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Explora Hotel Patagonia - Chile
Explora Hotel Patagonia - Chile
Explora Hotel Patagonia - Chile
Explora Hotel Patagonia - Chile
Explora Hotel Patagonia - Chile
Explora Hotel Patagonia - Chile
Explora Hotel Patagonia - Chile
Explora Hotel Patagonia - Chile
Explora Hotel Patagonia - Chile
29 December 2021

Explora in Torres del Paine was designed as the perfect haven for exploring the region’s wondrous geography and wildlife.

Besides the favored location inside Torres del Paine National Park, this lodge’s architecture was planned in a way that interferes the least possible with its natural surroundings. It is an extension of the territory.

The Explora Lodge in Torres del Paine marked the beginning of our journey to conservation over two decades ago. Back then, Patagonia was only on a few travelers’ bucket lists, and staying within the park was almost impossible.

Our base is a hotel built for linking man to temporary space – present and past- and the mysteries of nature.

Its construction is based around essential luxuries, allowing the traveler to inhabit the remote location in its essence without distractions. Wood plays a fundamental role in its design, with species such as lenga, cypress and almendrillo.

Designed to take full advantage of the silence, privacy, and spaciousness of the surrounding landscape, ensuring deep rest after a long day of exploration.

Just 100 meters from the main building, the spa at Explora in Torres del Paine is the perfect setting to unwind after a day of exploration. Relax in our heated, covered pool, in the steaming sauna, or in one of our four open-air jacuzzis with a view to the Paine River.

Our horses are taken care of by a team of specialist led by our expert horse veterinarian Gaela Hourcq.

Of French nationality, Gaela has over 15 years of professional equine experience having worked in prestigious stables in England, Ireland, France, United States, and Japan. She has been with Explora for five years supervising the breeding, raising, breaking, feeding and care of the horses.

If you are coming from Punta Arenas or Puerto Natales, Explora offers you the option of entering and leaving our lodge in Torres del Paine at any given time.

From September to April, we recommend you book your flight directly to Puerto Natales since the transfer time to Explora takes two and a half hours, while from Punta Arenas, it lasts approximately four and a half hours.

The trip from Punta Arenas is an invitation for you to discover the particular landscape of the Patagonian pampa. On our way, we’ll stop to eat in a typical house in the area.

Our treks and horseback rides include mountains, turquoise lakes, glaciers, lenga tree forests, viewpoints, prairies and rivers, in addition to the most iconic spans of the trekking circuit known as “W”.

Our explorations provide travelers with an in depth experience of this austral territory, for which we have outlined six different exploration zones, each with its own set of unique geographic, cultural and biosphere characteristics.

We hike throughout our locations. Walking at your own, committed pace, allows you to immerse in the natural and cultural landscapes we explore, varying in intensity –beginner or advanced– and duration – half day to full day.

We travel on our catamaran to the Francés Valley where we start our trek to the plateau. We arrive at the Italian Camp and then to an overlook from where we have privileged views of the towers and the Francés Glacier. This hike follows a rocky path through the moraine of the glacier.

These are van-led explorations interrupted by short-duration hikes along the way. The combination allows travelers to access areas of particular beauty and ecological significance.

We travel through the eastern sector of the park combining stretches in van with short walks. This sector is mainly characterized by the presence of animals such as guanacos, pumas and diversity of birds, as well as its extensive pampas, typical of the Patagonian steppe.

First we visit the Nordenskjöld Lake viewpoint and the Paine Grande waterfall, then we travel by van to the Los Cisnes Lagoon and finally to the Amarga Lagoon.

On horseback, exploration takes on a whole new perspective, reframing the landscape around us while enjoying the company of specially trained horses

We start riding from the Explora stables towards the Grey River on mostly flat and open terrains. We arrive at the river bank and continue riding along its channel. Finally, we return to the stables along the same road.

The company and knowledge of one of our guides, is available for you to discover unique locations in the areas surrounding our lodge – either on foot or bicycle. For further information approach our exploration team.

This walk of the catwalks of the hotel is an invitation to contemplate the landscapes that surround us.

We suggest walking towards the pier with views of the Paine massif, continuing towards the arrival road to the hotel and then connecting with the footbridges towards the Paine River, where the spa is. Continue towards the viewpoint of the Salto Chico waterfall and from there to the entrance.

We strive to introduce our travelers to truly remote locations – and mountains are one of them. Each one has its own different demands and rewards, yet they all guarantee a revitalizing experience for mind and body alike.

We travel by van to El Bote Bay, a sector located outside the park. We start our walk in a cattle area and go up the slope of Castillo Hill until we reach the summit.

From there, we have a 360 ° view of the park and its surroundings. We see hills, glaciers, pampas, lakes and mountains. We descend through a forested area to the van.

Website: www.explora.com
Rooms: 49
Price: from 1.060 EUR per night


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