Hotel Les Roches Rouges

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Hotel Les Roches Rouges Saint-Raphael, Cote d
Hotel Les Roches Rouges Saint-Raphael, Cote d
Hotel Les Roches Rouges Saint-Raphael, Cote d
Hotel Les Roches Rouges Saint-Raphael, Cote d
Hotel Les Roches Rouges Saint-Raphael, Cote d
Hotel Les Roches Rouges Saint-Raphael, Cote d
Hotel Les Roches Rouges Saint-Raphael, Cote d
Hotel Les Roches Rouges Saint-Raphael, Cote d
Hotel Les Roches Rouges Saint-Raphael, Cote d
Hotel Les Roches Rouges Saint-Raphael, Cote d
Hotel Les Roches Rouges Saint-Raphael, Cote d
Hotel Les Roches Rouges Saint-Raphael, Cote d
10 August 2022

Between the ocher-red rocks of the Estérel and the deep blue sea, a strikingly white mid-century modern building vies for your attention as you weave along the coast. Nothing else but green and blue, unless you count the high tower on the mysterious Golden Island so tantalizingly close.

On the horizon, lush pines, a salt-water pool, and the glorious Mediterranean, never out of sight from the rooms, restaurants, spa, roof-top swimming lane and Provencal scrub-land. Wherever your gaze drifts, the charm of the French Riviera – in widescreen.

Each with a private balcony or terrace, the rooms almost touch the sea. And so can you. Bringing the outdoors in, vintage objects, hand-picked books, curated artworks and local flora are tell-tale signs of your destination. Touches of color – Mediterranean blue, Estérel red, lemon yellow – complete the feeling of immersion.

Can we tempt you away from lolling by the sea, just for a moment? Whether it’s your first or fiftieth time, Saint-Raphaël promises so many other ways to discover the coast.

Perhaps biking along the rugged trails in the Estérel mountains or scuba-diving in the marine protected waters of Cap Dramont… Exclusive opportunities to make indelible memories, à la carte.

The region provides rich inspiration for the kitchens at Roches Rouges. Gourmet traditions and daily produce sourced locally from land and sea set the tone and are transformed into two contrasting styles in the chef’s talented hands: La Plage for local seasonal dishes in a casual setting and Récif for Michelin-starred fine dining.

The iconic Côte d’Azur is where people have always come for the sun. Be that practicing sport or other activities beneath the rays. Or in the shade of the Beaumier spa with its range of sun care treatments. Expect more activities to alter your perspective on the horizon soon.

Outside, the infinite Mediterranean glistens and sparkles. In the calm interior, the immaculate white décor reflects the sun’s mood. In turn warming, hypnotic, luminous, tawny, soothing, light connects inside and out. At Roches Rouges, summer never ends.

The architecture of Les Roches Rouges gives full reign to nature, the sea and its Mediterranean garden. Guests can enjoy this spectacle at any hour of the day, in the hotel’s light-filled, streamlined rooms whose colors are inspired by the blue of the sea and the red rocks of the Esterel, with touches of orange, ocher, lemon yellow and deep blue.

With their modern aesthetic, understated luxury and plain furniture, each room reflects the Riviera way of life, including baths, beds, desks and a balcony from which guests can admire the sea.

Everything at Les Roches Rouges heightens this intimacy with the elements, fully satisfying your desire for rest, freedom and simplicity. Discover our 44 bedrooms and suites…

The Saracen tower on Golden Island is the only other structure in sight for miles. Above and beyond, blue stretches as far as the eye can see. From your balcony or terrace, your desk, bed, bathroom seem to ripple in the reflection of the mesmerizing blue Mediterranean glistening silver in the light.

Vintage rattan furniture, the scent of bergamot in the air, photos of sun-blushed landscapes, wicker picnic hampers, bottles of Saint-Raphaël beer… every detail is an alluring nod to the stunning Mediterranean coast.

With the sea holding centre stage, the décor can take a back seat. The interior is given over to furniture with natural, flowing lines. Against this blank canvas, decorative objects and artworks add vibrant pops of colour. Think holiday cabana vibes.

The only family suite of the hotel has plenty of space for you and your children. Comfortable and spacious, this suite, welcoming 2 adults and 3 children under 12 years old, offers a large selection of objects and books inspired by holidays on the coast and the region.

The audacious layout is inspired by modernist architecture, reference of modernity and way of life. It also has an open bathroom with a shower and bath with sea view as well as a custom-made double marble sink.

From the balcony, the sense of sheer immensity is breathtaking. You’ll feel completely sheltered from the world and in full communion with nature. Total immersion. Luxury, intimacy, pure delight.

The sea view Suite can welcome 2 adults and 1 child under 12 years old. Guests residing in one of the suites at Les Roches Rouges will feel completely sheltered from the world and in full communion with nature.

From the terrace, the sense of sheer immensity is breathtaking. Your first impressions continue as you experience the sense of plenitude offered by this natural spectacle. Total immersion.

Some Junior Suites, welcoming 2 adults and 1 child under 12 years old, have garden views and a large balcony overlooking the typical Mediterranean garden – ideal for an afternoon of sunbathing or leafing through a good book.

One Junior Suite also opens onto a garden. These Suites fully express the character and understated luxury of Les Roches Rouges, featuring baths, writing bureaux, photography and brightly coloured canvases.

Inspired by Modernist architecture, a byword for the French art of living and modernity, the decor of the sea level Deluxe rooms is bold in character . A bathroom opens onto the bedroom (or for some a circular polished concrete shower), custom-made furniture and traditional materials. The best of Riviera luxury.

With the Mediterranean just below, Les Roches Rouges puts on its blue-tinted spectacles when updating its Michelin-starred restaurant. Beginning with the menu. The catch of the day brings succulent seafood and briny juices to the plate.

Perfectly accompanied by edible flowers and assorted vegetables from our shores. Precise and precious, Provençal cuisine is forging a new path, from sea to land.

Open from Wednesday to Sunday, from 7:15pm to 9:15pm. A reservation in our restaurants does not give access to the swimming pools. A reservation at the hotel does not guarantee a place at the starred restaurant, reservation is mandatory.

Olive and anchovy pissaladière, chilled vegetable ratatouille, braised lamb with roasted aubergine caviar… Provençal’s culinary traditions set the scene on this terrace facing the sea where authentic, timeless dishes are begging to be shared… or not.

Open daily for lunch from 12:15pm to 2.30pm and dinner from 7:15pm to 9.30pm. Breakfast served at La Plage from 8am to 10:30am (possibility to be served in room). Breakfast to go available on request before 8am.

Rinquinquin, pastis, barley syrup, orange and peach wine … Our barman has delved into local specialties to create his own range of cocktails for the bars at Les Roches Rouges.

And just like for the dishes on the menus, the cocktails are made using ingredients from local producers (distilleries and breweries). Cocktails that blend glamour, sunshine and refreshment to be enjoyed by the side of the pool, in the garden, on the beach.

Les Roches Rouges are an invitation to simply do nothing. On the one hand, the Mediterranean gardens with tamarisk, rosemary, mimosas, fig trees, and thyme… On the other, a lap pool stretching out before you, a huge natural seawater pool and the Mediterranean at your feet. Let yourself go.

Get back in touch with your body. Beginning with sports. Outdoors if you choose, with cycling, yoga or hiking.

Then it is time to unwind, with Kalmar and Holidermie treatments in the spa, relaxation in the Salted pool. You are refreshed and rested. For external clients, a reservation for spa treatments does not give access to the pools.

Beaumier is keen on choosing brands that fit its values. The wellness concept for Beaumier is around nature and nurture, beauty inside and out. Both brands, Holidermie & Kalmar, feature in our new Signature Treatment « Jardin d’Herbes », with garden influences reinforcing the feeling of self-connection.

Beaumier’s passion for being sustainable and green is also well reflected by both brands. Our therapist teams were personally trained by both Kalmar and Holidermie in our personnalised, advanced treatment experiences.

Holidermie presents a holistic approach to skincare. The brand, created by Melanie Huynh & Jerôme Paris, combines topical products with nutritional supplements and facial massage programs to help you become your most “whole” self.

From the scents of the creams, to the synergistic formulas, to the packaging design, everything has been carefully thought out and considered.

A prestigious, vegan and holistic brand whose mission is to accompany active guests on a daily basis so that they remain vibrant and radiant for longer by preserving and beautifying their skin from the inside out.

Proven effectiveness and performance increased tenfold thanks to the natural blend of active ingredients, nutrients and pre and probiotics in the care products.

Kalmar, an award-winning lifestyle brand, is all about taking care of your mind, heart, body and soul. The brand is about self-connection, self-love, and self-kindness.

It’s about guiding you to set positive intentions for yourself, tuning into your senses, and connecting with yourself on a deeper level. Kalmar’s motto: « Joy, Calm, Peace & Love ».

Kalmar products are developed with highly technical and powerful botanical actives, energetically charged with precious gemstones and have immediate and long-term skin health benefits.

Cruelty free, vegan friendly, sustainability sourced, Kalmar improves your mood, realigns you with positive energy and grounds you in the present moment through sense perception.

The first ethical and eco-responsible French yoga brand, was created in 2014 by Hélène Duval. « Yuj » means “union” of body and mind.

Based in Pairs, the brand is centred around its own yoga studios, alongside a strong retail line of yoga and lifestyle items, training courses, workshops and also yoga retreats. YUJ create stylish collections for the ultimate comfort and serenity in your yoga practice.

Everywhere you look, the sea beckons. Moments of farniente segue into a yearning to explore the Saint-Raphaël coastline, just as authentic, unspoilt and abundant as ever.

The local folk here can’t wait to open your eyes to the real French Riviera, whether that be on a saddle, underwater or in a yoga pose. Just some of the ways you can immerse yourself in the great outdoors.

Rooms: 44
Price: from 349 EUR per night


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