Lizard Island Resort

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Lizard Island Resort - Australia
Lizard Island Resort - Australia
Lizard Island Resort - Australia
Lizard Island Resort - Australia
Lizard Island Resort - Australia
Lizard Island Resort - Australia
Lizard Island Resort - Australia
Lizard Island Resort - Australia
Lizard Island Resort - Australia
Lizard Island Resort - Australia

As the northern most resort on the Great Barrier Reef, and a luxury lodge of Australia, Lizard Island is truly secluded from the rest of the world. This is just one wonderful Lizard Island fact that makes it like nowhere else.

The hour flight from Cairns allows you to take in the true majesty and scale of the reef, and the resort is literally on the reef – no long boat rides are needed to enjoy one of the greatest natural wonders of the world.

Lizard Island is the northern most island resort on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef – 240 kilometres north of Cairns. Situated 240 kilometres north of Cairns and 27 kilometres off the Queensland coastline, Lizard Island is a one-hour scenic flight from Cairns, travelling over a 200 kilometres of the Great Barrier Reef.

It is here that you will gain your first glimpse of the beauty, scale and diversity of the reef. It is truly a breathtaking way to arrive at the island. Lizard Island’s amazing location directly on the Great Barrier Reef means that the reef is literally on your door step.

So close and convenient for you to explore straight off the beach or by taking a short boat trip to the inner and outer reefs. This is just one of our natural wonders that makes Lizard Island like nowhere else.

Lizard Island is on the Great Barrier Reef – meaning the reef and all of its wonders are yours to explore straight off the beach or just a short boat trip away. The Great Barrier Reef spans over 2300 kilometres and is listed as one of the Natural Wonders of the world.

Lizard Island’s unique location on the reef places it at the center of inner and outer reef systems as well as fringing reefs; all forming a critical part of the eco-system that is home to the most diverse, colourful and intriguing marine animal and plant life.

The wonders of Lizard Island’s location means that you have the rare privilege of simply stepping off the beach and snorkelling onto parts of the reef- witnessing the wonders of Giant Clam gardens and schools of tropical fish both big (our resident Groper, Simon, is over 200 kilos and likes to hang about close to shore) and small, manta rays, turtles and coral.

Literally minutes by boat from the inner and outer reef systems with many fringing reefs to stop and explore on the way. No photographs can prepare you for the wonders, colours and diversity of marine and plant life in the waters around Lizard Island – so we invite you to visit us and witness why Lizard Island is like nowhere else.

The Dingaal Aboriginal people – Traditional Owners of Lizard Island, Jiigurru, have lived in this area for tens of thousands of years. Lizard Island was known as Dyiigurra to the Dingaal Aboriginal people and was regarded as a sacred place.

It was used by the people for the initiation of young males and for the harvesting of shellfish, turtles, dugongs and fish. The Dingaal believed that the Lizard group of islands had been created in the Dreamtime. They saw it as a stingray, with Lizard Island being the body and the other islands in the group forming the tail.

The islands are rich in cultural meaning for the Dingaal Aboriginal people and contain sacred sites including initiation, ceremonial and story sites. Shell middens, which provide evidence of long-ago feasting on clams, oysters, spider shells and trochus shells, are found on the islands.

Lizard Island also has a rich heritage associated with the earliest European exploration of the coast and subsequent settlement. Lost amongst the labyrinth of reefs, Captain James Cook resolved to visit one of the high islands to chart a course out to sea through the maze of reefs which confronted him.

The name Lizard Island was given to it by Captain Cook when he passed it on 12 August 1770. He commented, “The only land Animals we saw here were Lizards, and these seem’d to be pretty Plenty, which occasioned my naming the Island Lizard Island”.

Cook climbed the island’s summit to find a way through the maze of reefs which has since been called ‘Cook’s Look’. Just over 100 years later the island was inhabited by bêche de mer fisherman. Watson’s Bay on Lizard Island is named after one of these fishermen.

The story of the escape of Watson’s wife through the Great Barrier Reef from Lizard Island while sitting inside the cut-down boiler from a sunken ship has become one the most prominent tales of folklore from the pioneering era of Australia’s history.

Mary Watson (born 17 January 1860 – 1881) migrated to Queensland with her family in 1877. Having accepted a position as a governess with an hotelier’s family, at eighteen Mary travelled from Maryborough to the isolated port of Cooktown, where she met and married bêche de mer fisherman Robert F. Watson in May 1880.

Watson took her with him to set up a fishing station on Lizard Island, then otherwise uninhabited. In September 1880, Watson left his wife and son behind with two Chinese servants known as Ah Sam and Ah Leung, while he and his partner Percy Fuller made an extended fishing trip in their luggers.

A few weeks later a party of mainland Aborigines of the Guugu Yimmidir group made one of their habitual seasonal trips by canoe to the island, where Watson had set up his household in a stone structure close to a small creek, the island’s only supply of fresh water.

Mary had probably also inadvertently trespassed on an indigenous ceremonial ground normally taboo to women and children. The Aborigines attacked Ah Sam, who suffered seven spear wounds, and Ah Leung was killed in a vegetable garden he was tending.

Mary Watson frightened off the group by firing a gun and then, with a small supply of food and water, put to sea in a cut-down ship’s water tank, used for boiling sea slugs. She, with her four-month-old baby, Ferrier, and Ah Sam, drifted for eight days and some forty miles, hoping to be picked up by a passing vessel.

Mary’s final diary entry ended ‘No water. Near dead with thirst.’ Her diary describing their last days was found with their remains in 1882 among the mangroves on No. 5 Island in the Howick Group off Cape Flattery, still in the iron tank.

Ah Sam had died on the beach nearby. A concealed spring existed on the islet, but they had not found it. When the bodies were returned to Cooktown a procession of 650 escorted them to their burial at Two Mile Cemetery, on the road to the Palmer River goldfields.

Mrs Watson became an emblem of pioneer heroism for many Queenslanders. Lizard Island’s beauty and wilderness are distinctive, and Lizard Island was declared a National Park in 1937. The waters surrounding the island were declared a Marine Park in 1974. Today the islands are a popular tourism destination and the base for world-renowned tropical marine research.

The cliff top location provides you with the ultimate privacy and stunning ocean vistas whilst the Villa’s interior delivers on space and understated elegance- perfect for couples and families.

The Villa’s cliff top location provides you with the ultimate privacy and stunning ocean vistas whilst the interior delivers on space and understated elegance. With two bedrooms, master with an en-suite and free standing bath and the second bathroom with cascading rain head shower – the Villa accommodates up to five guests.

The open plan lounge and dining area is complete with kitchenette where each evening you will be served evening canapés and drinks by a dedicated food and beverage valet while the sun sets over the Coral Sea.

Double doors leading to an expansive balcony with an impressive 8-metre plunge pool – large enough for all the family – and outdoor and dining furniture creates an al fresco room that flows naturally as an extension of the interior.

Subject to availability and for an additional cost of $700, enjoy a beautiful BBQ dinner experience from the comfort of the Villa. Minimum 48 hours notice required. The Villa provides a Lizard Island experience perfect for couples and families.

The Pavilion sits atop a soaring ridge commanding panoramic ocean views. Glass sliding doors opening onto a majestic wrap around deck create a sense of being “as one” with the outdoors.

The separate bedroom is spacious and airy with its interior of neutral tones and natural fabrics and doors that open onto the deck. An adjacent bathroom is luxurious with a deep, standalone bath and separate shower.

The lounge is fully integrated into the outdoor deck through sliding doors. A small kitchenette and bay window with bench and high stools is the perfect location for enjoying a morning cup of tea and the ocean views.

Stepping down from the deck and taking a private pathway, you arrive at the Pavilion’s gazebo and private plunge pool. Subject to availability and for an additional cost of $700, enjoy a beautiful BBQ dinner experience from the comfort of the Pavilion. Minimum 48 hours notice required.

If the Villa is the perfect family accommodation, the Pavilion has been designed as the ultimate in privacy for just two people, who will quickly come to feel that they are the only two people in the world.

Set in the natural arc of Anchor Bay, the Beachfront Suites are designed to offer uninterrupted beach access. The Beachfront Suites take pride of place in the natural arc of the tropical landscaping and Anchor Bay beach frontage which affords you direct and easy access to the beach.

A large day bed holds court on the expansive outside deck with full, uninterrupted views to the beach and the many yachts and boats anchored in the Bay. It is here, on the deck, that you can leave your snorkel and fins for the duration of your stay – allowing you to swim and snorkel on a whim at anytime of the day or night.

Natural interior tones and fabrics provide a soft backdrop to the richness of the blues and greens of the landscape, sky and sea framed through the soaring double glass doors and day bed.

The luxury bathroom is drenched in natural light and overall ambiance is one of tranquility. Beachfront Suites are loved by those wanting close proximity and access to the beach and wonders of the Anchor Bay waters.

The stunning location provides access to a collection of secluded beaches and the luxury of your own private plunge pool. Oceanview Villas are nestled high along a ridge overlooking the Coral Sea with natural, meandering pathways leading down to some of the Island’s renowned private beaches.

Private deck and plunge pool with uninterrupted ocean views are the first thing to greet you when you arrive. Immediately you know you are in a place like nowhere else. Step inside and the serenity of linen and blue hues create a peaceful oasis that can be closed off from the outside world or with doors wide open, integrated as one with the outside.

A padded box seat sits in a bay alcove with light streaming in and offering breathtaking views over the sea. Oceanview Villas are a small, private oasis with the fun of a private plunge pool for a touch of indulgence.

The lush and tropical landscape hugs these suites and offers natural, meandering pathways to guide you directly onto Anchor Bay beach. With a separate bedroom and living room, this suite is spacious and conveniently close to the Lodge where Saltwater Restaurant and Driftwood bar are located; a short distance further is the pool and spa.

Sitting on your private deck surrounded by the naturally wild landscape of the tropics, background sounds from the resident birds mix with the lapping of the ocean to create a natural serenity and ambiance. Gardenview Suites are intimate, warm and welcoming.

The private Cellar is a treasure cove of rare and exclusive Australian and International wines. Located in the main lodge, Driftwood Bar serves evening pre-dinner drinks from a menu that is rich in local and international wines and specialty cocktails.

The long bar is the social hub with many reconnecting with others they have meet throughout the day. For those wishing to enjoy a private drink – the lounge seating is perfect or take a short walk out onto the lawns to watch the sun set.

The private Cellar is a visual talking point. Our bar team are well versed and trained in the treasures it holds and would love to assist you if you are wishing to upgrade your wine selections at dinner. Lizard Island wine and beverage list is inclusive, however, if you wish to select from the Cellar or Cocktail list, there will be an additional charge.

Salt Water Restaurant’s menu changes daily and is driven by the freshest local produce from the waters around the island and the coast and from the hinterland of the mainland.

Simple and relaxed, Salt Water Restaurant is in an idyllic setting allowing you to take full advantage of the 180-degree ocean views and the blazing evening sunsets in a design that is fully open to the landscaped lawns and gardens that slope down to Anchor Bay.

Here, you will enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner throughout your stay. With a choice of seating right next to the open air verandah or the more relaxed banquette/couch seating – you can select a different seating location and view each time you dine at Salt Water.

One morning it may be looking out to Watson’s Bay and the next to Osprey Island. The menu changes daily and is driven by the freshest local produce from the waters around the island and the coast and from the hinterland of the mainland – much of which arrives on daily flights.

With an accent on fresh seafood combined with the flavours of modern Australian, Asian and European cuisine – our Executive Chef welcomes the opportunity to chat with you about the menu to ensure that the Salt Water Restaurant experience is one to remember.

Your own private degustation dining experience on the beach. Two private beach pavilions sit on Anchor bay – each commanding spectacular views of the nightly sunsets.

Here, you feel as if you are the only people on the island as our staff discretely serve the seven course dinner with complementary wines. Beachside dining is one of our most popular experiences and bookings are essential.

Take a refreshments pack to a private beach of your choice. Private dinghies can be reserved at the resort. A selection of light food items and beverages are available for you to take on your day of exploration.

On the day of your excursion, one of our Marine Team will meet you and familiarise you with dinghy safety information and select your best beach to explore. The true luxury of this signature Lizard Island experience is that you have your chosen beach to yourselves.

Bookings are essential and order forms must be given to Reception prior to 8pm the night before, allowing time for your morning or afternoon refreshments pack to be prepared.

Two private beach pavilions sit on Anchor bay – each commanding spectacular views of the nightly sunsets. Here you will enjoy a 7-course degustation menu with accompanying wines. Be sure to reserve early as these are one of the most popular dining experiences on the island and book out.

When you arrive at the Marlin Bar it is like stepping back in time – as the Bar remains almost untouched from its original rustic style and ambiance that has thrilled sailors, guests and deep sea fishermen since the 1970’s.

One concession to this has been the introduction of a wood fire pizza oven; we invite you to enjoy a stroll down the boardwalk and enjoy authentic pizza and a glass of wine in this iconic location. Marlin Bar is open on Wednesday evenings for pizza night, and Sundays for tapas.

Great food and wine is just what we do on Lizard Island – our culinary and cellar teams have a passion for creating events where the food and wine is elevated to new heights. Partnering with guest chefs and boutique and leading vineyards – we invite you to subscribe if you would like us to share with you details of upcoming events.

Experience Lizard Island on the reef, on land or in the tranquility of the spa. Guided and self-guided activities include snorkelling, diving, paddle boarding, kayaking, hiking, visits to the Research Centre, tennis under night lights, morning yoga on the beach and indulgent spa treatments.

We invite you to indulge in signature spa rituals and discover pure, opulent skin care in the sanctuary of nature, the Essentia Day Spa. Rebalance, relax, and rejuvenate while we personalise your spa experience with iKOU skincare.

All Lizard Island activities and pricing are subject to availability, weather conditions and may change without notice. We invite you to indulge in signature spa rituals and discover pure, opulent skin care in the sanctuary of nature, the Essentia Day Spa. Rebalance, relax, and rejuvenate while we personalise your spa experience with exclusive iKOU skincare.

We are proud to bring you our menu of iKOU Spa Treatments. iKOU is based in the Blue Mountains Australia and creates spa journeys inspired by nature, with sensory details of global spa culture infused into every experience.

Where body and mind are transformed, organic is high performance and eco is synonymous with luxury… Be inspired to rest, relax, restore, and become the healthiest and happiest version of yourself.

Enter the world of iKOU, brought to you from the pristine World Heritage Listed Blue Mountains, Australia. Be indulged with Australian fruit & flower extracts and ancient traditions and immerse yourself in a skillfully crafted fusion of global spa culture.

Download the Essentia Day Spa Menu for the full list of packages and treatments on offer. From massage, to special treatments for the face, hands, feet and body as well as water therapy and Essentia Signature Treatments, you will emerge from the sanctity of Essentia, feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Enjoy a full-body relaxation massage combining rhythmic movements and gentle massage manipulation with the art of the senses. Create your own journey with your choice of one of five iKOU organic aromatherapy plant oil blends. Intuitively guide your mind and body to greater relaxation and energy balance.

iKOU Rituals are a head-to-toe degustation of treatments designed to create a sensory full body experience. Relax and de-stress the mind, balance the body and restore hydration with these soothing rejuvenation rituals featuring body scrubs, massage, and facial treatments.

Showcasing all signature techniques and sensory surprises from the full menu of iKOU Facials, this journey of treatments deliver high-performance, visible anti-ageing results. Enjoy a blissful experience featuring organic and wild-harvested Australian fruit and flower extracts to brighten and balance skin.

Lizard Island is located on the Great Barrier Reef with world famous dive sites, such as the Cod Hole, only 45 minutes from shore. All Lizard Island activities and pricing are subject to availability, weather and may change without notice.

Lizard Island’s location on the Great Barrier Reef means more time exploring its natural wonders and less time on the boat. Stops along the way at diverse fringing reefs set up the backdrop for the wonders of the deeper waters.

We offer half-day dive and snorkel excursions to the Inner Reef and full-day dive and snorkel excursions to the Outer Reef. Your excursion will be aboard our luxury yacht, which adds a little extra comfort as you head to and from the reef.

One of the greatest joys of fishing in and around Lizard Island is the ease of access to some of the world’s greatest fishing spots. All Lizard Island activities and pricing are subject to availability, weather conditions and may change without notice.

One of the greatest joys of fishing in and around Lizard Island is the ease of access to some of the world’s greatest fishing spots. Just 15 minutes by boat and you will arrive at the inner reef and a further 35 minutes and you will be at the outer reef. Whether you’re a seasoned big game fisherman, or it’s your first time in the chair, our Marine team will create a fishing experience that meets your wildest dreams.

The waters around Lizard Island are rich in a variety of fish including Mackerel, Queenfish, Trevally and other species of fish that live in the pelagic zone of the ocean, your crew will know the perfect spots for your success. Meanwhile, our Executive Chef will be waiting to take the catch off your hands and prepare it for you dinner in the evening.

Experience the most picturesque reef and marine life by simply stepping off the beach. All Lizard Island activities and pricing are subject to availability, weather conditions and may change without notice.

Experience some of the most picturesque reef and marine life by simply stepping off the beach – this is one of the major attractions that makes Lizard Island like nowhere else. The “Clam Garden” is only a short swim from the beach at Watson’s Bay, and excellent sites are also located at Anchor Bay, and Sunset Beach.

Equipment and lessons are complimentary and our qualified marine staff will ensure you are fitted with all the gear. Keep your snorkel gear with you and head out anytime you like.

Discover and understand more about the amazing fish, coral and other marine creatures that call Lizard Island and its surrounds, home. If you are planning to take yourself off on lots of snorkelling outings – this is a great foundation to understand what to look for and what you are looking at.

Explore our magnificent nearby reefs on a guided local snorkel tour with our expert marine and dive team. Try our extremely popular Reef in the middle of Watson’s Bay, the Clam Gardens. There are many different species of clams as far the eye can see!

Or just around the corner is the sheltered Mermaid Cove, where you will see an abundance of marine life, from Cuttlefish to swarms of Fusiliers and many Bommies with a variety of hard and soft corals.

Snorkel with our resident green turtles in Casuarina Beach, watch them grazing in the shallows and see Hawaiian Triggerfish hiding in their little coral homes. There are a range of stunning reefs to explore – our guides will discuss the best ones to visit with you prior to your excursion.

If you have never snorkelled before, or it has been a while and your confidence is lacking, we recommend that you participate in a complimentary 30-minute lesson. Please collect your snorkelling equipment from the Beach Club and let the marine and dive team know you’d like a lesson.

Lizard Island’s 51ft Riviera Cruise Vessel awaits you, with a cruise speed of 20 knots and a capacity for just 8 passengers. A private charter for fishing, snorkelling and diving excursions will elevate your Lizard Island experience to a sublime, new level and leave you with no doubt as to why Lizard Island is like nowhere else.

When you emerge from the water or put down your rod, our crew will be on hand to serve a menu of local produce and refreshments. Bring a dive or snorkel guide along to show you some of the reefs away from the island, or if you just want to catch yourself some dinner, our deckhand will help you out – no guide necessary.

Bookings are essential and we recommend these are made when confirming your accommodation and dates with our reservations team.

Bella carries 6 passengers and one crew member operates the vessel for beach excursion drop-offs, fishing, diving and snorkelling. Bella is our faster, more punchy vessel, surveyed for the outer reef, making her an ideal vessel to access some of the fantastic reefs away from the island.

Even though she is an open vessel, on a calm day she can make it out to the outer reef. Our house reef tours or fishing tours are on Bella and are usually a 3 hour trip.

Nemo was built specifically for Lizard Island and she carries up to 18 passengers and one crew member, operating as a drop-off, dive and snorkelling vessel.

She has a very shallow draft so can comfortably access some of the beaches that are often inaccessible to our guests. She can only operate very close to the island, making her the crowd favourite for beach drop-offs and short tours.

The wonders of the Great Barrier Reef, walking tracks that take you to the highest point on the island, indulgent spa treatments – there is something for everyone on Lizard Island, making it a place like nowhere else.

All Lizard Island activities and pricing are subject to availability, weather conditions and may change without notice.

Paddle Boarding is a serene and self-paced way to navigate the waters of Anchor Bay. Paddle Boards are available at the Beach House and provide a fun, self-paced way to explore the waters of Anchor Bay and you get to exercise while you do it!

Take your own private dinghy to a secluded beach and explore the local waters. Our private dinghies are a signature experience of Lizard Island. The most popular activity is to take a morning or afternoon refreshments pack, your snorkel gear and motor to a private beach for a day of tranquillity and exploring.

You select the items for your refreshments pack the night before and head down to the Beach Club the next morning where your boat and refreshments await. For those who wish to enjoy a private beach excursion but would rather not take a dinghy – a member of our Marine team will personally take you and pick you up.

Get up close to the marine and plant life in the waters off Anchor Bay in a glass bottom sea kayak. All Lizard Island activities and pricing are subject to availability, weather conditions and may change without notice.

Taking a glass bottom kayak out into the waters of Anchor Bay opens up an underwater treasure trove. At a leisurely pace and stopping to hover over coral, schools of fish and giant clams – this is a beautiful way to explore the reef. Kayaks are available from the Beach Club and our team is happy to assist you if you have not kayaked previously to help you get the most out of this activity.

Hike in the footsteps of Captain Cook to the highest point on the island and take in the panoramic views that can only be enjoyed from this vantage point. All Lizard Island activities and pricing are subject to availability, weather conditions and may change without notice.

Follow in the footsteps of Captain James Cook as he hiked to the top of this mountain to get an understanding of how to navigate the Endeavour back into open waters. History tells us that Cook was astounded to see his ship was on a coral reef and had somehow not become grounded.

As it is believed he was the first European to trek the mountain – it was fondly given his name and it has stuck. The Cook’s Look hike can be guided or self-guided. It covers 4 kilometres and at times is very steep so we recommend medium to high fitness and agility is required to safely undertake this hike.

Due to the time it takes to hike and the heat of the day – it is recommended that you hike early morning and if going unguided you must register with Reception upon leaving and returning.

Resident Naturalists share their knowledge and passion of local flora and fauna with guided walks across the island and at pre-dinner video and talk presentations. All Lizard Island activities and pricing are subject to availability, weather conditions and may change without notice.

Each month the flora and fauna in and around the island changes with the migration of animals and the blooming of plants. Our resident Naturalists know and love every corner of the island and every seasonal nuance. A guided tour provides you with a greater understanding and knowledge of the treasured natural wonders, history and eco-systems of Lizard Island.

Evening presentations by our Naturalists offer wonderful insights into Lizard Island – after which we see many of our guests selecting to head out the next day on a guided tour to learn more.

Lizard Island is one of Australia’s most remote and breathtaking locations and boasts amazing natural wonders all year round.

Lizard Island is made up of Granite rock which formed deep below the earth’s surface about 300 million years ago. Slow cooling underground caused the molten rock to solidify, exposing the granite hills and beautiful island paradise you see today.

Its beauty and wilderness are distinctive, and Lizard Island was declared a National Park in 1937, while its surrounding water was declared a Marine Park in 1974.

Experience the natural island wonders on a guided interpretive walk or view our marine and terrestrial presentations, scheduled throughout the week, with our naturalist. Learn more about this fascinating reef and island environment, and the unique creatures that call it home…

The secrets and mysteries of the island are unveiled at the Lizard Island Research Station. A facility of the Australian Museum, the research station is dedicated to supporting the advancement of knowledge and understanding of the Great Barrier Reef. Tours to the research station are conducted twice a week and available for all Lizard Island guests.

Everything we do on Lizard Island takes into account our prime position on the Great Barrier Reef. We’re respectful of the truly remarkable environment we operate in, and maintaining, protecting and nurturing the diverse ecosystem of Lizard Island and its surrounding waters underpins our every effort.

Lizard Island was declared a National Park in 1937, with the waters surrounding the Island recognised as a Marine Park in 1974.

To ensure our guests are exposed to and educated about the challenges and the opportunities faced by the Great Barrier Reef, we work closely with the Lizard Island Research Station, a world-leader in coral reef education and research, to protect and preserve the Great Barrier Reef and most recently pioneering successful techniques to combat the spread of one of the reef biggest predators, the Crown of Thorns.

We offer guests tours of the Research Station where they have the opportunity to speak to marine staff who live and work in the surrounds, who can provide insights on the day to day health of the marine environment as well as advances in reef conservation and research breakthroughs.

Lizard Island is also a founding member of the Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef, further emphasising our dedication to protecting our natural and cultural surrounds to ensure it remains for generations to come.

We are respectful of Lizard Island’s history, and committed to preserving its place in the minds of our staff and guests well into the future. Our work with Lizard Island’s onsite naturalist, and our relationship with the Traditional Owners of the land, Jiogurru of the Dingaal Aboriginal people, are central to upholding this commitment.

We share the island’s cultural heritage with our guests through guided walks with our naturalist. On these walks, historical sites are observed, and guests have the opportunity to hike to the highest point on the island in the footsteps of Captain Cook, to the aptly named Cook’s Look.

On Lizard Island, we also do our best to recycle what we use with seven main streams: co-mingled recycling, organics, compostable, cardboard, paper, batteries and toner cartridges. We’re also pleased to have removed all plastic straws and bottles from use on Lizard Island as of 1 September 2018.

Our dedication to the environment is reflected through our waste and recycling handling. Approximately 60 per cent of all waste from the resort operation on Lizard Island is either recycled or deployed for alternative use.

All waste on the island is separated and removed on the fortnightly barge, to limit any cross contamination with the natural balance of the flora and fauna.

We’re always looking for ways to support the local community while also protecting the environment that surrounds us. To ensure the minimal amount of waste from the property ends up as landfill, we work with a local waste provider to recycle or deploy waste in other channels.

Through innovative practices, we’re able to ensure our footprint on the environment is minimal, like reusing oil for bio-fuel and coffee granules. Additionally, 90 per cent of all food and beverage supplied on-island is purchased from local suppliers, echoing our commitment to supporting the businesses that operate in our region.

Rooms: 40
Price: from 1.015 EUR per night


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