Jade Mountain Resort

America Saint Lucia
Jade Mountain Saint Lucia
Jade Mountain Saint Lucia
Jade Mountain Saint Lucia
Jade Mountain Saint Lucia
Jade Mountain Saint Lucia
Jade Mountain Saint Lucia
Jade Mountain Saint Lucia
Jade Mountain Saint Lucia
Jade Mountain Saint Lucia
Jade Mountain Saint Lucia
23 July 2021

Rising majestically above the 600 acre beach front resort of Anse Chastanet, Jade Mountain Resort on St. Lucia’s south-western Caribbean coastline is a cornucopia of organic architecture celebrating St. Lucia’s stunning scenic beauty.

Architect owner Nick Troubetzkoy has expanded upon his philosophy of building in harmony with Caribbean nature in his creation of Jade Mountain St. Lucia.

The bold architectural design – individual bridges leading to exceptional infinity pool sanctuaries and rugged stoned-faced columns reaching towards the sky – makes Jade Mountain St. Lucia one of the Caribbean’s most mesmerizing resort experiences.

Expect grand sweeping spaces where bedroom, living area and an extravagant private infinity pool glide into one another to form extraordinary platforms floating out into nature. With the fourth wall entirely absent,

Jade Mountain’s sanctuaries are stage-like settings from which to embrace the full glory of St. Lucia’s Pitons World Heritage Site, and of course, the eternal Caribbean Sea.

Wrapped around an infinity pool with a dazzling kaleidoscope of colors, the Jade Mountain Club celebrates James Beard Award winner Chef Allen Susser’s “Jade Cuisine.” Hovering in space above the Jade Mountain Club is the Celestial Terrace, perfect for sunset cocktails or star-gazing.

A wide range of spa services can be enjoyed in the privacy of the Jade Mountain sanctuaries or at Kai en Ciel, Jade Mountain’s boutique spa and fitness studio. The resort major domos and a dedicated resort team ensure outstanding service around the clock.

Enjoy the exclusivity and privacy of Jade Mountain with all of sister resort Anse Chastanet’s restaurants, bars, boutiques, art gallery, spa, scuba, bike and watersports facilities as well as 2 soft sand beaches available and easily accessible to Jade Mountain guests by foot or resort shuttle at all times.

JADE MOUNTAIN is St. Lucia’s only resort property with the iconic view of both the Piti and Gros Piton mountains floating upon the Caribbean Sea.

The location of the property is unsurpassed, rising majestically above the private estate of ANSE CHASTANET with 600 lush tropical acres bordering two soft, sand Caribbean beaches with pristine coral reefs just off shore.

Part of the estate is the historical plantation of Anse Mamin and Emerald Estate where the resort grows its own organic produce.

Each of the 24 infinity pool sanctuaries at Jade Mountain St. Lucia is a carefully designed, individual work of art and architecture. All of the sanctuaries celebrate an unparalleled view of the Pitons and the Caribbean Sea.

An additional panoramic quality is provided by sanctuaries on particular elevations and those located on corners. Expect grand sweeping spaces where bedroom, living area and the extravagant private infinity pool glide into one another to form extraordinary platforms floating out into nature.

All sanctuaries feature 15ft high ceilings and are designed with the 4th wall open to the views while at the same time allowing for complete privacy. All other aspects, layout and size vary from sanctuary to sanctuary.

Four rate categories of infinity pool sanctuaries have been created to reflect the square footage of the sanctuaries and size of pool: STAR, MOON, SUN and GALAXY. In addition to the 24 infinity pool sanctuaries, there are 5 Sky whirlpool suites which feature a large bath tub for 2, but do not have a private pool.

Galaxy Sanctuary
The Galaxy infinity pool sanctuaries are the sanctuaries numbered JC1, JD1, JE1. These are located on the south-west corner of Jade Mountain and enjoy the most commanding panoramic views plus biggest square footage with an average 2000 square feet and an infinity pool averaging 900 square feet.

Sun Sanctuary
The SUN infinity pool sanctuaries are between 1800 – 2000 square feet in size with infinity pools averaging 900 square feet. Due to their corner location on the north-east and south-west of Jade Mountain, they enjoy a panoramic 270 degree view.

Moon Sanctuary
The MOON infinity pool sanctuaries are between 1600-1950 square feet in size with infinity pools averaging 650 square feet. They are located on various levels of Jade Mountain.

Star Sanctuary
The STAR infinity pool sanctuaries are between 1400 – 1800 square feet and with infinity pools averaging 450 square feet. They are located on various levels of Jade Mountain.

Sky Whirlpool Suite (No Infinity Pool)
The 5 Sky whirlpool suites are located on the lower hillside level of JADE MOUNTAIN. The Sky suites feature large bathtub for 2 persons but they do not have a private pool. The Sky suites feature 15ft height ceilings and have the 4th wall open to the views yet are completely private.

The suites average about 1650 square feet. The Sky suites feature a two level room lay out, with a large and comfortable living space and open bath design, with large, raised chromatherapy couples tub towering above the living space, open to the views.

One of the Sky suites situated on the north-east corner has windows and air-conditioning. This unit can be requested when booking a Sky suite.

Living Areas

The living areas of the rooms are finished with more than 20 different species of tropical hardwood flooring and trims harvested in an environmentally sustainable way. JADE MOUNTAIN’s technicians actually visited the Rain Forest of Guyana and personally chose which trees to be used.

A multitude of hardwoods have been used including Purpleheart, Greenheart, Locust, Kabukali, Snakewood, Bloodwood, Etikburabali, Futukbali, Taurino, Mora and Cabbage Wood.

In addition to locally made fine tropical wood furniture an eclectic collection of furniture has been placed in the sanctuaries giving each one of them their own individualistic ambiance.

The interior walls are finished in a crushed blush toned coral plaster quarried in Barbados. The exterior is in massive rough concrete and imbued with locally quarried stone, all the window openings are framed with massive 3 x 18 inch tropical wood frames that are filled-in with movable jalousie louvers.

All infinity pool sanctuaries and the Sky suites have king size beds. In-sanctuary facilities include fridge, tea/coffee making facilities, hair dryer, iron, ironing board (your major domo will gladly perform the chore for you) and electronic in-room safe.

Enjoy Molton Brown Body Remedies guest amenites exclusive to Jade Mountain in Saint Lucia, Frette bathrobes, slippers and Frette towels. Butlers at Jade Mountain are called Major Domos and service all sanctuaries around the clock.

Upon arrival, guests receive a “firefly ” communication device, allowing guests to contact the service team at any time whilst the service team remains as unintrusive as possibleposed to the weather is finished in quarried coral tile from neighboring islands.

There are no televisions, radio, or telephone in all sanctuaries in keeping with the overall resort experience.

Guests at Jade Mountain are kindly asked to not use their cell phones in public areas and keep them on vibrate setting whilst on property. Internet access is available at the JADE MOUNTAIN reception and wi-fi is also available in the individual guest sanctuaries.

Telephone services, fax, and business services are all available at the reception. The JADE MOUNTAIN concierge can arrange all excursions, car rentals, jewelry, surprises, romantic private dinners, and much more.

Just like the sanctuaries themselves, the bathrooms at JADE MOUNTAIN are individually designed and vary slightly in lay-out and size.

The open floor design allow the bathrooms to become part of the sanctuary experience – why not enjoy the amazing views whilst showering or soaking in the chromatherapy whirl pool tubs.

Jade Mountain Bathroom
The sanctuaries all feature dramatic faucets, porcelain sinks and toilets – all different in each bathroom!- from well known European bathrooms manufacturers such as Hans Grohe (www.hansgrohe.com) and Duravit (www.duravit.com).

The showers are a shower tower which features a rain shower, 6 body sprays, adjustable heights and separate hand shower. The chromatherapy whirlpool tubs are designed to be enjoyed by one or two persons and they are mounted on a pedestal allowing best possible panoramic views whilst bathing.

What is chromatherapy?
The use of light and color for therapeutic purposes is centuries-old. Add the complementary therapeutic effects of chromatherapy to your choice of hydrotherapy for a more complete, engaging, holistic experience.

For centuries, light and color have been recognized as having an affect on human bio-rhythms and life equilibrium. The therapeutic use of different colors of light, or chromatherapy, has been determined to have a positive impact on overall health and well-being.

MTI baths in any configuration offer the possibility of including the therapeutic effects of chromatherapy. Underwater lighting is provided by digitally controlled LEDs. A control button allows selection of constant color or preset programs to achieve the desired lighting effects and utilize these chromatic energy sources.

Jade Mountain Bathroom
Different colors affect humans differently. Red energizes and activates blood flow, while yellow stimulates nerve functions and may aid the digestive process.

Orange is a mix of red and yellow and carries greater therapeutic characteristics than both of these colors used separately, including the soothing of muscle and joint pain.

Green, as the intermediate color of the light spectrum, fosters harmony and has a calming, restorative effect on the mind and body. Blue, a cooler color, is comprised of light rays that are very fine, which allow them to penetrate deep within to promote mental and physical calmness.

Purple is an extremely powerful color and has many virtues. Traditionally, purple is known for its power to inspire creativity as well as relieve irritability and reestablish a peaceful state.

JADE MOUNTAIN’s ensuite infinity pools are not accoutrements, but primary elements of the building’s design. With sizes ranging from 400 to 900 square feet, the design of each pool is unique both in colour and shape.

The infinity pools are meant to serve as organic components in each suite, as well as in the building as a whole; their sizes increase in relation to the different square footage of the different room categories: GALAXY, SUN, MOON and STAR.

All pools feature shallow water lounging areas in addition to a large swimming area. They have been surfaced entirely in one-of-a-kind glass tiles, which have been specifically designed for JADE MOUNTAIN.

The glass tiles feature a sophisticated, textured iridescent surface on one side and a smooth but undulating surface on the other.

Each of the infinity pools has its own individually designed glass tile color scheme which is then carried on into the individual bathrooms, giving each suite its own unique – and rather bold – personality.

The glass tile texture is complex in reflective and prismatic ways with each piece of tile unique due to their custom hand crafted fabrication.

The infinity pools are equipped with fibre optics to illuminate them at night. Guests have the option of allowing the system to cycle through a range of colours or setting it to one particular shade.

The water in JADE MOUNTAIN’S infinity pools is purified by a highly sophisticated system, the primary mechanical filtration being through a zeolite sand filter and with the primary sterilization being ozone.

Each pool receives individually filtered and sterilized water, and pool water cycles through the sterilization and filtration facilities approximately six times per day. Jade Mountain was conceived as a place in which guests would be exposed to a carefully orchestrated sensory experience.

The infinity pools are integral to this. As a visual element, water flowing over a vanishing edge serves to draw the view into the room, linking the view with water, and water with sky and land, sun and stars.

Wrapped around an infinity pool with a dazzling kaleidoscope of colors, the Jade Mountain Club caters exclusively to resident guests, celebrating James Beard Award winner, Chef Allen Susser’s “Jade Cuisine.”

Drenched in exotic beauty and erupting with flavor, Jade Mountain nourishes both the body and soul. It’s “Jade Cuisine” created by James Beard award winner, Chef Allen Susser, is a brave new world of tropical flavors.

His cuisine is exotic and delicious with a history of fusion, taking Saint Lucia Dining to new heights, in many ways… The Jade Mountain Club is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

There is live entertainment on selected evenings, ranging from one of the island’s foremost jazz musicians to a classical acoustic guitarist. The Jade Mountain Club menus reflect seasonal changes of flavor with influences throughout the Caribbean.

Jade Cuisine is a modern fusion cuisine with cultural influences and unique techniques resulting in wonderful taste adventures.

Dining In Your Sanctuary
You have arrived. Let us not disturb you, but help you to fulfill your wishes and desires in your own personal sanctuary. We cater to the mind, body, spirit and senses of our guests. We are here to provide you with warm professionalism and genuine Saint Lucian hospitality.

You will experience our Jade Cuisine, a delicious tropical love affair with food in a sweet, spicy and aromatic harmony. Our culinary team has created some very special dining experiences for those extra special occasions. Please discover more about them here

The Celestial Terrace
Hovering in space above the Jade Mountain Club is the Celestial Terrace, perfect for sunset cocktails or stargazing. One of the most breathtaking locations imaginable, the Celestial Terrace offers an unforgettable sunset panorama.

Let us arrange a private dinning experience for you. And once night has fallen, watch the romantic night sky as you look together for shooting stars.

Spoonful of Paradise Culinary Events
Chef Allen Susser and his culinary team have created exciting and interactive culinary fun weekend events to showcase St. Lucia’s culinary heritage: Cooking In Paradise, Mango Madness, Spices of the Caribbean, and Discover Chocolate are just a few of them: please visit our events page.

Our Culinary Resources
Our 600-acre resort property includes the old colonial plantation of Anse Mamin. This estate was originally a sugarcane plantation in the 18th century. In later years, it became a coconut plantation and eventually started growing of cocoa trees.

The cocoa trees are still numerous on the grounds for guest to see and for us to produce our own estate chocolate. Anse Mamin is a wonderful organic resource for our menus, including turmeric, cashews, tamarind, mango, avocado, oranges, tangerines, guavas, papaya, coconut, breadfruit, yams, and sweet potatoes

Our organic farm Emerald’s in the Soufriere hills plays another major role in our farm to table set up. These ingredients range from, vanilla beans, bay leaf, nutmeg trees, cinnamon trees, to numerous varieties of mango, sour oranges, coconuts, cacao and many other tropical and exotic fruits.

Emerald farm also grows organic salad leaves, micro greens, vegetables, and herbs for the restaurant. Because of our close relationship with many fishermen in Soufriere and along the Saint Lucian coast, we are provided with access to the freshest and most pristine fish on island.

Dining at Jade Mountain’s sister resort, Anse Chastanet
Jade Mountain guests can also dine at the restaurants of ANSE CHASTANET located directly below JADE MOUNTAIN and easily accessible by foot or by resort shuttle.

In Anse Chastanet’s Treehouse Restaurant on mid-hillside level, enjoy breakfast and dinner with a menu featuring modern Caribbean Cuisine. In the Piti Piton Lounge, we serve an entirely vegetarian/vegan menu titled “Emerald’s” at dinner time.

At beach level, the Trou au Diable Beach Restaurant offers a wide range of lunch options including some exotic Creole dishes. At dinner time, the restaurant serves our Saint Lucia-East Indian fusion menu titled Apsara and in the beach bar, a simple grill menu is offered.

Another choice for lunch is the relaxed Jungle Bar and Grill on the second beach of Anse Mamin. You can pre-book private dining arrangements at the water’s edge on Anse Chastanet beach or, for the ultimate private getaway, book the Castaway Dinner on Anse Mamin beach.

Private Dining 
Jade Mountain Club has taken room service to a new and exciting level – let our Executive Chef and his culinary team serve you a sensational SIX course menu, with wine pairing, created by our Sommelier and served to you by your Major Domo, in the privacy of your sanctuary. If you like to be serenaded by an acoustic guitarist during dinner, this can be arranged.

Wine Gourmet with Food Pairings 
Our sommelier will entice even the finest palates with the wine gourmet and food pairing adventure that can be arranged in the Jade Mountain Club or in the privacy of your sanctuary.

Chefs on Wheels
Don’t feel like leaving your sanctuary? Let our Executive Chef bring his exciting Jade Cuisine right into the privacy of your Jade Mountain sanctuary. Whether you would like a private one hour cooking demonstration or whether you want the chef to prepare a gourmet meal in front of your very eyes, this can all be arranged.

Dinner at Anse Mamin Beach
Seeking the ultimate private dinner? If a private tent on Anse Chastanet beach is not private enough for you, then please let us arrange your very own private beach dinner on our second beach, Anse Mamin.

Dinner on Celestial Terrace
Dine under the stars on Jade Mountain’s Celestial Terrace. Enjoy a romantic private dinner at anytime during your stay. Advance reservations are required as this option is in high demand.

Sunset Celebration in Jade Mountain Sanctuary
Let us serve you your favorite wine or champagne with canapés at sunset in the privacy of your sanctuary.

January – February
Celebrating Creole Roots
We begin the new year with hope and enthusiasm. For us at Jade Mountain and Anse Chastanet sustainability is not a lofty idea but a fundamental and necessary endeavor. Our concept is centered on the food and drink for our guests to reenergize themselves.

We believe it is about sharing our delicious modern Creole cooking featuring Chef Elijah’s Caribbean Fortnight Inclusive Dinner, Apsara Chef Rubin’s Beach Front West Indian Tandoori experience, and Chef Frankie’s bespoke Rasta Vegan Cookery class.

Our resorts were created with a mandatory philosophy of environmental consciousness at its heart. Join Executive Chef Valerio and our culinary team in Celebrating our Creole Roots and local St Lucian bounty.

We are embracing wellness, seasonality, and mindfulness through traditional practices in growing our own organic Caribbean fruits, tropical fruits, citrus, root vegetables, unique vegetables, salad greens, microgreens, braising greens, herbs, micro herbs, chilies, spices, cacao, vanilla, chocolate, honey, and much more.

We invite you to “Cook like a Lucian” an Emerald Estate Organic experience with a hands-on harvest, sensory tasting and cooking class. You will experience our Creole Roots and Local Produce in each of our resort’s restaurants, aiming your attention on Emerald, our New Caribbean Vegan Restaurant.

March – April
Cooking in Paradise
We would like you to find PARADISE with us. Paradise is a place in which existence is positive, harmonious, and timeless. It is with this passion we bring you Cooking in Paradise, curated by our James Beard Award winning consulting chef Allen Susser.

Food is fundamental to life, nourishing us in body and soul. The preparation of food strengthens our connection to nature. And the sharing of food immeasurably enriches our sense of community with our neighbors and our guests.

Chef Allen Susser & Executive Chef Valerio are devoted to using only the freshest seasonal ingredients that reaches well beyond the recipe but into a dedication to creating food that tastes amazing, local, and delicious.

Cooking in Paradise is a signature event exclusively for guests of Jade Mountain and Anse Chastanet. You may find paradise looking toward the rare World Heritage Site of the Piton Mountains raising straight out of the Caribbean Sea.

Poets, painters, and philosophers such as Milton, Hemmingway, and Pound heralded paradise, now you can experience it for yourself in a series of farm to table lunches, tasting menus, beach burger bash, a bean to bar chocolate tour, hands-on cooking classes, and Rum tastings.

May – June
Spices of the Caribbean
Today tropical cooking is hot; it influences style, and sultry flavors. St Lucia is a mosaic of foods and tropical ingredients that blend both the climate and landscape. Cultural diversity and their exotic spice boxes add intrigue to the many flavors.

We look to spices to capture the flavors of the Caribbean. Specific combinations of herbs, spices, and flavorings characterize St Lucian cuisine.

These mixtures are influenced by the food stuffs native to the island, being distinctive to the climate and architecture of the land and sea. By reaching into our spice box, the foods, cooking, and specific dishes become immensely diverse.

The characteristic cooking is mingled with an intriguing aroma and taste that will surely evoke your culinary imagination. There was a time in history that spices where so precious that they were locked away.

Let us let loose the wonders of spice together. Join our Culinary team for the culinary excitement of our Caribbean spice workshops, Tandoori cooking classes, Apsara tasting menu, and our Night of ‘21 Spices dinner in the Jade Club as well as our Spiced Rum Mixology afternoon on the beach.

July – August
14th Annual Mango Madness Festival
Mangos play an important role in the Caribbean because the flavor immediately takes you to visions of sand, sea, and lush tropical forests. Join us for our Mad, Mad mango festival and partake in our famous signature 25# Mango Mojitos or our extravagant Night of 1000 Mangos dinner.

There is nothing quite like that first bite of a juicy mango, the sweet rush of flavor that drips down your chin and sometimes, even your elbows. Ranging in size, flavor, and colors like deep purple and neon yellow, the versatile tropical fruit is a well-loved symbol of summer.

St Lucian mangoes undergo a ripening process that produces fleshy peach flavors, buttery tartness, and sour, fibrous bites that we do use in several treats and dishes like smoothies, cocktails, salsa, chutney, ice cream, and more.

In the Caribbean, there are over 100 different varieties of mangos alone. Seeing these brightly colored fruit spilling over beach fronts, roadsides, and hilltops we encourage you to join us for our Mango culinary treasure hunt at Nick Troubetzkoy’s Organic Emerald Estate.

Some of the other excitement during the summertime festivities include mangos and bikini tasting bash, mango chutney workshop, chefs mango cooking class, or just relax and experience a soothing mango message,

September – October
Chocolate Heritage Festival
Chocolate has been grown in the Caribbean for hundreds of years. Join us as we discover the dual history of St Lucia and of chocolate that is woven into its heritage. We celebrate our own handmade Emerald Estate Organic Chocolate these months.

You will discover how we harvest exceptional flavor, that three generations of care and local technique have taught us how to grow remarkable quality cacao beans. We are a Bean to Bar single estate boutique chocolate maker.

You will indulge in chocolate croissants for breakfast and our famous Emerald Estate chocolate French toast. In fact, we will tempt you with our Bittersweet Chocolate Ganache treat at the Beach.

Be sure to taste our Double Chocolate Chunk Ice cream. Chocolate Martinis are a favorite in Jade Mountain Club before dinner. We are featuring a 5-course exotic savory and sweet all-chocolate dinner menu. Join us to learn the art of chocolate truffle making. Chocolate is known as the food of the gods.

During our Discover Chocolate Months, we are hosting a special sensory chocolate tasting that we match with wonderfully rich wines. We also invite you to a personalized Bean to Bar tour of Emerald Estate which is followed by a chocolate making class in our Jade chocolate Lab.

Discover the Alchemy of chocolate as we hand craft small batches of cacao beans, slowly roasted and stone ground. Emerald Estate Chocolate is to savor, but then let the exotic essence carry you to the Caribbean.

November – December
Caribbean Lobster & Champagne Celebration
Dive into the culinary world of Caribbean lobster. In true Caribbean Style and Flavor Our Lobster and Champagne festival is an amazing blending of tropical tastes and multicultural influences. It is a celebration of aromatic, sweet and tart, piquant and mild flavors.

To understand and appreciate it, you must first understand some of their most important food stuffs. St Lucian cuisine uniquely evolved with the borrowing and blending of foods and cooking styles.

If you are new to Caribbean cooking, keep in mind that the food is always evolving due to the many cultural influences on the islands: French, English, Africans, East Indians, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, and other local populations all converged in the Caribbean and Latin America therefore influencing the cuisines.

Fruits and vegetables migrated in and out of the southern hemisphere by way of exploration and trade.

Do you like chocolate? Then you should visit our Chocolate Laboratory! There are over 2000 cocoa trees on the resort estates, including the organic farm Emerald’s in the Soufriere Hills.

Since 2010, our resorts have hand-crafted Emerald Estate Chocolate for the enjoyment of our guests. And with the opening of the chocolate laboratory, guests are now able to not only taste but participate in the making of the chocolate.

Our resort guests can now choose from a variety of chocolate infused activities like chocolate sensory tastings, educational estate trips and truffle making classes on a year round basis. Chocolate lovers will be further enticed by chocolate inspired dishes, cocktails and body treatments in the resort restaurants, bars and spa.

About the Chocolate Laboratory
Cocoa history on Saint Lucia dates back to the early 1700’s. There are many plantations on the island that have been harvesting and producing cocoa for many years supplying the local market and culture as well as becoming a part of the international commodity of Cocoa.

In celebration, the month of August has been declared the “Month of Chocolate”. In close collaboration with the resorts’ Consulting Chef Allen Susser, Jade Mountain’s Emerald Estate Organic Chocolate and Chocolate Laboratory are managed by the resorts’ very own Chocolate Alchemist.

Chocolate Alchemy at Jade Mountain
Chocoholics can get a taste of Jade Mountain and its estate grown chocolate with the resort’s Chocolate Alchemy package and also, take advantage of Jade Mountain’s free night promotions.

Chocolate Alchemy includes airport transfers and breakfast and dinner (MAP) daily. A chocolate welcome amenity and cocktail, Chocolate Lovers’ Breakfast in Bed celebration, a chocolate infused 1-hour spa treatment per person, a learning excursion to the resort’s Emerald Cocoa Estate, a Chocolate Sensory tasting followed by an interactive class in Jade Mountain’s chocolate laboratory to learn basic techniques of making chocolate, tempering chocolate, creating your own fudge and making a personalized chocolate bar.

Guests at Jade Mountain are able to visit our organic farm Emerald’s located in the Soufriere hills, approximately 20 minutes away from the resort. A visit to Emerald Farm can be combined with a tour to the Sulphur Springs and Botanical Gardens which all together will take about 3-4 hours.

Since 2007 Emerald Estate has been growing organic produce – from vegetables, micro greens, salads to fruits, spices, nuts and herbs- for the resort kitchens, under the supervision of consulting chef Allen Susser, taking the farm to table concept to a completely new level.

There are over 1000 cocoa trees providing the cocoa beans used in the resort’s own chocolate production. There is also a myriad of flowers and ornamental plants and soon, an orchid house.

Jade Mountain guests can choose from a carefully selected menu of spa treatments available in the privacy of their infinity pool sanctuary or in JADE MOUNTAIN’s boutique St. Lucia spa, Kai en Ciel.

Also, the Kai Belté spa located on Anse Chastanet beach and the Kai Mer spa cottage is available to Jade Mountain guests at any time. Kai en Ciel spa offers a large and varied menu with both classical body and beauty treatments, as well as ayurvedic and holistic services.

Complimentary yoga classes are available at Jade Mountain in addition to which private yoga lessons can also be arranged. Jade Mountain’s fitness studio features Cybex cardio and strength equipment.

The estate bike trails at Anse Mamin are available to our resident guests for independent jogging in the morning and afternoons. Also, there are daily escorted walks and hikes available on the 600-acre estate.

A Romantic Ritual for Couples
A romantic spa ritual for couples to celebrate the gift of being together. The treatment begins with a play on the roles of giving and receiving in the relationship as the participants relax in a hot tub containing Body Bliss Elixir Male and Elixir Female Oils, sharing a variety of delicious treats and poetry.

This is followed by a synchronous massage with Tantra Vibrational Oil as the couple lies side by side. The journey concludes as the man is anointed with Elixir Male and the woman with Elixir Female on specific energy gateways on the body.”

The classes by our resident Yoga instructors are non-competitive and open to complete beginners as well as to those more advanced. More challenging variations can be offered to more experienced students.

The instructor is also available for private Yoga sessions which are excellent if you have chronic physical pain or chronic mental stress and would like to learn some take-home techniques for relief.

Private lessons are also great if you are a more focused Yoga student and would like to evolve your practice to a deeper level! Our Yoga instructor can also be available for transformational deep tissue massages and other treatments.

Taking advantage of the stunning natural beauty found within the resort’s 600 acres and the surrounding area, the resort offers an array of walking options that allow guests the opportunity to take in the magnificent scenery while enjoying some exercise.

Don’t forget your camera, sunscreen and, for the forest walks, mosquito repellent, and a bottle of water. These exclusive tours, which are led by trained Resort Guides, are complimentary with the exception of two, which include a modest transportation surcharge.

Vinyasa Yoga
Vinyasa Yoga is a series of asanas (yoga poses) that are synchronized with inhalations and exhalations, creating a mind and body strengthening sequence. The synchronized breathing relaxes your mind and helps to release any blockage of energy flow throughout your body.

The breath will become stronger and faster and so will the movements that will produce sweat and expel toxins. There will be a short consultation before the class so that it will be designed for you, so that you get the best possible experience.

Couples Yoga
Yoga asanas (poses) that are shared with your loved one, not only a great way to connect with your partner but also a great way to have fun together. You will learn how to communicate effectively by letting each other know how you feel and also to ensure that the amount of force you are using is comfortable for your loved one

Meditation and Pranayama
Meditation is the medicine of the mind, a practice in which an individual trains to calm the mind and bring forth a more present consciousness. It is not always easy to accomplish this by yourself, and therefore a guided meditation is an excellent way to give a break to the busy mind.

The class is a guided meditation in which a practitioner follows the mental instructions given by the teacher. Pranayama means to control of the breath or the vital energy. Pranayama is just as important and beneficial as yoga asanas and meditation.

Pranayama consists of meditative breathing techniques that will help to calm and strengthen the mind and centre the self, and assists with the meditation practice.

A hike finished with yoga
Enjoy a beautiful hike, with medium intensity, either in the morning or the afternoon that finishes with a refreshing mind and body calming yoga session in the open air, one with nature.

The hike will begin on the beach, from there we will gradually hike up along the trails and finish with a slow yoga practice that is suitable for everybody on a open air deck located high up on Morne Chastanet mountain overlooking the sea and the beautiful Pitons.

The view is spectacular and the location is very serene and quiet, complementing the yoga session to perfection.

For a balanced state of mind and body. A specially designed Yoga session, in which ‘Equal Emphasis’ is given to Postures (Asanas), Breath (Pranayamas), Gestures of Energy Flow (Mudras) and Awareness of Mind (Meditation).

The basic intention is to bring about a harmony in the Physical, Mental, Psychic and Spiritual aspects of the practitioner.

Advanced Surya Namaskar
Bring out your inner radiance with this, ancient sequential practice of Yoga that pays tribute to the Sun, a symbol of radiance and spiritual consciousness. An effective way to loosen up, stretch, massage and tone all joints, muscles and internal organs of the body.

Done with advanced Awareness of Movements, Breath and special Sound Vibrations (Mantras), which activate the energy centers (Chakras) thereby energising the body-mind system.

A group of 12 dynamic Asanas form the physical matrix around which the practice is woven. Wrap up this invigorating session with a short relaxation practice.

Detox Through Yoga
These are practices of purification given in Hatha Yoga to purify and prepare the body for more advanced form of Yoga practices.

Shatkarma practices are excellent in alleviating disease and several chronic respiratory and digestive ailments. They also work on a psychological level to impart an inner feeling of lightness and well-being.

Meditation refers to the state of mind where the body is consciously soothed and relaxed, while the mind is made calm and composed. Since ancient times, it is believed that meditation restores harmony, and rejuvenates and heals the mind, allowing it to release stress and fatigue.

Meditation helps to remove the subtle mental barriers within ourselves and presents a better understanding of our personality, thought processes and our surroundings.

Yoga Body Works and Stretches
We work in the belief that tightened muscles can lead to the diminished flow of energy in your body. When energy can’t flow freely, you can become inflexible, suffer pain and feel stiff.

Overtime, this can lead to shortened muscles and connective tissue that affects your posture, immunity and organ function — all of which can speed up aging and disability.

This session consists of a series of interactive movements, stretches and rhythmic massage along the body’s energy lines and pressure points.

It is a radically relaxing and deeply revitalizing form of energy-balancing bodywork, uniquely blending assisted yoga postures, stretches, breath techniques and traditional Thai massage techniques into a blissfully integrated experience.

Couples Yoga with Yoga Nidra
Couples yoga with a yogic relaxation session to help unblock stuck emotions and take you both through a more compassionate relationship with one another as well as a deeper connection to yourself and the world.

The program will include interactive yoga postures, stretching, breath work and yogic relaxation practice. Yoga Nidra is a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping, like the “going-to-sleep” stage.

You are exposed to inner awareness and brought to a place where you can communicate with the subconscious and the higher consciousness. The session leaves the body and mind relaxed and heightens one’s senses, especially those of hearing and feeling.

Part of the 600-acre estate is two beautiful, natural, soft sand beaches. There is an abundance of pristine coral reefs virtually surrounding the estate – the ideal vacation destination for honeymooners and romantics at large, those who love a great view , snorkelers, nature lovers, scuba divers, bird watchers, and all those who simply wish to get away from it all.

The Jade Mountain concierge is available at all times to arrange day excursions for JADE MOUNTAIN guests. A handful of carefully selected tour guides are available to share their wealth of information about the history and culture of our beautiful island.

Being situated in the southern part of the island, major sightseeing attractions such as the Rainforest, Botanical Gardens, Drive-In Volcano, and Sulphur Springs are all within easy reach.

There is deep sea fishing excursions, boat shopping trips to the capital, and hiking tours up Gros Piton mountain, to name a few. JADE MOUNTAIN guests have full access to all activities and facilities of Anse Chastanet. Some of the available facilities and services:

  • 2 soft sand beaches
  • Pristine coral reefs off shore for snorkeling and scuba diving
  • SCUBA ST. LUCIA PADI 5-Star resort scuba center with full diving program
  • BIKE ST. LUCIA Jungle Biking center with 50 top-of-the-line Cannondale mountain bikes
  • Coastal kayaking adventures with specialist Prijon Kayaks
  • Watersports including sunfish sailing, windsurfing, sit-on-top kayaks
  • Tennis
  • Day and sunset sailing on the resort yacht and Jazzy Sunset Cruise on our 60 ft resort catamaran Lucky T
  • Daily escorted walks and hikes
  • Cybex Fitness Studio
  • Visits to the resort organic farm Emeralds
  • Yoga and Fitness

JADE MOUNTAIN rises majestically above a 600-acre lush tropical resort estate of ANSE CHASTANET, considered to be one of the Caribbean’s most unique and scenically spectacular settings imaginable, near the St. Lucia’s famous Piton Mountains, a Unesco World Heritage Site.

Part of the 600-acre resort estate is two beautiful, natural, soft sand beaches with an abundance of pristine coral reefs right offshore.

The Anse Chastanet Beach is the quintessential Caribbean resort beach where guests can laze the day away on a cozy beach chair in the shade provided by a private beach hut while your every need is taken care of by our resort team.

Minted cool spray, towel service, fruit kebabs, and sorbet are all part of the daily beach experience. Should you be lured by the rhythmic waves rolling ashore, snorkeling and water sports are but a few paces away.

The resort’s second beach, Anse Mamin, is located to the north and can be reached by our complimentary Resort Shuttle Boats or a ten-minute stroll along the scenic coastline.

With a well-earned reputation as one of the most beautiful and exotic beaches on island, Anse Mamin is the perfect location for guests who desire a more laid back romantic atmosphere. With the rustic Jungle Beach Bar & Grill on hand, the resort team will ensure a memorable day is enjoyed by all.

Perfectly situated in the heart of St. Lucia’s world-renowned Marine Park, the resort’s dive operation, Scuba St. Lucia has established itself as one of the Caribbean’s top diving destinations.

The longest established dive center on island, Scuba St. Lucia is a PADI 5-Star Dive Resort, SSI Dive Resort Center, and DAN Partners in Dive Safety facility.

Located at the south end of the Anse Chastanet Beach, Scuba St. Lucia offers great diving and comprehensive facilities for divers of all levels as well as a complete range of training courses taught by one of the most experienced dive professionals in the region.

Perfectly set up for both beach and boat dives, Scuba St. Lucia offers modern and well maintained equipment, guests gear storage, a well equipped retail store and an Underwater Photo Center.

To Maximize diver safety and enjoyment, all dives offered by Scuba St. Lucia are guided by an experienced instructor and/or dive master. The Marine Park policy is to “look but don’t touch”.

Even empty shells should be left on the seabed and great care must be taken to not touch or kick the corals so our reefs diversity is preserved for future generations of marine life and divers enjoyment

The Diving

The Anse Chastanet reef starts just 15 meters beyond the water’s edge and can be enjoyed as a shore dive. The reef’s remarkable ecosystem offers an amazing profusion of unusual tropical marine life in 20 to 140 feet of calm, clear water.

The Anse Chastanet Reef, which is home to more than 150 different species of fish, makes for an amazing dive, day or night.

In the shallow areas be sure to keep your eyes open for peacock flounders, octopus, needlefish and turtles or drop down a little deeper over dense coral growth to see puffers, moray eels, parrot fish, lobsters, and even sea horses. It truly is a unique dive site for all abilities and especially good for macro photography.

The boat dives should also not be missed, these include the dramatic walls beneath the majestic Piton Mountains, Superman’s flight, a drift dive in the shadow of the Petit Piton, Coral Gardens and Jalousie under Gros Piton, Piton Wall, the wreck of the Lesleen M, Anse La Raye Wall, and Anse Cochon.

Closer to home for the afternoon boat trips but no less spectacular sites, divers can explore Fairyland, Turtle Reef, Grand Caille, Trou Diable, Pinnacles, and much more.

Night dives are offered twice weekly on Anse Chastanet’s Reef, which really comes alive at night with many interesting crustaceans on the move, large basket stars, sleeping parrot fish, octopus and squid, bioluminescence and the “THING”.

To more fully enjoy the exquisite tropical beauty of Anse Chastanet’s 600 acres, our surrounding west coast, or Saint Lucia’s central Rain Forest Reserve, Jade Mountain guests can enjoy an array of walking and hiking tours which provide an opportunity to experience first hand the magnificent scenery the island is famous for.

Many of these exclusive tours are led by trained Resort Guides who provide interesting information along the way. The most popular tour is the Anse Mamin Plantation Walk, which visits the lush coastal jungle adjacent to the resort’s second beach, Anse Mamin.

Guests are sure to be dazzled by our guide’s narrative on the ruins of an historic sugar plantation and a great variety of tropical foliage and birds. Other walks visit the higher mountainous sections of the resort and nearby communities or lead to the historic town of Soufriere.

Taking full advantage of the resort’s more than half mile of blue Caribbean waterfront on the calm leeward side of the island, a full array of enjoyable water sports activities are available to guests on a complimentary basis.

Our professionally trained Beach Attendant staff, located on the main beach, is delighted to assist with instructions on the use of the equipment. Included are stand up paddleboards, sit-on-top kayaks, windsurf boards, and Sunfish sail boats.

The equipment can be enjoyed throughout the entire expanse of Anse Chastanet Bay, including the area between our two beaches and in front of Anse Mamin, our second beach located to the north.

Home to the magical Piton Mountains, lush landscapes, unspoilt rainforests and palm-fringed beaches, Saint Lucia is the beautiful Caribbean island that has it all and more.

From a birding point of view, Saint Lucia is very accessible being just 27 miles long and 14 miles wide and is probably one of the most important of the Lesser Antilles as it holds six single island endemics.

Six endemic species
Saint Lucia has six endemic species, one of which is the islands national bird, the Saint Lucia Parrot (Amazona Veriscolor), a species that recovered from dangerously low population numbers in the early 1980s.

The other endemics are the Saint Lucia Pewee, Saint Lucia Warbler, Saint Lucia Oriole, Saint Lucia Black Finch and Semper’s Warbler. This gives Saint Lucia the distinction of having the highest number of endemic birds in the Eastern Caribbean region.

Saint Lucia Parrot
The Saint Lucia Parrot is about 42-46 cm (16.5-18 inches) in length. It inhabits the rainforest in the mountains of Saint Lucia. It feeds in the forest canopy on a wide variety of fruits, seeds and flowers. The parrot nests in the cavities of tall trees.

Saint Lucia Black Finch
The Black Finch is about 13-14 cm in length. It is found in both moist and dry forest areas. It forages in the leaf litter in dense understory. The finch usually nests in a spherical nest of twigs built in a low shrub or palm about 2m above ground.

Saint Lucia Pewee
The adult pewee grows to about 15 cm in length. It is quite common and resides mostly in moist forest, but is also found in dry forest areas. It perches low and sallies for insects. The pewee nests in a cup-shaped nest made of leaves and moss placed on a branch.

Saint Lucia Oriole
The adult oriole grows to about 22 cm in length. It is found in woodlands including dry and moist forest. It is uncommon and perhaps becoming scarcer. It feeds on insects, fruits, flowers and nectar. The oriole builds a nest sewn under a leaf or palm well above the ground.

Saint Lucia Warbler
The Warbler is about 12.5 cm in length. It is found in all forest types and at all altitudes. It forages for insects and spiders from leaves and twigs. It lays in a nicely woven, cup-shaped nest built in a tree about 1-5m above the ground.

Semper’s Warbler
The Semper’s Warbler is extremely rare or possibly extinct. The bird is about 14.5 cm in length. The plumage of the adults is dark grey at the upperparts and greyish white at the underparts. The last reliable sighting was in 1961.

There have been unconfirmed sightings in 1965, 1972, 1989, 1995 and 2003. The Saint Lucian species of the House Wren is considered by some as an endemic species (although this is not as yet widely accepted). Another Lesser Antillean endemic bird in Saint Lucia is the endangered White-Breasted Thrasher.

Kool Kayaking
Enjoy Kayak St. Lucia’s Kool Kayaking Adventure with our certified ACA (American Canoe Association) guides. Learn all the skills needed to enjoy adventure sports fastest growing activity… kayaking! See our kayaking team at Scuba St. Lucia for details.

Join us for a fantastic ocean kayaking experience on one of our five exciting kayak tour options. Whether you are a beginner paddler or a proficient sea kayaker we can offer options that will match your skill level and interests. On all tours you will paddle at your own pace for comfort and enjoyment.

You also have a choice of which type of kayak to use… sit-inside or sit-on-top models. For those who want a more serious coastal kayaking experience we do recommend using our Prijon sit-inside sea kayaks which feature rudders, ergonomic seats, and thigh braces.

Upon arrival, you are greeted by our professionally trained guide who will discuss your paddling goals and objectives. Once we have determined your kayak experience, we will custom create the tour experience just for you.

For first time participants, all five of our tours begin with an instruction session which includes an overview of the boats and all equipment needed to ensure a safe paddling experience on the water. We will set our boats up and learn the SEAL launch to get you out onto the beautiful Caribbean Sea.

Before departing, we will also go over decision making, balance, stroke technique and what to do if you capsize. With a new arsenal of paddling and safety skills in your repertoire, it’s time to explore!

Our basic and most popular tour option is Kayaking the Coast of Soufriere Bay. Donning our PFD’s, Personal Flotation Devices, your guide will lead you out and around Grand Caille Point and over one of our very popular dive sites, FAIRYLAND.

From there, you will continue to paddle along the coast to examine the weathered volcanic cliffs eventually reaching the famed bat cave and Hummingbird Beach at the north end of the Soufriere waterfront.

All along the way, you will be treated to great views of the twin peaks of the Pitons – a UNESCO World Heritage site – rising majestically out of the sea. A waterproof camera is a must!

Our most demanding and exhilarating kayaking option is the Paddle to the Pitons Tour that takes you across Soufriere Bay to Petit Piton to enjoy the spectacular views of the sheer mountain face rising vertically from the sea to a height of nearly one-half mile.

After exploring more of the magnificent coast you will land ashore to stretch your legs or perhaps take a relaxing swim. On the return journey you will have the option of following the bay coastline towards the town of Soufriere for some added sightseeing.

Our Fishing Villages & Beach Picnic tour allows you to explore the scenic coastline north of the resort. Once you’ve worked up a good appetite your guide will arrange for the delivery by boat of an excellent lunch prepared especially for you by our Anse Chastanet Resort chefs.

There are several scenic deserted beach options on which you can enjoy your Caribbean picnic. After lunch and a cooling swim, you will return at a leisurely pace to the resort.

For our more romantic guests we offer a Sunset Kayak Tour that departs later in the afternoon allowing you to enjoy a Caribbean sunset out on the sea.

And if birds are your interest there’s the Birdwatching Kayak Combo that focuses on the activities and nesting sites of a variety of seabirds that make the rugged cliffs in our area their home. This tour is best enjoyed early in the morning or in the late afternoon when the birds are in their nesting areas.

Jungle Biking
Experience the incredible beauty and rich visual texture of eco-friendly trails in a coastal tropical jungle like setting with ruins from an 18th century French plantation estate.

The unique trails, about 8 miles in all, are suitable for those new to off-road biking, but also include Tinker’s Trail, designed with 5 time world champion and 2 time Olympian Tinker Juarez, which challenges even the best of riders.

There are intermediate single tracks such as the roller coaster like Banja, French Wall and Bamboo Rock loops. The shaded trails can be ridden without sunglasses even on the sunniest day.

And on those days when the sunshine becomes “liquid,” the groomed trails are lots of fun. Besides, when was the last time you got to play in the mud? Bring your camera, though, it makes for great photos.

Best part, we clean the bikes. You can shower and change clothes in our dressing rooms before coming back to the hotel if you like. Look up through the tops of the trees, listen to the birds and bask in the realization that you’re in the middle of the jungle and not at work!

Or, if you prefer, make it a photo safari and hunt for wild orchids in the trees or just find a romantic secluded spot to enjoy the serenity of the moment.

First time rides are available daily. Check with the Adventure Desk at Scuba on the beach or call from Reception as to dates and times you want to ride and availability.

First time rides include Cannondale bike and Bell Helmet rental, and a guided ride to point out the various trails and features along the perimeter Green level trails. After that, we turn you loose to explore at your own pace and go wherever you want. Ride as long as you like.

Repeat Rides are available after first time rides any time of the day during normal business hours. You just need to remember your bike and helmet size. As you already know the trails, you can get your bike and set off where you like.

Jazzy Sunset Cruise
Cruise the blue Caribbean in comfort and style on a luxury catamaran with magnificent views of the resort, the coastline and the Pitons presented all along the way. The Jazzy Sunset Cruise departs the resort’s jetty on Thursdays at 4:00 or 4:30 p.m. depending on the time of year.

Step aboard and be welcomed with a rum punch, a true island favourite. Don’t forget the camera as we begin with a slow cruise north along the shoreline providing great views of the resort and exotic Anse Mamin Beach.

Sweeping west we head out to sea for panoramic vistas of our entire region. Enjoy the enticing sounds of on-board live music featuring a blend of romantic ballads, soulful rhythms and Caribbean favourites, creating a perfect ambiance as our staff serves canapés and drinks from the open bar all along the way.

Returning towards shore we drift below the Pitons; from the boat the majesty of the island’s iconic mountains can truly be appreciated. Attention soon turns westward as the sun drops to the sea with the promise of a colourful Caribbean sunset which, of course, is celebrated with a glass of Champagne.

As dusk unfolds the boat cruises leisurely back to the resort, which is now lit by a myriad of lights and beach torches.

Escorted Snorkel
Avid snorkelers can take advantage of our escorted boat snorkel trips to other snorkel locations in the region. For more information, please look at the Resort Shuttle Boat schedule in this booklet, or visit our Scuba Centre at the south end of the beach.

Anse Mamin Birdwatching
Anse Chastanet is fortunate to have one of the island’s best birdwatching locations right on the resort property within the Anse Mamin plantation, a lush coastal jungle with its 18th century plantation ruins.

The tour is designed for both novices and veteran birdwatchers. Interesting ancillary information about the old plantation and its existing flora and fauna are also presented.

The Emerald Estate Cacao Tree to Chocolate Bar Tour
In this class we would like to indulge you further into the world’s favorite aphrodisiac… chocolate. Our chocolate alchemists will host you on our Emerald Estate Cacao Tour to show you the complete cycle of Tree to Bar production.

We will discuss the history of chocolate in the Caribbean and the production process. To start off we will visit the Emerald Estate to witness the natural side of cacao including tasting raw cacao while discussing the fermentation, sun drying and polishing of the beans.

Then travel back to our own Chocolate Lab to elaborate on the technical part of making the perfect chocolate bar. This 2 hour guided experience takes you through cacao bean roasting, grinding and conching in the making of our chocolate to create the perfect snap and shine.

Along the way you will enjoy an invigorating cup of local cacao tea and our organic chocolate bars that range from 60% , 70 % and 92 % Bittersweet.. A complimentary Bar of Emerald Estate Organic Chocolate will be our treat to you as souvenir to take home.

Behind The Scenes at Jade Mountain
If you are interested to learn more about our sustainability efforts and get a glimpse of the “ back of house” then you will enjoy this property tour and lunch with our Property Manager and In-House environmental guru Carl Hunter.

The tour is available once weekly whenever possible. The tour focuses on the history of Jade Mountain’s environmental development and management of our precious water resources.

The tour begins with a welcome by Carl Hunter in the Jade Mountain Club and an overview of the pool concepts and continuous moving of 300,000 gallons of water through Jade Mountain. Then continue with a tour by vehicle of the Anse Mamin valley reservoir and catchment.

This allows you to follow the water story all the way up to the water production facility where 100% of the water for Jade Mountain is made and stored.

Looping back, guests will get to see the reed beds, a manmade wetlands project spanning 4 acres. These wetlands naturally filter the waste water generated by the resort and allow us to have zero waste discharge to the marine environment.

The tour of the facilities will end with lunch at the Jungle Grill on Anse Mamin beach (Optional/ lunch not included), where guests will have the option to further quiz Mr. Hunter and learn about the resorts sustainability activities and the environmental awards we have received in the process.

Sulphur Springs, Diamond Fall & Gardens and Emerald Estate
Visit the world’s only drive-in volcano, the Sulphur Springs, in route to the picturesque waterfall at the Diamond Falls & Botanical Gardens. As they are two of the island’s most popular tourist attractions we are fortunate they are so close to the resort making visiting an easy morning excursio.

The pools at the mineral baths are filled with therapeutic mineral-rich water which is naturally heated by the volcanic activity in the nearby Sulphur Springs region. Take along bathing suits for a soothing dip.

The rejuvenating powers of the water were recognised by the troops of Louis XIV who created the original mineral baths! From Diamond you will stop in at nearby Emerald Estate, which is owned and operated by the Anse Chastanet Resort who uses the property to grow a great variety of organic fruits and vegetables as well as a variety of herbs for use at the resort.

This tour operates four mornings a week, departing at 9:00 a.m. and returning around 12:30. Kindly be informed that this excursion does not include the mud baths experience. Private tours are available upon request so that you can enjoy the Sulphur Springs and Mud Baths at your own pace.

Diamond Mineral Baths & Diamond Waterfalls
Located east of town of Soufriere, these baths date back to 1784. Baron de Laborie, Govenor of St. Lucia, had these mineral waters analysed by the doctors of the French King Louis XVI.

As a consequence of their report on the nature of the water generally, and in particular as one of the springs was found to possess properties identical with Aix Les Bain, the King granted a considerable sum of money for the construction of baths for the use of His Majesty’s troops in the Windward Islands.

Sadly, shortly after the French Revolution, the baths were almost completely destroyed in 1795. Sir Dudley St. Leger Hill, Governor of St. Lucia, tried to restore the baths in 1836, but could never achieve this goal and the baths were only restored much later by Mrs Joan DuBoulay-Devaux.

She has not only restored the baths but has also transformed the adjoining gardens into a true ocean of flowers to everybody’s delight.

At the far end of the gardens you will find the lower Diamond River runs into the Sulphur Springs where the fresh clean water becomes heated to about 180’F, and saturated with minerals spewed from boiling craters.

The water then cascades through the very centre of the volcano then continues downstream. Along its route there are six waterfalls of various heights, one of the prettiest being the Lower Diamond Falls, it’s rock wall being splendidly coloured by the mineral content of the river water.

The upper Diamond Fall which unfortunately cannot be visited was used for a scene in the Hollywood movie Superman II. The tour guides stationed outside the Botanical Gardens are self-employed and would expect to be paid for their services.

Malgretoute Waterfall Walk
Departing from the Beach Bar at 10:00 a.m. on Mondays and Fridays, guests are transported by boat across Soufriere Bay to Malgretoute Beach at the base of Petit Piton. From there our Resort Guide will lead you on a leisurely walk up the hill to the Piton Warm Waterfall.

Don’t forget your swimwear so you can enjoy a relaxing dip in the volcanically warmed water. After returning to the beach our boat will pick you up for an enjoyable and scenic ride back to the resort arriving around noon. The Malgretoute Waterfall Walk includes a modest transportation surcharge.

Bouton to Anse Jabon Walk
Walking from the small community of Bouton to Anse Jabon offers some great sightseeing and a chance to enjoy the rural countryside. Departing from Porte Co-chere on Wednesdays at 9:00 a.m., participants are transported by taxi to the Bouton gap on the West Coast road where the guided walk begins.

The first part follows the Bouton road into the community center where you pick up a forest trail which weaves its way down to the Anse Jabon beach. Outstanding views of the Pitons and the Sulphur Springs volcano are had along the way.

The guide will point out a variety of interesting plants and with luck you may even get a view of the St. Lucian Parrot. You also will pass the foundation ruins of a very old estate which many claim to be the birth place of Josephine, Napolean’s wife.

The hike takes approximately 2 ½ hours. A modest transportation surcharge is applicable. Comfortable and strong footwear is recommended for this tour.

Pointe Seraphine Duty Free Shopping
Depart the resort on our power catamaran, Miss Babsie, and cruise north along the scenic Caribbean coastline passing the fishing villages of Canaries and Anse La Raye before entering scenic Marigot Bay for some great views of one of the most picturesque harbours in the Caribbean.

Then it’s on to Castries where you will enjoy some excellent views of the harbour, city waterfront and the surrounding hillsides which are rich in island history. You will disembark from the boat at the Pointe Seraphine Duty Free complex, St. Lucia’s premiere facility.

There’s plenty of time to enjoy the great variety of stores with everything offered at duty free savings. Jewelry, clothing, electronics, shoes and leather goods, children’s clothing, Caribbean art and craft products, gifts and souvenirs and many other items are featured.

Pointe Seraphine also offers options where you can enjoy a refreshing beverage or a light snack. You will then re-board the boat for the journey south returning to the resort by around 1:30 p.m. Don’t forget to take along your passports and airline tickets which are required for duty free shopping.

Zip Line Adventures
The zip-line adventure takes place on the east coast of St. Lucia in the heart of the rain forest at the beautiful Errard Estate. The 300-year-old estate was once a spice plantation, and it is full of fragrant nutmeg trees and abundant cocoa trees.

There is also an amazing river and waterfall. Upon arriving at the zip base, you will be given a safety briefing and then outfitted with harnesses, helmets and gloves. Then it is off for the fun part. Traverse a series of nine platforms, with the longest run being 700 feet with a 60-foot drop.

You don’t need to be the athletic type to enjoy this tour, but it isn’t recommended for pregnant women or people with back problems, and the setup cannot accommodate anyone weighing more than 250 pounds.

Sea and Land Tour
Leave Anse Chastanet by sea along St. Lucia’s scenic Caribbean coastline and return by land via the dramatic Atlantic coast. Depart Anse Chastanet at 8:30 a.m by boat for Castries. You will see deserted beaches and beautiful bays as well as charming fishing villages scattered along the coast.

Upon meeting your air-conditioned taxi you will be taken to various sights north of Castries such as the Point Seraphine Duty Free Shopping Complex and the beautiful Pigeon Island National Park.

You will also pass through the Rodney Bay area – host to the famous ARC yacht race (Atlantic Rally for Cruisers) which begins in Spain’s Canary Islands and finishes in St. Lucia. After Pigeon Island you will be ready for lunch at Jacque’s Restaurant, long known as one of the island’s finest.

The tour continues across the interior Rain Forested mountains to the east coast with its spectacular rugged features which are dramatically different from the Caribbean side of the island. It is a long day, but worth it if you want to see as much of our island as possible.

Your journey down the East Coast Road will include a stop at Mamiku Gardens. Upon reaching the town of Vieux Fort on St. Lucia’s southern tip, you will enjoy excellent views of the Maria Islands and Moule a Chique with its lighthouse perched atop the 600 foot rugged cliff.

Traveling north up the West Coast Road you will visit Balembouche Estate for a fresh local juice before heading home to Anse Chastanet through the beautiful Choiseul countryside. This is a full day tour in which you will see the best of the island by boat and land transport.

Saturday’s Castries/Marigot Bay Shopping Trip by Water Taxi “Moby Dick”
The water tax, “Moby Dick,” leaves Anse Chastanet at 9:00 a.m. Upon your arrival at the Castries harbour the boat Captain will take on a brief walking tour of the town center, which will include a stroll through the famous Castries Market.

You will then re-board the boat to cross the harbour to the Pointe Seraphine Duty Free Shopping complex. On the return cruise south you will venture in to Marigot Bay where you can select from a number of restaurants to have lunch.

The tour returns to Anse Chastanet between 2:30 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. depending on whether or not you wish to have lunch at Marigot Bay. Don’t forget to take along your passports and airline tickets which are required for duty free shopping. Note: the price of lunch is not included in this package.

Rhythm Of Rum Tour
Caribbean Experience – this tour provides in-depth information on the production of rum and offers the opportunity to taste the different rums and liqueurs produced.

A forty-five minute drive from Anse Chastanet takes you to Roseau Valley where St.Lucia Distillers, the only rum-making factory in St.Lucia, is nestled into the vast banana fields.

The tour begins at the Orientation Center with its quayside theme where you meet your guide and will learn about the history of the Roseau Valley, one of St.Lucia’s long time agricultural centers. Here are some highlights of the tour:

  • A ten minute video presentation of the story of rum in St. Lucia and how it is produced.
  • A 3 dimensional (3D) display in the actual distillery section, along with a short narration on the involvement of sugar cane in the production of rum.
  • The opportunity to view a “pot still” work. The pot still is made of clear glass where you will be able to view the process in clear details.
  • Coopers Workshop where rum barrels are mended and a display of cooper’s tools, past and present. A re-creation of a village scene, with local rum shops and display on local village life.
  • Distillery’s “aging bond” where you are informed of the aging process, and there will be three examples of rum on display in gallon bottles, where you can sample the smell and see the varying ambers aging can create. Then a fun visit to the “hen house” where you view another 3D display of a mongoose attacking a snake.
  • The most popular rum of the Island is “Bounty Rum” also known as the “Spirit of St.Lucia” and to keep with this spirit you will be led to the Carnival Section to experience another spirit of St. Lucia. You will hear pulsating Caribbean music and will be given the opportunity to enjoy informative displays on Carnival as well as to be able to see a variety of past carnival costumes. There will be an 8-minute 3D display to afford you to experience calypso music with our local calypsonians, which is an integral part of our Carnival celebration.

The final stage of your tour is the “Rhythm Bar” which a variety of displays including a 3D market vendor with her exotic fruits and spices, which go into some of our internationally recognized and award winning rum and liqueurs.

You will also be given the opportunity to participate in the tasting of all the products made and blended (in excess of 20) at the distillery. The “Rhum Shoppe” is a walk away from the bar, where purchases can be made at ex factory prices. Tour is approximately an hour and ten minutes long.

After the tour your driver will take you to Marigot Bay to meet with your Boat Captain for your return trip to the resort via water taxi. You depart Marigot at 1:00 pm to arrive at Anse Chastanet approximately 40 minutes later.

Piton Climbing
Climbing Gros Piton is a strenuous challenge and should be undertaken only by very fit and experienced hikers. You depart Anse Chastanet at 6.30 a.m. and begin your tour at “Fond Gens Libres” which is translated as “village of the free people”, a forty-five minute drive from Anse Chastanet. Upon arrival you will be met by the Gros Piton guides.

As you set off you will encounter the rare birds and wildlife that find sanctuary in this rugged and somewhat remote part of the island. The St. Lucian Wren, St. Lucia Oriole, St. Lucia Black Finch and the Red Neck Pigeon are just some of the rare bird species that will add to your experience along the trail.

You will also notice changes in vegetation which are quite obvious as you proceed to the summit. Transitions range from an arid deciduous woodland along the coast, to broad middle zone rainforest and an upper mountain zone of Elfin woodland and wind-swept dwarf forest.

The first half of the trail involves climbing over large rocks as the trail starts gradually in a gentle slope where the Caribbean and the village at Choiseul can be seen to the south. The second half of the trail involves a steep ascent to the Gros Piton summit and is intended for the more adventurous hiker.

This climb is approximately 3 to 4 hours round trip. If you make it to the top, which is 2,619 feet above sea level, you will have climbed one of St. Lucia’s national landmarks. The Pitons and the surrounding area have been designated as a World Heritage site.

You may find that the steep descent will be especially hard on your knees; take it slow and be cautious along the way.

This tour is available upon request Monday through Sunday. It is strongly suggested that you carry water along the trail. Suitable hiking shoes and appropriate clothing are also recommended.

Bookings must be made by 4.00 p.m. the day before. The tour may be subject to cancellation due to inclement weather as a matter of safety. The meeting point is Porte Co-chere at 6.30 a.m. You will return to Anse Chastanet between noon and 1.00 p.m.

St Lucia’s Dolphin & Whale Watching Experience
The Whale Watching tour goes out on a comfy 52 foot catamaran. When whales are encountered the engines are cut, the sail unfurled and the hydrophone dropped into the water to allow guests to hear the calls and singing of the magnificent sea mammals.

The following is a list of whales and dolphins to be seen off the coast of St. Lucia. They can be seen for the most part of the year, although the month of December to March may be more productive for sperm whale bulls.


Grow to 69 feet. Have a large head, 1/4 to 1/3 of total length. Its blunt square snout projects beyond the lower jaw. A single blow hole is located left forward of its head. It has short flippers, with a dorsal fin far forward on its back.


Grow to 23 feet. It is black overall with a thick bulbous head. It has short flippers, with a dorsal fin far forward on its back.


Grow to 53 feet. It is thick and robust narrowing to the tail; with black coloring and white belly.


Grow to 7 feet. It is gray in color with long slender beak. This mammal has an erect triangular dorsal fin. It swims in large herds and is known to leap clear of water rotating around its longitudinal axis.


Grow to 12 feet. Its coloring is dark gray barks to white bellies with a short defined beak. The dorsal fin is on the center of the back. It rides bow waves and wakes of boats. Feeding on fish, squids, shrimps and crabs it uses echo-location to hunt prey.

Deep Sea Fishing
Anse Chastanet and Jade Mountain offer the best in Sport Fishing with veteran professional operators that take you out on the blue waters of the Caribbean off the island’s west coast. 4, 6 and 8 hour tours are available and it’s your choice… join a party or lay back on your own private excursion. All fishing tours begin with pick up at the Anse Chastanet jetty.

A variety of boats are available starting with a 38 foot Bertram with an air conditioned cabin which can comfortably hold up to 6 guests. Also available is Natural Mystic, a 31’ Bertram which is also fitted with the highest quality professional gear.

For a more spacious option that will comfortably hold groups of up to 20, a 38 foot Newton or 46 food Bertram can be selected. All charters include beer, soft drinks and bottled water. Food is provided on the full-day tours upon request.

All boats are fully equipped with onboard toilets and comfortable shaded and sunny seating areas. A chair rotation system is always in place for fairness.

A great variety of fish species are regularly caught in the seas surrounding St. Lucia YEAR ROUND but some have peak seasons in which they are more commonly taken:

  • Blue Marlin Oct – June
  • Yellowfin Tuna Dec – May
  • Big Eye Tuna Dec – May
  • Dorado Dec – June
  • Wahoo Dec – June
  • Blackfin & Skipjack Tuna Dec – June
  • Other species caught include White Marlin, Spearfish, Kingfish, Barracuda, Bonito Tuna and Mackerel.

Tet Paul Nature Trail
For guests who wish to enjoy from up high the majestic beauty of the world’s most famous pair of mountains – but don’t wish to do any serious hiking or climbing – the Tet Paul Nature Trail is for you.

Traveling by taxi you will pass through the town of Soufriere to a small mountain top community in the nearby countryside. The Tet Paul Nature Trail, which is approximately ½ mile in length, affords an easy stroll through the cool air in the midst of St. Lucia’s World Heritage site.

Great views of both Gros Piton and Petit Piton, the island’s southern region and the blue Caribbean below abound. And of course there is plenty of natural beauty along the trail which requires a modest level of fitness and exertion.

After leaving Tet Paul the taxi will return via scenic back roads passing through the Rain Forest community of Fond St. Jacques. Plenty of interesting sightseeing and photo opportunities are presented all along the way.

Explorer Tour
For those who want to see it ALL! A tour all around the island by taxi for the guest who does not mind getting off the ‘beaten path’ and desires to see the “real” St. Lucia. It’s a long and tiring trip, but worth it if you are truly determined. Along the way, you will enjoy lunch at Jacques, an island favourite.

Morne Coubaril
A crown land grant in Soufriere was made to the Devaux family in Martinique by Louis XIV about the year 1713. Three Devaux brothers came over to claim their rights to approximately 2000 acres of land. As the family grew larger the land was divided into smaller estates.

The estate was damaged in the terrible hurricane of 1780, but was rebuild. Morne Coubaril was one of the few estates spared by the Brigands during the French Revolution. The Devaux family owned the land for nearly 250 years until the last owner sold it in 1960.

The most important crop was sugarcane, later taken over by cotton, cocoa and coffee. In 1960, Donald Monplaisir became the new owner of MORNE COUBARIL ESTATE with 200 acres of land and he continued the agriculture production.

He considered the plantation as something to protect and he refused to sell parts of the property. When he died in 1993, the family agreed that one of his sons, Ralph Monplaisir, would be put in charge of the estate.

In 1994, Ralph started his project to preserve the traditions in the spirit of agricultural life on the estate and created the unique opportunity to experience life a century ago on a plantation.

The Enbas Saut Waterfall Trail
The Enbas Saut Falls Trail is a 4 km trail which passes through one of the most remote, wild and unbelievably scenic parts of the island.

The trek features a combination of Rain Forest, Cloud Forest and Elfin Woodlands as well as a chance opportunity to enjoy our local wildlife including the elusive St. Lucia Parrot (Amazona Versicolor), St. Lucia Oriole, St. Lucia Black Finch, Blue Hooded Euphonia, or Mountain Whistler.

The hilly terrain of Piton Canarie, Piton Troumassee and Mount Gimie are viewed along the way. Enbas Saut, when translated to English, means “below the falls”. This trail is most famous for its two cascading waterfalls and pools at the head of the Troumassee river.

Guest pick up is at 8:00 a.m. at Porte Co-chere. You will reach Edmond Forest Entrance by Fond St. Jacques where the guide will await you at the entrance. Soft drinks are included. Take your bathing suit and towels if you wish to get under the falls! It is most definitely invigorating!

Enbas Saut is a challenging and strenuous hike and should be attempted only by those with an above average fitness level. Comfortable and strong footwear is recommended!

Segway Tour
Located in the heart of Rodney Bay Village, the island’s centre of tourist activity, the tour features some great sightseeing allowing our guests to enjoy more of St. Lucia’s charm and beauty. The tour departs Anse Chastanet by boat for a cruise up the scenic west coast.

The fishing villages of Canaries and Anse La Raye, as well as the beautiful harbour of Marigot Bay, are passed along the way. At the island’s capital, Castries, you will be met by a land taxi for transfer to Rodney Bay passing many resorts and other interesting sights on the easy journey north.

Upon arrival you will be given instruction on riding your personal Segway on the Practice Track before venturing off. The trail takes you along the beach before heading up the mountain which is perched over the southern edge of Rodney Bay.

Your tour guide will provide interesting information along the way as you enjoy views of the busy northern tourist hub. The view from the top is truly spectacular and having a camera is a must.

Helicopter Tour
Anse Chastanet Resort is fortunate indeed to be the only resort in Saint Lucia to have its own helipad which provides our guests a convenient and very scenic option for airport transfers as well as a great tour option to view our magnificent scenery from above.

Our 30 minute exclusive Helicopter Tour departs from the Jade Mountain Helipad providing participants the ultimate views of the entire island including visiting the Rodney Bay, Cas en Bas, Grand Anse Beach, Marigot Bay, the Sulphur Springs volcano and the world famous Pitons, Saint Lucia’s iconic mountain pair.

All along the way the pilot will provide interesting and informative commentary. The tour schedule is flexible but the morning generally offers clearer visibility conditions and better availability. Booking in advance is required and can be done at the Concierge/Guest Services desks..

Horseback Riding

Saint Lucia is fortunate to have several professional horseback riding operations which offer guide led rides on well-kept and trained horses.

As the operations are located at different parts of the island each offers its own unique experience for both the riding and the sightseeing afforded to participants in travelling to get there. Several operations include riding on a beach and into the sea, which riders enjoy almost as much as the horses!

Our Guest Services staff are delighted to provide details for all of the options to ensure a most enjoyable experience for our guests.


The St. Lucia Golf & Country Club in Cap Estate welcomes non-members. The 18 hole course is located in the very north of the island and we usually recommend a water-land taxi combination to get there. Please receive further details from our Guest Services or Concierge Desks.

GRENADINES – Day Excursion by Plane and Boat

For guests who wish to visit our beautiful neighbor to the The following excursions are available subject to confirmation. Should any of these trips interest you, please enquire at Guest Services. Excursions Available On Request south, we offer a great excursion to do so.

The tour starts with an early morning taxi to the G.F.L. Charles Airport in the north of the island. Guests then board the plane for a 20 minute fight along the west coast of St. Lucia and the east coast of St. Vincent to arrive at the Grenadine Islands.

You will have a bird’s eye view of the islands of Bequia, Mustique and many others before landing at Canouan.

After a short taxi ride you will board the luxury yacht for a 6 hour cruise over the famous turquoise waters visiting beautiful islands with incredibly white sandy beaches on the way to the world famous Tobago Cays Marine Park that features incredible swimming and snorkeling.

The excursion includes a onboard Champagne breakfast, sumptuous buffet island lunch, all-day bar and snorkeling equipment.

ATV Tour

On this tour guests depart the resort via land taxi for the scenic journey south into the beautiful countryside of Choiseul south of Soufriere. The excursion offers 2 hours of great riding on maintained trails and 4-wheel tracks crossing streams and visiting two out of the way beaches.

The tour is guide led and done at modest speeds ensuring an enjoyable and safe experience for all. Before venturing out driving instruction is provided to learn proper techniques for steering, reversing and passing over modest ruts, limbs, etc, that might be encountered on the trails.

ATV’ing is a great way to see Saint Lucia’s beautiful countryside.

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Rooms: 20
Price: from 989 EUR per night


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