Meneghetti Wine Hotel & Winery

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Meneghetti Wine Hotel & Winery, Istria - Croatia
Meneghetti Wine Hotel & Winery, Istria - Croatia
Meneghetti Wine Hotel & Winery, Istria - Croatia
Meneghetti Wine Hotel & Winery, Istria - Croatia
Meneghetti Wine Hotel & Winery, Istria - Croatia
Meneghetti Wine Hotel & Winery, Istria - Croatia
Meneghetti Wine Hotel & Winery, Istria - Croatia
Meneghetti Wine Hotel & Winery, Istria - Croatia
Meneghetti Wine Hotel & Winery, Istria - Croatia
Meneghetti Wine Hotel & Winery, Istria - Croatia
Meneghetti Wine Hotel & Winery, Istria - Croatia
Meneghetti Wine Hotel & Winery, Istria - Croatia

In search for unique places, sometimes you need to get off the main roads. However, let them lead you to Bale, Istria. Then slow down and follow the road that gets narrower with every mile, as nature draws closer.

Slow down even more, and then make a turn into the white road. As the iron gates of the Meneghetti estate open up in front of you, stop for just one moment – and realize that the magic actually appears off the beaten path.

Taking over and offering to you only the best that Istria offers – that is our goal. We created the opportunity for you to meet the centuries-old tradition inherited from our ancestors and contemporaries, turned into the emotion of enjoyment. Meneghetti Wine Hotel & Winery is – indeed – a world to itself. Here, life is quieter, more fulfilled.

After the Napoleon’s wars, when the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy first quietly and then quickly and strongly took over Istria, a smart man called Meneghetti decided to buy many acres of land and start producing food for one simple reason – there were 6 thousand soldiers within 500 m from his estate and he was able to sell them everything that he produced.

He started building houses, barns, planting vineyards and olive groves, raising goats and sheep, and hosting Austro-Hungarian officers during their leisure time. It was already then that Stancija Meneghetti began to have a reputation of one of the most beautiful estates on the Adriatic coast, and a few decades later that reputation grew even more.

Abandoned by all the former armies, owners, and accidental passers-by, overgrown in Mediterranean underbrush and weeds, it was re-discovered in the early 2000s by Miroslav Plišo and his wife, Romana Kajfež, who were in search of a perfect estate for their enjoyment. There was only one condition – the place had to be located in Istria.

Meneghetti Wine Hotel & Winery is now a true beauty made of century-old stone, evoking respect towards the tradition of its region. Meneghetti is a symbol of luxury, an oasis of peace and quiet surrounded by vineyards and olive groves, with its winery, an outstanding restaurant providing highly personalized service, and premium, world-renowned and award-winning wines and olive oils.

It welcomes anyone seeking peace, quiet and high-end service. During the redesign, the highest attention was given to every detail. The final result is the utmost quality and pleasurable aesthetics, both in the flawless interior and magical external environment.

Today, Meneghetti Wine Hotel & Winery is a delightful luxury hotel with 40 rooms, a member of the prestigious Relais & Chateaux. Like any real paradise on Earth, this place is hard to find. Magic only happens off the beaten path.

One of them leads to us. To find it, you need to explore the hidden paths, turn your journey into an adventure – it is worth every effort. That way, the journey becomes the destination.

Superbly equipped, the luxurious Meneghetti villas offer three bedrooms, a living room over 225 m², as well as a terrace, garden, and a pool, making them the perfect choice for a family vacation in complete privacy. The villas are built to respect the traditional architectural shape, design, and unique way of life.

Wake up inspired to breathe in the various aromatic plants that live in the garden of one of our 30 contemporary-designed residences that offer one or two bedrooms, each with its own bathroom, a wardrobe, dining and living room spread over 75 to 150m2, and a terrace with a garden. If you prefer to enjoy additional privacy, you may request a residence with a pool.

Meneghetti Wine Hotel offers genuine comfort during your stay where you will feel at home. Ten luxury rooms and suites, from 25 to 65 m2, some with a spacious balcony, designed in traditional and contemporary styles, and each with a view that opens out to the charming vineyards and olive groves.

They are all designed to offer you exceptional privacy, a promise of complete discretion, and an assurance of insouciance.

Celebrate an important life event, a new love, or just an ordinary day with a special and rare meal, good wine, or top of the line local oil. Enjoy lunch in our pool bar Olivetto, dinner in our restaurant, wine in our lounge bar or find solitude at our private beach with a glass of excellent Meneghetti sparkling wine.

All our dishes are creatively presented and expertly made, prepared from fresh, authentic, and local ingredients chosen seasonally. Along with the amazing dishes try appropriate wines which our sommelier will recommend with pleasure.

The entire experience will be enriched by our single- variety olive oil of specific taste which will complement the culinary delight – starting with cold appetizers to the desserts. Leave all the weight of daily life behind and release yourself to new emotions, experiences, and pleasures and taste the best that Istria has to offer.

‘The Red Land’ (terra rossa) around the Meneghetti Wine Hotel is a hard and poor soil, richer in stone than soil, intense, mineral, and rich in iron, favorable for the cultivating red wine grapes.

It is protected by a small hill from the south that prevents excessive humidity, and it gives the vine a long and healthy lifespan with strong aromas. “The Red Land” of the Meneghetti vineyards is cultivated in an ecologically sustainable manner with deep respect towards nature.

The vine is pruned by hand according to the Simonit & Sirch method which is soft with the purpose of nurturing the plant in order to achieve older age. Along with the autochthonous sorts, we are cultivating international varieties that get special characteristics, affected by the local terroir, the unique soil, and the environment full of Mediterranean vegetation.

The wines are produced using contemporary technologies that reflect the uniqueness of Istria, at the same time crossing the boundaries with its character and quality.

If you enjoy discovering new products of top quality and trying the best delicacies, then you must visit Istria which has been named the best region for olive-growing in the world. One of the most respected and most awarded producers of liquid gold is precisely Meneghetti. We are rightfully proud of our oils, made with hand-picked olives from our estate.

Our single-variety oils are recommended by Flos Olei, one of the most prestigious international guides for olive oil, that has named the Meneghetti “Izbor” the best olive oil in the world in the category of “intensely fruity aroma“. Are you ready to experience Istria and immerse yourself into the special experience of tasting our liquid gold?

For all wine-lovers Meneghetti Wine Hotel & Winery offers individual and group wine tasting programs in our winery.

If any of our excellent wines particularly appeal to you, you can purchase Meneghetti or Kuća Glavić wines as individual bottles or packaged sets in handmade wooden boxes, in our tasting room. For those with a demanding taste, our tasting room also offers limited edition Meneghetti wines of exquisite quality.

Have you found the perfect person in your life? Crown your beauty in a perfect and luxurious oasis in the Adriatic for a day that you will remember for the rest of your life. So that your wedding is truly a fairy-tale, we take care of all of the details and all of your biggest and smallest wishes.

Rent out the entire estate for the wedding ceremony which includes accommodation, welcoming of guests, dinner, and celebration. During the warmer months celebrate the wedding in the Meneghetti vineyards with 120 guests, and during the colder months in the hotel restaurant with 50 guests.

If you are planning a more intimate wedding without the whole-night celebration, reserve your date for a private ceremony, excellent dinner and socializing with gentle musical accompaniment.

Let your event shine! Show the strength and quality of your brand or company through the special offerings of the boutique hotel on the Meneghetti luxury estate which will be remembered by your guests for years to come. For more important events we offer you the rental of the entire estate with all of its content and our staff.

For smaller events you and your clients have the possibility of having meetings, presentations, seminars, or interactive workshops in one of our luxury villas, vineyards, or other outdoor locations on the estate, and our residences are the ideal location for breakout sessions.

We also offer the organization of team building for your staff, where together you can enjoy the excellent Meneghetti wines, sparkling wines and olive oil, with a sequence of gourmet meals in our restaurant or enjoyment in our outdoor and indoor pools.

Release the accumulated stress and connect on a professional level on a private beach with a beach bar, rest your eyes in our picturesque vineyard, experience olive- picking or visit the nearby Istrian towns. We make all of your wishes come true in order to create the perfect business event.

Relax your body and mind in the peaceful oasis at the Meneghetti hotel. Spoil yourselves in our Energy Clinic Spa center where you will find relaxing massages, nurturing body treatments, and anti-stress sauna.

For active relaxation visit our fitness area, indoor pool, and two outdoor pools with sundecks. In the summer season enjoy swimming in the Adriatic Sea on the beautiful Meneghetti beach with a beach bar located close to the estate.

In the immediate vicinity of the Meneghetti Wine Hotel there are ideal places for recreational activities such as walks, bicycle rides and water sports.

If you are a passionate golfer, the closest golf course with 18 holes is located in the beautiful national park Brijuni, which is a short boat ride from the close-by fishing town of Fažana. If you prefer sightseeing and cultural activities in combination with a light walk join us on an adventure in the nearby cities.

Experience a view of the irresistible sight of Istria, the Adriatic Sea, and numerous islands and bays in a completely different way. Do not waste a single moment of your vacation in traffic and fly away with us in a helicopter which will happily transport you to your desired location – Split, Dubrovnik or beyond.

Reserve your own private trip on a luxury yacht and enjoy the beauty of the Adriatic. Discover the secret cliffs and romantic bays far away from the popular city beaches and spend a fulfilling day and evening on the blue sea.

Try truffle hunting with experienced and trained truffle hunters and their dogs, and discover the special techniques used to search for these mysterious, highly valued, mushrooms that hide in the Istrian forests.

Discover the natural beauty of Pula, visit the world-renowned remains of its long history such as the Roman amphitheater or the Golden Gate and learn of its unusual legends.

Experience Motovun – one of the most beautiful and most preserved medieval towns in Istria, famous for its spectacular sunsets, film-festival and forests rich in truffles. You will be charmed by the artist town and by the gourmet specialties of the local restaurants – Grožnjan.

After the successful completion of the first two phases of development, in 2021 Meneghetti will begin the development of Phase 3 – construction of a small number of luxurious units developed within three villas.

The limited number of owners who will buy these resort properties will join the existing selected group of Meneghetti enthusiasts and realestate owners who fell in love with Meneghetti.

Rooms: 39
Price: from 183 EUR per night


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