La Posta Vecchia Hotel Ladispoli

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La Posta Vecchia Hotel Ladispoli
La Posta Vecchia Hotel Ladispoli
La Posta Vecchia Hotel Ladispoli
La Posta Vecchia Hotel Ladispoli
La Posta Vecchia Hotel Ladispoli
La Posta Vecchia Hotel Ladispoli
La Posta Vecchia Hotel Ladispoli
La Posta Vecchia Hotel Ladispoli
La Posta Vecchia Hotel Ladispoli
La Posta Vecchia Hotel Ladispoli

Are you dreaming of a secluded place far way from the city’s clamour to spend some time with your loved ones or just to enjoy the peace of the nature and the sea?

La Posta Vecchia, our exclusive seaside villa for rent near Rome, surrounds you with the warmth and intimacy of a private home, together with the comfort of a luxury hotel and the elegance of an ancient villa by the sea, rich of treasures and artworks from the Roman and Reinassance eras.

If you are dreaming of waking up in sumptuous beds and in rooms that take you back in time, walking surrounded by tapestries and Roman busts, admiring the sun shining on the sea and having lunch on precious marble tables with a trained and professional staff at your complete disposal.

Since Roman imperators discovered the pleasures of this special location by the Thyrennian Sea, it has been favoured by all who can choose, from J Paul Getty to our many loyal guests. La Posta Vecchia is 18 miles to the airport and 24 miles to the centre of Rome, which our guests frequently enjoy for day trips.

La Posta Vecchia is an intriguing witness to Italian history. A ‘voluptuous seaside resort’ favoured by Roman imperators, a Renaissance villa for the noble Orsini family and home to John Paul Getty a billionaire who filled it with Italian art treasures.

Finally with typical Italian passion, Roberto Sciò who confesses to a love affair with beauty, found La Posta Vecchia irresistible and made it his family home. This rich history has been captured by todays your host, daughter of Roberto and creative director and Italy’s contemporary tastemaker Marie-Louise Sciò.

La Posta Vecchia balances the Baroque exuberance of a Fellini film with her renowned artful elegance. So guests live in refined style above Roman mosaics and ancient artefacts.

Your room is majestic, furnished by someone who takes a deep pleasure in beautiful art and historic pieces, indeed it was the room of a man who could afford anything in the world.

Here a 16th century Venetian chest, there a 17th century armchair from Northern Italy, on the table a four hundred year old decorative case with an inlay depicting the Judgement of Solomon, walls hung with Meissen porcelain, floors swathed in rich woven carpets.

The sea is presented through the suite’s handsomely framed windows, as if commanded ‘Canute-like’ by the occupant. The bathroom has a rich Renaissance atmosphere with antiqued mirrors, lantern lights, ornate copper taps, and all is fitted to contemporary excellence.

A splendid suite belonging to Getty and his mistress, a wealth of history, art and decadence. Today guests live in equal splendour amidst fine pieces from the collection such as a 17th century De Rosi map of Lazio, a similar period marbled table from Naples and an exquisite ornate hand-crafted bed. Reclining one seems to float into the sea views that soothed hearts and minds since Caesar rested at this Rome retreat.

Two marbled staircases frame the gorgeous bathroom. An extravagantly deep pink bath is reflected in seductive detail across the room in an ornate mirror.

Views are either over the Tyrrhenian or Italian gardens. Interiors are aristocratic, fine sheets spill over your legs like a waterfall, antiques and masterpieces abound, a 17th century Madonna or an 18th century depiction of a Rome carnival.

Bathrooms combine a small cave of Carrera marble with opulent furnishings; an exquisite glass and silver table, brass swan fittings and vast stone fireplaces are mirrored in antiqued glass.

Beneath the terrace gentle seas lap the palazzo walls, the same seductive view since sunlight glinted off Caesar’s laurel crown. Tables are simply dressed in white linen and minimum glassware, giving centre stage to the gourmet cuisine of La Posta Vecchia’s culinary maestro, Antonio Magliulo.

Chef Antonio believes, ‘We must be able to eat a dish with our eyes closed and understand everything without looking, where each flavour has its own moment’, a promise immediately fulfilled with a perfect pillow of homemade bread in a crusty case and the most delicately aromatic olive oil.

And so the tour de force begins as he does astonishing things with sea bass, baby squid and crab, Piemontese beef and pioppini mushrooms, or pink breast of pigeon with black salsify.

Every day Chef Antonio is delighted to discover some special ingredients which he presents with gusto for his guests, it may be a white truffle or a courgette flower from his garden, close your eyes to taste the essence of Cesar, La Posta Vecchia restaurant.

Learn to create a two course Italian lunch and then enjoy the fruits of your new found expertise. Chef Antonio Magliulo will stroll with you through La Posta Vecchia’s bountiful vegetable and herb gardens selecting fresh produce to accompany something special from the market.

He will share his rich knowledge and together you will prepare a two course lunch. The class will be tailored to your interest and ability, either something from the Cesar menu or an authentic Italian dish you would like to replicate at home, perhaps Antonio’s perfect Pasta Pomodoro, making the pasta by hand.

Gourmet Chef Antonio Magliulo has many passions, his vegetable garden, his truffle supplier, he is in love with wine, but a perfect tomato can send him into raptures.

Antonio has worked at La Posta Vecchia since 2011, where he has free rein to achieve the gastronomic heights his guests demand. In his own time his passion is perfecting Pasta Pomodoro, for which, like everything he cooks, he demands the absolute best ingredients.

Antonio is always very attentive to local products but if he sees something truly special, he is going to buy it for his guests be that Icelandic cod or Ronce oysters. For his Pomodoro he goes to Campania for tomatoes, Puglia for flour, and uses only egg yolks in his pasta dough.

Inevitably there are many extra egg whites, these are transformed into delectable macaroons found in jars around the hotel for guests to nibble anytime.

Back to the Pomodoro, Antonio says the tomatoes must rest after cooking and the pasta goes into the tomatoes, never the other way round, he is fierce on these small details, which is what makes him a superb chef and La Posta Vecchia a truly fine Italian restaurant.

La Posta Vecchia is a rare palazzo, a museum of antiquities, a gallery of art, and a destination for leisurely days by the sea. We offer you our private Beach Club, beauty centre and sports, for active mornings and lazy afternoons.

Swing in our garden hammock, Lampedusa’s work in your lap, and listen to birdsong as melodic as a Boccherini chorus. Stroll from topiary to tennis courts, and stride from fitness trail to pool.

Put body, mind and spirit in the hands of our massage therapists and let stress drift away on the flickering candlelight and scented air.

Pompeii and Caesar were first among the elite to recognize the cool and calmer atmosphere of this corner of the Thyrennian coast. Our stone pool has reflections of Roman decadence, surrounded by glass with sunlight playing on the water’s ripples.

As you glide through the water you can gaze across the wide seas, like some Romanesque beauty anticipating someone’s return. Our Beach Club is open to non-resident guests in our “Treat for a day” programme, including a welcome cocktail, access to our pool with sea front terrace, the calidarium and the tennis court.

The delicious soul of La Posta Vecchia, somewhere to recapture that elusive balance of body, mind and spirit. Our therapists are not just adept at applying luxurious treatments but seek out each individual’s needs of the moment, relieving stress, relaxing minds, breathing fresh air and energy into your body.

Our director of wellness understands that ‘Beauty treatments are like your food, you should nurture your complexion with pure ingredients’.

Barbara follows what she terms a farm to spa concept using both the refined organic range Santa Maria Novella of Firenze and ingredients from La Posta Vecchia’s verdant gardens, such as romatic plants, lavander, fruits and vegetables with nourishing, moisturizing, purifying, anti-oxidant properties, combined with oat flour, honey and olive oil.

Santa Maria Novella have been creating natural beauty products since 1612, they cultivate their ingredients on 15,000 sqm gardens above Florence; where lotions are made from iris, rose and broom to refresh, peppermint to soothe and aloe vera to replenish. All applied with sensitive healing hands at our beauty centre.

A rare combination of decadent indulgence and healthy lifestyle.By the helipad we have a floodlit tennis court, with rackets and balls available at the hotel. There is a keep fit trail for press ups and roll downs; guests can trim up abs, backs and biceps with a personal trainer.

Our garden has a circuit of camellia lined trails, and we offer you complimentary bicycles to tour the grounds or beyond our wrought iron gates.

The Day Club is beneath the ramparts of our palazzo, it has parasols, loungers and attendants to find you a crushed iced cocktail or serve lunch on the sands. Dinghy sailing, windsurfing, kayaks and paddle boards are all available from our private beach.

We offer you an extraordinary location with historic style; romantic enough for a Renaissance princess, rare enough for Pompeii and his peers, rich enough for J Paul Getty. Our palazzo has been sought out by all who can choose the most privileged setting.

We invite you to join the exclusive set for a celebration or business retreat at La Posta Vecchia Villa Rome. Our five star luxury hotel is available for intimate private occasions or can be reserved in its entirety for your exclusive event.

Celebrate nuptials in gorgeous style, sunlight and candlelight glance across historic riches in our Renaissance Palazzo by Rome’s Thyrennian Sea. Garden lunches served beneath muslin shades and evening gastronomy by the sea illuminated by blazing sunsets. Party in the library where bass notes bounce off 17th century tapestries and works from the Getty art collection.

For a completely rare celebration invite your closest friends to dine in our Roman excavations, surrounded by 124 BC mosaics and amphorae. Our beauty centre will prepare couples, promoting balance and harmony for these exhilarating days.

Suites are lavishly romantic in a Felliniesque style, satin soft sheets spill off canopied beds draped in velvets, bathrooms have stone hearths, antiqued mirrors reflect rare paintings and prints.  There are 19 rooms and suites, and you can reserve the entire villa for your exclusive celebration.

Bring your colleagues and clients to this seaside villa for an extraordinary experience. From the moment of arrival the impression is made, whether by helicopter landing on our manicured lawns or driving through wrought iron gates up the winding drive.

The Reception opens onto a magnificent view framed by two imposing marble busts of Vespasian and Agrippa, indeed each of our 19 rooms and suites is a small museum of art. It is possible to retain the entire villa for your exclusive use.

Our meeting space in the top turret is fresh with sunlight and can host 70 delegates, there are two breakout rooms on the same floor, reserving them ensures you are entirely private. You can also reserve the richly decorated reception rooms: Camino, Piranesi and Getty, individually or together.

As you enter La Posta Vecchia you are presented with a glorious 17th Century tapestry, dignified marble busts of Roman emperors Flavio Vespasiano and Agrippa, and an antiquarian map by Giovanni Battista Piranesi one of the greatest printmakers in the world.

This is a taste of the magnificent furnishings that adorn every wall and room of La Posta Vecchia, a collection made by Getty with his art historian Federico Zeri. Guests are invited to live in elegant style amongst some five hundred treasures, just as the private collection was intended.

During Getty’s restoration of La Posta Vecchia, a Roman villa dating back to the 2nd century BC was revealed. First in the gardens, where the ruins remain open to nature and our guests, then beneath the Renaissance foundations.

The Archaeological Authority carried out excavation work, discovering ancient walls, colourful mosaics, African and Greek marble as well as an array of plate, amphorae and ampules. Today our guests have a private view of these valuable discoveries in La Posta Vecchia’s museum on the lower ground floor.

Built by the Etruscans between the 7th and 3rd Centuries BC, this is a fascinating and atmospheric sight with tombs lining narrow paths and streets over 10 hectares.

There are around 400 tombs varying in structure, each constructed with creativity and care, stone beds are carved with pillows and walls feature painted reliefs.

The intrepid can enter tombs with a torch. Around 20 minutes from La Posta Vecchia. It is also possible to make this visit on horseback, riding out from Ranch Ferretti, and onwards for a picnic by waterfalls.

Touring Lazio’s larder from vineyards to cheesemakers. The rich Lazio soil provides a bounty of epicurean delicacies; wine, cheese, olive oil and honey.

The vineyards at Casale Cento Corvi, Furbara are among the best in Italy: the land is rich in minerals, hills surround the vineyards protecting them against cold and wind, they have been worked for generations by The Collacciani family.

Beyond prestigious wines, production includes olives, patè, extra virgin olive oil and honey. 15 minutes from La Posta Vecchia. La Rasenna, Ladispoli has established itself as a major contributor through the energy of young oenologist Francesco Gambini.

He is exploring with cultivars which have not yet been used in this area such as the Petit Verdot and Syrah for red wines, and white grape varieties like Sauvignon and Vermintino. La Rasenna also produces Grappa, olive oil and honey. 10 minutes from La Posta Vecchia

At L’Isola del Formaggio, Bracciano, Sergio and Marina Pitzalis offer an insight into the work of traditional dairy artisans. Their pure flock of sheep feed on natural barley and oats, and in the summer months graze on the richest meadows of the Abruzzi highlands in the Sirente-Velino Park.

Taste these outstanding flavours of Italy, Pecorino cheese, Caciocavallo and their famous Ricotta di Bracciano. 25 minutes from La Posta Vecchia

Engaging guides will fascinate with depths of knowledge from architecture to art. We will transform your experience with expert knowledge on your personal area of interest be that the Sistine Chapel with Raphael and Michelangelo’s masterpieces, or The Borghese Gallery, home to magnificent Titians and Corregios.

If you wish we can concentrate on the works of Caravaggio alone, from alterpieces in the Cerasi Chapel to the grand picture galleries of noble family collections such as Palazzo Barberini.

We could focus on Ancient Rome, the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, thermal baths and the Appian way, or an architectural period, journeying through the city to see sculptures, fountains and facades by masters of the Baroque, Gianlorenzo Bernini and Francesco Borromini.

More exhilarating might be to see Rome from the sky, taking off from La Posta Vecchia, a helicopter will whisk you over the major sights; the colosseum, the Vatican and St Peter’s dome all quite spectacular from above.

Relax with watersports from our private beach or a range of country pursuits. Marina di San Nicola is just few minutes away from La Posta Vecchia, with windsurfing, and dinghy sailing on the Thyrennian. Hire your own boat or board, or we can arrange lessons.

Equestrians will enjoy Ranch Ferretti, in Cerveteri, with hacking in the countryside up to the necropolis and if you wish, a ride onto Braccio di Mare waterfalls for a picnic. Stable staff will always assess your level for safety and it is possible to have lessons first.

The nearest golf course is Parco de Medici, a rather beautiful and technically challenging 18-Hole Weiss-Blau Course, with water hazards, it is approximately 35 minutes from La Posta Vecchia.

Two further golf clubs are approximately 50 minutes from the hotel, Olgiata with an 18 hole West Course which is more undulating and slightly less challenging, and the prestigious Country Club Tarquinia with a fairly easy 9 hole course.

Rooms: 19
Price: from 418 EUR per night


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