Hotel La Caminera Club de Campo

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Hotel La Caminera Club de Campo
Hotel La Caminera Club de Campo
Hotel La Caminera Club de Campo
Hotel La Caminera Club de Campo
Hotel La Caminera Club de Campo
Hotel La Caminera Club de Campo
Hotel La Caminera Club de Campo
Hotel La Caminera Club de Campo
Hotel La Caminera Club de Campo
Hotel La Caminera Club de Campo
14 May 2021

An enchanting location in the heart of La Mancha. An oasis of tranquillity where you can feel the magic that emanates from the land. A natural paradise of infinite dimensions where the villains become windmills, where the cheese and wine have a surname. La Caminera Golf & Spa Resort, a most inspiring stay.

La Caminera Suite
A private haven of peace. As unique as they are personal, these inspiring rooms measuring 82 m feature a dressing room, lounge/dining room, bedroom and two bathrooms, one with a double hot tub. An ideal space for lovers of serenity, full of nooks to get away from it all.

La Caminera Suites are the most majestic rooms in the hotel. Located in one of the towers, they offer magnificent views of the endless La Mancha countryside. The hotel offers a complimentary car for the clients booking Suite category.

Privilege Suite
A most inspiring room. An exclusive room decorated in warm and natural tones consisting of different spaces: a bedroom, two bathrooms with bath and shower and a separate lounge/dining room. An ideal environment to disconnect. A most inspiring experience.

Spacious and bright room measuring 46 mdesigned to enable you to contemplate relaxing sunsets from its huge windows. Decorated in soft tones in tune with the surroundings, the colour palette blends with the golden hue of the La Mancha countryside and enables guests to unwind in a unique getaway.

Javier Aranda: The gastronomy of emotions. A treat for the palate. A pleasure for the senses

Retama Restaurant by Javier Aranda
Awarded with a Michelin star (2020), Retama gives an avant-garde tribute to the cuisine of La Mancha and the products of the land, where every bite and sip tells a story

The team
Javier Aranda, Miguel Ángel Expósito and Mario Fernández come together to create unique experiences…

Miguel Ángel Expósito is our head chef. With enthusiam combines the star dishes of Javier Aranda with innovate proposals created especially for Retama.

Mario Fernández and his front of house team are the kitchen’s ambassadors in the dining room creating small gastronomic that will thrill you in every bite.

The chef

Javier Aranda and the gastronomy of emotions. Chef Javier Aranda is in charge of creating a culinary offering where modernity and tradition, technique and passion come together to ensure an unforgettable experience with its own identity for the enjoyment of the five senses.

Born in Villacañas (Toledo) into a family with a catering tradition. A cook from an early age and precocious chef, at only 25 years of age, he won Madrid Fusion’s Young Cook of the Year award.

At age 29, he became the youngest ever chef in the world to receive a Michelin star for each of his restaurants (La Cabra and Gaytán). Javier Aranda’s cuisine stands out for having an identity of its own.

He is known as ‘an ambassador for Spanish produce,’ a champion of responsible cuisine. A blend of textures and unique flavours where the produce is the protagonist in the creation of an impeccable signature cuisine.

The offering

Own identity, global influence. Javier Aranda deploys all of his wisdom and creativity to offer us an innovative cuisine that is based on tradition and his connection with the territory.

An offering with its own identity where local dishes and produce coexist with techniques and flavours from other cultures, creating short gastronomic stories that will excite you with every bite.

The space

A spectacle for the eyes and palate. A place to enjoy the authentic flavours of everything that comes from the land, against the backdrop of a décor that combines fine oak and age-old olive trees, flowers and native plants with the latest trends in interior design.

El Prado Lounge Restaurant
Spaces for every moment. A splendidly designed nook that suggests sensations and emotions where time simply flows.

With magnificent views of the golf course and scenery of La Mancha, a place where you can savour an informal culinary offering by Javier Aranda at any time of the day.

Wine cellar
A land of flavours. From a land with its own name, from the cultivation of grapevines of exceptional quality bathed by long hours of sun and from a region of endless vineyards, an exceptional wine emerges. An elixir that distils all of the character, warmth and ruggedness of this land of contrasts.

La Caminera’s wine cellar offers guests the best wines from the region through a sensorial exploration that delves deeply into La Mancha and gathers all of its strength, delicacy and diversity. The perfect pairing for the culinary offering of our chef Javier Aranda.

Elaiwa Spa by L’Occitane

The essence of Elaiwa is found in the olive tree and its fruit to provide a holistic and intimate experience based on connection with the land and a merging of Mediterranean nature with La Mancha character.

A fusion between a Mediterranean brand, L’Occitane, with its natural and high-quality ingredients, and the new concept of Olive Oil Spa Sommelier, based on the theory of the 5 elements of traditional Chinese medicine and the powerful benefits of aromatherapy.

Tastings of different varieties of olive oil produced by the estate: Arbequina, picual and cornicabra… the Olive Oil Spa Sommelier will design a unique treatment according to the preferences and needs of each client.

Almond firming exfoliation
This treatment is a total body exfoliation that uses a delicious almond paste made from a mixture of butter and almond oil infused with almond shells and sugar crystals. It offers a gentle and effective exfoliation which removes the dead cells and redefines the texture of the skin.

It leaves the skin perfectly smooth with a delicate aroma of fresh almonds, ready to receive the almond milk concentrate. This creamy and silky texture penetrates the skin without leaving residues of fat. The skin feels soft and enveloped in a delicate and fresh fragrance.

Shea nourishing wrap
After preparing the skin of the whole body with a pleasant exfoliant, a wrap is applied to the areas of the skin that are dehydrated, damaged by the sun or lacking in vitality.

While the whole body is bathed in the active ingredients that nourish (shea butter), hydrate (honey extracts) and soften (kaolin) the skin, the therapist performs a scalp massage that ensures a moment of pure relaxation.

Immortelle Divine Secret
An absolute firming treatment that leaves the skin visibly younger. This exceptional anti-ageing facial massage combines the regenerative action of Immortelle essential oil with myrtle essential oil to enhance cellular youthfulness, drainage and contour massage techniques to help regenerate the dermis.

The result is divine, deep wrinkles relax, fine lines soften, the facial outline is firmer and the neckline is again smooth and satiny.

Olive Oil Spa Sommelier
A unique ritual tailor-made for Elaiwa Spa, an extension of the Spa Sommelier concept. At Elaiwa, we are inspired by three varieties of olive found in La Mancha (Picual, Arbequina and Cornicabra) and their numerous benefits, and we combine them with the best manual techniques from around the world to offer you a wonderful and effective experience through our unique massages.

Choose from our three unforgettable experiences, each carefully designed and based on our liquid gold.

Elaiwa Spa circuit
Elaiwa Spa circuit of 90 minutes of duration. Specially designed for invigorating the body, stimulating the circulatory system, cleansing the skin and relaxation.

It consists of: 6 different types of sensation showers, foot bath, dynamic pool with swan-neck jets, bubble beds, water cascades, cannon and hot tub, cold and hot spa.Ice fountain, steam bath with chromotherapy and aromatherapy, finnish sauna and relaxation area with thermal stone loungers and chromotherapy.

Confidence, closeness and professionalism in an exceptional environment. Located far away from the hustle and bustle of the city and in the middle of a setting of bucolic beauty, the La Caminera Golf & Spa Resort offers a select range of facilities for holding events and celebrations.

The uniqueness of our function rooms and terraces with capacity for up to 700 guests, Javier Aranda’s gastronomy of sensations and the exclusivity of our services and facilities make each event a guaranteed success.

Trust the professionalism and flexibility of our team to design your next event or celebration. Together we will create a unique, private and unforgettable experience for all of your guests.

Celebrations and weddings
La Caminera Club de Campo: words are unnecessary. Surrounded by beautiful landscapes and under a serene and clear sky, La Caminera is the ideal setting for the most special celebrations: a romantic outdoor wedding, a family gathering or a meeting of old friends. An idyllic setting for experiencing great occasions.

At La Caminera, you will find everything you need to turn your special occasion into an unforgettable memory: elegant function rooms with different capacities, outdoor spaces with spectacular views, charming and romantic nooks, and a first class cuisine to amaze your guests.

In an idyllic, almost magical atmosphere, imbued with light, tranquillity and the infinite beauty of the La Mancha countryside, La Caminera Club de Campo is the setting you always dreamed of for your wedding or celebration.

La Caminera Golf Club
A golf course on the plain. Located in the middle of the immensity of La Mancha and surrounded by a splendid virgin landscape, La Caminera Golf Club boasts an 18-hole par-72 course: a veritable green undulating canvas.

Its attractive and exciting layout adapts perfectly to the unique natural setting of immense beauty. A space to enjoy one of the classic sports amid the flora and fauna of La Mancha.

La Caminera Club de Campo also offers an 18-hole pitch and putt course, whose tees and greens are bordered by olive trees. A fun and stimulating course perfectly connected with nature. Peace and sport coexist perfectly in this idyllic outdoor setting.

Outdoor pool
An invitation to tranquillity
A refreshing pool measuring more than 300 m2 invites the guest to relax while enjoying the stunning landscapes and sunsets of La Mancha. A real pleasure.

Connected with the world
La Caminera, a hotel that transcends La Mancha to open up to the world thanks to its own airfield which enables all kinds of private jets to land. An exclusive space for guests to celebrate their events in maximum privacy.

El patio
An oasis of peace
Allow yourself to be carried away by the sound of the La Mancha-style courtyard fountain when evening falls and enjoy a tranquil encounter in the serenity of La Mancha’s sunsets.

Reading room
A nook where books stop time
A unique space that pays homage to the best literature. Inspired by the texts of Delibes and the nobleman Don Quixote, it is an inviting setting into which you can escape with the company of a good book.

Padel tennis court
Sport in the heart of nature
La Caminera boasts two padel tennis courts located in an exceptional setting with extraordinary views that will captivate outdoor sports enthusiasts.

Fitness room
A great pleasure for the body and mind
A temple dedicated to the art of getting fit. A room that features cross-trainers, treadmills, exercise bikes, sets of weights, multifunction machines that integrate virtual reality and a motivating personal training programme.

Retama Experience
An unforgettable experience with an identity of its own and Michelin star (2020). Under the auspices of Javier Aranda, discover the unique gastronomic experience where respect for the excellence of local ingredients and the culinary passion of this La Mancha-born chef are the basis for creating a symphony of dishes whose colours, aromas and textures will lead you on a journey to rediscover these lands.

Relax & Scents Experience
Mediterranean Scents. Swedish effleurages, chinese acupressure and balinese massage tecniques are joined to stimulate circulation and release tension. The essential oils of aromacology, lavender, geranium, sweet orange, bergamot and mandarin ensure total relaxation. Relaxed body and mind improving the sleep quality.

Natural Beauty Experience
The olive, an active ingredient that soothes and regenerates your skin. Thanks to the great variety of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins we find in olive oil, we can protect our skin from external agents.

Pamper yourself for 30 minutes while enjoying a higly regenerative and antioxidant body exfoliation using the olive pit mixed with the oil of your choice. Known for its great purifying and absorbing power, the olive pit has become the next superfood.

Moreover, you can continue to relax with a signature tea that bossts the immune system. The ideal treatment for healthy, nourished and radiant skin.

Romantic Experience
The most romantic getaway. Surprise your partner with a romantic getaway to La Mancha. At our hotel, you will find all of the ingredients for enjoying unforgettable days together. A Moment designed with the utmost care and detail.

The secrets of green gold
Know, feel and experience its properties. The olive tree, the tree of liquid gold, source of the olive, whose juice is known as olive oil and delight of our palates, provides endless health benefits.

We offer you an experience, where you will learn about its history and enjoy a walk, guided by an expert, to discover the secrets of our estate’s olive trees and their varieties: arbequina, picual and cornicabra.

It also includes a private visit and oil tasting at a renowned and award-winning oil mill in the area. Its Valdenvero range has won may awards in international competitions. Let yourself be carried away by the secrets of La Mancha’s olive groves.

Country lunch
Nature in its pure state. Discover an exciting route along the most spectacular paths on the estate on foot: La Mancha countryside at its finest. To round off the experience, you will be given a lovely picnic lunch with the best meals and local produce, washed down with local wine.

Wine tasting
To understand the origins of wine production in La Mancha. Enjoy exceptional wine tasting in the La Caminera winery to understand the origins of wine production in La Mancha.

The local wines are carefully selected by the sommelier and combined with a careful selection of examples of real La Mancha cuisine. The experience includes a gift of different produce form the estate.

Outdoor yoga
Recharge with vital energy. A chance to try a yoga session outdoors with a backdrop of incomparable beauty and serenity.

The activity culminates with a 60-minute personalised massage under the shade of the olive trees. A cycle in which to disconnect, relieve stress and recharge with vital energy to reach a state of optimum well being.

La Mancha sunsets
With a magical backdrop. Watching the sun set in the countryside of La Mancha is both relaxing and overwhelming, with a magical backdrop.

This special moment is prepared with an aperitif of champagne, wine or gin & tonic combined with original, delicious produce from the estate as you wait for the sky to light up in magnificent shades of colour. A gift for the senses, an unforgettable and endless moment.

Imperial Eagle Sighting
An experience difficult to forget. Spot imperial eagles in countryside of incomparable peace is an experience difficult to forget. An ornithology expert will accompany you on an off-road tour to tell you about all the secrets of these impressive birds.

During the outing, you will also be able to see different species of wildlife that live on the estate, such as rabbits and partridges. The tour will end with a picnic based on local produce from the estate, typical from the region. All the necessary material for the activity will be provided.

Traditional horse carriage ride
A moment when time stops still. A moment when time stops still, enjoying a relaxing ride on an old horse carriage around the estate. During the tour you will be able to enjoy the landscape that characterises the area, olive groves and vineyards, and try a traditional aperitif.

75 km from the hotel
Castilla-La Mancha is a land of great contrasts. Its large expanses of fields and arid lands coexist, to the surprise of many visitors, with lakes and wetlands, where you can enjoy incredible landscapes and spot numerous species of water birds.

During your stay at La Caminera, we recommend that you visit some of them, such as Lagunas de Ruidera, a collection of 16 lakes connected by waterfalls and rapids in Campo de Montiel; Complejo Lagunar de Alcázar de San Juan, a 695-hectare nature reserve, part of Mancha’s wetlands; and La Alberquilla, the only lake of volcanic origin located in a quartzite mountain range.

Tablas de Daimiel
75 km from the hotel
The Tablas de Daimiel wetland is one of the great natural attractions of Castilla-La Mancha for its great scenic beauty and the richness of its fauna. Created by the overflowing of the Guadiana and Cigüela Rivers at their confluence, it forms an ecosystem that is practically unique in Europe, a habitat of numerous protected birds and aquatic species.

For this reason, and to ensure its conservation, the Tablas de Daimiel wetland was classified as a National Park in 1973 and a Biosphere Reserve in 1982. The park can be visited freely using the different marked routes or through guided tours on foot or by 4×4. A must-see location for nature lovers.

Cabañeros National Park
137 km from the hotel
Located between the provinces of Ciudad Real and Toledo, Cabañeros National Park covers an area of more than 40,000 hectares and is one of the largest reserves of Mediterranean forest in the national park network.

The landscape of Cabañeros, moulded by human action throughout history, stands out for its extensive areas of scrubland, formerly used as farmland, where today deer, roebucks and other species graze.

The presence of large birds of prey, such as the Iberian imperial eagle and the black vulture, is another major attraction of this exceptional national park, which can be visited freely or through guided tours on foot or by 4×4.

Campo de Calatrava’s volcanoes
98 km from the hotel
Did you know that Campo de Calatrava is, together with Olot in Girona and Cabo de Gata in Almería, one of the most important volcanic regions of the Iberian Peninsula? The dormant volcanoes of Calatrava are a wonderful attraction for volcanology enthusiasts, but also for those who love nature and stunning scenery.

Do not miss out on the opportunity to discover its beautiful and spectacular volcanic lakes, visit the Cerro Gordo volcano and museum and taste Campo de Calatrava’s famous bitter waters.

Cimbarra waterfall
75 km from the hotel
Straddling the border between the provinces of Jaén and Ciudad Real is the Cimbarra waterfall, a spectacular waterfall and centrepiece of one of the most rugged and remarkable natural landscapes of the region.

Set among imposing rock faces and gorges, the area is dotted with small forests of holm and cork oak and scrubland, populated by species such as foxes, genets, golden eagles and otters. A setting of great natural and geological beauty and archaeological value for its precious prehistoric sites.

Alcudia valley natural park
The Alcudia valley is an authentic garden, where holm oak forests and grasslands flirt with immense lakes, rivers and streams.

A place to enjoy nature still in a pristine state, inhabited by more than 160 species of birds, such as the Iberian imperial eagle and the black vulture, and other famous examples of Iberian fauna, such as lynxes, wolves and goats.

On your tour of the park, we recommend visiting the thousand-year-old holm oak, whose shade can shelter up to a thousand sheep, the La Alberquilla volcanic lake and the bat micro-reserves of the Niefla tunnel and Pontones mine. A wonderful spectacle of nature!

Campo de Criptana’s windmills
108 km from the hotel
Campo de Criptana’s windmills are part of the imagery of La Mancha and Spain, immortalised by the writer Miguel de Cervantes, who transformed them into ferocious giants in the pages of Don Quixote.

The collection, a classified Site of Cultural Interest, is made up of 10 windmills, three of which – Infante, Sardinero and Burleta – date back to the 16th century.

Their circular whitewashed towers and impressive blades, which still turn with the wind, depict one of the most typical images of the landscape of La Mancha. Make sure you visit them!

Calatrava La Nueva’s Castle
44 km from the hotel
Calatrava La Nueva Castle and Convent, former home to the Knights of Calatrava, is a must-go visit for history buffs. For its strategic location, it was used as a fortress from the Bronze Age and reached its maximum splendour after the Battle of Las Navas de Tolosa.

The architectural complex, which covers more than 45,000 m2, is made up of different buildings – castle, church, convent, hostelry and outside compound – surrounded by fortifications. Located on the top of the Alaclanejo hill, you can enjoy unbeatable panoramic views.

Ciudad Real
82 km from the hotel
Founded by Alfonso X ‘the Wise’ in 1255, Ciudad Real has managed to combine past, present and future to create a unique character. A typical La Mancha city, where the footprints of Don Quixote and religion are present at every step, it offers the visitor endless cultural, artistic and culinary attractions.

Make sure you visit the Puerta de Toledo, an example of La Mancha Mudéjar architecture, and Santa María del Prado Cathedral, with its unique blend of architectural styles; stroll around the Plaza Mayor square, where you will find numerous bars and restaurants to enjoy the typical cuisine; and explore the old wall, which protected the city in the Middle Ages. Visiting Ciudad Real is like being in an open-air museum.

56 km from the hotel
Classified as a Historic-Artistic Site, Almagro exudes art, culture and tradition from all of its streets and squares. The life of the city is inexorably linked to the theatre, most notably the Corral de Comedias, which has remained in operation since the 17th century.

The theatre, which is maintained in excellent condition, gave rise to the Almagro International Classical Theatre Festival, an unmissable event for lovers of the performing arts.

Take advantage of your visit to the city to enjoy a stroll through its impressive Plaza Mayor square, famous for its arcades supported by stone columns and glazed galleries. A site of singular beauty.

56 km and 82 km from the hotel
Bullfighting has also left a profound mark on La Mancha. Bullfighting fans can enjoy visiting two emblematic bullrings, in Almagro, where the bullfighter ‘Cagancho’ famously panicked and ran away from the bull in 1927, and in Ciudad Real, built in 1843 and famous for the typical horseshoe-shaped Mudéjar arches of its southern façade.

Furthermore, just 20 km from the hotel we find “Las Virtudes” a square bullring unique in the world, built in 1645, together with the hermitage annexed to it was declared historial artistic monument in 1981.

89 km from the hotel
The birthplace of great artists, such as the painter and sculptor Antonio López García and the writers Francisco García Pavón and Eladio Cabañero, the city of Tomelloso is known as ‘the Athens of La Mancha.’

Among its main cultural attractions are the famous Posada de los Portales in the Plaza Mayor square next to the Town Hall, the Antonio López Torres Museum, an emblematic building dedicated to the work of the realist painter, and its original ‘caves,’ used by wine producers to store wine and which reach 45 metres in height. Enjoy a cultural visit to this typical La Mancha city.

La Mancha is much more than the land of Don Quixote. It is a land with a flavour of grape and wine, where viticulture is always present from the landscape to the table. Here, wine tourists will find the perfect destination to enjoy their great passion.

A few kilometres from La Caminera, on the outskirts of the nearby town of Valdepeñas, surrounded by endless vineyards, visitors can find some of the best wineries in the area and go on guided tours, enjoy organised tastings and buy wonderful designation of origin wines.

Cheese factories
What would our wines be without the accompaniment of a good Manchego cheese, the quintessential product of our region?

During your stay at La Caminera, we recommend that you delve into the history and culture of Manchego cheese by visiting Finca Las Terceras in Campos de Montiel. In this family cheese dairy, whose tradition goes back several generations, you will witness the handcrafted making of the best ambassador for La Mancha cuisine in the world.

Fenavin – International Wine Fair
Fenavin, the National Wine Fair, is considered the leading event on the Spanish wine calendar. The fair, held annually in Ciudad Real, brings together more than 1,500 national and international wineries and cooperatives, and boasts a strong representation of producers from our region. A unique opportunity to discover Spain’s best wines, recognised and appreciated the world over.

The Almagro Classical Theatre Festival
The Almagro festival is the most important of its kind in the world, an unmissable event for fans of 16th- and 17th-century theatre.

Every summer in the month of July, the town becomes a large stage for more than a hundred plays and shows at some twenty venues. The most outstanding is the famous Corral de Comedias, which gave rise to this festival, which has held over 40 editions.

Almodóvar’s film route
Pedro Almodóvar is Spain’s most renowned director abroad, and this reputation cannot be left out when promoting tourism regarding some places linked to him. HenceAlmodóvar’s film route in Castille-La Mancha.

Pedro Almodóvar was born in Calzada de Calatrava (Ciudad Real) and the route dedicated to the filmmaker invites us to get to know the region linked to his life and filmmaking: Almagro, Granátula de Calatrava, Puertollano and Calzada de Calatrava have been the setting for this films and are included in this route.

The Alfonsí culinary festival
Medieval cuisine is the main protagonist of this authentic culinary festival, organised in honour of Alfonso X, founder of Ciudad Real.

A must-go event for lovers of good food and drink, which transports visitors back in time to the fabulous banquets of the court of the wise king and enables them to enjoy food inspired by the cuisine of the Middle Ages, among which game is a notable ingredient.

The festival also features numerous leisure and cultural activities held for the general public, such as a medieval market.

The art of tapas
They say that nowhere is better for tapas than Ciudad Real. To prove this, every year, the Regional Tourist Board organises a tapas tour that takes in different bars and restaurants in the city. An opportunity to savour the famous cuisine of Ciudad Real in its miniature version.

The La Borricá festival
The streets of Torrenueva are the setting for one of the oldest and most unique traditions of Castilla-La Mancha.

Every year, coinciding with Carnival Tuesday, a flag bearer rides the streets of the town on horseback collecting alms ‘for the souls of purgatory’, accompanied by an entourage of horse riders and a tamboril drum.

During the ride, residents offer the visitors typical sweets, doughnuts and lemonade. A tradition dating back to before the 17th century, which has been classified a Festival of Regional Tourist Interest.

Rooms: 64
Price: from 175 EUR per night


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