Sinalei Reef Resort

Oceania Samoa
Sinalei Reef Resort - Samoa
Sinalei Reef Resort - Samoa
Sinalei Reef Resort - Samoa
Sinalei Reef Resort - Samoa
Sinalei Reef Resort - Samoa
Sinalei Reef Resort - Samoa
Sinalei Reef Resort - Samoa
Sinalei Reef Resort - Samoa
Sinalei Reef Resort - Samoa
Sinalei Reef Resort - Samoa
Sinalei Reef Resort - Samoa
Sinalei Reef Resort - Samoa

Welcome to Sinalei. We are a boutique resort nestled within a sheltered lagoon along the southern coast of Upolu Island, a mere 25mins from capitol Apia and 45mins from Faleolo International Airport. Set across 33 elegantly groomed acres of lush vegetation, our remote resort creates an atmosphere of modern-rustic luxury combined with raw untouched beauty.

But we are more than what treats the eye. We are a place steeped in tradition and love, where the people of the villages and surrounding environment combine to create a truly unique experience for all. It is no wonder Samoan kings and warriors of old would spend their time resting here in preparation for battle.

Allow us to take you on a journey. A lantern lit path through the heart and soul of Sinalei, as the sounds of ukulele and pristine ocean waters lap against our palm fringed shore. Whilst the smiles of our Sinalei family melt not only your heart, but the yearning to be anywhere else but here.

We are Sinalei, a Samoan resort steeped in culture and soul so immeasurable that our guests leave with no desire but to return. You see, it is true that we are an icon of our island home, a utopia where beach marries rainforest, and lovingly appointed villas nestle amongst our lush tropical surrounds. But we are so much more than what treats the eye.

We are a love story featuring the surrounding villages and starring the people of our community. But to truly understand who we are, we must first tell the tale of where we come from.

The story of our land begins far before the birth of our resort. Dating back to the days of Malietoa (The Samoan King), Le Ufi Sa was considered a place where the King and his warriors would come and feast on the sacred yams that grew wild. As the tale goes, they believed the yams gave them special powers that would prepare them for adversaries that threatened their precious islands.

Some 200 years on, this sacred ground would continue to serve as a source of empowerment as a young Samoan merchant with a dream to free his beloved nation from foreign rule began his fight for Samoa’s independence. This young man was the grandfather of Tuatagaloa Joe Annandale, the co-owner and founder of Sinalei.

As history has a habit of repeating itself, Joe and his wife Tui would in 1994 draw on the mystical properties of this land, to begin a fight of their own. A fight to honour the good works of their forefathers. A fight to realise a dream against all odds. A fight to create Sinalei.

With little more than a vision of a small mom and pop retreat, they went to work on the land. For two long years they lived in an open fale on the property with no gas, no running water, an open fire for cooking, simply living off the land. Every day inching closer to their dream of a tropical themed escape.

Fueled by a yearning to pay homage to their Samoan heritage and inspired by memories of plantation life, the pair would finally open Sinalei’s local and picturesque doors in 1996.

So when you visit with us, you visit the people of Samoa. You visit the people who make up the villages of our great island home. You visit family. To this day, our sacred land and family continue to empower Sinalei for the battles at hand, constantly evolving our beautiful story.

Our hope is that when you visit, the healing powers of our shores and kindness of our people, relax, rejuvenate and prepare you, for your very own endeavours. That when you visit, you become a part of our story, as much as we become a part of yours. Begin your journey with Sinalei today.

Strolling the pristine sands and jungle greenery of our grounds, you will stumble across this Robinson Crusoe style Villa splayed beachfront of the idyllic Sinalei bay. With its natural bounty and stunningly rustic style, you and your loved ones can relish the island vibes as you laze beneath the swaying palms on your beachfront deck.

Comprising of 2 separate villas, the One Bedroom Beachfront Villa is designed with tropical whimsy for families desiring a private and perfectly located abode.

One villa boasting the master bedroom, indoor Jacuzzi and stunning panoramic deck, your second villa comes complete with all the creature comforts including a private bar, entertaining area & bi-fold doors extending out beneath the swaying palms.

Perfectly appointed on the glistening blue Samoan beachfront, these villas are designed specifically with couples in mind, featuring large decks over the water’s edge, and sun loungers looking out to the horizon.

These eco-chic island abodes really are the most stylish and romantic villas Samoa has to offer, encouraging breakfast in bed with views over the turquoise waters. Our gorgeous Pacific beach holiday villas are the perfect romantic honeymoon destination fit for an island escape, made better by the best accommodation deals on luxury beachfront resorts in Samoa.

With a modern rustic-luxury aesthetic, boasting stunning dark timber floors accented by crisp white finishes and chic island style linens. In essence these beachfront beauties are designed to allow you to sense your surroundings, while enjoying touches of luxury and romance.

Our Beachfront Villas open their doors to you and your loved one, for that special occasion or simply to indulge in life’s treasures.

Nestled amongst immaculate gardens, with views over the sparkling aqua lagoon, our Ocean View Villas are one step closer to the soft white sands of the sea.

Listen to the sound of the waves as you wake each morning, watch the ocean twist from azure turquoise to deep blue as the sun wraps its way over the palms by night. Sense your lush tropical surrounds with this naturally lit villa, boasting true Samoan elegance and style.

Affording you the opportunity of a shower under the stars, our bathrooms boast glass ceilings which allow for the natural light to pour into your sunset pampering session. Our Ocean View Villas open their doors to you with elements of nature that intrigue and delight the soul.

Sinalei’s nostalgic Traditional Villas are nestled among our lush tropical grounds. Embodying authentic Samoan charm, these villas offer the ultimate in island experience, fused with a chic twist on tradition.

The hidden treasure of what has historically made Sinalei so unique and alluring, each villa allows your moonlit shower dreams a chance to come true. Offering outdoor showers naturally lit by the basking rays of the Samoan sun. Enjoy the beauty of your surrounds on the rustic patio, overlooking dotted palms and the turquoise skies in the distance.

By returning to nature and invigorating the senses through culture and cuisine, Sinalei is an oasis to truly recharge. A refined yet relaxed dining experience awaits you, where we start with what we can grow and source locally, embodying our farm/ocean to plate philosophy.

Our latest menu offerings represent Sinalei’s on-going exploration of the “farm and ocean to plate” philosophy. We are continually challenging ourselves, and our local farmers to provide more variety and more sustainable ways to bring you the truest in contemporary Samoan cuisine.

We strive to make everything in house for the ultimate in fresh food experience. All baked goods, pastas, tortillas, flatbreads, dumplings and wrappers, sauces, dressings, jams, marmalade to desserts are crafted with pride and passion by our creative and dedicated team.

Here at Sinalei our wish is to foster relationships with our farmers, their families and our people as part of our commitment to the development of the local environment. In doing so, our direction, way of life and culture combine to bring you the best possible dining experience. We invite you to take part in a unique culinary journey.

Offering you our famed over water restaurant, ‘Ava I Toga, for romantic nights under a canopy of stars. The lantern lit path from the main Resort will lead you over the water to fresh seafood, organic South Pacific fusion and an array of world class cocktails and wines. For special occasions, our 2 overwater private dining fales.

A traditional dining option, where daily breakfast, our famed cultural Fia-Fia shows and day-time lunches are served. Experience the most hearty and customary of Samoan cuisine as the band boys lull you into yesteryear with their island vibes, in this uniquely Samoan structure.

For those lazy afternoons by the pool, Uncle Harry’s bar will be the ultimate in barefoot style. Allow us to indulge your taste buds with cocktails every afternoon at happy hour, or try our signature ‘Ginger or Coconut Mojito’ at your heart’s desire.

Whether it is lunch on a whim or enjoying the delights of our complimentary afternoon tea, Uncle Harry’s bar is here to cater to your lagoon poolside needs.

This unique two part experience starts with a Sunrise Supply Hunt – an exploration of village plantations and markets that invite you to gather fresh ingredients and treasured harvesting techniques that have stood the test of time.

Take a mid-day dip in a fresh water lagoon before diving into the second half of your day – your Sunset Cooking Class, where our experienced chefs help you prepare authentic Samoan cuisine using your locally sourced ingredients. Top the day off with a toast to sunsets as you enjoy the fruits of your labour in a private overwater setting.

The Tui–I–Lagi Spa. Dedicated in its beauty, to our beloved Tui Annandale, whose grace, love and legacy continue on at Sinalei. For the ultimate island indulgence, our waterfront spa resort embodies 4 stunning treatment villas. These beautiful open-air healing parlours have everything needed for the ultimate relaxing break in private surrounds.

Let the healing hands of our Samoan Spa specialists and the sound of waves lapping beneath, take you on a therapeutic journey where your mind and body transcend. Offering traditional massages, indulgent body scrubs and wraps to romantic candle light soothing sessions, our Samoan spa resort has a little something for everyone.

Our healing experts endeavour to treat your mind, body and soul to beautiful aromas, tranquil silence and an invigorating pamper session that promises to leave you in a state of pure relaxation.

Whether planning your dream destination wedding, or looking for a romantic setting to renew your vows in paradise, Sinalei invites the re-imagination of venues for weddings in Samoa.

Our alluring beach side resort offers uncompromising beauty set in a spectacular tropic seascape with alabaster beaches, rainforests and world-class cuisine – with abundance in mind we offer an array of idyllic venues for exclusive and intimate weddings.

With an array of stunning and private locations around our property to choose from, we invite you to author your very own bespoke idyllic wedding ceremony. From the overwater pier and our gorgeous gardens, to the soft white sandy beaches of an uninhabited island, let your special love affair begin with the breathtaking scenery that Samoa has to offer and continue with memories to last a lifetime.

With the sounds of the conch shell and serenades singing you softly down the aisle, let the next chapter of your everlasting love story begin with Sinalei.

For your wedding reception, let us treat you to an evening of fine dining at Sinalei’s infamous overwater restaurant ‘Ava I Toga’ and a toast to love under the Samoan stars, before allowing the night to drift into the welcoming arms of your ‘stay forever’ luxury accommodation.

Thoughtfully designed wedding and vowel renewal packages await– simply say yes and allow us to do the rest. Packages include a private, picturesque wedding ceremony setting, a dedicated wedding coordinator, and traditional Samoan touches to guarantee your romantic day be unforgettable.

With options of reception and honeymoon add-ons at your will, we invite your creative energies to take shape via the design of a wedding truly unique to you and your loved one. End your celebration with a toast to love and an evening of fine dining at Sinalei’s exquisite overwater restaurant, or let the stars bear witness to your very own romantic setting on the beach.

Set against a background of untouched beauty, lush vegetation and white sand beaches, our remote island resort serves as the perfect retreat to unwind on your way to an unforgettable honeymoon in Samoa.

Combine this with our luxury accommodation, fine dining options and thoughtfully designed facilities, and there is no better place for you to relax on your honeymoon while experiencing the culture and natural beauty the island has to offer.

Whether it’s a romantic candlelit dinner or your own private couple’s massage, we invite you to choose from our two honeymoon packages for nothing short of the ideal honeymoon in Samoa. Packages include perks such as accommodation upgrades (subject to availability), massage and spa treatments, and complimentary drinks as follows:

Our beautiful island home provides the perfect setting for private parties, family functions, group retreats or business conferences. Whether it’s a small setting featuring private shoreline dinning or larger arrangements in our exquisite overwater restaurant, our remote Resort has a nook and cranny for all.

For the ultimate in private getaways, Sinalei offers exclusive Resort hire together with the services of coordinating specialists, waiting to design bespoke experiences for you.

Ruggedly Luxurious with its picturesque backdrop, a destination for the global jetsetter. Considered the heart of Polynesia, Samoa has a 3000 year-old way of life called Fa’a Samoa that offers the most memorable escape.

A place that allows you to be still, when the rest of the world is spinning around you. An island nation so peaceful and relaxed, it allows you to rest, rejuvenate and rebuild.

Samoa is a postcard of natural beauty consisting of ten islands, each offering very distinct and different environments to explore. Blessed with stunning land and seascapes, and friendly people who are proud of their country, there are many versions of paradise to discover.

Explore Samoa’s lush green fertile valleys where banyan trees tower above the tropical rainforest canopy. Take time to cool down at a watering hole next to one of Samoa’s many cascading waterfalls that drop into rivers cutting jagged lines through the valley floor as they make their way to the ocean.

The coastline is a wonder in itself, with sparkling white sand beaches, in some places stretching for miles, and here and there are walls of sheer cliffs that drop straight into the Pacific waters.

Beyond the beaches out into the blue lagoons are scattered the rest of the islands that make up the Samoa archipelago, some inhabited, others with only wildlife, protected by the fringing coral reef that keep the powerful force of the Pacific Ocean at bay.

And amongst all this natural beauty and picturesque valleys and coastline you will find nu’u or villages with their churches, meeting houses and open fales or homes encircling the malae or village green.

Home to people proud of their strong Fa’a Samoa cultural heritage that live alongside these natural wonders. For it’s the people, culture and nature that give life to these islands. Our beautiful island home.

Our Samoan surf holiday packages offer the perfect solution for those looking to get the most out of a beachside getaway. Along Upolu’s south coast and directly in front of the resort, some of Samoa’s best surf breaks challenge surfers from all over the world. A fast-emerging surfing destination, yet still relatively undiscovered, Samoa’s surf spots are rarely crowded.

Get front row access to the best of our local breaks through our preferred surf partner Manoa Tours, whose operation is set-up within walking distance of the resort. With their knowledge of local conditions, currents, wind and waves, you will find yourself in the best hands possible. Proximity of breaks to often means you’re the first in the water and last to leave.

Let us take you for spin where the big fish hide. Sport fishing in Samoa is nothing short of amazing and we have all the fish you need just around the corner.

Fishing the uncharted waters off the coast of Sinalei promises to bring plenty of excitement in the form of Yellowfin Tuna, Sail Fish, Giant Trevally, Mahi Mahi and Marlin being only some of the big fish prizes that could hit your lure. Fishing Charters aboard 26ft twin vee catamaran “Get Er Done”

It is hard to beat diving in the warm, clear blue Samoan water while watching tropical fish cruise on by the reef. Through our offsite preferred provider Pure Ocean you will visit uncrowded gems, dive unfrequented sites and see first-hand some of the South Pacific’s most amazing marine life.

If you are new to scuba diving you can take your first breath underwater in our lagoon swimming pool as part of an introduction to scuba diving or earn your PADI certification to dive anywhere in the world. With Pure Ocean you will be treated to a tailored program that allows you the flexibility to dive as often as you like, when you like.

Taking in two dive sites at either Manono or Upolu with a one-hour surface interval the 2 Tank trip allows you to complete a full day’s diving in the morning, be back in time for lunch and be poolside for the rest of the day.

A short stone’s throw from Pure Ocean headquarters at Mulifanua lays the wreck of Tava’e, a 30m tug boat purposely scuttled back in 2013 in the hopes of creating an artificial reef for the local fauna and marine life. Starting at around 12m and dropping down to 27m, it is an excellent dive to practice you nudibranch spotting skills.

Try diving without the commitment of taking a course. After a shallow water session in our swimming pool familiarizing yourself with the equipment and some basic skills you’ll head to an easy dive site for your first ocean dive.

Snorkel in crystal clear waters, among a variety of reef fish and coral for what promises to be a memorable experience. Through our preferred provider Manoa Tours you will have unprecedented access to a host of varying locations, most of which are only a stone’s throw away from the resort.

Only a few minutes by boat from the resort, this hidden bay is home to stunning corals and tropical fish. Couple your adventure with a catered lunch by the hotel (upon request) on soft black sands of Aganoa for the ultimate outdoor experience.

Take a 15 minute boat trip to the uninhabited island of Nu’ussafee and be rewarded with some of Samoa’s best snorkelling. A genuine favourite of fisherman of old, this now untouched spot will not disappoint. Opt for a picnic by the resort (upon request) along the private shores of the island and be in for a spectacular view.

Go snorkeling at magnificent Coral Garden. Here you will be treated to vistas of brightly coloured coral and reef fish within beautiful calm waters. Only a short boat trip East along the South Coast of Upolu, you will not be disappointed.

Explore one of Samoa’s outer reefs and enjoy seeing a variety of coral formations and tropical fish as you snorkel along the edge of the ocean, with a drop off into the deep blue within arm’s length.

Take a trip to Samoa’s creative hubs and experience island artistry through the eyes of our very best creators. Begin your artistic pursuit with a visit to Malua School of Fine Arts, the birthplace of Samoan artistry before calling into the home of iconic traditional Samoan tattooist (Ta Tatau), Su’a Suluape.

Next, journey with us to the beautifully hidden Tiapapata Art Gallery by Steven Percival. Mix and mingle with local and international artists and artwork at this mountainside retreat before escaping to Poutasi Arts Centre, home of world renowned artist Fatu Feu’u.

Let your creative juices flow freely with a tour through this vast space, before engaging in a sculpting/wood carving workshop that will leave you feeling truly inspired.

Journey with us into one of Samoa’s oldest villages Poutasi, and discover the Fa’a Samoa (the Samoan Way of Life) like never before. Cruise on through these mini-communities on a local bus before immersing yourself in a full day of Samoan culture including a customary welcome by village chiefs, your hand at the ancient games of Taulafoga (coconut tossing) and Tagati’a (spear throwing) and a tour of the village primary school and arts centre with fine mat weaving, traditional dance & ukulele lessons to boot.

Farewell the day with a taste of real island cooking, cultural celebrations and an exhilarating fire knife show by the men, women and children of this precious little village.

Venture off the beaten track on a road less travelled and discover the hidden treasures of Samoa. Begin your adventure with a medicinal plant discovery trek along the lava cliffs of O Le Pupu’e Rainforest Reserve in search of the thunderous blow holes & hidden caves that have rested here for centuries.

Next, discover the Giant ‘Ma’ Trees and bird life buried within the heart of this unassuming jungle before making your way to Samoa’s only Carbon Offsetting site. Here, you will be given the opportunity to plant your very own native trees.

Having contributed to the wellbeing of our precious environment, we invite you to rest in the healing pools of Togitogiga falls as your final act of the day.

Head out on a nautical adventure with our experienced captain Tautua, aboard 26ft Catamaran Get Er Done. Cast your line along the South Coast of Upolu, fishing as you head to the uninhabited Nu’ussafee Island.

Allow our local hosts to cook your catch over an open fire whilst you explore the hidden gems of your very own private island. Explore like Cousteau with a snorkelling expedition to the secluded waters of Aganoa Bay before being treated to a stunning sunset and cocktail at the Ava I Toga Bar.

Start your day with a literary journey to the Robert Louis Stevenson Museum, home to the late teller of tales, ‘Treasure Island’ and ‘Dr Jackal and Mr Hide’ to name a few. Continue your historic discovery with a visit to the Samoa Museum before paying homage to the sacred Mulinu’u burial grounds of chiefs and former leaders of Samoa.

Take on the waters of Palolo Deep Marine Reserve for a memorable snorkel, before attempting the Papase’ea Sliding Rocks challenge as your final act of the day.

Allow us to take you on a back street journey in search of Samoa’s treasured artisanal marketplaces. Begin your day with a spectacular view mountainside from ‘Tiapapata Art Gallery’ before perusing the shelves of ‘Mai Le Lani’ soap factory for a taste of homemade souvenirs.

Visit the local markets to support grass roots handicrafts before heading off script to the precious ‘Plantation House’ by Marita Wendt for the best in printed products. Explore the gems at Pacific Jewel before settling in for a garden lunch at one of favourite dining spots.

Certainly a crowd favourite, the south east coast tour offers a spectacular look in on some of Upolu’s most frequented sites. Visit the ‘Giant Ma Tree’ on your way to one of the world’s top 5 watering holes, the To Sua Trench, before enjoying a swim, snorkel and lunch at the ever popular Lalomanu Beach. Marvel at the majesty of Sopoaga Falls before calling in for an end of day dip at the healing pools of Togitogiga waterfall.

With off the beaten track experiences in mind, this unique day tour endeavours to share with you our favourite local hideouts. Begin your day with a dip in the hidden pools of Piu waterfall before enjoying a snorkel and lunch at the spectacular Vavau Beach Cove.

Next drive through Lemafa Pass (350 metres) above sea level and marvel at the views overlooking Fagaloa Bay, one of Samoa’s untouched treasures. Refresh in the cool waters of Piula Cave before heading back through the mountains ranges of Upolu, where you will encounter the islands tallest waterfall, Papapapaitai Falls.

In reliving Samoa’s oceanic ancestry, this tour aims to take you on an island hopping adventure to one of the region’s best kept secrets, Manono Island. Here you will be taken on a journey through the untouched villages of a remote atoll, with a visit to the tomb of 99 stones, a meal and storytelling session by a local family as highlights of the day.

Next, venture back to the mainland for a snorkel at the stunning ‘Giant Clam Conservatory’, before attempting a swim with the Giant Sea Turtles of Sa’anapu at days end.

This very popular full day excursion involves a ferry ride (1 hour, 15 minutes) to the BIG Island of Savaii. An untouched gem, this island excursion presents a rare look in on what Samoa was like decades ago, with no shortage of sites to explore.

Get the adrenaline pumping with a visit to the Taga blow holes and a walk along the canopy tree tops of Falealupo Reserve, before slowing things down with a journey to Samoa’s sacred sites in ‘Giant Moso’s Footprint’, ‘House of Rock’, ‘Ancient Star Mound’ and the ‘Fafa o Sao Ali’i (Portal to the After-life)’.

Save the best for last with a lunch at Savaii’s most idyllic beach before marvelling at the depths of ‘Lovers Leap’ and cooling off in the pristine waters of ‘Afu Aau Waterfall’.

Experience old Samoa in a different light with a day visiting the volcanic sites of the island. Begin your adventure with a stroll through Saleaula lava fields where you will encounter the ‘Lava Cathedral’ and unscathed ‘Statue of Mary’.

Next pay a visit to the ‘Dwarfs Cave’ and uncover the wonders of underground living before cooling off with a dip in the fresh waters of ‘Mata O Le Alelo (The eye of the Beast)’. Explore the ‘Bat Caves of Peapea’ before spending the afternoon swimming with the turtles of Fagamalo, all whilst discovering the myths and legends that have deemed Savai’i the birth place of Samoa.

Samoan heritage extends back over 3000 years and as one of the best kept cultures in the Pacific, there is an abundance of tradition and customs to be experienced.

Join us every Wednesday for a memorable “Fia-Fia” show, a night dedicated to the celebration of the Samoan people and way of life. Treat your taste buds to a journey around the Pacific with age old recipes Palusami, Oka & Fai’ai I’a as features of the feast, accompanied by customary song and dance by the men, women and children of the surrounding villages.

Delve a little deeper into Samoan past times with a story telling session, mat weaving and underground cooking demonstration earlier in the day, topped off with a visit to a nearby village accompanied by a local host.

Further immerse yourself with a Signature ‘Fa’a Samoa Tour’, where a visit with a village community is complimented by an ava ceremony, fire knife dancing, Samoan language and ukulele lesson, traditional arts and crafts workshop and primary school visit.

Rooms: 29
Price: from 218 EUR per night


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