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Laucala Island - Fiji
Laucala Island - Fiji
Laucala Island - Fiji
Laucala Island - Fiji
Laucala Island - Fiji
Laucala Island - Fiji
Laucala Island - Fiji
Laucala Island - Fiji
Laucala Island - Fiji
Laucala Island - Fiji
Laucala Island - Fiji
Laucala Island - Fiji

A private island refuge in the South Pacific, Laucala unites dramatic rainforest-laced landscapes and white sandy beaches with unparalleled levels of luxury and privacy.

No expense has been spared at the exclusive tropical hideaway, where 25 Fijian-styled villas are set amid coconut plantations, beside deserted beaches and atop the island’s volcanic mountains, overlooking fertile coral reefs and endless jungle.

Style and sustainability go hand in hand throughout, from the natural fibres and woods used in design to the wild orchids harvested in gardens and organic produce grown on island farms. Set over 1,400 hectares, Laucala epitomises the seclusion and graceful hospitality for which the Fijian archipelago is famed.

A private island covering 12 square kilometres, Laucala offers dramatic extremes in landscape: volcanic mountains covered in tropical rainforest and postcard-perfect beaches, untouched mangroves and coral reefs brimming with marine life.

The resort sits on the island’s northern coast and covers just 4.5 square kilometres, which means that the vast majority of the land is an unspoiled wilderness of jungle and coconut plantations, home to some of the archipelago’s rarest birds and animals.

Laucala has tapped into the island’s lush natural bounty, establishing a number of organic farms and gardens producing fruit, vegetables, herbs and meat for resort restaurants as well as flowers and spices for the spa.

The sustainable approach to resort living not only guarantees flavourful food and memorable spa treatments, but also ensures that guests leave with a genuine insight into Fijian culture.

Getting to Laucala Island, one of a string of landfalls dotting Fiji’s Koro Sea, offers guests a taste of the faultless service to come at the resort.

Private aircraft are permitted to land on Laucala, with international procedures such as customs and immigration clearance organised on- island by request. Laucala Island’s private airport operates day and night, with the concrete airstrip suitable for jets with a maximum 40 t MTOW (aircraft type Falcon 900).

Upon arrival at the Nadi International Airport, guest relations will drive travellers to the private Laucala Nadi Lounge. Travellers will be transferred from Nadi to Laucala Island via the resort’s King Air B200 for 50 minutes comfortable flight.

Laucala’s Cultural village is one of the few traditional villages left in Fiji and is designed to preserve and showcase local traditions, culture and architecture to guests. The main buildings are the bure kalou, or spirit house, as well as the village hall and the chief’s hut.

Here, guests can join our Lovo night and discover kava ceremony with Laucala staff, listen to traditional music or participate in Fijian arts and crafts: weaving, carving and Masi art. A chapel is also available few steps from our traditional village for wedding or celebration.

Laucala features its own farm, where 240 acres make up a farmland to organically grow crops and raise animals that provide the majority of products needed on island and can be prepared in-house.

Crops include vanilla, pepper, tropical fruits, a wide variety of herbs vegetables, like lettuce, tomato, cucumber, zucchini, eggplant, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, okra, string beans and animals such as poultry, cows (including Wagyu), pigs, quails and ducks, goats and coconut crabs, all grow splendidly at the farm.

In the South Pacific region, the coconut palm is truly the tree of life, supplying food, building materials, medicinal and beauty products.

With more than a quarter of the island covered in coconut groves, its versatile products shape every visit to Laucala, used as a source of shade, an ingredient for cocktails, culinary refinement or an ingredient for homemade wellness products.

In the South Pacific area the coconut palm is the tree of life, supplying food and building materials and forming the basis for medicinal and beauty products. In short, it is the mother of all South Seas cultures and the pulsating heart of Laucala.

More than a quarter of this island is covered with coconut groves. Its versatile products shape every visit to Laucala, as it is used as a source of shade, an ingredient in cocktails, culinary refinement or as an ingredient for home-made wellness products.

No ocean of the world can come up with more exotica than the South Pacific, with its unequalled variety of colours and shapes and big and small fish.

No wonder the crystal clear water around Laucala is a Mecca for anglers and coastal fishing as well as for deep-sea diving. The fish caught during the day are taken directly from the boat to the kitchen and transformed into top-class maritime delicacies – they couldn’t be fresher!

Right from the start the main aim was to preserve the original beauty of the South Seas Island which resembles a dream of the Garden of Eden thanks to its exuberant green mountains, coconut groves, the gently sweeping beaches and the dazzling turquoise lagoon.

Every effort has been made to preserve or restore the authentic vegetation. Only those plants that kept back the original vegetation were removed. Last but not least, the construction of every single resort area had to be compatible with the island ecology.

Laucala’s 25 villas, all glamorous versions of traditional Fijian dwellings, each offer unparalleled exclusivity and privacy in dramatic, and very different, locations around the northern coast of the island.

Eleven Plantation villas are set amid a coconut grove beside a private beach; four Plateau villas perch atop Nawi Mountain at the heart of the island, ringed by rainforest and offering unbroken views of the sea; seven Seagrass villas line a powder-white beach; the Peninsula villa hugs a cliff and crescent-shaped beach; the Overwater villa is set above an emerald-green lagoon; and the Hilltop Estate sits at one of the island’s highest points, commanding views of the Fijian archipelago.

Regardless of their location, villas are designed with soft curves and free-flowing shapes, using natural materials in construction: thatch roofs made from the leaves of sago palms, local doga timber, bala bala fern stems, and a traditional coconut husk weave known as magi magi.

Impeccably furnished bedroom and living areas open to private gardens, each with an infinity-edge pool lit by Tikki torches come dusk. Villas come with a buggy, so guests are free to explore the resort at their leisure.

The guests of the Hilltop Residence live “up on top”. High up in the opulent green hills of Laucala island, the “resort in a resort” crowns the dreams of luxury living à la Laucala.

For some people it is the captivating panorama view; for others it is the unique atmosphere which makes guest’s South Seas dreams of “undreamt of pleasures” come true, with 1.200 square metres of living space, 11.000 square metres for of bedroom space and other private quarters, an unusually designed main residence with its own panoramic pool landscape, two spacious guest residences and special services such as a private cook, a chauffeur and a private nanny.

If one thinks of Laucala as paradise-like holiday scenery, the Overwater Residence is one of the brilliant colours that elevate this resort to a noble holiday work of art.

You will never experience the fascination of the South Pacific anywhere as fully as in the two-bedroom residence, which appears to float above the emerald-green lagoon.

You will not only enjoy luxurious living over an omnipresent ocean when you relax on the spacious terrace ranging across several levels over the lagoon but also when you have a bath in the hot tub or in the large private pool, which has been carved directly into the rocks of the shore, and last but not least while enjoying a romantic Sundowner cocktail or during a private dinner.

At the Overwater Residence your arrival in your own yacht or an excursion to the iridescent world of corals starts right at the private jetty.

Almost all of us have experienced the desire to have our own little kingdom. On Laucala, Peninsula Residence is the epitome of this desire.

This luxurious mansion resembles an “island on an island”, caressed by the dazzling turquoise waters of the South Pacific and surrounded by opulent green hills, a white beach and plenty of space for privacy. The spacious living areas are connected to each other by rope bridges offering spectacular views.

The natural pool carved into the rock, the concealed private beach and its own jetty guarantee exclusive and completely undisturbed privacy. This exclusive privacy is actually the genuine Laucala luxury, the seductive icing on the cake of the Peninsula Residence.

In the eleven Plantation Residences you can do what you like – relax on the sun deck, the private beach, in your own pool, the hot tub, the shady daybed, the stylish indoor or open-air lounge or in your own bed. Incorporated into the old coconut plantation, the 300 to 610 square metre-large residences completely.

South Seas romance. And the exemplary care provided here – as in all residences – by the personal “Tao” (Tao means “my friend”) makes sure each guest’s private dreams of paradise come true.

The exotic character of the private island and the iridescent world of the South Pacific form the background to the fantastic Laucala holiday scenery. In the four Plateau Residences this scenery can be viewed from a very special, natural perspective.

Situated on Nawi Mountain, all residences offer unforgettable views out to the sea and the neighbouring islands. Carefully integrated into the island atmosphere, their open-plan design blurs the boundary between the interior and exterior areas and gives guests a better idea of the atmosphere of this South Seas island.

Thanks to the exclusive seclusion on the ridge the Plateau Residences are particularly suitable for undisturbed visits with family or friends.

The art of living in harmony with nature without renouncing the conveniences of modern comfort finds its highest expression in the seven Seagrass Residences that nestle unobtrusively under the opulent green of the Sea Grass Bay’s coastline.

And like all the other residences they captivate visitors with their clear commitment to the natural environment and Fijian traditions.

With their remarkable combination of vast space, exclusively designed interiors, natural materials, luxurious comfort, and the natural outdoor areas with its organically shaped pool and private beach, they create wonderfully inspiring surroundings for sophisticated nature lovers.

A collection of five restaurants and bars offers everything from beachside barbeques to fine dining, with many of the buildings inspired by nature.

Plantation House occupies an airy replica colonial mansion, the fine-dining and a bar complemented by a thoughtfully-selected premium wine list; alfresco meals are available at Seagrass Lounge and Restaurant, specialising in Asian and Fijian favourites; the Beach Bar is all about casual barbeques beside the water; share plates of Mediterranean-style fare are served at the Pool Bar, beside Laucala’s 2.000-square- meter lagoon-style swimming pool; and the Rock Lounge features open-air dining above Seagrass Bay, with finger food and cocktails the order of the day.

Laucala also offers dining by design, which means customised menus in private dining locations – amid the jungle, along a jetty, in your villa.

Occupying an elegant colonial-style mansion, Plantation House serves everything from classic á la carte breakfasts to fine-dining dinners. The light-filled dining room is the ideal spot to linger over fresh fruits and juices or Laucala coffee and tea.

Gourmet dinners are prepared according to a farm-to-table philosophy, incorporating daily fresh vegetables, herbs, meats and seafood. Guests wishing to take home a taste of the South Pacific can participate in cooking classes in the restaurant’s show kitchen.

Premium wines and cigars are on offer in the adjoining Plantation House Bar, furnished with eye-catching black-and-white photographs of Pacific tattoos by Italian artist Gian Paolo Barbieri; the designs also inspired custom crockery in the restaurant.

Settings don’t get much more dramatic than Laucala’s Beach Bar, set right on the sand. Casual meals include grilled seafood and meats, and chefs Fijian with dishes such as kokoda, a traditional raw fish salad marinated with lemon, chilli and coconuts. Cool down with chilled desserts such as tropical ice-cream lollipops.

A dramatic open-air structure designed to resemble a shell, the Pool Bar sits beside Laucala’s 2.000-square-metre lagoon-style swimming pool, amid coconut palms and tropical flowers.

Fresh fruit juices, coconut milk and coconut water is made daily, bottled and served to guests lounging by the water, accompanied by cool scented towels and vitamin shooters.

Rock Lounge is comprised of scenic views overlooking Seagrass Bay, spectacular sunsets, an ingeniously designed “chill-out” atmosphere, delicious finger food and exceptional drinks and cocktails.

The only thing more enticing than the views at Seagrass – with its four, tiered alfresco dining areas and waterside perch – is the Asian-influenced cuisine.

While menus change regularly to take advantage of seasonal produce, dishes might include goong prig thai dam (lobster with black pepper sauce), gyoza (pan-fried farm pork dumplings) and som tam gai yang (green papaya salad with grilled chicken).

Degustations see tasting plates paired with a thoughtful selection of wines, while one dining deck is devoted entirely to teppanyaki specialties, complemented by an interesting and thoughtful selection of wine, beer and sake.

The restaurant’s private jetty means that guests can arrive by boat, welcomed by a cool drink and shimmering views.

Few spa experiences rival that at Laucala, where traditional Fijian therapies, organic amenities and serene settings go hand in hand.

Four treatment villas – each with an outdoor tub, relaxation room and changing room – and two wet rooms with Vichy showers and steam facilities sit amid water features and tall palm trees, complemented by a beauty salon, pedicure and manicure rooms and the Spa Garden.

It’s here that herbs, spices, flowers and fruits are picked to create Laucala’s four signature scents: Molikaro (native citrus), Wainimate (medicinal herbs), Senikau (tropical blooms) and Qele (indigenous roots, woods and spices).

Each scent is incorporated into the spa’s organic, amenities, including lotions and the massage oils used in spa rituals. Treatments begin in a relaxation lounge fitted with day beds and an open fireplace, followed by a footbath incorporating a hibiscus, honey and sugar-crystal polish and a gentle massage.

Signature experiences range from Fijian hot-and-cold stone therapy to body scrubs using volcanic soil from the island and mineral crystal therapy. Guests are encouraged to become involved in the spa experience through the Spa Garden, where an interactive display informs about Fiji’s tropical bounty.

Guests can pick their own spices, herbs flowers and fruits – vanilla, lemongrass, cinnamon, nutmeg, coffee, ylang ylang, pepper, ginger – and create a signature essential oil, soap or lotion in the Spa Kitchen, where a coconut press produces oil in small batches.

Scotsman David McLay Kidd was called in to design Laucala’s championship golf course, a stunning 18-hole layout backdropped by volcanic mountains and clinging to a sheer cliff dropping into the Pacific Ocean.

Kidd’s par-72 layout has been thoughtfully integrated into the environment, with minimal impact on the island’s old coconut plantation area.

Undulating fairways, challenging greens and strategic bunkers will appeal to both experienced and novice golfers, while signature holes include the par-five 12th with a green extending to the beach, which means wet feet at high tide.

A golfing professional is on hand should guests need tips to improve their swing, and caddies, buggies and clubs are all available in the Club House.

Laucala’s diversions range from relaxing to adventurous. A wide variety of watersports introduce guests to Fiji’s azure oceans, while rainforest walking tours, golf, farm visits and horseback riding are exhilarating ways to explore the island.

The island’s Water Sports Centre is home to a fleet of 14 boats, including the Riviera Open Flybridge for game fishing as well as Dragon sailboats and traditional Fijian outriggers, ideal for sunset cruises or archipelago discovery. From here, windsurfing, kitesurfing, kayaking and jet-skis are also available.

Arguably the best way to explore Fiji’s marine offerings is by taking the plunge, and Laucala offers snorkelling equipment and PADI certified Dive Centre to get guests up close and personal with hawksbill turtles and angelfish.

When it comes to experiencing Laucala’s beaches, plantations and hinterland, guests have access to eight immaculately groomed Fijian horses.

Guided walking tours also lead guests to far-flung corners of the island, with arranged visits to a Cultural Village detailing Fijian arts, crafts and traditions, as well as Laucala’s organic farms and gardens.

An island highlight is the 18-hole championship golf course, thoughtfully designed by David McLay Kidd with spectacular greens and fairways overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Closer to the resort, the Kids Club caters to children of all ages with fun, educational and informative activities under the watchful supervision of trained staff.

Whether drifting between islets at sunset or speeding around the archipelago, there’s no better way to get a taste for Fiji than by boat.

Laucala’s fleet of 14 boats includes the Amanda, one of the first Dragon-class keelboats to be built in New Zealand, the Rere Ahi, a gorgeous double-masted sailing boat, and a traditional Fijian drau camakau (outrigger), available for diving trips and inner- and outer-reef trips such as the Taveuni Island Waterfalls Excursion: a 30-minute boat ride followed by a jungle hike to a secluded waterfall.

The jewel of the fleet is the Riviera Open Flybridge, a modern Yacht with suites and lounge areas, perfect for leisurely trips as well as game fishing. More fast-paced water pursuits range from kite surfing and windsurfing to kayaking, jet- and water-skiing.

Fiji’s warm tropical waters are teeming with marine life – lionfish, moray eels, angelfish – making for unparalleled diving and snorkelling trips. Laucala’s Dive Centre offers PADI-accredited diving courses, from open water to advanced courses, night dives, underwater photography, shore diving, dive master training and wreck diving.

One of Fiji’s most legendary dive sites, the Great White Wall, is within easy reach, just 40 minutes, of Laucala and is a dazzling vertical wall blanketed in soft white coral.

Snorkelers don’t have to go far to experience the marine treasures of the South Pacific, with Laucala’s shallow lagoons crowned with colourful reefs and tropical fish.

From blue marlin and yellowfin tuna to wahoo, Pacific sailfish and giant trevally, South Pacific waters are a paradise for game fishers.

Led by an experienced skipper, day trips aboard Laucala’s luxurious Riviera Open Flybridge take guests to prime fishing spots beyond the island’s shallow lagoons, with gourmet meals prepared by Laucala crew along the way.

While every villa comes with a private infinity pool, a 2.000-square-metre lagoon-style pool sits at the heart of the resort, overlooking a long beach and enveloped by tall stands of palm. Divided into three areas, the pool includes tropical manmade islands as well as a dramatic 25-metre-long glass cube, ideal for lap swimming.

Nest-like lanterns hang from the ceiling of the Pool Bar, designed to resemble a shell, where swim-up cocktails are the order of the day, while casual fare and barbeques star on the menu at the Beach Bar.

The starting point and destination of exciting cruises with the resort’s own yacht Riviera Open Flybridge or with one of the 13 other sleek boats. Guests arriving on their own yacht are welcomed here by the friendly Laucala welcome team, which takes care of all the details and anchors the yacht safely.

Set beside Laucala’s lagoon-style pool, the Leisure Centre is home to a thoughtfully curated library with reading material ranging from popular fiction to reference books on Fiji and the South Pacific.

Browse a tome over a drink or talk to the centre’s helpful Concierge team, on hand to assist you arrange everything from island excursions to spa bookings.

From treadmills and bikes to elliptical and rowing machines, the cardio equipment in Laucala’s Fitness Centre is state-of-the-art. A range of weight machines and free weights are complemented by a stretching area, Yoga mats and Pilates gear. A personal trainer and yoga instructor is available daily.

An exhilarating way to explore the island is on the back of a horse, and Laucala’s eight Fijian horses – a crossbreed of the Australian Thoroughbred and the British Clydesdale – offer a unique perspective.

Horseback tours, led by Laucala’s Horse Manager, take guests to some of the island’s most secluded beaches, through rainforest and across endless coconut plantations, with stops for romantic picnics or sunset cocktails along the way.

Rooms: 25
Price: from 6.388 EUR per night


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