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25 November 2021

Overlooking the boundless grasslands of Sant’Orso, gateway to the Gran Paradiso National Park, our family friendly hotel is a special haven, where you can sense well-being in the air and you always have a choice of stimulating experiences.

Go out and discover nature, admire the imposing peaks, relax in the Lodge Spa, savour the taste of typical dishes… Here in Cogne, every moment will stay in your heart!

At Sant’Orso we have something for everyone: for lovers of a classic style, we have rooms in wood panelling and tartan fabrics, typical of the mountains.

Fans of modern design will find themselves at ease in the rooms with the linear style. Eight different room types are available to satisfy both the needs of large families and single travellers or couples. Which one is right for you?

We have reached the milestone of one century, but today, as in the past, our passion for hospitality has never wavered. Trace the evolution of the Hotel Sant’Orso through our photo album, from the distant 1920s to the recent renovations.

The majestic Gran Paradiso, a rocky giant of 4061 m with glaciers and perennial snow, is the only mountain over 4000 m entirely on Italian soil. Each year it attracts mountaineers and admirers from around the world. Its peak has given rise to popular legends, such as that of the King of the ibex, later chosen as the emblem of the Park.

Founded in 1922, the park is the oldest in Italy, formerly the Savoy Royal Hunting Reserve. In 2014, it became part of the Green List of world-protected areas, the first nature reserve in Italy to have obtained this recognition.

…Back in 1920, Chalet Liconi, which, after experiencing the fury of a violent fire, was reborn with the name of Hotel Sant’Orso. In one hundred years of history, it has experienced the despair of war and the joy of the resurgence of tourism, always maintaining its passion for hospitality.

The turning point was 1998, when the Sant’Orso and the Hôtel du Gran Paradis unite as Cogne Vacanze: together, they look forward to many successful chapters while always remembering their roots.

Our Hotel in the Aosta Valley has always been a place for the soul to reconnect with nature. We love the land we live in and our desire is to show its wonder to our guests in a slow, authentic and sustainable way.

We operate with extreme respect for the environment, using renewable resources for heating and electricity. We are proud to be part of Alpine Pearls, an international network of resorts promoting our shared philosophy of sustainable tourism in the Alps.

Pleased to meet you: we are a united and motivated team; we have been collaborating with Sant’Orso for several years now and, season after season, we have shared their goals.

Each member of the staff is at your complete disposal: contact us for requests or advice, we will be happy to reveal the must-sees to visit and taste in Cogne!

In the Aosta Valley there is a special corner where nature never ceases to amaze young and old, with majestic peaks, curious animals and the crisp air that tickles your nose. The Hotel Sant’Orso in Cogne, in the Gran Paradiso National Park, is the destination par excellence for a family break in every season.

It overlooks a wide grassland, the setting for countless outdoor adventures in the summer and snow park in the winter. It is never too early to start loving the mountains, so 3, 2, 1… let the discovery begin!

At Sant’Orso we want every guest to feel at ease, so we pay special attention to the little ones. This is why we dedicate specific services, from the “anti-boredom” games room to the children’s menu with delicious offerings.

In addition, a soft welcome gift for kids and a custom-made bathrobe await them in the room, to enjoy the treatments designed for them in the spa, just like the grownups. Discover all the services packaged for children… because the judgment of our little guests is particularly important to us!

Our 35 rooms & junior suites will infuse your holiday with alpine charm. Each has its own with its own unique character and the Aosta Valley tradition creates a perfect union with modern style.

This will be your cosy refuge when you return from your daily adventures and your window on the grasslands when you wake up with the first rays of mountain sun.

You can also breathe the essences of the mountain in the complimentary toiletries, based on natural ingredients such as thyme and rennet apples. In addition, each room is equipped with asset of binoculars to admire the magnificent peaks in detail!

The elegance of the mountains enters inside with contemporary lines, reflected in the wooden elements such as the exposed beams. Details like the spacious wardrobe, the maxi TV, the living area with soft seating and a large bathroom, also in a modern style, will add to a comfortable stay.

From the comfort of your balcony on the top floor, you can enjoy the most enchanting view of the Gran Paradiso and the Sant’Orso grasslands. Soft tones create a welcoming environment; the well-thought-out floor plan including a small living room, desk and large bathroom make the suite extremely comfortable.

The harmonious subdivision of the rooms creates the perfect spaces for every situation, making it suitable for longer stays. A large window lets in abundant natural light and offers a view of the surrounding landscape. Here, wood and elegant lines merge in a stylish contemporary design.

At the Sant’Orso Restaurant we will delight you from breakfast to dinner, leaving you the freedom to order à la carte, whatever tempts you. We serve only dishes prepared with care and passion, enhanced by the authentic taste of high quality ingredients, reflecting the unique character of the Aosta Valley area.

Wine lovers can indulge in the wide range of local labels, just waiting to be tasted. In the panoramic room inside or alfresco on the terrace: take a seat and enjoy…

A typical Aosta Valley dish, over the years it has become the symbol of our hotel, a must at village festivals, but also for wedding banquets.

The beans, cooked separately, form the base to which tomato, broth, black bread and ditalini pasta are then added. A decisive touch of flavour is offered by the Fontina and the Aosta Valley sausage. Try it, you’ll love it!

Originally from France, this apple treat has become the dessert par excellence in Cogne too. The main ingredient is the rennet apples, a mountain variety, unsurpassed for confectionery products. It is usually served with liquid cream on the side, to soak every bite with pure goodness!

Our culinary proposal enhances excellent local products, such as the renowned DOP cheeses like Fromadzo and Fontina, 24-month Bosses prosciutto, Lard from Arnad, but also red spotted beef from the Aosta Valley and trout from the nearby hamlet of Lillaz, where the famous waterfalls roar.

There are all sorts of sweet and savoury specialties to put you in a good mood, from freshly baked brioches from Sereno, to mountain butter, yoghurt and apple juice from the Aosta Valley.

Furthermore, many freshly prepared dishes such as eggs, omelettes, avocado toast and sweet crepes… Who wouldn’t want such an awakening? For this reason, upon reservation, we also allow external guests to have breakfast at the hotel: morning becomes a mouth-watering experience!

Dining outdoors is one of the pleasures of the warm season, and enjoying a splendid view of the Sant’Orso lawn towards Gran Paradiso makes every bite even tastier! That’s why we have set up a wooden terrace overlooking the grasslands.

This spot has become a real gem where guests can have lunch from 12:30 to 2:00 pm in the summer. With this natural spectacle in front of your eyes, you will feel like you are at the cinema; only instead of popcorn, you can enjoy the delicacies prepared by our chef.

The Lodge bar welcomes you with its modern design without forgetting the past eras, which are recalled by the large images on the walls. In winter, sip a glass of wine in front of the crackling fireplace and get cosy. In summer, lounge the soft seats overlooking the grasslands and enjoy the delicious snacks.

Open from 10:30 am to midnight, this cocktail bar, with an expert barman who will amaze you with his creations, is a convivial meeting place for visitors and locals, where you can make new friends, listen to a live music session or enjoy a glass of génépy before going to bed.

In Cogne, there is an enchanted place where dreams take shape and feeling good has a thousand facets.

With the indoor spaces of 500 m² spread over two floors and the outdoor areas, with soft lighting, hydro massage, heated swimming pool as well as tubs of cold water for the more daring, everyone can find their own dimension of well-being.

From 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, children are also welcome and can appreciate the art of taking care of themselves.

To enhance the experience, a large lawn of 2,000 m² with sun beds and umbrellas at your disposal, directly accessible from the pool, and the unmistakable Gran Paradiso silhouette will greet you from every perspective.

If your holiday means pampering for body and soul, our hotel with spa in Cogne offers endless possibilities, including beauty rituals, single or couples’ massages and other treatments.

The kids spa is dedicated to little princes and princesses, where they can relax with a tailor-made massage or get beautiful with nail polish. The skilled hands of our staff know how to stimulate, drain, tone and dissolve tensions. Whatever your desire for well-being, we can fulfil it.

Celebrate an anniversary, see a dear friend again, pamper your partner… Precious memories are created from special moments, so why not treat yourself to a day in the private spa of the Hôtel du Gran Paradis, a historic hotel in Cogne.

Guests of the Sant’Orso can book this intimate spa for exclusive use. It transmits all the warmth of an ancient mountain chalet, where time passes blissfully between the sauna and the Turkish bath, a whirlpool set amid the rocks like an alpine lake and moments of relaxation in front of the fireplace.

You don’t have to go far to feel good. Here at Sant’Orso relaxation is at home, the inhabitants of Cogne and those who come from Valle d’Aosta, Piedmont or neighbouring France and Switzerland are familiar with being pampered in our spa, a privileged terrace from which to admire this corner of paradise, surrounded by soft lights and our wellness treatments.

Leave the city behind and immerse yourself in life that flows slowly in the heart of the mountain landscape, treat yourself to days of absolute relaxation with a gourmet break. Just book to guarantee the space for everyone, our spa will be your exclusive oasis of peace.

One day is not enough to explore the Gran Paradiso National Park. Where can you sleep? Between Piedmont and te Aosta Valley there is an area kissed by nature. One of the rare territories, which, due to the fortuitous intertwining of history, has preserved its wilderness intact.

The Gran Paradiso, with its 4061 m peak, is one of these. Entirely on Italian soil, surrounded by a park of 70,000 hectares, it is the cornerstone of five concentric valleys: Valnontey, Valleille, and the valleys of Grauson, Urtier and Gimillan.

A geological miracle in which lakes, streams, glaciers, rocks, larch forests, fir trees and meadows find space where the rich alpine fauna wanders free.

In this pristine habitat, the heartbeat of wild nature resounds loud and clear. To grasp it, just stop for a moment and look upwards. Up here, among high altitude meadows and rocky walls, lives the alpine ibex, symbol of the Gran Paradiso National Park.

Armed with binoculars, you can observe the numerous specimens and admire the struggle of the mighty males; with a little luck, chamois, eagles and bearded vultures, very rare vultures reintroduced to these peaks after their near extinction, will not escape your observation. A spotting will make your heart beat faster.

Due to the incredible differences in height that run between the valleys and the peaks, the landscape in the Gran Paradiso National Park is a source of amazement for its variety.

When you meet glaciers and snowfields, high grassland altitude, woods and pastures, lakes, waterfalls and streams, the daily “routine” disappears and leaves room for a new world that cheers the eyes and the soul.

Something rare happened in the Aosta Valley: humans did not take over the landscape; this is still the kingdom of nature.

You will notice it every step you take along the splendid panoramic paths that open to different views at every turn: rocky walls and pastures, placid lakes and rushing streams, moraines and cliffs, peat bogs and marshes, larch and conifer woods.

The alpine ecosystem is intact. While you cast your gaze over the majestic peaks, the sumptuous blooms of the meadows, the ever-changing sky, the embrace of the forest shadows entices you to meditate. Summer in the Aosta Valley is simply satisfying, a tonic for your senses.

The Paradisia di Valnontey botanical garden takes its name from the white lily typical of the area. This miniature ecosystem is home to a great variety of habitats, flowers and plants, a collection of lichens, a rock and mineral exhibition and the butterfly garden. Do not miss this gem.

Looking for an easy hike just 10 minutes from the village of Lillaz? Take the path that runs alongside the waterfall and let yourself be guided by the roar of the Urtier stream that rolls and bounces against the rocks once, twice, three times… until it takes its 150 m jump into the void.

Those who described the Garden of Eden were probably inspired by this corner of the world. The hanging glaciers on the north face of the Grivola, the huts that seem to be from a painting, the flowering pastures of the Nomenon, the slow pace of grazing animals, the fresh arboreal brightness of the woods… An invitation to peace and contemplation.

In the Aosta Valley there is a network of dirt paths that cover over 1000 km of territory. Seven of the most beautiful depart from the Cogne Valley, suitable for everyone. There is the itinerary that crosses Valnontey, Lillaz and the evocative Sylvenoire plateau, right in the heart of the park.

For the more trained, there is the tour of the old magnetite mine amid waterfalls and hairpin bends; or the path to the Invergneux pass, winding its way through valleys and waterfalls, woods and bridges. You will be spoiled for choice.

The thrill of the descent or the relaxation of the cross-country trails in Cogne? A thrill lasts for a moment; relaxation expands time and takes root… An easy choice for those who love winter in the mountains.

Here, where the cold invigorates the mind and body, the woods are the perfect setting where you can ski slowly, enjoying the view all around, the crisp air, and the clear horizon that invites contemplation.

Observe what lies behind turns and slopes; be lulled by the crunching of the snow during a snowshoe hike in the moonlight. Treat yourself to the luxury of going slow, because slowing down breathes life into our time on this earth.

In Cogne, cross-country skiing is an unmissable must. Whether you are a beginner or already an expert, here you will have 80 km of slopes at your disposal that wind through the villages of Epinel, Lillaz, and Valnontey.

As a backdrop, the Gran Paradiso National Park, an exceptional setting for this sport. It is so healthy and complete that it doesn’t tire the joints and does not require excessive technical preparation. Passion and a minimum of equipment are enough, the watchwords are: slow down, relax, and have fun.

Thanks to the privileged position of the Sant’Orso in front of the Nordic ski slopes and the alpine ski school field, in Cogne, you can comfortably practice these sports while enjoying a small and exclusive area on the wooded slopes of the summit of Montzeuc.

The hotel is just a few minutes from the ski lifts, which you can also reach with the free ski bus (the stop is 50 meters away). Beginners and children can have fun with the Snowpark treadmill and race along the slopes of the rubber dinghy track.

Cogne also boasts one of the best ski schools in the Aosta Valley … an invitation to dive into winter sports.

Do you want to improve your familiarity with the mountains? Cramponnage is a winter mountaineering technique that is also suitable for beginners. Equipped with crampons and accompanied by a guide, you cross small gorges until you build up to the frozen ice formations.

In December, the magic of an authentic atmosphere brightens up the Cogne Valley. In the characteristic festively decorated villages, Christmas is a long awaited holiday that is full of exuberance.

Do not miss the traditional torchlight procession on the last day of the year through the streets of Lillaz, accompanied by delicious tastings.

Dozens of trails to explore, the crunching of fresh snow as a soundtrack, your footprints that mingle with those of foxes, chamois and hares peeking out from under the pristine blanket of snow, and crystallized vegetation. The slow rhythm of a snowshoe hike in the moonlight is a perfect way to end the day in style.

Rooms: 26
Price: from 149 EUR per night


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