Le Tikehau by Pearl Resorts

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Le Tikehau by Pearl Resorts - French Polynesia
Le Tikehau by Pearl Resorts - French Polynesia
Le Tikehau by Pearl Resorts - French Polynesia
Le Tikehau by Pearl Resorts - French Polynesia
Le Tikehau by Pearl Resorts - French Polynesia
Le Tikehau by Pearl Resorts - French Polynesia
Le Tikehau by Pearl Resorts - French Polynesia
Le Tikehau by Pearl Resorts - French Polynesia
Le Tikehau by Pearl Resorts - French Polynesia
Le Tikehau by Pearl Resorts - French Polynesia
Le Tikehau by Pearl Resorts - French Polynesia
Le Tikehau by Pearl Resorts - French Polynesia

Le Tikehau by Pearl Resorts is the authentic Polynesian sanctuary you have been dreaming of, a confetti of simplicity on one of the most beautiful atolls in the Tuamotu Archipelago. Relaxation and meditation, or discovery and activities: this lagoon at the end of the world is the blank page from which you can write the most beautiful journey.

In the unspoiled natural setting of a private coral islet, its 37 suites and bungalows make the Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort the only boutique hotel in the Tuamotu, combining intimacy and warmth.

Located on motu Tiano, a 15-minute boat ride from the village, Le Tikehau by Pearl Resorts reveals itself in the ocean’s infinite shades of blue. Behind the pink sand beach, the wild coconut grove hides a beautiful tropical garden. You will feel transported right away in this world of exotism and serenity.

Le Tikehau by Pearl Resorts is set on one of the many pink-sand motu (islets) that make up the atoll, in the luminous greenery of a wild coconut grove. The resort features a one-bedroom villa with its private swimming pool, 24 Overwater Suites and Bungalows, and 12 Beach Bungalows.

Built with palm roofs, in the Polynesian tradition, they all feature air-conditioning and/or fans, a television set, a safe and a tea and coffee set. The Overwater Bungalows and Suites give you an unrivaled view of the underwater fauna through what we call “Tahitian TV”: the glass table or glass floor section of those units over the lagoon.

At the heart of the resort and by the side of the infinity pool, the Tianoa Bar and the Poreho Restaurant offer tropical cocktails and exquisite, island-inspired cuisine. You will discover the water paradise that is Tikehau, on and underwater: snorkeling, kayak and outrigger canoe, sunset cruise and picnics, visit of the village or scuba diving.

The Tāvai Spa will introduce you to taurumi, the ancestral Polynesian art of massage, with plant-based products and 100% natural monoi.

On the turquoise lagoon, or on the pink sand, what will you choose? Le Tikehau by Pearl Resorts offers 12 Beach Bungalows, 9 Overwater Bungalows, 7 Premium Overwater Bungalows, 8 Overwater Suites and 1 one-bedroom Beach Villa with private pool.

Each of them is built in traditional Polynesian style, giving pride of place to natural materials such as bamboo and teak, as well as niau (weaved coconut palm fronds), the islands’ symbolic material.

All bungalows at Le Tikehau by Pearl Resorts are very spacious (suites range from 590 to 1,000 square feet, while the villa is 1,290 square feet), most of them feature air conditioning and all are equipped with ceiling fans, a private deck, a minibar, a tea and coffee set, and satellite TV.

Nested in a quiet corner of the resort, directly on the long pink-sand beach, this large one-bedroom tropical villa is perfect for families who need quality time together, or couples looking for ultimate privacy.

Ideally located at the far end of the pontoon for optimal intimacy, the Premium Overwater Bungalows feature glass tables and a direct access to the crystal-clear lagoon. They are not air-conditioned but benefit from the lovely fresh marine breeze most of the year.

Built on the hoa – a shallow gash in the coral crown of the atoll, through which the ocean feeds the lagoon – the Overwater Bungalows are located on the first pontoon and feature a glass table to enjoy the incredible underwater life.

The Beach Bungalows (and their indoor/outdoor bathrooms overlooking a small private garden) are facing the lagoon and its endless shades of blue, fringed by coconut trees and aito, the Polynesian ironwood trees.

The restaurant and its open deck give you an unrestricted view of the lagoon. In the middle of the South Pacific, its menu combines Polynesian and European flavors, drawing the best from fresh local products.

Cozy and romantic at the same time, the Tianoa bar is the ideal place for pre or post dinner drinks.

You can enjoy your meals in the comfort and privacy of your bungalow or on your terrace. Room service is available during meal times : 7:30-9.30 am, noon-4.00pm and 7.00-9.00 pm. For a true exotic touch, try the Canoe Breakfast, a morning feast that will be delivered via the lagoon ! (Reservation required)

In Tikehau, traditional wedding ceremonies take place on our pink sand beaches. As in all of Polynesia, they are placed under the sign of nature, symbol of renewal and abundance.

Decoration, flowers, arrival of the bride in an outrigger canoe, wedding cake… Le Tikehau by Pearl Resorts offers several packages, which our team will help you customize. Please be aware that these traditional ceremonies are symbolic and have no legal value.

The ceremony will take place on a beautiful pink sand beach. When you are ready you will arrive to the beach by walking on your flower petals walkway, accompanied by traditional wedding music.

Your union will be celebrated by the Master of ceremony and you will exchange your wedding vows and rings. At the end you will received your symbolic wedding certificate. Finally, celebrate your new union with Royal Kir.

Here Iti wedding ceremony will take place on the beach. A tropical coconut palm decoration will be displayed on the beach. Polynesian music (CD) will set the mood for the celebration.

The Bride will arrive to the sound of the Pù. The Master of ceremony will present seashells leis, links the wrists of Bride & Groom with Auti and bless the couple’s love. End with a delicious wedding cocktail!

The ceremony will take place on the beach. When you are ready you will walk to the beach by walking on your flower petals walkway accompanied by traditional wedding music. The Master of ceremony will celebrate the vow renewal and you will exchange your personalised vows.

At the end of the ceremony, you will receive your vow renewal certificate and a Tahitian Black Pearl. Right after the ceremony, celebrate your vow renewal sharing a Champagne toast on your bungalow.

Experience taurumi, the ancestral massage that is a centerpiece of traditional Polynesian medicine. Tāvai Spa puts the spotlight on natural products and on Polynesian monoi in all its body, face and hair rituals.

Tiare flowers, white sand, Taha’a vanilla or tropical fruits are used in the massages and scrubs performed by expert hands. Embark on a journey to well-being and harmony.

220 miles north of Tahiti, and less than an hour’s flight away, Tikehau is one of the most beautiful atolls of the Tuamotu archipelago. It is the coral-covered crown of an ancient, 65-million years submarine volcano.

Its white and pink sand islets, fringed with coconut trees, shape a 177 square-mile lagoon that opens onto the ocean through a single pass. It is famous for its wildlife-rich waters.

Tikehau has around 500 inhabitants, making a living from coprah, tourism and pearl farming. But fishing remains the main activity, and visitors can discover the world-famous fish traps, where catches are kept alive before being shipped to the market in Tahiti.

In the language of the Tuamotu, Tikehau means “peaceful landing,” or “seeking peace.” That is the exact feeling experienced by visitors, who come here looking for preserved nature, a life paced by the elements, and the simple joys of exchanging with the people who protect the atoll’s beauty and keep its traditions alive. Welcome to our paradise of nature and peace, welcome to the Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort.

The Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort sits alone on its lush islet, and each neighboring motu is a wild spot that can be explored on foot or by kayak. You can also visit Tuherahera, the main village. Do not miss the excursion to Bird Island, a natural sanctuary for many marine bird species such as red-footed boobies, crested terns and blue-grey noddies.

Your immersion in nature will be complete with the motu picnic: on the pink sand beach of a nearby secluded islet, after a Polynesian cuisine lesson, enjoy a dish of raw fish with coconut milk before a snorkeling tour, or just the best nap in the world!

The seascape of the Tuamotu Islands is unique. Each cloud, each breeze on the lagoon changes its surface and its colors, offering an amazing playground for watersports as for contemplation.

You can glide on the lagoon with our complimentary kayaks and outrigger canoes; you can also try your hand at fishing. End your day by a 90-minute lagoon cruise to greet the sunset.

At Le Tikehau by Pearl Resorts, the fish are plentiful, multicolored and friendly! You’ll see them each time you go for a swim. Ask the activities desk for flippers, a mask and a snorkel, and pay a visit to the magical water kindgom. Discover how the precious corals grow, slowly building the Polynesian atolls.

The fabulous ecosystem of the lagoon, its interaction with the ocean, the plentiful marine fauna that so impressed Jacques Cousteau are best discovered under the surface.

Here, the word “immersion” takes its full meaning, and Tikehau’s underwater universe, with its unrivaled visibility, attracts divers from the entire world. Magnificent specimens of sharks, rays, sea turtles and all kinds of fish can be seen, even in shallow waters.

Tikehau also offers a unique experience in Polynesia: scuba diving at the “manta car wash,” where manta rays come into the lagoon to let cleaner wrasses rid them of parasites. An easy and shallow dive accessible to all, not to be missed.

Rooms: 37
Price: from 519 EUR per night


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