Gecko Hotel & Beach Club Formentera

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Gecko Hotel & Beach Club Formentera - Spain
Gecko Hotel & Beach Club Formentera - Spain
Gecko Hotel & Beach Club Formentera - Spain
Gecko Hotel & Beach Club Formentera - Spain
Gecko Hotel & Beach Club Formentera - Spain
Gecko Hotel & Beach Club Formentera - Spain
Gecko Hotel & Beach Club Formentera - Spain
Gecko Hotel & Beach Club Formentera - Spain
Gecko Hotel & Beach Club Formentera - Spain
Gecko Hotel & Beach Club Formentera - Spain
Gecko Hotel & Beach Club Formentera - Spain
Gecko Hotel & Beach Club Formentera - Spain

In the beautiful and protected island of Formentera, Gecko Hotel & Beach Club was set out for like-minded individuals to unwind, connect with oneself and nature and above all celebrate life. Gecko brings to Formentera a new form of hospitality that unites our love for the island, the beach life and the elegance of a time in the past that continues to inspire us.

Our clublike restaurant, in front of the Migjorn beach, offers a balanced and generous feast of Mediterranean flavors based on fresh local ingredients. Its menu goes far beyond the trademark dish rices and offers summery Mediterranean food with fresh touches of a multicultural cuisine.

Formentera’s beaches are unparalleled and together with our seaside gardens, Gecko Beach Club is the ideal location for gatherings of any kind… What in your life do you want to celebrate? The perfect moment to start planning is now.

Located on the first floor, our room Gecko Loft brings together all the pleasures of life on the edge of the Mediterranean. Its spacious interiors include a bed facing sea views, a seating area with sofas, a small dressing room, and a bathroom with a separate shower and bathtub. The private terrace, also with sea views, has a plunge pool, a comfortable solarium with cushions and a lounge area.

Decorated in sand tones in tune with the island of Formentera, these rooms provide all the comfort that characterizes the hotel. It features a large private patio with an outdoor shower, sofas, hammocks and a pergola that gives shade right next to the plunge pool.

These rooms are decorated with natural textures and feature a patio distributed in two levels. On the first level, there’s a private plunge pool and a sitting area. While on the upper level of the terrace, there is a lounge area covered with cushions where one can enjoy the views of the gardens or just give in to the pleasure of a nap under its pergola.

This unique room is elegantly decorated in neutral tones, offering the privilege of a frontal view of the Mediterranean right from the privacy of your bed. Additionally, it has two different balconies from which to enjoy the sea breeze and the sunset.

Our club-like, seafront restaurant is the perfect place to enjoy a typical summer meal in Formentera. A Mediterranean menu with fresh touches of a multicultural cuisine is the perfect excuse to enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner in a relaxed setting overlooking Migjorn Beach.

Discover our menu made with locally sourced ingredients, as well as a series of daily recommendations from our chef.

Our restaurant in Formentera offers a buffet breakfast as well as lunch and dinner with an extensive menu that combines Mediterranean cuisine with the best of local products and innovative techniques. Let the Mediterranean spirit shine through with a typical summer meal in our terrace featuring a selection of paellas, fresh fish and seafood.

All in a relaxed outdoor atmosphere, the sun and the sea breeze, and always in good company. The restaurant also has an indoor space with lots of natural light, perfect for those nights in spring and autumn.

From June to September, every Tuesday and Thursday from 8:00 pm. Our gardens are the perfect setting for a traditional barbecue called “espetada”, in which we grill locally sourced fish and seafood on skewers among the flames of an open bonfire.

Enjoy a dinner of Mediterranean flavours with mesmerizing views to Formentera’s sea at sunset, and accompanied with the gentle melody of live music.

Gecko Hotel & Beach Club has an intimate space right on the beach, surrounded by centuries-old indigenous trees and with great views looking directly out at the Mediterranean Sea, perfect for couples and small groups who want to enjoy a special lunch or dinner in private.

We invite you to join us for an exclusive gastronomic experience, with your feet in the sand just a few steps away from the sea.

The setting is carefully staged with candles and torchlights, flickering only with the sea breeze, and your very own private waiter serves you our chef’s delights with only the best products in Formentera. Surely this tailor-made experience will create an unforgettable memory.

Spend a day at Migjorn Beach, enjoying hours of relaxation on our comfortable hammocks or beach cabanas and diving in crystalline waters, while our DJs spin Balearic-house music. Our light menu of Mediterranean bites along with coffees, fresh juices and creative cocktails will keep you feeling like you’re on holiday all day long.

Soon you’ll be able to visit Gecko Beach Club to enjoy the best sunsets in Formentera with a selection of snacks, cocktails, champagnes per glass and rosé wines. All accompanied by the sounds of DJ Joselito and the best views over the Migjorn beach.

We have been a flagship in Formentera for yoga and wellness since our beginning. It runs deeply through our DNA, thinking of it not as something fashionable but as part of a genuinely more healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Our resident guru, Yiannis Mukta Om, is a former pupil of master Sri Dharma Mittra and teaches yoga every morning from Monday to Saturday in our gardens facing the sea, free for Gecko’s guests.

Furthermore, during spring and autumn, when Formentera is at its quietest, we organize yoga retreats led by other renowned yoga teachers. Let us help you create a healthier routine, reconnecting with your inner self and nature in front of Formentera’s turquoise waters.

At Gecko Hotel & Beach Club we are committed to the world of yoga and its many benefits since our origins. For us, yoga is a discipline, but also a way of living that helps us connect with the natural environment of Formentera.

It is precisely this connection that inspires us to continue working every day on respectful initiatives that reduce the environmental impact of our activity. We hope that this yogapedia guide, which collects the different yoga techniques practised at Gecko, helps you find the one that best suits your needs, so you can be part of this exciting journey with us.

This practice works the physical (hatha yoga) and the mental (raja yoga) aspects, cultivating personal growth and guiding the student towards self-realization. This style of yoga is similar to vinyasa, but unlike vinyasa, hatha raja yoga offers a slow rhythm, holding the asanas for longer.

Although hatha raja yoga is meant for students with some experience in yoga, our classes and retreats are adapted to all levels and can be practised by beginners and people who prefer a more gentle practice. This is possible thanks to our teachers’ knowledge and capability to propose variations of the postures, offering a versatile and respectful practice for everyone.

Although each session is different, in general, the practice includes a few minutes of internalization, generally with the observation of the breath (pranayama); a sequence of postures (vinyasa) with variations that adapt to the different levels; and a deep relaxation exercise (in savasana).

Yin yoga is a relaxed, gentle and deep-felt practice offering the student time for self-exploration. Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, the postures are held for a longer time, thus helping to calm the breath, clear the mind and stretch the muscles of the body more deeply. Yin yoga is recommended for everyone, especially for those who need time for themselves, peace and balance.

Our sessions are made up of stretches, designed to unblock tensions on a physical, mental or emotional level. By focusing on the present moment, the student reconnects with himself and with the natural environment that surrounds him, being our gardens facing the sea the ideal environment for this practice.

Vinyasa yoga consists of a sequence of dynamic movements that flow to the rhythm of the breath. The postures change with each inhalation and exhalation creating a dance that connects our body with our breath. Unlike hatha raja yoga, vinyasa is quicker, spending less time between poses.

The practice of vinyasa yoga is perfect for people who need to disconnect from the routine and dedicate time to their well-being. It is worth mentioning that our classes and retreats vary in intensity and dynamism.

Also, our teachers can add vinyasas to help beginning students to move from one position to another in a more comfortable way. Thanks to this, different levels of people can join the same group.

As the class advances, the student feels how the energy flows with a sequence of uninterrupted postures. With each upward movement, we inhale and with each downward movement, we exhale, focusing all attention on handling our body and our breath.

Meditation and pranayama are techniques that help us to harmonize with our being through the observation of the breath. These techniques allow the student to become aware of himself and the present moment, calming the mind of worries and guiding it towards inner peace.

This practice is highly recommended for everyone, especially for people with difficulty concentrating or suffering from stress and looking for a moment of calm to find themselves.

Pranayama: through techniques that regulate breathing, the student performs a sequence of postures that favour the process of cleaning, draining and purifying the energy and mental system. Pranayama helps improve concentration, the key to leading the student to deeper states of meditation.

Through concentration techniques and exercises inspired by mindfulness, meditation confronts the student with his fears and helps him to manage emotions to achieve mental clarity and to be able to move towards a state of freedom and fulfilment.

The exclusive beachfront location, elegant and modern architectural style, the restaurant, and above all, the Mediterranean-style palmed gardens with incredible sea views, make our hotel in Formentera the perfect place for weddings, meetings, parties and celebrations.

Our team will make sure that your event turns out perfectly, looking after every last detail. Everything is planned and organized to the very highest level, offering the possibility to complement it with accommodation, activities or personalized menus.

At Gecko Hotel & Beach Club Formentera we have various areas of the property at your disposal to celebrate all types of events, whether formal or informal. Birthdays, private parties, corporate meals, presentations, photo shoots and more. Let us know and we will make it happen.

Gecko Hotel & Beach Club Formentera has 150m of extensive beachfront gardens which serve as the ideal location for a special celebration. With many years of experience, we are highly equipped for any size of event, with an exceptional standard of service and an exquisite kitchen that homages the Mediterranean cuisine, whatever the number of guests.

Our in-house event planner will be at your disposal to make sure that every detail is taken care of during the lead up to the wedding, being present during the day of the wedding itself to turn that dream into a reality.

Let us create for you a romantic and intimate evening, in a magical atmosphere surrounded by the twinkling light of the candles, the natural scent of millenary sabinas and the sand caressing your feet. With a specially curated menu created from our Chef, we will be at your disposal to make sure that every detail is taken care of.

Every morning from Monday to Saturday, enjoy a yoga class with master Yiannis Mukta Om at Gecko Hotel & Beach Club surrounded by nature and overlooking the turquoise waters of Formentera.

Continue the morning with a buffet breakfast in our seafront restaurant, with a selection of cold stations and hot dishes freshly prepared. Our yoga classes adapt to all levels and breakfast includes many vegetarian and gluten-free options.

Rooms: 28
Price: from 248 EUR per night


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