Grand Hotel Minerva Florence

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Grand Hotel Minerva Florence, Tuscany - Italy
Grand Hotel Minerva Florence, Tuscany - Italy
Grand Hotel Minerva Florence, Tuscany - Italy
Grand Hotel Minerva Florence, Tuscany - Italy
Grand Hotel Minerva Florence, Tuscany - Italy
Grand Hotel Minerva Florence, Tuscany - Italy
Grand Hotel Minerva Florence, Tuscany - Italy
Grand Hotel Minerva Florence, Tuscany - Italy
Grand Hotel Minerva Florence, Tuscany - Italy
Grand Hotel Minerva Florence, Tuscany - Italy
Grand Hotel Minerva Florence, Tuscany - Italy
Grand Hotel Minerva Florence, Tuscany - Italy
17 March 2023

Fall into a blissful sleep at the Grand Hotel and wake up next to the façade of Santa Maria Novella, one of the most beautiful cathedrals in the center of Florence – so close you feel like you could touch the marble with the tip of your fingers.

97 rooms and suites, a meticulous design that combines art with modern Italian craftsmanship. From the most intimate rooms with a view, to duplex suites, to spacious family solutions. Choose your and start your journey.

A bar with a swimming pool on the very top of a Thirteenth Century Palazzo, with a 360-degree view of the city and monuments. Sip on our legendary Terrace Negroni, while taking in a breathtaking view of the Duomo as the sun sets over Florence. Open seasonally from April to October.

The rooms tell the story of the palazzo, of travelers that have walked through these walls for 200 years and of seven centuries of art history. Works of art collected over time, some frescoes, a room with coffered ceilings from the 1300s; works by Emilio Greco, Renato Guttuso, Giuseppe Chiari and that clear modernist architecture, legacy of the 1957 renovation by Maestro Carlo Scarpa, together with his friend and colleague Edoardo Detti.

Wake up in the heart of Florence, with curated Italian design, art and modern convenience. Different rooms, conceived to meet the needs of each traveler. From the simple comfort of our guest rooms, to the extraordinary marvel of some of our unique rooms, from the elegance and sophistication of our suites, to the incomparable benefits of our family solutions.

Most of our windows frame a stunning view of Florence, the Duomo or the Cloisters of Santa Maria Novella. For a memorable experience in the heart of Florence, choose one of our rooms with a view.

From breakfast in a modernist museum designed by Carlo Scarpa, to lunch in the al fresco restaurant a few feet away from the magnificent cathedral of Santa Maria Novella; from sunset cocktails and burgers overlooking the pool and Florence rooftops, to a fine Italian dinner at the hands of award-winning Chef Tommaso Calonaci.

“A view on one of the most beautiful squares in Florence and a young Chef, as daring in his proposal as he is humble in his attitude. The aim here is to revolutionize something: Tuscan cuisine, with a focus on vegetables and a clear, deep, love for the territory.”

Three times winner of the Cappello dell’Espresso award, recognized as one of the best emerging chefs in the country, Tommaso Calonaci holds the keys to one of the most interesting kitchens in Florence.

La Buona Novella, with large windows on the square on Santa Maria Novella, original design by Carlo Scarpa and art on every wall, welcomes its guests to discover Florentine ancient flavors.

From April to October, La Buona Novella opens its doors to the wonderful square of Santa Maria Novella. Dine a few steps away from the facade of the cathedral. From morning coffees, to lunch, cocktails, gourmet snacks and dinner. Located just a few steps away from the Cathedral, the outdoor terrace faces the garden and pink rose bushes.

This one tells the story of two centuries worth of travelers, coming to Florence from all over the world, sipping cocktails. Or maybe it tells an even longer story. It’s the 13th century and within these walls the monks of Santa Maria Novella are distilling their famous liquors, bond to become the Tuscan twist of some of the world’s most interesting cocktails.

During the Sixteenth and Seventeenth century, the Palazzo hosts galas for some of the most important aristocrat families of Tuscany. Punches are poured, wine is drunk. From 1848, Grand Hotel Minerva becomes a home to explorers of the world and travelers of the Grand Tour.

The highest part of our rooftop terrace, overlooking the pool and offering a 360 degree view of the city, can be booked exclusively for private dinners and events. With white curtains surrounding the terrace, the sun setting over the Duomo and a dedicated private staff taking care of your magical evening.

Swim, on the very top of a 13th Century Palazzo. When something is unique, by definition, it is the only one of its kind. This is no “regular” pool It is not an olympic pool, it is not a beach club.

It is something special, to be enjoyed with the care and regards that come natural with precious things. The lounge area around the pool is dedicated to bar service. Sip one of our legendary Terrace Negroni’s and indulge in one of our gourmet snacks.

A sumptuous buffet of Tuscan products and home-made bakery with a dedicated vegan corner – in an interior design temple originally created by Carlo Scarpa in 1958. A wide glass wall on Scarpa’s Japanese garden floods the room with light and works of art by Giuseppe Chiari hang on every wall, as you start your day embraced by Italian craftmanship.

Sofas, deck chairs, lounges and signature cocktails, surrounding a pool, on the very top of a Thirteenth Century Palazzo and Firenze all around. On refreshing spring mornings and hot summer evenings the bar delights its privileged guests with home-made bites, cocktails and whatever their heart desires.

Featuring panoramic views, our fitness center offers the latest equipment from premium brands. Enhanced with our best-in-class cleaning protocols it is accessible by reservation only.

The ancient Romans called it Calidarium, a hot plunge bath used to bathe and relax. Our calidarium, featuring a larghe Jacuzzi hot tub is here to pamper you during the colder months, or after a rainy day of sightseeing. The pool is available to hotel guests to be booked on exclusive basis at an hourly cost.

The living rooms, restaurants and terraces of our hotel are at your disposal. Lunch, dinners and cocktails can be organized for up to 100 people with seated service in our indoor restaurant “Il Chiostro”, or up to 130 people for a cocktail reception.

The Private Sky Lounge located on the top of our rooftop terrace can be dedicated to exclusive private dinners for up to 8 guests, a once in a life time experience with a 360 degree view of Florence. La Buona Novella Al Fresco can welcome up to 30 guests.

An authentic experience in Florence requires a full immersion into the beauty of Italian creativity. Grand Hotel Minerva has been a hub of art for generations. The building began as housing for the monks of Santa Maria Novella over seven-hundred-years ago and was home to various aristocrat Florentine families through the centuries.

Hospitality came around in 1848, when the palazzo was converted into an “Inn” for travelers and finally transformed into a Grand Hotel in 1958, by two important Italian architects: Edoardo Detti and Maestro Carlo Scarpa.

In the fifties, when “modern innovation” was conceived as the destruction of the past, Grand Hotel Minerva was lucky enough to be put in the hands of an artist such as Carlo Scarpa.

The Maestro, as he was known, deconstructed and transformed the hotel, leaving unaltered only a few rooms, with beautiful frescoes and original hand-painted ancient wooden beams that still exist today. While transforming the hotel, Scarpa created spaces and design details that would become a symbol of Italian modernist architecture.

In time, the cultural soul of the hotel has bloomed into a vast collection that spaces from modernist design elements, to futuristic sketches, to ancient paintings and iconic sculptures.

Around the rooms you will find many original pieces – some of them were born here, others have been brought in in some moment in time we have lost track of, others were hand-picked or donated. Different time periods, different social eras, every piece telling a part of the story.

Carlo Scarpa (Venice 1906 – Sendai 1978). Among the most important architects of the XX century. His architectural style is best known for the instinctive approach to structural elements and materials, combining traditional crafts with modern manufacturing processes.

Discover our private collection: Carlo Scarpa and his architecture and design pieces; Giuseppe Chiari, Florentine painter and composer, musician and visual artist exponent of the Fluxus movement, covering all the walls of our breakfast room; Sculptor and illustrator Emilio Greco, considered one of the greatest Italian Sculptors of the XX century; Carlo Carrà, symbol of Italian futurism and metaphysical art; and so much more.

Breathtaking things to see, magical gardens & memorable experiences. Florence is an open-air museum. A small city, surrounded by green hills, birthplace of the Renaissance, symbol of art, craftmanship. Those of us who are lucky enough to live here discover a different thing every day.

Our dearest recommendation is for you to wander around (that is the answer to “what to do in Florence”!) – get lost in the alleys, walk into every little church, stop for a glass of red Chianti in one of the tiny cafes (and taste it with some Tuscan delicious food); visit museums (if you haven’t seen him, among all the magnificent artworks, the David will blow your mind); admire the Sandro Botticelli’s Primavera in the Uffizi Galleries; visit the Duomo.

This is a list of some of the things that make our heart smile in Florence: places to see, exhibitions to visit, gardens to walk around in spring. We are here to help make your experience unique and extraordinary, whatever your heart desires, we are at your disposal to organize it.

One of Florence’s most famous basilicas, a masterpiece of Gothic architecture. The original gorgeous marble façade designed by Leon Battista Alberti can be seen from our hotel’s roof terrace and from many of our rooms.

Among the great artworks inside are a crucifix painted by Giotto and works by Masaccio and Brunelleschi. Be sure to take a stroll in the church’s cloisters and admire Paolo Uccello’s frescoes and other 14th-century frescoes.

A spectacular exhibition that shredding an innovative light on some of the world’s most wonderful and unique masterpieces. Covering three floors and featuring a breathtaking scenic terrace, the museum is home to over 750 works, including statues and marble, bronze, and silver reliefs, from artists such as Michelangelo, Donatello e Lorenzo Ghiberti.

The room dedicated to the Brunelleschi’s Dome explains how it was built, with an informational video and many sketches and molds used for this masterpiece. Option to buy an all-included ticket to visit the museum, the baptistery, the Duomo and Giotto’s bell tower.

This is the little hidden gem we love to recommend. The Magi Chapel is located in one of the most ancient palaces in Florence, the Palazzo Medici Riccardi. As the name implies, the palace, found on the very central Via Cavour, belonged to the Medici family who started its construction in 1445.

The real jewel of the building is on the first floor, the Magi Chapel frescoed by Benozzo Gozzoli in the fifteenth century. It was the private chapel for the Medici where we can still admire the series of frescoes that adorns the entire rooms, depicting the Cavalcade of the Magi to Bethlehem.

A lovely walk along Viale dei Colli winds 6 kilometers up Florence’s southern hill, affording dazzling views. The walk culminates in its most beautiful point, Piazzale Michelangelo, from which you can admire a fascinating 360 degree view of Florence.

Rising behind the square is the Church of San Miniato al Monte, whose evocative interior and grand mosaic leaves visitors amazed. Construction on the church began in 1013. Originally a Benedictine monastery, since 1373 it has been the home of Olivetan monks who make honey, herbal tea, and liqueurs that you can buy in a shop adjacent to the church.

It’s the garden of the magnificent Palazzo Pitti. Against the hill of Belvedere, Boboli is one of the most eminent examples of Italian-style gardens with fountains, scenery, caves and statues of major artistic importance.

Its extensive green area, divided into orderly sections, is a full-fledged open-air museum. Strolling along its delightful paths, you will get a taste of the courtly life as you enjoy a garden that stays current while respecting its tradition. Nature, art and science meet in a mid-blowing historical park.

If you are in Florence during the flowering period of the Iris, you can visit this unique garden of its kind (it’s the only botanical garden dedicated to the iris in the whole Europe).

The Iris Garden is located in Piazzale Michelangelo, enjoys a unique view of the city and is dedicated to the flower that is found in the ancient banner of Florence. Every year dozens of enthusiasts compete in the International Contest to make the most beautiful iris of which you can buy the precious tubers.

Wonderful garden that smells like roses in May, not far from Piazzale Michelangelo. The period between the end of April and May is the best, because the four hundred varieties of roses are in the flowering phase. This panoramic garden also houses the works of the Belgian sculptor Jean Michel Folon, as well as a corner dedicated to the Japanese garden.

Four hectares (c. 10 acres) of woods, garden and fruit orchards flanked by the medieval walls of the city, the Bardini Garden is not only nature, but also art and culture. Located between Costa San Giorgio and Borgo San Niccolò, it preserves a pristine location right in the center of the city and offers one of the most beautiful view of Florence.

The botanical collections, with their luxuriant, colorful flowerings, are the true protagonists. Home to the restaurant Leggenda dei Frati, if you want to stop for dinner (reservations necessary).

Florence has an ancient tradition in the processing and creation of leather materials. Our concierge can organize experiences in renowned artisan laboratories to learn the ancient art of leather goods. The places where the workshops are held, the quality of the products and the dedication to tradition are what make this experience unique and exciting.

Thanks to our collaboration with Aquaflor you can learn the secrets and techniques of artistic perfumery and create your own fragrance. Choose among 20 essences and raw materials in a magical workshop organized in the historic cellars of Palazzo Corsini Antinori Serristori, next to the Aquaflor laboratories. You will leave the course with a 100ml bottle of your very own Florentine perfume crafted in an ancient palazzo.

The best pizza you have ever tasted? The one you made yourself, in the heart of Florence. You will get your hands deep into the flour, measure and mix the ingredients and learn the secret of kneading a perfect pizza dough. You can choose the ingredients, seasonings and favorite toppings and pop the pizza into the oven.

While experienced pizza makers share their secrets, for you to take home and cherish every Sunday night! While the bakes you can enjoy your gelato making class and learn all about the history of Italian ice-cream. Mix the ingredients and watch the chocolate melt into the cream. At the end of the workshop you absolutely have to enjoy your creations, of course.

Exclusive early entrance to Cathedral, Baptistery and Brunelleschi’s Dome. Some of the must-see attractions you can hardly skip when in Florence are the Duomo, the Duomo’s Cupola (rooftop) and the Baptistery.

Thanks to our partners we have the possibility to show you how these incredible landmarks look like before throngs of people fill their naves. We can organize a tour of the Duomo that starts at daybreak, when you will meet the mysterious “chiavigero”, he who holds the keys to the Duomo, at the door.

After this, the key-bearer will open the “Gates to Paradise” and you can experience the privilege of being the very first to access the Baptistery. Through a special side entrance, you will once again enter the Duomo for a memorable visit to the Cupola (rooftop).

Rooms: 97
Price: from 464 EUR per night


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