Corte Di Gabriela Venice

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Corte Di Gabriela Venice
Corte Di Gabriela Venice
Corte Di Gabriela Venice
Corte Di Gabriela Venice
Corte Di Gabriela Venice
Corte Di Gabriela Venice
Corte Di Gabriela Venice
Corte Di Gabriela Venice
Corte Di Gabriela Venice
Corte Di Gabriela Venice
1 July 2021

An extraordinary attitude A luxurious nineteenth-century pale pink building overlooks the small canals of San Marco: your home in Venice, your Corte di Gabriela. A boutique hotel that speaks a new and personal language, a house of the past dressed in the precious elegance of the most exclusive boutique hotels in the world.

Elegance and luxury, design and comfort, sustainability and attention – to people and to the environment. A boutique hotel unlike any other, where the ordinary gives way to the extraordinary.

Luxury and privacy cuddling you in our Suite Deluxe en Dépendence, a wide open-space apartment with windows facing the Canal. A unique feature for a unique suite.

Walk onto the perfectly polished floors in Venetian seminato (a typical and renowned flooring technique), lay your hands on the Palace’s original walls with exposed bricks, observe the LED lighting and the essential lines of the furniture.

We combined them with discreet post-industrial details and the most precious materials, like raw wood and burnished iron. A design flagship that, thanks to a private entrance, guarantees complete privacy to our guests.

Overlooking the canal, overlooking the Venetian “traffic” of boats and gondolas, our five Luxury rooms have been designed to show an elegant and peculiar character.

Frescoes of the late 19th Century embellish the ceilings of the rooms, and unique elements such as the Istrian stone fireplace and the ancient coffered ceilings will drive you into a magical and distant era.

The chairs, by Mies Van der Rohe and by Philippe Starck, will suggest that what you are experiencing is not an ancient dream, but actually your beautiful present.

A very large room designed by playfully combining all the colors of Venice. The fiery red lamps fragment and brighten the gold-toned walls and frames, while the round-base bed plays with perspective and enhances the originality and bold character of our guests.

A provocative room with exquisite workings in gilded iron providing one more detail of luxurious refinement.

The perfect setting for an intimate and special moment. High ceilings with frescoes, modern lamps and numerous windows that create a light, bright atmosphere inside this magnificent room. Our Junior Suite Balcony faces the Canal underneath.

It offers you the chance to sip a glass of champagne, in complete intimacy, maybe in the middle of the night; or maybe a delightful breakfast in the morning, as you breathe in the perfume of Venetian dawn.

Let the aroma of hot coffee and the fragrance of the delights prepared by our Manager and Chef Gian Luca wake you up. Are you a morning person? Or you’d rather spend the first hours after dawn comfortably cuddling under the blankets?

You can do as you please, for our breakfast is served until 11:00 AM. A city at dawn, with Corte di Gabriela. Venice is taking its time to wake up, and the first gondolas are already being prepared for a long day of Canal Tours. Now Gian Luca enters his kitchen.

He takes his hotel manager suit off and wears his chef’s jacket with passion. His favorite time of the day is about to begin. The most important moment: your breakfast. Ask him why he cares so much about it.

He will smile back at you and tell you that there can be no good morning without that breakfast. And it’s hard not to believe him, as the smell of freshly baked pastry fills the air like a Rossini’s crescendo. As, plate by plate, our philosophy of good awakening conquers you and puts you in a good mood.

We believe breakfast should come as one wants it. You can enjoy our breakfast early in the morning and then go visit the most romantic city in the world. Or, you can stay in bed as long as you want, and comfortably enjoy it late in the morning.

True luxury means being able to give yourself the time to savor your own Venice. This is why a full table is always ready for you, from 8:00 AM until after 11:00 AM.

But perhaps the romance of the Venetian streets has already conquered you, and you would like to enjoy a hot coffee under the blankets, with your partner. Then take one of our mokas and sip it in complete privacy–in your own suite.

Your breakfast table? It’s an original plane of a Giudecca carpenter, perfectly refurbished and ready for you. Your coffee? It’s being poured out of our Bialetti moka: hot and fragrant Arabica blend carefully selected from the products of Antica Torrefazione Caffè Girani.

Our elegant internal courtyard, curled by an ancient well, is the heart and core of the hotel. In the shadow of the old wisteria, you can find refreshment from the summer heat sipping a cool long drink or the famous Venetian Spritz: the aperitif par excellence.

It’s the perfect place to stay with friends or socialize with other travelers by exchanging tips and suggestions, or simply to enjoy a page or two of classic literature. You can find a broad selection of classic novels and books in our library. One of your best travel memories might just be a new couple of friends.

You will live a holiday with friends, spoiled and pampered in a thousand ways. Ask our concierge which are the most beautiful Piazzas to visit, or discover the most intimate secrets of the city by having a chat with Gian Luca: he will guide you through the real Venice and its treasures, for a holiday that’s truly tailored to your taste. 24/7 Concierge service, Breakfast until late, a bar at your disposal, and a team offering you attentive, personal service.

Brunches, an in-house library, and so much more. Corte di Gabriela is more than a boutique hotel. It is a buén retiro: your comforting, intimate hideaway. You, a traveler passing by for a visit to the most beautiful carnival in the world, or an aficionado of the City of Water.

Corte di Gabriela was born after the skillful restoration of what was once a palace (Palazzo) belonging to a wealthy family of Venetian lawyers. Perhaps it is precisely for this reason that, more than a boutique hotel, our Corte reminds of a private house in which to return every evening with joy.

Gian Luca, owner of the building since 2012 and the true soul of the house, wanted to insert some elements of contemporary design of absolute value in this ancient and aristocratic context, to create a harmonious dialogue between the past and modernity.

Philippe Starck, Mises Van der Rohe, Kartell, Flos, Vitra, Ingo Mauer, Alivar are just some of the names behind the pieces of furniture you will find in each room, at Hotel Corte di Gabriela.

The result is a perfect combination of modern lamps made of technological materials, and solid wood elements, wrought gold leaf iron gates, and chaise longues in light leather and chromed metal, for a more futuristic and luxurious effect.

Our Wi-Fi is free-of-charge and extremely fast throughout the hotel, thanks to the optical fiber. Corte di Gabriela offers what can only be described as a real digital flagship in the heart of Venice: separate control units for each floor.

The Corte di Gabriela morning buffet is always available for you, from 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM in the morning, and even later. Treat yourself to a sin of gluttony, be it sweet or savory.

Your breakfast choice is always different, depending on the seasons and the products and, above all, on the imagination of our director-chef Gian Luca. Any particular wishes? Feel free to ask for what you want: Gian Luca will prepare it especially for you.

A crêpe with homemade jam, or with a spread of the always magnificent Nutella. A cake to celebrate your special moment. Omelets with vegetables and freshly picked herbs. Or maybe a couple of perfectly scrambled eggs, topped with melting Lardo.

For the healthiest of you, we provide a wide selection of refined fresh fruit, excellent artisanal yogurts and, upon request, gluten-free products.

Top it all off with a cup of hot coffee, prepared for us in the ancient Girani roasting house, rigorously served at the table directly from the steaming moka. An ancient flavor, a slow and deeply Italian ritual.

After a long day spent strolling through museums and Calles, come and take a moment for yourself with a drink, in the shade of our wisteria.

Have a chat with our other guests at one of our courtyard tables, or spend an hour reading in our Noble Salon–and maybe have a glass of cognac, or a cup of herbal tea. It’s the perfect way to relax.

Buoy your spirit with the warm colors of the furnishings, with the wood of Venetian beams and floors, and our grand piano. Take advantage of our selection of wines and spirits, in an atmosphere so enveloping that it becomes unforgettable.

Our front desk is open all day, from 7:30 AM to 10:30 PM. Ask our experienced staff for everything you need. We will always be happy to assist you in booking taxis, transfers, train tickets, guided tours, or to recommend the best restaurants in Venice, the most acclaimed bars, the most interesting shows. Our night porter service will do the same, always putting themselves at your complete disposal with a smile.

We live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and we respect it. We respect the environment, and we are well aware of the importance of allowing our guests to understand it.

Ecological sensitivity and energy recovery are the two core parameters onto which we based the design of Corte di Gabriela. Our philosophy of hospitality has always been centered around sustainable choices and behaviors.

Every room of the Palazzo has been implemented with home automation. This allows us, for example, to reduce energetic and thermal dispersion to the very minimum. While, of course, providing the most luxurious comfort.

Sustainability also means reducing plastic. Our courtesy line is in fact 95% recyclable. We only use glass bottles for the mini-bar, and we always choose zero-kilometers, local products.

We harvest seasonal products and use containers that limit paper waste. Sustainable practices are standard practice at Hotel Corte di Gabriela.

Also, we can proudly say that we are one of the pioneers of the eco-friendly approach in Venice and that we were honored with the European Certificate of Eco-Sustainable Hotel. It surely is one of our biggest achievements.

Water allows us to live in the most beautiful city in the world, and it is essential to treat it with respect.

You will find hot water and a strong stream running out of the shower in every room, of course; but thanks to an innovative system of energy-saving condensers, at Hotel Corte di Gabriela, we manage to recover heat-loss down to the last joule.

Our autonomous heating system allows guests to independently manage the room temperature without increasing heat loss or energy waste.

Here at Corte di Gabriela we have an eye for business customers. We know that when traveling for work there are special needs and we have thought of a series of additional services to make their stay unforgettable.

In addition to the dedicated rates you will have the Pick-up on arrival from Piazzale Roma and taxi transport to the hotel, early breakfast and much more, do not hesitate to contact us to receive all the details and the personalized offer on your needs.

We have also dedicated discounted rates to travel agencies, contact us and receive your agency code to be used to check availability and reserved rates.

Corte di Gabriela is located exactly in the center of Venice, nestled between the Grand Canal and the Rialto Bridge (North End); between Piazza San Marco and the Gran Teatro La Fenice (South End).

A boutique hotel between Palazzo Grassi and the Fortuny Museum, and the Accademia and the Guggenheim Museum within walking distance. There is no better location to start discovering Venice.

Acqua Alta? Not an issue! Flooding in Venice is a topical issue, especially today. Or at least, it could be. But not for our guests! Our water containment tank is attached to an external steel bulkhead, which guarantees you a perfectly dry stay at Corte di Gabriela.

There’s no need to worry about Acqua Alta anymore. And if you are a daring traveler, you can always borrow a pair of our rubber boots and an umbrella. Vénitien oblige.

Gian Luca is and always was a restaurateur, working in the Brianza area. With his partner Gabriella, he decides to “do a triple gainer” and move to the center of Venice. And so, in 2012, the couple bought the building where Corte di Gabriela would be born.

The core idea of the project is to offer an ever-improving service, and above all to make every customer feel at home. To do so, the two companions thought about every detail: they took care, alongside Marco Poloni of Poloni Arredamenti, and more recently alongside Alberto Maschietto of L’Ambiente, to completely restore the building.

By observing and drawing every element, down to the smallest (take a look at the staircase leading to the hotel office: it’s a drawing by Gian Luca!).

And after the restoration, the philosophy of the hotel: breakfasts as a fundamental basis from which to start, with a quality that increases week by week, and allows guests to savor a timeless Venice. And much more, including the addition of an indoor laundry, an unparalleled luxury in this particular city.

But what is the deal-breaker, the surplus, the final touch?
Well, it’s nothing but sheer passion and availability: it’s about being the first to arrive every morning, the one who prepares breakfasts for his customers with his own hands and, above all, being always available to give advice on the city.

“Go to Giudecca: the emptiness created in those spaces is perhaps the best way to start understanding Venice. And if you need advice for a restaurant or a show, I will always help you, recommending only and exclusively places that I also attend. Real places, like real Venetians “.

Rooms: 10
Price: from 330 EUR per night


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