of Italian cuisine, has created a menu inspired by the world around him. He uses local produce to create a simple, gourmet and home-made cuisine.

SESAMO boasts an Italian cuisine that is authentic, sublime and full of Moroccan raw materials. Olive oils with fruity notes, Italian cheeses blend perfectly with the local products included in the dishes offered à la carte.

On the menu Alajmo classics are combined with specialities created exclusively for the Royal Mansour Marrakech.

On the SESAMO menu, you can choose from many dishes such as the cappuccino Majorelle, the spicy pesto risotto, grilled squid and smoked coconut milk, the rolled beef carpaccio with tuna belly cream, or even the signature desert Open sesame, a filled nougat sphere.

It’s in Le Jardin at the Royal Mansour, from great Arab-Andalusian tradition, that the luxury hotel in Marrakesh adorned its fourth restaurant.

The palace’s open-air restaurant for gourmets offers a unique experience during which your senses will be enticed by the freshness, flavours and amazing chic and relaxed atmosphere stemming from the place’s DNA.

Surrounded by a lush Eden and sublimed by the colour scheme, Le Jardin restaurant offers Asian and Mediterranean-influenced cuisine based on sharing, creativity and surprise.

In the shade of the palm and olive trees that border the idyllic swimming pool, the outdoor restaurant, made infinitely precious by this glorious setting, welcomes you for a sunny lunch. From spring onwards, it is also open for dinner, revealing the marvellously sweet nature of Marrakesh nights.

Le Jardin restaurant brings a vibrant programme to life, that evolves throughout the day. At lunchtime, the décor with its rural charm reveals the diversity of world flavours. When the night falls, the magic of the setting sun elegantly lights up the bar to mark the start of the fun-filled happy hours.

Le Jardin restaurant of the Royal Mansour Marrakech offers Asian and Mediterranean cosmopolitan-inspired cuisine, taking in world influence.

Under the leadership of Chef Yannick Alléno, the unique menu is inspired by the stories of the great Moroccan traveller Ibn Battuta, who brought new cooking methods using embers back from Asia.

Life is full of temptations at Le Jardin restaurant. Tapas, ceviches, sushi, sashimi, tartares and grilled specialities nourish the senses and brighten the soul.

The pastry and ice cream chef’s creation continue the sensory feast. Candied clementines, frosted coconut, intense chocolate sweet treats…Your taste buds will tremble with pleasure.

A unique alternative to Royal Mansour Marrakech’s restaurants, the private tables promise an exclusive, intimate, and discrete gastronomic experience.

For a business meal, a special occasion to celebrate with your family, a marriage proposal or just a delightful moment to share with your loved ones… our private lunches and dinners will make any occasion a special one.

Bespoke menus designed by our chefs, with a personalised setup and a stunning backdrop, the Royal Mansour Marrakech’s private tables embody the image of the palace: everchanging and multifaceted.

Whether you dream of a romantic meal shaded by the orange trees, surprise your guests with the splendour of one of our private rooms or prefer to enjoy a family meal in welcoming environment – we have the solution for you.

An intimate and cosy space. A beautifully dressed table. The generous flavours of Italian tradition with a twist. You are in the front row of an exclusive show at the Sesamo restaurant, directed by chef Vania Ghedini.

Behind the glass window, the kitchen team prepares private gourmet meals for you and your guests. A magical journey through flavours in an intimate setting. Hidden in a private pavilion in the middle of nature, the intimate table The Nest draws you into an irresistible hedonist atmosphere.

Chef Jérôme Videau and his team, the authors of your incredible gastronomic experience, elevate Mediterranean cuisine with an Asian touch. No place is more favourable to the art of relaxed conversation.

Having the chance of sharing a meal in the idyllic setting of Royal Mansour Marrakech’s gardens is an unmatched experience for our guests.

Taking in the floral aromas exuding from the organic vegetable patch while the birds sing, and the sun delicately caresses your skin, culminating in a delightful reminder of the wonders that await on your plate. An authentic cuisine putting freshness, naturality and the quality of the products at its heart.

A place of inspiration, the Artists’ Table explores the connection between food and art through conviviality and love of good food.

The light-filled Orangerie is the best place to celebrate the chef’s creativity. Enjoy a refined and tasty meal surrounded by paintings, sculptures, and unique objects – for a private memorable experience.

Between discreet confessions, passionate conversations, exquisite tastings and piano tunes, the Royal Mansour bars are the stuff of dreams. Following your moods and the hours of the day, the atmosphere is at times peaceful, lounge-like, sparkling or festive.

Each bar of the Royal Mansour is a trip, an invitation to explore your curiosity and satisfy your senses. Choose the Main Bar for its friendly atmosphere or the Cigar Bar for luscious tastings.

Or perhaps you’re in the mood for timeless romance at the Fireplace Lounge or intrigue at the Library… There’s a uniquely charming refuge for every desire.

As soon as you enter the Royal Mansour bar, in the central pavilion, the tone is set. Hand-sculpted silver ceiling, walls lined with rose gold leaves, vintage carved chairs…In “Roaring Twenties” spirit, evenings at the Royal Mansour pulse to the sound of musical tracks recorded by Beatrice Ardisson just for the palace.

Dimmed lights, fragrant leathers, inlaid woodwork…you’ve opened the door to the Fireplace Lounge, just a few steps away from the Main Bar.

Across from you, floral-patterned screens open out to the garden, revealing an unusual transparent fireplace crackling at the foot of the palm trees. Soon the sounds of the piano playing will take you away.

Located on the first floor of the main building, the Cigar Bar entices curious and experienced amateurs looking to taste and enjoy. The cabinet with its previous wood framing and mother-of-pearl lining displays a collection of renowned branded cigars. Comfortably settled in a Dandy style sofa, you’ll forget all about time.

On the other side of the patio, the library draws luxury-lovers in with books resting on reed inlay furniture; an area for reflection. There is no better place to escape into the literature, decorative arts and culture of Marrakesh and Morocco.

The lounges, bars and library of the Royal Mansour are uniquely charming, adding to the feeling of relaxation and escape.

Extra touches are hidden in the perfect flavour harmonies, transforming all recipes into a sensory experience. In our secret laboratory, our chefs and cocktail maestros concoct all sorts of stories and pleasantly surprising aromatic combinations.

The Royal Mansour spirit can also be found in the warm welcome, musical atmosphere and precise execution of the drinks and dishes on the menu. Our waiting staff know how important graceful gestures and expert passion are in providing a perfect service.

The extra ounces of soul put into the Royal Mansour bars make them known as some of the few rare places where you can enjoy some peace and quiet from the hectic world.

Afternoon tea provides a rare moment in which everything else is put on hold to enjoy exquisite flavours, delicate drinks and joyful chatter. Sweet and savoury snacks await you for those sacred afternoon meetings at the Royal Mansour Marrakech. Get comfortable. Let the journey begin.

In the iconic Patio bleu or in the enchanting setting of Le Jardin restaurant nestled in the greenery, afternoon tea at the Royal Mansour Marrakech is always sensational.

Every day, Monday to Sunday from 3:30pm to 5:30pm, the mythical Marrakesh palace invites you for an indulgent moment in this multi-faceted, all-desire-fulfilling setting.

Discover the awe-inspiring creations dreamt up by the talented Jean Lachenal, pastry chef of the Royal Mansour Marrakech. Frozen delights, fruit delicacies, chocolate compositions, caramelised sensations and crisp-fondant mouthfuls play their part in this beautiful and delicious performance.

The Royal Mansour also offers the delights of foie gras buns, divine smoked salmon, or fresh crab meat. The journey may be sweet, but it lacks no savour… Mimosa egg buns, crab rolls and other savoury creations are served alongside homemade cream puffs, seasonal fresh fruits, scones, and world pastries.

Afternoon tea at the Royal Mansour Marrakech re-enchants the art of hosting deeply rooted in Moroccan culture. For an unforgettable journey, the ceremony combines with the hospitality and little extras that set us apart.

In the secret kitchens of the palace, the pastry chef strives to make every creation a symphony of flavours and elegance. The balanced garnishing, harmony of textures and bold techniques used add to the visual and flavour intensity of the sweet and savoury treats on the menu.

The butlers’ and waiters’ natural adeptness and rigour can be seen throughout the experience. The thoughtful service is fades behind the scenes, to allow the spotlight to shine on the indulgent and comforting emotions. Savour the moment.

At the foot of the ramparts, in the western part of the medina, the palace’s lush landscaped garden expands this sweet living universe.

Under the infinite blue Marrakesh sky, an idyllic lush setting spread over a little more than 2 and a half hectares of garden soothingly envelop you. Le Jardin at Royal Mansour is the perfect setting for a day by the pool in Marrakesh.

Born from water the dessert, Marrakesh is an oasis with infinitely precious gardens… Bequeathed with great Arab-Andalusian tradition, Le Jardin at Royal Mansour Marrakech pays tribute to the palm grove to which it owes its being.

It is the word of Spanish landscape architect Luis Vallejo, who was inspired by paradise on earth. A new extension, unveiled in spring 2021, includes an herb garden, an organic vegetable orchard and an artist’s residence.

Not to mention the varieties of trees and plants carefully selected by Luis Vallejo for their natural integration into the environment and gardens of Marrakech.

Spanish landscape designer Luis Vallejo has taken inspiration from the traditional irrigation system to create an abundant and healthy garden. Here, shades of vegetation sing a hymn to the art of great Ochre City gardens. Romantic kiosks, geometric flowerbeds, palm trees delicately floating in the air, birds singing: an awakening for the senses.

Water tirelessly trickles along the canals and fountains. This source of life and spiritually soother rooted in the Al Andalus garden tradition holds a central place in Le Jardin Royal Mansour. Its hypnotic murmur will follow you as you float around in a dream and immerse the depths of your being.

Colourful, fragrant, enchanting… in Le Jardin’s new vegetable garden, organic in-season vegetables are grown. Freshly picked organic carrots, cardoons, turnips, broccoli, aubergines, or broad beans are delicately prepared by the Royal Mansour Chefs and offered in flavourful and nutritious recipes for pleasure and well-being.

Medicinal plants, cultivated in the new bio-aromatic garden, are used in infusions and other decoctions enjoyed by guests as part of a well-being programme at the Royal Mansour Spa. Rosemary, lavender, sage, and mint are infused to detoxify and purify the body.

Nestled in the gardens of the Royal Mansour and housed in a glass greenhouse, the artist’s studio offers guests a new experience: art therapy! From painting, pottery, calligraphy to body expression, like a true artist you will give free rein to your creativity through a new form of expression both playful and therapeutic.

In this unique setting, each session begins with a mediation phase to reconnect your body to your mind with the guidance of an Art Therapist.

Ideal at any time, the main swimming pool of the Royal Mansour Marrakech blends harmoniously into the luxuriant garden. Sun loungers, shaded terraces, and sand-coloured furniture surround this idyllic 30-metre-long, 20-metre-wide pool. A refuge to escape, socialise and wind down in.

Next to the pool, seven private pavilions from 45 sqm to 80 sqm allow you to relax in sweet intimacy. Modernly designed, the terrace that opens onto the pool and air-conditioned lounge is a comfortable and fresh refuge, particularly enjoyed on hot summer days.

Le Jardin Royal Mansour provides access to the hotel swimming pool to day guests. The exclusive experience is perfect for all those looking for complete serenity in an unforgettable setting. An opportunity for couples, families and friends alike to treasure time together.

Botanical treatments, expert gestures and little extras around the Royal Mansour Marrakech pool echo the dreamlike beauty of Luis Vallejo’s garden design. The landscaper of this magical place took the greatest care in creating and making the most of space, fragrances, colour combinations, textural marriages and light and shade effects.

Gardeners, chefs and waiters work at magnifying the glorious setting they have been entrusted with to make an eternal and vibrant Eden of it every day.

Precise gestures, original accessories, a kind word, delicate orange blossom fragrance and a cocktail in hand to help you reach perfect harmony make every instant near the pool a little more magic. All of the elements come seamlessly together to reveal the almost natural perfection of the setting. Here, you can completely let go.

Designed as a sanctuary completely devoted to your senses, the Royal Mansour Marrakech Spa creates an intimate universe with a separate entrance to the rest of the hotel. Enter via the citrus garden, where the colours and fragrances will already enchant you. For a break from life, 2500 sqm divided over 3 floors offer an infinite range of treatments.

Immaculate whiteness, the murmur of fountains, aromatic fragrances…When you come into the Royal Mansour Marrakech Spa, you will immediately feel taken over in the atrium by a rush of relaxation like you’ve never felt before.

The lacing of the iron walls, designed in the purest Moorish style, is like an architectural metaphor for the sense of well-being that awaits you.

The treatments carried out in the ten spa rooms take the well-being experience that extra mile further. Intense hydration, exceptional massages, subtle beauty touches, make-up and hair removal will take you closer to your beauty goals.

The marocMaroc, Sisley, Intraceuticals, Subtle Energies and Dr Burgener lines offer the ultimate products for this well-being experience. For even more intimacy, opt for an exceptional treatment in one of our three private spa suites.

As the true signature treatment of the Royal Mansour Spa, the hammam plunges you in an immersive traditional Moroccan experience. Steam, beauty rituals, gentle exfoliation, ceremonial massage, ghassoul wrap and floral water sprays will take you away into a complete state of beautification.

The spa’s fitness centre will reinforce your physique and muscle tone. At your own pace, with or without a coach, gently or intensely, you can use the sporting equipment, balance your vital energy during a yoga class or swim in the majestic heated covered swimming pool with its orangery style canopy.

Sign up to a special hair treatment in the hairdressing salon of the Royal Mansour Spa, which uses natural Leonor Greyl products. Our hair stylists will unleash their creativity and provide hair care, cuts and subtle or bold dyes with one goal in mind: to give you the ultimate look and make your beauty shine.

The Spa Royal Mansour is the place dedicated to the world of well-being in all its excellence; thus, it offers the best skincare brands designed to meet the specific needs of each and every one. Get ready to be swept away in a whirlwind of sensory experiences where textures and fragrances reign supreme.

With its new range of wellness programmes, the Spa Royal Mansour is now offering the treatments you have always dreamed of. Whether you wish to eliminate toxins, restore vitality, lose weight, or simply disconnect, you have access to the most beautiful setting to begin the chosen transformation. Everyday life discomforts and stress vanish away for the only thing that matters is the pleasure of feeling at peace with yourself.

Regardless of your goals and fitness level, the Spa Royal Mansour is always the answer. These four fully customisable wellness programmes unravel all the secrets you need to know to improve your health at your own pace and according to your needs.

Designed over three, five, seven or fourteen days, these programmes can be booked independently or as part of a wellness stay at the Royal Mansour Marrakech.

Some encounters are life changing. As these moments are rare and undeniably precious, our wellness experts and sports coaches are delighted to create them with you. From wellness consultations to spa treatments and physical training, our team will fully support and guide you through every stage of your rebirth.

The talented team of Royal Mansour Marrakech have always been eager tocreate a complete wellness programme. Consultants, therapists, sports coaches, and nutritionists all work hand in hand to lay the foundations for a positive and sustainable improvement.

Loyal to a holistic approach, they push excellence to the extreme in every facet of their work. Attention to detail, expert advice and good judgement reflect this sense of absolute precision at all times.

You will quickly understand that at the Spa Royal Mansour, well-being is not just a promise but an almost intuitive vocation making each fitness stay a rare and unique experience.

When one is prone to weight gain, gym workouts and restrictive diets do not always ensure desired results. The dream of a sculpted, slim, and seductive body can often seem unattainable.

This is where the Spa Royal Mansour can help, as our new Weight control programme targets individuals interested in achieving a full body transformation. This includes reduced abdominal fat, muscle definition, and a slimmer silhouette.

As the years go by, signs of ageing create damage that facials and hyaluronic acid-based anti-wrinkle creams cannot always erase, thus making skin ageing a fatality. However, there is a key to reactivating the body and skin’s vital energy.

This anti-ageing programme developed by the Spa Royal Mansour will brighten your complexion and improve your fitness for an overall more youthful appearance.

Stress, fatigue, irritability… Sometimes the hustle and bustle of everyday life sends warnings to tell the body to slow down. The Rebalance programme provided by the Spa Royal Mansour offers you the perfect break for a little escape from everyday life.

The holistic approach combined with the magical location makes this retreat a truly unwinding experience enriched with restorative treatments to lift the weight off your shoulders.

Today more than ever, it is essential to strengthen your natural immune defence mechanisms. Sensations of feeling too full, chronic fatigue and a dull complexion are often a reminder of the extreme vulnerability of the body’s proper functioning.

The Immunity Boost programme was created by the Spa Royal Mansour for those in need to get back on the track of a healthy lifestyle. At the end of a high-powered regenerating retreat, your body and mind are ready to better resist the threats of the daily life.

The Royal Mansour still tingles at the thought of the famous events organised in its intimate riads, enchanting gardens, opulent lounges and restaurants.Each area of the hotel is a celebration in itself, making your event in Marrakesh unforgettable.

The Royal Mansour Marrakesh is one of the most exciting places in the imperial city to organise all kinds of private celebrations. From a private banquet to a spectacular gala evening, festive birthday or relaxing brunch; the only limit is your imagination. If you plan your event at the Royal Mansour, you will be guaranteed a private reception held in a setting like no other in the world.

Sheltered in the Royal Mansour gardens, the business lounges welcome you for your professional meetings in Marrakesh.

A subtle balance of volumes, woodwork and high-tech devices will enhance your conferences, seminars, company meetings and formal or informal work gatherings. Excellence and personalisation in every gesture form the spirit that will characterise the organisation of your professional event at the Royal Mansour.

The most prestigious weddings in Marrakesh have taken place at the Royal Mansour. A wonderfully romantic setting, unique culinary experiences and magical set-up; all the ingredients to organise a perfect wedding in the palace.

The riads, secret dwellings that exude luxury living around their patios, also offer a glamorous refuge for your dream event. The majestic view of the Atlas Mountains, dimmed lighting, floral compositions, attentive service; everything down to the last detail celebrates elegant and loving romance.

To seduce you, the most Moroccan palace adds its unique and pronounced style to the magnificence of its premises. Our event team will come up with tailored proposals and secret extras to help you make the mark you want with your event in Marrakesh.

Everyday, they fill their mission with the passion that ignites them:listening to your desires and taking care of every detail to go beyond your expectations. Like expert photo editors, our butlers, waiters, floral artists and decorators illustrate your dreams by perfectly arranging the set up and service, adding lots of extra touches.

The signature cuisine of the chef adds creative flair to your event. Dinner cocktails, tastings, sophisticated table set ups and romantic dinners bring event organising and fine dining together. All that’s left is for you to relax and enjoy every moment.

Our little guests are full of excitement when they discover the kids’ club of the Royal Mansour Marrakech in the lush setting near the garden and pool. Just a few steps further and the door to Le Jardin de Lila opens, revealing a world of colour in which imagination reigns and children are royalty: a universe created just for them!

At the Royal Mansour, we foster family happiness. Le Jardin de Lila is a space dedicated to kids between the age of 4 and 10. Shared activities, exquisite treats, personal attention, story-telling and lots of laughter: we’ve thought of everything to entertain the children and keep the parents happy.

The Royal Mansour aims to give its guests a taste of the rich Moroccan lifestyle. It’s therefore no surprise that the universe we’ve created for children also provides this fascinating insight. The Moroccan kingdom’s culture is shared with them at their level, with a fun and colourful introduction to spark their curiosity.

Along the walls of the kids’ club, a mural map tells the story of Morocco; its sheep, trees, rivers, valleys, five-point flag…Swans invent stories here, camels imagine up scenarios over there, a little further adventure can be written out on mountains; all to be enjoyed with new little friends. So many discoveries for these new adventurers to uncover!

Our highly qualified team has plenty of secret tricks to entertain your kids and enrich their days. Creative workshops, beginners’ Arabic courses, sport activities, treasure hunts in the palace medina and skill, building and strategy games make each moment in Le Jardin de Lila a creative experience full of memories. You’ll be looking forward to hearing about their thrilling adventures…

At the Royal Mansour, our little guests are considered sacred and our staff members make that clear. From our famous mascot – the Mansour lion – to the VIP welcome with boardgames, books and DVDs left in their rooms on request: a number of surprises await your loved ones.

As regards food, the chef and his team prepare dishes to please young taste buds. To sharpen the senses of these future gourmet-lovers, our pastry chefs have even set up a chocolate workshop just for them (booking required).

Heading home with 1001 stories about Arab-Andalusian princesses and Berber legends, your children won’t stop talking about the Royal Mansour Marrakech any time soon.

With its new series of signature workshops, the most iconic hotel in Marrakech refines its offering of memory-making experiences. Whether you are after personal fulfilment, sensorial experiences or simply curious by nature, you’ll discover the ochre city through the prism of kindness, sharing and authenticity. There is no greater opportunity to dive into the backstage of the palace’s excellence, enriching oneself with new skills and learnings.

Learn to cook without compromising your health, explore a new artistic activity or learn the art of mixology – our signature workshops will open your mind to new and uncommon activities, broadening your knowledge.

The sole common core: your wellbeing. Whether you are a guest of the palace or not, select the experience that thrills you. A new lifestyle instantly unfolds before you.

At the Royal Mansour, we love to offer you a selection of unique experiences led by passionate individuals. Pastry chefs, art therapists, mixologists, and highly cooks that know better than anyone how to share and teach their knowledge.

You’ll find precision and excellence in every detail of your experience. Our creative, culinary, and therapeutic workshops stand out for their warmth and friendliness as well as quality of the knowledge shared.

The sense of welcome that characterises the palace, is one of the most appreciated traits of the hotel as it continuously brings more magic to your introduction to the Royal Mansour. It embodies the idea of luxury that we are proud to represent and share, now and forever.

Dive into an art therapy workshop at Royal Mansour Marrakech to bring out your most fascinating talents. During this reconnection time with your inner self, you will explore the therapeutic power of creative expression.

Art, singing, dance, or modelling will open the doors to the depths of your soul, guardian of the key to emotional freedom, indispensable to reconnect with your inner self and start a transformation from within.

The benefits of art therapy apply to everyone, regardless of age, expectations, or artistic abilities. Whether you are alone, with a partner, with your family, or with friends, you will experience a unique moment of freedom through guided meditation, artistic production, and interaction with the art therapist.

You only need to choose your artistic practice of preference to start the process of freeing your body and soul, to better yourself.

Try one of Royal Mansour Marrakech’s cooking workshops and take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn delicious and balanced recipes from our renowned chefs.

During the classes, you’ll be introduced to an incredible wealth of culinary knowledge keeping pleasure at its heart. From traditional Moroccan recipes and practical tips to the exploration of alternative diets – you’ll learn our chefs’ best-kept secrets.

Whether you are a novice, a passionate cook, a vegetarian foodie, or simply curious about food, Royal Mansour Marrakech’s cooking workshops are tailored to your needs. You only have to choose your culinary immersion to be introduced to the basics of gastronomy and learn how to cook delicious and healthy dishes at home.

The patisserie workshops at Royal Mansour Marrakech were created to bring together self-indulgent pleasure and nutritional balance. A rare achievement by our patisserie chefs delighted to share their knowledge with you in the most enchanting location.

In a friendly and fun atmosphere, you will learn the main codes of patisserie, how to mix flavours, and explore new and forward-thinking baking techniques.

Taste, texture, and sensations: everything taught during this experience will broaden your horizons over a different type of patisserie – low in sugar, vegan and thoughtful. Every bite in your sweet creations, at the palace and at home, will fill you with joy.

Crazy about chocolate, passionate about healthy baking, foodies always on a quest to find new flavours and experiences? Whatever your desires, we have a workshop for you. Choose your gourmet immersion and open the doors of our culinary laboratories.

Dive into the fascinating universe of healthy concoctions with Royal Mansour Marrakech mixology workshops. Guided by our head mixologist, you’ll learn to balance the flavours and explore new emulsions – secrets known only by professionals.

Measure, shake, pour, and enjoy. At the end of a fun and friendly workshop, you will have all the necessary tools to create incredible cocktails at home. Detox juices, vitamin-filled blends, and wellness infusions to surprise your guests.

Are you a lover of refined beverages and balanced elixirs or an amateur on a quest to find the most delicious flavours? Get ready to take part in an unforgettable mixology workshop.

Whether you would like to deepen your knowledge of the art of mixology, learn from scratch, or harness your ability to create homemade infusions, the Royal Mansour Marrakech has the workshop for you. Just follow the bitter tastes, the fruity notes, and the smooth textures.

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