Grand Hotel Bachledka Strachan

Europe Slovakia
Grand Hotel Bachledka Strachan - Slovakia
Grand Hotel Bachledka Strachan - Slovakia
Grand Hotel Bachledka Strachan - Slovakia
Grand Hotel Bachledka Strachan - Slovakia
Grand Hotel Bachledka Strachan - Slovakia
Grand Hotel Bachledka Strachan - Slovakia
Grand Hotel Bachledka Strachan - Slovakia
Grand Hotel Bachledka Strachan - Slovakia
Grand Hotel Bachledka Strachan - Slovakia
Grand Hotel Bachledka Strachan - Slovakia
21 October 2021

Grand Hotel Bachledka Strachan is the place where you can truly relax while enjoying our extraordinary services. Since we value the history and traditions of our region, we made sure that you can feel the spirit of Goral people in every hotel detail.

In the kitchen, lead by our skilled head chef Matej Birošík, we join modern trends with the taste of our traditional local foods. We use local ingredients and therefore, you can truly feel the taste of Zamagurie in our food.

Enjoy our hotel salt water pool with beautiful goral folklore details. In the pool you can both swim and enjoy the massaging of the water jets. We also have a little pool for the kids. The hotel SPA is a place, where you can turn off completely and regenerate.

Our priority was to create rooms with enough space for sleep and relax of the whole family. Since we want a good memory of your stay in Grand hotel Bachledka to stay in your heart, every room has its own style.

Enjoy the sunrise and the view of the Belianske Tatry mountains with a cup of coffee in your hand in Grand apartment on fifth floor.

Families with children will definitely appreciate maisonette rooms with enough space and privacy for everybody. For more demanding clients, which prefer privacy we offer rooms with Jacuzzi.

Grand Apartment Hohenlohe
Luxury Apartment Grand is located on the highest floor of the hotel. Enjoy the view of the Belianske Tatry mountains and the sunrise, or the ski slope of Ski center Bachladka.

Prince Christian Kraft zu Hohenlohe-Öhringen (1848 – 1926) fell in love with the Belianske Tatray mountains on the first sight. Surely you will also love the comfort and style of this unique apartment, and even though you can stay anywhere else you will always want to return here.

The prince, Prussian general, and the main valet of the german emporer in 1879 became the owner of the most valuable part of the High Tatras – the dominion of Javorina. He was the first foreign landlord in the High Tatras.

He felt so good under the peaks of Tatras that he has slowly expanded his dominion by Vysne Hagy, Batizovska and Menguovka valleys and also land around Lendak, Zdiar and Spisská Bela. Bielovodská and Javorová valleys were however closest to his heart.

Landlord with blue blood settled down in the hunter castle in Tatranska Javorina with the love of his live Otylia. Hohenlohe took great care of his hunting grounds and he was very proud of it.

Him and his jaegers were managing one of the most successful hunting district with a lot of red deers, chamoises, ibexes, bears, bisons, European bisons, deers and wild boars.

For the first ten years it was forbidden to hunt and the animals were fed, in order for them to settle down in those new conditions since many of them were brought here from abroad.

He was very generous and tolerant towards the people of Tatranska Javorina and his employees. Together with his wife he is now buried in a village cemetery next to a wooden church of St. Anna.

Standard room 
Enjoy the relax and comfort of spacious room Standard with a King size bed and a possibility of an extra single bed.

Marvelous view of the mountains and the smell of nature around you creates a perfect environment for your stay. There is a barrier free shower in a bathroom. These rooms and other areas of the hotel are barrier free.

Wellness & SPA
Enjoy the hotel pool with beautiful traditional goral details and kids’ pool for our youngest guests. Swim and enjoy the water massage jets. In hotel SPA walk through the world of regeneration.

Hot tub
Relax and water massage. Whirling warm water will relax your muscles, stimulate the blood flow and make you feel as if born again.

Steam Room
Steam room has relaxing, regenerating and revitalizing impact, strengthens immunity and clears the airways. Breathing in helps with allergies, cold and other respiratory infections. Steam sauna also promotes the skin health.

The steam helps to rid the body of toxins and it increases skin’s elasticity. This type of sauna not only positively affects the airways, but also helps with weakened blood vessels and blood clots. It improves circulation and therefore, can lower blood pressure. The steam loosens stiff joints and relaxes the organism as a whole.

Finnish Dry Sauna
Finnish sauna strengthens the immunity, improves blood circulation and it prevents cold. High temperature increases sweat production leading to ridding the body of toxins.

This sauna affects mental health very positively. It is advised to always take a quick cold shower or visit our ice bath after using this sauna. After each visit of this sauna you will fell a few years younger.

Infrared Sauna
This sauna stimulates muscles and organs, warms up the organism which results in sweating and cleansing the body from toxins and heavy metals.

Infrared rays are the source of heat, which have the same effect on the body as sunshine but without the harmful UV light. Infrared sauna helps with losing weight, burning fat, helps healing acne, eczemas, psoriasis, burns and it reduces the visibility of scars.

Himalayan Salt Sauna
Inhaling in this sauna positively affects the nervous system. Himalayan salt helps to cure allergies, respiratory and skin diseases.

Sunrays trapped in the crystals of salt will be released while the salt evaporates together with a lot of trapped minerals so called “air minerals” such as sodium, magnesium, calcium, iodine, bromine and manganese.

All of these have cleansing and healing effects on the body and it also boosts the sleep quality. In salt sauna there is very clean microclimate.

Kneipp’s therapy
Kneipp’s therapy is the type of therapy that boosts your blood circulation. The alternation between warming up and cooling down the feet results in opening the blood vessels and improving the circulation.

One pool is filled with warm water (40 – 50°C), another one is filled with cold water (10 – 16°C). The bottom is made up of aggregated flooring, which stimulates reflex zone of the foot.

Firstly, step into the warm bath and after a while switch into the cold one. Repeat this 6-10 times. Finish with cold water and dry your feet completely.

This procedure is helpful with frequent colds, weak immunity, headaches and neck pains, stiff joints, sleeping problems, cardiovascular diseases including hypertension and problems with overweight.

Ice bath
Cooling down the body after sauna (Finnish or steam room) is necessary. Temperature shock by entering the ice bath brings blood circulation back to normal after the hot temperatures in sauna.

By quick heating up and following cooling down the blood vessels contract and expand, by which they become more flexible. The blood vessels in skin expand during the stay in hot sauna, and suddenly contract in cold water resulting in a wave of endorphins.

Hot water together with massaging your body improves blood circulation and the functioning of the lymph nodes. Tissues therefore have better access to oxygen and other nutrients, speeding up the healing process.

Thanks to the fact that water helps the body to float, our muscles relax and tension decreases in Jacuzzi. The body slowly relaxes completely. Jacuzzi has a positive effect on people with asthma or other breathing difficulties and can also bring up your mood and fight depression.

Enter this peaceful zone of relax and find your inner harmony again. Relax on comfortable chairs and enjoy the atmosphere of an untouched nature of Čierna Javorová valley around you, while looking into the sky. Heated chair will provide you with comforting warm feeling.

Tepidarium is a good way to warm up your organism before entering sauna and also great way to relax after using sauna. This place is also suitable for people with cardio-vascular diseases, who prefer warm places.

After procedures in hot environments such as saunas it is great to cool down the body by massaging it with ice. It is great to combine this massage with Kneipp’s therapy.

Crystals of ice on the back of the neck or head, together with your feet in warm water is helpful in treating headaches and it has positive effects on blood circulation.

Heated pool with salt water
During your holiday in Ždiar you can enjoy the hotel pool with beautiful goral folklore details. Pool with counter-jet flow, massage jets and water fountain positively affects central nervous system, blood flow and it helps healing the skin. Salt water has relaxing and disinfectant effects.

During your stay in Grand Hotel Bachledka Strachan in Ždiar do not leave out our massages. Massage is the oldest and the most natural form of relaxation. Thanks to the skills of our professional masseurs the whole body will relax. You can choose from a variety of massages.

We don’t want you to just come to eat, we want to entertain you, to draw you into the story of culinary art, to involve your senses.

Matej Birošík
Matej comes from Lendak and trained as a chef at a high school in Horni Smokovec. It was not easy after school and he literally had to break through the world of gastronomy. With hard and honest work, successes also came.

In England, he managed to cook with world culinary stars at culinary festivals. Since 2010 he has been the chef at the Grand Hotel Bachledka Strachan in Ždiar.

Local Food
In our kitchen and our dishes we use ingredients from local producers. Therefore, you can try the real tastes of Zamaguria with us and the local specialties are really local.

Production of Gazdu Jána
High-quality mountain cow’s milk from the neighboring village of Osturňa, processed into various types of fresh and smoked cheese, can be tasted in meals and vegetable salads.

Farma Strachan
High quality beef and veal must not be missing in our kitchen.

We don’t want you to just come to eat, we want to entertain you, to draw you into the story of culinary art, to involve your senses.

Red Monastery Museum
Visit the monastery where the legendary “Flying” Cyprian lived. You will also learn about Carthusian and Kamaldul monks who have found refuge here and a peaceful place to meditate.

The austere rooms of the exhibition rooms evoke an ancient atmosphere. The monks lived simply, which corresponds to the content and form of the presented. For example, exposed dried herbs are authentic, which will pleasantly surprise you with their aroma.

The sacral part of the exhibition is very photogenic for ceiling painting. Pleasant time can also be spent in the spacious courtyard with a well and sundial.

If you would like to experience true romance, you should visit the Red Monastery Museum during the winter months, when the whole area is literally covered with a snow cover with a beautiful view of the Three Crowns.

Rooms: 24
Price: from 173 EUR per night


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