Finch Hattons Luxury Camp

Africa Kenya
Finch Hattons Luxury Camp
Finch Hattons Luxury Camp
Finch Hattons Luxury Camp
Finch Hattons Luxury Camp
Finch Hattons Luxury Camp
Finch Hattons Luxury Camp
Finch Hattons Luxury Camp
Finch Hattons Luxury Camp
Finch Hattons Luxury Camp
Finch Hattons Luxury Camp
28 January 2021

Allow us to orientate you. To the west lies Mount Kilimanjaro, a dormant volcano and the highest peak in Africa. To the northwest ripple the gentle Chyulu Hills, some of the youngest hills in the world.

All around you, as far as the eye can see, span miles and miles of untouched African wilderness, home to the greatest biodiversity on Earth. Above you, an endless sky.

And you? You are here. Now. Exactly where you need to be. You’ve come to Finch Hattons Luxury Tented Camp, the top luxury camp in Kenya’s pristine Tsavo West National Park. You’ve come to a place you never knew you always belonged.

In Tsavo, lava flows that are only 100 years old lie side by side with rocks that are millions of years old. Natural springs bubble from beneath the ground; rivers gush and swamps settle. The Chyulu hills undulate while Mount Kilimanjaro soars.

Endless plains are home to lions, leopards, elephants, buffalos, cheetahs, gerenuks, wildebeests, oryx, bushbucks, elands, giraffes, hartebeests and impalas. The lush rainforests hum and buzz and screech.

Tsavo is a place of contrasts and a place of great variety – the greatest, in fact. It boasts the largest biodiversity in the world, and numerous ecosystems and landscapes.

It is famous for its 19th century man-eating lions, and for its references in the classic book and film, Out of Africa. Through its rich history and dramatic scenery, Tsavo connects nature, wildlife and humankind in profound and magnificent ways.

We invite you to explore and experience it, and to allow it to grip your soul. The largest bush spa in East Africa with a yoga deck, massage pavilions, infinity pool, and a fitness center.

Mount Kilimanjaro or just Kilimanjaro, with its three volcanic cones is a dormant volcano in Tanzania. In Our Tsavo, you’ll find our Red Elephants, with a resident herd of over 12,000 strong. Dubbed the “Green Hills of Africa,” the Chyulu Hills rise to 2,188 metres.

With their spotted coats, the Kenyan leopard is easily mistaken for a jaguar. Leopards are found in sub-Saharan Africa, whereas the Jaguar lives in the Americas. The lava flow from Shetani are only a few hundred years old.

Each tent has unique views of the natural springs that hippos and crocodiles inhabit. The boma is the ideal place to enjoy sundowners and listen to Alex sing African folk songs. Get comfortable on the African designed and sourced cushions made from sustainable materials.

Legend, legacy and luxury
Finch Hattons is a magical place: located in a 35-acre concession within 9000m park of boundless African bush, complete with natural fresh water springs, rainforests, volcanoes, lava flow, and an abundance of fauna and flora in the south western corner of Tsavo West.

At our camp, we count elephants, lions, leopards, hippos, crocodiles, buffalos and countless birds among our most treasured and frequent guests. These, we gently introduce to the intrepid travellers who come to us from near and far searching for an unparalleled wildlife experience.

Originally opened in 1993, Finch Hattons was entirely rebuilt between 2013 and 2015. The carefully considered architectural upgrades we made, together with our meticulous attention to detail, led to us receiving the best new safari camp award from Architectural Digest in 2015. In this has-to-be-seen-to-be-believed setting, we’re here to tailor make your luxury safari experience.

Finch Hattons is run by a passionate and experienced Kenyan team, about 60% of whom have been with the camp for over 15 years and about 40% since the very beginning. The original group joined as construction workers in 1993 and were trained on site.

Many of the others contributed to the camp’s massive renovation in 2013. In very symbolic ways, this camp is theirs – they helped to build it from the ground up. Setting the standard in luxury camps, Finch Hattons hospitality has become synonymous with fine dining, exemplary service and outstanding safaris.

Our team is here to answer any of your questions about our remarkable corner of the world, and to make your time here exceptional in every way. Please don’t hesitate to speak to us if there’s anything you need.

Boundless space. Varied terrain. Unrivalled biodiversity.And something else – something magical, something difficult to define. For all these reasons and more, Tsavo will leave an indelible imprint on you. This is the African bush as you’ve never known it before.

Tsavo is Kenya’s oldest and largest national park. Dating to 1948 and totalling nearly 22,000 square kilometres, it is six times the size of the Maasai Mara and larger than a number of European countries.


Designed to be minimally intrusive, our camp’s 17 luxury suites offer sweeping views of the surrounding landscape, as well as total privacy for our guests.

The tents’ open-plan design invites the cool breeze that drifts over the nearby natural springs, and brings the sounds and scents of the African bush directly to you. The result is a one-on-one experience with Africa; this is the bush in all of its immediate and unapologetic beauty.

Our suites feature indoor and outdoor showers, copper bathtubs, creamy white linen, gentle lighting, beautiful hardwood writing tables, intricate chandeliers, and all the conveniences you would expect of a first-class offering.


The park borders Kenya’s Chyulu National Park and Tanzania’s Mkomazi National Park, as well as various sanctuaries, conservancies and group ranches. When you stand on our viewing deck, everything you see is protected ground.

Tsavo’s immense size makes it home to more landscapes, ecosystems, fauna and flora than you could ever witness in a single visit. Its rainforests and semi-arid scrublands beg for exploration, while its volcanic lava fields, Jurassic-age granite monoliths and ancient caves offer endless opportunities for walks and hikes.

Over 12,000 elephants roam Tsavo’s plains, as well the largest population of red elephant in East Africa. Gaze upwards and you will find 500 species of bird native to the area, making Tsavo a twitcher’s paradise.

In the distance, Kilimanjaro’s peaks, Kibo and Mawenzi, only visible from Tsavo National Park, are omniscient, immense and silent. Given Tsavo’s sheer enormity and its unique eco-system, it has a very diverse landscape.

From the cloud forest on the Chyulu Hills, semi-arid scrub, volcanic lava fields, Jurassic age granite monoliths and the cliffs of the Yatta plateau, one of the world’s largest at roughly 290km long, one can spend days and days and barely scratch the surface of what Tsavo has to offer.

But Tsavo is not just about its landscapes and resident wildlife – exquisite though they are. There’s also something subtler, something more intangible, that makes our home unique. Tsavo offers a particular kind of romance, a glimpse into a prehistoric past, and the chance to leave the world behind entirely.

It is this sensation that remains with you long after you leave Tsavo, that continues to echo through your mind, heart and spirit, and that eventually calls you back.


Finch Hattons is located in close proximity to several Maasai community ranches, and we employ both local Maasai and Kamba people in key roles in camp management and as safari guides.

We maintain solid relationships with these communities, and encourage and educate them to become avid conservationists and environmentalists who can joinus in our stewardship of this incredible piece of Kenya.

Looking ahead, we intend to promote grassroots ecological and cultural conservation projects that engage our communities in long term and ultimately profitable ways.

Our intention is to contribute to the economic development of our communities, improve standards of living, conserve our pristine wilderness, and facilitate the preservation of Maasai culture.

We strongly believe in being responsible stewards of the magical place we are fortunate to call home. We have taken great care to ensure that our presence and activities have a minimal impact on our surrounding ecosystems, while still providing a luxury safari experience.

It is our hope to work alongside the Maasai community and Kenya Wildlife Service to improve the standard of living, to support projects that are both beneficial to the community and to the environment we occupy, and to encourage and promote conservation and a variety conservation projects.

Our end goal is in preserving the pristine wilderness, allowing the Maasai to preserve their culture, At Finch Hattons, we never take the environment around us for granted, and pride ourselves on the sustainable materials and practices we use.

All of our camp’s water comes from the pristine, clean and clear natural springs that surround us. We draw it directly from source, and purify and bottle it at the camp. We cherish this life-giving force, and the vitality it brings to our often harsh and unforgiving environment.

Our famous Tsavo
Tsavo features prominently in the world-famous book and film, Out of Africa. In the film, Robert Redford plays Denys Finch Hatton, and Meryl Streep his lover, Baroness Karen Blixen.

Denys Finch Hatton loved Tsavo, and lived and died here. At our camp, we have preserved the ideals that he lived by: a passion for the Kenyan wilderness coupled with a dedication to elegance and style.

Finch Hattons is steeped in the history of luxury Kenyan safari camps.
We take our name from Denys Finch Hatton, the English aristocrat who, in the early 20th century, became the pioneer of the most opulent safaris East Africa had ever seen. He was the lover of Danish noblewoman Karen Blixen and features in her memoir, Out of Africa.

It was the combination of Denys Finch Hattons’ love for the wilderness and his refined tastes that inspired renowned hotelier Peter Frank and the Gehlot family to establish Finch Hattons Luxury Tented Camp in 1993.

The legacy of Denys Finch Hatton
When it came to creating luxury safaris, Denys Finch Hatton left no piece of silver cutlery unturned. His camps were quite literally fit for British royalty, and were defined by absolute opulence, total seclusion, romance and mystery.

Deep in the heart of the Kenyan wilderness, he served his guests exquisite dinners on fine bone china and offered them the chance to toast the stars with crystal glasses. Today, at the camp that is his namesake, his legacy is borne out in everything we do.

Peter Frank chose the site himself after flying around Tsavo National Park. He was drawn to the natural springs around which today’s camp is located.

The years that followed were a labour of love for both families as they set about creating a space that quickly became synonymous with outstanding hospitality amid majestic splendour. We set the standard for Kenya Luxury and then we revamped in 2015.

In the early years, Finch Hattons was known for its seven-course dinners, served with bone china and crystal (just like Denys’ original camps), and earned itself a reputation for the best fine dining in the bush.

At the time, our staff was trained by a Swiss cordon bleu chef. But times and tastes changed, and without altering the quality of our food and service, we have since stripped away some of these out-dated traditions to create an environment that is inviting, relaxed and still – quite undeniably – world class.

Our rebuild
After the rebuild, a new chapter began at Finch Hattons. We appointed South African architect Francois Theron to see our vision through, as well as various project managers, construction workers and interior experts.

Of course, every member of our team had to have extensive experience working in logistically demanding and ecologically sensitive areas. The preservation of Tsavo was our prime concern.

The new design was different from the original in several important ways. Previously, for example, the layout of the camp interrupted animals’ access to the water. The new layout addressed this, while also prioritising the privacy of each tent.

Trees were considered a sacred commodity during construction and as many as possible were spared. The sustainability of our processes and infrastructure was also considered critical, and every measure was taken to make the camp as eco-friendly as possible.

The refurbished camp has retained the essence of the original Finch Hattons camp – and indeed Finch Hatton himself – while introducing an elegant and modern feel that is in harmony with our environment. When the new camp was reopened in 2015, it immediately won the award for Best New Safari Camp by Architectural Digest.

Your Finch Hattons experience
While we have put together a selection of experiences to help you plan your ultimate safari, these experiences are by no means cast in stone. We invite you to reserve a tent and we’ll be in contact to customise your visit by adding to or amending any of the offers that we have available.

The Ultimate Luxury Safari Experience
You wake naturally at dawn, feeling rested and at peace. In the distance, the first rays of light strike the eastern flank of Mount Kilimanjaro and the trees around you sing and squawk and chirp with life.

A nearby hippo grunts his morning greeting. You wrap your hands around a cup of coffee, prepared just the way you like it. This is only day one and you already know you never want to leave.

Your experience in Our Tsavo
Finch Hattons offers an unrivalled luxury safari experience in the heart of Tsavo West National Park, Kenya’s largest national park and an area that boasts the greatest biodiversity in the world.

Within this magnificent setting, we specialise in bringing the luxury African safari you’ve always dreamed of to life, and enhancing it through our years of experience and expertise, and our firm grounding in warm Kenyan hospitality. Rest assured that we’re experts at what we do.

Forget the rest of the world
Our camp is so isolated that you would be forgiven for forgetting that the rest of the world exists at all. In this place, it’s just you, the vast and varied terrain that stretches in every direction, and the many beasts and birds that call it home.

We invite you to make our space your own, and to indulge in the world-class services and facilities that have given us international recognition.

Our place is yours
Our relaxation spaces include an infinity pool and the Chyulu Spa, home to an elevated yoga deck, an infinity pool, two treatment areas, a hammam and a fitness centre.

Beyond our camp, game drives, bush walks, ambitious hikes, and encounters with our local Maasai communities are available to you. Our space is yours to experience as you wish.

Chyulu Wellness Safari Experience
Our Chyulu Spa is the largest bush spa in East Africa and is equipped with everything you need to feel both relaxed and revitalised while you’re at Finch Hattons.

Chyulu Spa
Finch Hattons boasts an elevated yoga deck with views of the Chyulu Hills, two outdoor air-conditioned massage pavilions, an infinity pool, a hammam and a fitness centre. Our team of experienced treatment therapists are on hand to meet your every need.

Once-in-a-lifetime yoga experience
Together with our exquisite scenery, these amenities make Finch Hattons an ideal location for yoga, fitness and wellness retreats – our yoga deck offers expansive views of the Chyulu Hills, in fact.

Your activities will also be perfectly matched with our five-star dining options, which can be catered to suit your unique dietary requirements, including completely organic fare.

Proudly African
We use locally sourced products in both our spa and our tents which are natural, eco-friendly and fragranced with pure essential oils.

Finch Family Safari Experience
Finch Hattons is a family-friendly destination, with facilities and activities tailored for every generation.

We are one of the only safari camps in Kenya to offer two luxury, 200m2, two-bedroom and lounge suites that are suitable for the youngest and oldest of family members. One of these suites is suitable for disabled ambulant guests.

Young Explorers’ Club
Our Young Explorers’ Club offers a dedicated children’s programme to ensure that your little ones’ time in Kenya isn’t only happy and fun, but educational and memorable too.

At Finch Hattons, we don’t believe that we inherited the Earth from our ancestors, but that we borrow it from our children. We want to instil a lifelong passion for the bush in the young adventurers under our care, so that they will always appreciate and strive to conserve it.

Engaging Activities
Various activities are available for our younger guests, including bush survival classes, guided walks to learn about the area’s fauna and flora, and lessons on how to identify animals and birds by their footprints, spoor and calls.

Our resource centre is a mine of information on Tsavo, including its history, geology, ecosystems and wildlife.

Bonfire Family Time
As parents, you are welcome to be part of this experience or to have some time to yourselves. In the evenings, our Maasai guides share myths and folk stories about the origin of Tsavo’s landscapes and wildlife around a bonfire.

Please note children have to be a minimum of six years old to visit Finch Hattons.

Business and Bush Safari Experience
With exclusive private meeting rooms and a host of conferencing facilities, Finch Hattons offers the ultimate environment in which to conduct your business affairs.

Your ultimate business retreat
We are fully equipped with everything you need to make your business retreat seamless and efficient, including free Wi-Fi, which is available throughout the camp.

Our multiple dining and meeting rooms are ideally suited for executive meetings, strategy sessions and team-building retreats, and our many activities will ensure that your team feels inspired and at ease.

Celebration Safari Experience
Looking for an exceptional location to celebrate your engagement, wedding, honeymoon, anniversary, birthday or family reunion? At Finch Hattons, these occasions become life-long memories.

Our camp can be booked out on an exclusive basis to ensure absolute privacy and an unrivalled experience for you and your guests.

Your big day at Finch Hattons
Our customised wedding package not only includes a wedding venue to defy all others – complete with a backdrop of endless African plains that will make your photographs otherworldly – but also the management of all of the necessary administrative affairs.

We’ll coordinate the wedding registration, return transport for the registrar, and your marriage licence and certificate for you.

A complimentary upgrade to our presidential suite is included in the package (subject to availability), as is a romantic dinner with your own personal waiter and an exclusive bush breakfast. You and your other half will also receive a free 45-minute couples’ massage.

Engagements and honeymoons
For the soon-to-be-weds and newlyweds, we have a series of carefully crafted experiences ready and waiting. Disappear from the world as you delight in meals beneath the stars, private game drives and bush walks, and absolute privacy and luxury.

Birthdays, anniversaries and family reunions
Our 38-person capacity makes our camp ideally suited for larger gatherings of friends and families, and our many activities are suited to children and adults of all ages.

The Denys Finch Hatton Safari Experience
Of course, there’s always the option to experience the next level of luxury. Our Finch Hattons suite –also known as the presidential suite – offers a glimpse into the kind of luxury safaris our namesake, Denys Finch Hatton, crafted decades ago.

Imagine only the most opulent decor, the most decadent cuisine, and the most exclusive service, including a private butler, chef and a bodyguard/nanny room.

The very definition of a luxury safari
Your suite is absolutely secluded and safe, and you will not be disturbed at all. Your excursions, including private game drives, bush walks and other activities, will be tailor-made to your needs.

A private helipad is available near the Chyulu Spa and Wellness Centre right in the centre of the camp for your convenience. This – this – is the very definition of a luxury safari experience.

Solo Safari Experience
Spending time on your own at Finch Hattons offers an opportunity to rest and reflect that is simply without compare. We can guarantee both your safety and your privacy, and will go out of our way to make your stay exactly what you wish it to be.

Come experience yourself
Whether you’d like to socialise with other guests on our scheduled game drives, or would prefer to maintain your privacy, we’ll coordinate your activities accordingly. Looking for some quiet time to work on a creative project?

We’ll deliver your meals to your tent and leave you to write, paint or meditate in peace. Our experienced team is available to customise your time with us.

Adventure and Cultural Safari Experience
For our most adventurous and culturally curious guests, Finch Hattons offers a range of excursions together with an unrivalled luxury safari experience in the heart of Tsavo West National Park, an area that boasts the greatest biodiversity in the world.

African adventure
Speak to our guides about visiting Mzima Springs, hiking through the Chyulu Hills rainforests, summiting a volcano, exploring the only, and youngest lava flow in Africa, or taking a trip to Amboseli National Park or Lake Jipe. With a picnic basket in hand, you’re ready for the day ahead.

Magical Maasai
Our cultural visits are available to give you some insight into the life of the Maasai people. The Maasai are an ethnic group that inhabit both Kenya and Tanzania and still live the largely pastoral life of their ancestors.

We recommend a cultural visit to the nearby Lolarami Cultural Boma. The visit gives you a glimpse of the Maasai’s daily lifestyle from milking the cows to building Manyattas, their traditional homes

World-class, uniquely Kenyan and absolutely delicious.
Denys Finch Hatton stopped at nothing to create dining experiences that were second to none, and it’s one of his many legacies we proudly carry.

Eating at our camp isn’t just about exceptional food that uses only the best fresh, locally sourced and organically grown ingredients.

It isn’t just about the smells and flavours that combine to create meals you will remember long after you have put your knife and fork together and leaned back with a contented sigh.

It’s also about our out-of-this-world dining locations, and the views and vistas, the landscapes and starscapes, and the unparalleled service that accompanies every bite.


We set the standard for excellent, proudly Kenyan hospitality. Our meals are prepared by experienced Kenyan chefs who specialize in classic safari food that is wholesome, delicious and unpretentious.

Think grass-fed beef, fresh fruit and vegetables, prawns delivered from the Kenyan coast, and homemade bread so hearty it’ll have you reaching for the butter time and again.

Our menus consider our vegetarian and vegan guests, as well as any dietary requirements or preferences you may have. We’re here to tailor make your dining experience so that it’s everything you want and more.

Our menus can be adapted to suit your dietary needs and preferences. Entirely organic menus can be crafted, as can health-conscious options and unmatched themed dinners. Whatever your taste buds demand, we are here to oblige.

World Famous Waffles
You may think you’ve tasted good waffles before, but ours are truly out of this world. They’re perfectly soft and sweet on the inside, flawlessly golden and crispy on the outside, and accompanied by a solid dose of butter and real maple syrup.

Of course, the fact that they’re served by our friendly team in such a magnificent setting, and with of all your family and friends around you, only makes them better. You’ll be forgiven for having two or three – or four or five. In fact, who’s counting?

Finch Hattons offers multiple dining locations. Choose to dine under the African starlit sky, in the bush next to elephants or facing Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Al fresco
Arguably the most memorable way to enjoy your meals at Finch Hattons is in the beauty of our natural surroundings. Al fresco feasts in our various outdoor dining locations are a culinary experience, from a bush breakfast laid out on the plains to an elegant candlelit dinner served under the African sky.

Star gazing terrace
Identify and explore the spectacular African sky, or simply lose yourself into the magic of the Tsavo from the terrace’s viewing deck.

Karen Blixen lounge
Relax in this luxurious lounge with opulent decor that harkens to a bygone era.

Cigar lounge
Specially designed for cigar lovers, our cigar lounge has a luxurious selection of premium cigars to please both the cigar connoisseur and novice.

Bar & lounges
Enjoy a pre-dinner cocktail or nightcap at one of our comfortable and relaxing bars and lounges.

Rooms: 15
Price: from 1.353 EUR per night


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