Hotel Cala di Greco Bonifacio

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Hotel Cala di Greco Bonifacio, Corse - France
Hotel Cala di Greco Bonifacio, Corse - France
Hotel Cala di Greco Bonifacio, Corse - France
Hotel Cala di Greco Bonifacio, Corse - France
Hotel Cala di Greco Bonifacio, Corse - France
Hotel Cala di Greco Bonifacio, Corse - France
Hotel Cala di Greco Bonifacio, Corse - France
Hotel Cala di Greco Bonifacio, Corse - France
Hotel Cala di Greco Bonifacio, Corse - France
Hotel Cala di Greco Bonifacio, Corse - France
Hotel Cala di Greco Bonifacio, Corse - France
Hotel Cala di Greco Bonifacio, Corse - France
3 August 2022

Perched above the historic city of Bonifacio, the stunning suites in this luxury Corsican hotel all enjoy uninterrupted views of the citadel and sea. On the horizon, Sardinia sparkles seductively in the Mediterranean.

Breathe in the heady fragrance of the native trees and the myriad flowers that comprise Southern Corsica’s maquis. In this haven of untouched nature, the days pass serenely and peacefully.

The Cala di Greco Hotel is just five minutes from Bonifacio and the first of its many fine sandy beaches: La Tonnara, Piantarella, Sant’Amanza, etc. Venturing a little further, you come to Porto Vecchio and its magnificent Palombaggia, Santa Giulia and Pinarello beaches.

From this luxury hotel in Corsica, discover the wild untamed beauty of this incredible region. Marvel at world-renowned sites, including the Sperone Golf Course, the Domaine de Murtoli and the surrounding areas, such as Cavallo Island and the Lavezzi Archipelago.

An original and authentic boutique hotel, the Cala di Greco has many attractions for guests. Stunning views, respect for nature, enchanting surrounding areas, including breathtaking beaches and islands, a protected natural environment, heated swimming pools, service with a smile, etc.

This unique luxury Corsican boutique hotel will ensure your stay is characterised by beauty, new discoveries, charm and spiritual tranquillity.

Just five minutes from Bonifacio (15 minutes on foot via the scenic path), the Cala di Greco Hotel is just a stone’s throw from the crystal clear waters and beaches of Paragan, and the Sperone Golf Course.

Situated in the heart of a protected natural area, this luxury three-hectare estate is home to native flora and centuries-old trees. Located opposite a listed site, this charming boutique hotel offers spectacular views of the Bonifacio peninsula and the Mediterranean

This ancient Genoese town rises out of the sea atop the limestone cliffs like something from a film, while the far-off island of Sardinia seems almost close enough to touch… During intimate dinners served by our heated pools, your gaze will turn again and again to admire the awesome panoramic views.

In Bonifacio, the traditional values of the Amadei family are condensed in this outstanding luxury eco-friendly property: ‘Cala di Greco epitomises the best of what of Corsica has to offer’. In the early 1990s, to cater to high-end tourists, the Terra Marina residence was created.

Growing up on this beautiful part of the island, Joan, the son, readily shares his parents’ values and experience, as well as instilling this venue with his own brand of passion and high standards.

A champion of family culture and professional know-how, he took the relay by creating the Cala di Greco, an exceptional Corsican house. In 2013, Joan Amadei built his luxury boutique hotel in the heart of nature using local materials.

Eschewing ostentatious decor, he imprinted his understated style and simplicity on this luxury hotel. His unique vision has created a perfect microcosm suspended between the sea and the sky; this young creative dedicates to a few like his incredibly beautiful island.

A little piece of land that is passionately cherished for a very good reason. It is a result of this love, shaped by his intimate knowledge and love of the land, that Joan Amadei’s project came to pass.

Only an aesthetic developed with attention to detail and sensitivity was worthy of integrating this natural splendour. For this stunning Southern Corsican boutique hotel, nature provided the land, stone and wood required for its construction and decor.

The natural environment and contemporary architectural design mutually perfectly compliment one other on this 30,000 m2 property dotted with native trees, which houses the understated luxury suites with their private patios and balconies.

In addition to the exceptional levels of comfort offered at the Cala di Greco, its concept is made clear in the constant dialogue between the natural environment and what has been built by human hands.

The borders between the inside and outside are blurred by the light, fragrances, marine breezes and the power of the land.

Enjoy an unforgettable stay at this boutique hotel in Bonifacio, Corsica. Nestled amidst the lush green maquis, each suite has its own stunning private patio. Nature provided the materials — earth, stone and wood — that inspired the decor of these sublime suites and rooms.

Sophisticated luxury and modern comfort have been combined for your pleasure in this unique setting. The heart and senses are in perfect harmony with an art of living characterised by simplicity and elegance.

The contemporary architecture reflects nature’s ever-changing beauty. The boundaries of the interior fade into the awe-inspiring landscape; an incredible mix of light, fragrances, music.

High-quality natural materials ensure that the Signature Suite (60 m2) is the epitome of understated elegance. Its king-size bed (200 x 200 cm) and top-of-the-range bath guarantee unrivalled comfort. To complete this cocoon of comfort, enjoy the private balcony, swimming pool and patio set among nature.

The sumptuous Prestige Suite comes with all mod cons. This exclusive 42 m2 suite has been designed to guarantee your complete comfort and well-being. Overlooking the sea, this suite enjoys exceptional views.

Enjoy the peace and quiet of nature in complete privacy. Recharge your batteries, swim in your private pool and relax on your own private landscaped patio. Everything has been designed to make your stay unique.

Stylish elegance and sheer comfort come together in this 27 m2 room in this luxury hotel. We’ve thought of everything for your well-being, including a courtesy tray with Nespresso coffee.

Enjoy our attentive service and let us take care of everything! From your private balcony and patio, let your mind roam freely as you contemplate the earth and sky.

This house in Southern Corsica appears to blend with the horizon. Ideal for swimming, the property’s incredible 90 m2 pool awaits lucky guests. The 380 m2 stylish and contemporary villa opens out onto thousands of years of Corsican history, and the Mediterranean.

Set among fields of age-old olive trees, the property overlooks the ancient city of Bonifacio which radiates with beauty. In the distance, Sardinia appears on the horizon like a mirage of a fabulous fresco with the white cliffs and citadel in the foreground. This Bonifacio house is a paradise on earth.

Come and discover our Bar and its original menu of creative cocktails mixed by our highly innovative bartender. Our snack menu offering a variety of delicious Corsican specialities and treats is available throughout the day.

A la carte cured meats, cheeses and local specialities. For the pleasure of your taste buds, sample small Bonifacio aubergines and gourmet treats prepared using only the very best fresh regional products.

Just like our generous breakfasts, these treats can be served by the infinity pools or in the privacy of your own accommodation. Room service is available.

Our breakfast buffet is served from 8:00 to 10.30 a.m. by the heated pool so guests can enjoy panoramic views of Bonifacio, the sea and Sardinia. Breakfast can also be served in your room on request.

Breakfast includes hot drinks, fresh fruit juices, an assortment of breads, Corsican specialities (jams, canistrelli, etc.), home made pastries, dried fruits, vegetables, and eggs cooked all ways! If you have any allergies and intolerances, please let us know so we can a prepare a personalised breakfast for you.

We invite you to discover our bar area and its original menu of signature cocktails. Concocted according to your desires and the products of the day, you will succumb to the delicious creations of our chief barman.

To be consumed without moderation, our cocktails will be your ideal companions for your moment of idleness by the pool or during the sumptuous show offered by the sun at dusk.

Our snack menu is composed of succulent Mediterranean specialities and a delicious choice of sweets to satisfy your hunger throughout the day. Enjoy our dishes by our pools or in the quiet of your private terrace.

Start your day at your Bonifacio hotel with a dip in one of its swimming pools. Float and relax in the still blue waters. Always heated to the perfect temperature, the two large swimming pools of this luxury hotel — the villa and some suites also have their own private pools — overlook the ancient Corsican city of Bonifacio.

In this breathtaking property, the sumptuous swimming pools perfectly complement the green maquis that crowns the ivory cliffs; one of the pools is fitted with a counter-current system. Adjust your settings for bathing, reading, daydreaming, relaxing…

In the clear air and translucent waters, feel your heart beat in harmony with nature. Navy blue, aquamarine, sky blue and azure, the horizon sweeps away everything but the absolute happiness of that magical moment.

In the peace and quiet, enjoy breakfast by the swimming pool while enjoying the panoramic views. Set amid nature, this serene hotel offers unforgettable moments of well-being. Guests share this haven of peace with the spruce little Terra Marina villas dotted around this vast family estate.

This luxury boutique hotel is an idyllic venue. This sophisticated ‘home from home’ offers personalised concierge and other high-quality services. Enjoy exquisitely prepared breakfasts by the pool in your Bonifacio hotel. Complete your summer wardrobe with original clothing and accessories from local designers.

Achieve unparalleled levels of wellness in this haven of peace, thanks to our yoga classes and massage service. Enjoy free admission to tennis courts provided by one of our loyal partners.

Located in the heart of the old town, the Stella d’Oro restaurant offers a free shuttle service for Hotel guests with a dinner reservation. Guests can also enjoy a wide range of specially selected activities.

The Cala di Greco Hotel’s team offer a range of excellent services, and are entirely at your service throughout your stay. We are passionate about what we do. We promise you a truly memorable stay in a very exceptional setting.

The Cala di Greco Hotel offers relaxing wellness massages, as well as a range of beauty treatments. Focusing on quality and authenticity, our wide range of treatments are inspired by the very best wellness traditions from around the world.

Dispensed by leading professionals, our special treatments can be carried out on your private balcony overlooking the Golfe de Bonifacio. Treat yourself to a rare moment of letting go; experience absolute well-being in the magical atmosphere of Southern Corsica.

Depending on your wishes, our courses can be taught in the heart of our family estate. Recharge your batteries from the inside thanks to our knowledge of various yoga and mediation techniques.

Or why not do a little sport overlooking the vast Golfe de Bonifacio? Awakened by nature, the power of the earth, the subtle fragrances of the maquis and the music of the waves, let your mind roam free. The Cala di Greco Hotel will do its utmost to ensure that your stay is enjoyable and harmonious.

Sun, turquoise waters, fine sand, etc. This waking dream is called Bonifacio. Guaranteed change of pace and scenery thanks to Corsica’s 25 fine sandy beaches surrounding the tip of the island.

Among the most famous beaches are those of Rondinara, Balistra, Sant’Amanza, Piantarella, Fazzio, Paragan, Tonnara, etc. Many TV and film celebrities also love visiting Corsica: Samuel L Jackson, Alicia Keys, etc. A little sport or just total relaxation? Family beach or wild cove? You’ll be spoilt for choice!

Take advantage of the Cala di Greco Hotel’s exceptional location to explore hidden gems, such as Roccapina on the West coast where you can enjoy total privacy. Just 17 kilometres from the Hotel, you’ll come across the idyllic coves of the Domaine de la Testa, Figari and Pianotolli Caldarello.

While the beaches are the main draw in the summer season, Corsica has many other attractions for visitors. A mountain in the sea, Corsica’s size means that you can easily explore waterfalls and rivers, and breathe in pure invigorating air while never being more than a stone’s throw from the sea.

In the far south of Corsica nestled against its white cliffs, the unique city of Bonifacio is reflected in the transparent turquoise waters of the Mediterranean. The upper part of Bonifacio and the heart of the city – the medieval citadel so beloved of the islanders – offers pleasant historical walks with stunning panoramic views.

Its beautiful fortress is built on a site that is as impenetrable as it is impressive: a limestone peninsula, 150 m wide and 200 m long, whose settlement can be traced back to the Neolithic period. In 1195, the Genoese colonised this unique site.

With its cliffs, legendary staircase, labyrinth of old stone buildings and unexpected views, this gem of a city is a fascinating mix of wild untamed nature and Corsican culture. From an environmental point of view, Bonifacio is one of the most protected sites on the island.

Throughout your walk, enjoy sensational views and soak up the beauty. During your visit to beautiful Bonifacio, don’t miss the King of Aragon’s Stairway. According to legend, this unusual stairway was dug out in a single night in 1420 by just one soldier from the King’s troops.

Don’t forget to visit the mysterious Grain de Sable sculpted by the wind and sea; the Citadel guarding its position from its promontory and its ramparts; Gothic, Romanesque, Neo-Byzantine…

Bonifacio’s five churches give visitors a good overview of the history of this Mediterranean city whose inhabitants have actively supported religious communities since the 13th century; the lavish white graves of the Cimetiere Marin; the Gouvernail de la Corse and its underground passages; the imposing Bastion de l’Etendard, the centrepiece of the fortifications revealing ‘1,000 years of Bonifacio’s history’; and much more.

Bonifacio’s charm can also be found in the heart of the city. On market days (Tuesday and Friday mornings), sample the variety of products made by local artisans; there are also stalls selling clothing, accessories and seasonal items.

And don’t forget the shops, restaurants, cafés, harbour, etc. A thousand and one attractions await you in this picturesque and lively little town whether its day or night.

In Corsica, experience the beauty of nature every day. Unexpected, beautiful and protected, the Lavezzi Archipelago invites you to discover its coves with transparent waters. Like works paintings, the sheer beauty of protected natural sites surpass even the best photographs of them.

The SPMB shipping company organises trips daily. The beauty of nature is best enjoyed in situ, with the murmur of the breeze, the play of the water, the warmth of the sun, the coolness of the water, the changing light.

In Bonifacio, there are numerous diving centres whether its your first experience, or you want to explore the most beautiful spots in Southern Corsica. A wide range of water sports are also available.

The team at the Cala di Greco can advise and guide you as to the best kite surfing, windsurfing, jet skiing, water skiing, motor and sailing boat rentals, kayaking, paddle boarding, etc. Walking enthusiasts will not be disappointed. From the Cala di Greco Hotel, they are many scenic hiking and health trails to explore.

Ecological, coastal and mountain walks. Explore the trails in Rondinara, Lavezzu Island, Pertusato, Campo Romanilu, Strada Vecia, Trinité, etc. You can also explore the area around Bonifacio by road, cross-country tracks in a 4×4, quad bike and bicycle, or even by air!

Helicopters and tourist planes fly above the 75-hectare Sperone Golf Course set amid wild nature. Look out for its legendary hole 16, and marvel as golfers tee off over the Mediterranean! Other activities and excursions are available, including bowling, karting, cinema, etc.

The Sperone Golf Course is considered one of the most beautiful courses in the world and would be enough on its own to make Bonifacio a must-visit destination. Spend time with friends and family on this legendary course.

The greens of this earthly Garden of Eden merge into the fine sand and turquoise waters of the Mediterranean. Its fairways enjoy views of the sea, the Sardinian Maddalena Archipelago and the Cavallo islands.

This oasis of peace perfectly complements the Corsican landscape, as well as promoting and protecting biodiversity. But the 16th hole is the real star of the show.

Admittedly, some players are little overwhelmed by the sheer beauty of this natural site. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or a beginner, this idyllic setting is sure to invigorate both body and mind – just one of the many gifts Southern Corsica has to offer.

Rooms: 18
Price: from 224 EUR per night


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