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Turtle Island Resort - Fiji Islands
Turtle Island Resort - Fiji Islands
Turtle Island Resort - Fiji Islands
Turtle Island Resort - Fiji Islands
Turtle Island Resort - Fiji Islands
Turtle Island Resort - Fiji Islands
Turtle Island Resort - Fiji Islands
Turtle Island Resort - Fiji Islands
Turtle Island Resort - Fiji Islands
Turtle Island Resort - Fiji Islands
Turtle Island Resort - Fiji Islands
Turtle Island Resort - Fiji Islands
27 April 2022

Experience pure indulgence, relaxation and romance at one of the most sought-after destinations in the world. This truly all-inclusive island is home to only 14 couples at a time.

The breathtaking panoramas of the renowned Blue Lagoon and neighboring Yasawa and Fiji Islands can be seen from your spacious Fijian villa. Gentle winds carry the scent of tropical flowers through the resort and the warm, azure waters at our 12 private beaches beckon you to relax on your vacation.

The cuisine, prepared with fresh seafood from local waters and fruits and vegetables grown on the island, is a culinary delight. The paradise of Turtle Island resort offers a cultural experience where you embrace as family our gentle, engaging, noble hosts.

Turtle Island’s Owner and Managing Director, Richard Evanson, earned his Engineering Degree from University of Washington, Seattle in 1957 and an MBA from Harvard Business School in 1962. He was an entrepreneur on the fast track to success, and made his fortune in cable television.

By 1972, he was burnt out and found a welcome escape in the Fiji Islands. Richard purchased Nanuya Levu, a 500-acre barren, uninhabited island in the Yasawa Islands where he arrived with little more than a generator, refrigerator, and tent.

The island had been completely overrun by wild goats, and Richard made it his life work to rejuvenate the land and build himself a new home. In order to reverse the damage inflicted by the wild goats, Richard employed a team of local villagers to plant hundreds and thousands of trees. Richard then renamed his property “Turtle Island.”

In the late 1970s, film producers were searching the world for the perfect location to remake the “Blue Lagoon”, starring Brooke Shields. Early in that search, they came to speak with Richard at Turtle Island.

He subsequently found that the reason they knew about the suitability of Turtle Island for the movie was that the 1949 version of the “Blue Lagoon”, starring Jean Simmons and Donald Houston was also shot on Turtle Island.

Richard negotiated an arrangement with Columbia Pictures, and shooting commenced in 1978. When the project finished, and the stars, film crew and extras had left, Richard realised how much he enjoyed having guests on the Island, to appreciate its beauty as much as he did.

He then decided to open the Resort to take guests in 1980. Since opening, the development of the ‘bures’ (cottages) and other extensive guest facilities has been ongoing and profound. However, at the same time, Richard has respected the integrity of the Island’s biodiversity by limiting the number of guests to a minimum.

Early on in his stewardship of Turtle Island, Richard committed to a quadruple bottom line decision making process in everything he did. All development needed to make financial sense, have environmental integrity, benefit the local people and celebrate the heritage and culture of the place.

He embraced the notion of working with local communities, to develop sustainable tourism projects, and this work continues. His vision for the region has now enabled the development of many small, locally owned backpacker and other resorts, providing much needed jobs and opportunities for local villagers.

Discover your own 500-acre private island paradise. 14 light-filled villas dot the iconic Blue Lagoon, separated by generous expanses and lush landscaping. Designed in harmony with nature, your beachfront home offers peaceful privacy and ocean views.

Our elevated global style punctuated with island-found treasures and Fijian arts create a distinctive and inviting abode. Artisan crafted furnishings from trees and driftwood. Vaulted ceilings woven from palms and knotted with coconut husk cordage known as magi magi.

Textiles inspired by tribal graphics and pops of color from jungles and reefs. Your villa is an escape and digital detox from the pace and pressures of the modern world – a place where your heart beats to the rhythm of the island.

Our most sought-after villa and elevated on its own point, Vonu Point boasts sweeping views – from the crescent-shaped Blue Lagoon to neighbouring islands in the Yasawas. In addition to the amenities of the Grand Villa, Vonu Point features an indoor spa and extraordinary privacy.

12 Grand Beachfront Villas with ocean views dot the Blue Lagoon beachfront. Generous expanses separate these spacious villas, all landscaped for privacy. Several villas are suitable for guests who prefer not to navigate stairs, or who prefer to be close to the main dining area.

Each villa is slightly different in design and layout, reflecting their unique settings. Some villas have spa baths. Others have private outdoor showers. All are light-filled and breezy, with gentle winds wafting the intoxicating scent of tropical blossoms.

Our Water’s Edge Villa is closest to the Blue Lagoon, and at high tide, the waters lap gently at the stone walkway and stairs into the villa. Guests adore the oceanfront location as well as the private outdoor shower. Centrally located, the villa is near the main dining area and our water sports area.

With 500 acres and countless beaches for you to explore, Turtle Island is widely considered the most magical experience in the South Pacific.

At any time we host at most 14 couples. If you’d like to experience Turtle Island for yourself, your close friends, or your family exclusively, we welcome you to reserve the entire island for a week of your own.

Escape to Turtle Island for your dream wedding on the beach of the Blue Lagoon with your closest friends, invite your entire family for a reunion that you’ll remember forever, or just gather for an island party of a lifetime!

We can assure you, living in your own private paradise is a life experience that is unparalleled, and nearly indescribable.

We offer spacious and serene accommodations (14 bures – Fijian villas – in total), delectable food and world-class wines, and an incredible array of water sports, culture immersion, and memory-making activities.

Each bure is assigned a “Bure Mama” (your dedicated, personal concierge) to fulfill each and every desire of your guests. And if your group includes children, we assign nannies or “Bula Buddies” to every child so they also experience the personal attention of a fun-loving Fijian caretaker and activities suited to the child’s age.

When you reserve Turtle Island for your personal enjoyment exclusively, we’re delighted to offer you complete privacy and unparalleled service.

We charge a flat fee for your week-long island holiday, inclusive of meet and greet service, 14 bures which can accommodate 2 adults and up to 4 children, dining and beverages, activities, and all transfers to and from Turtle Island from Nadi. With this all-inclusive approach, you are free to enjoy your paradise, without ever considering a monetary decision.

The Fijian food served on our Island is very personal – inspired by a just-harvested island bounty and the tradition of local delicacies. Recognized for the “Best Food in Fiji” by Travel & Leisure readers, the flavors transcend the simple, pure and humble ingredients with fresh combinations like lemongrass, slipper lobsters, and tropical soursop.

Dine on one-of-a-kind creations, adapted for any special dietary requirements — yellow fin tuna, crab, and Pacific green lobster caught daily by local fishermen from nearby villages, tender Australian beef, and sweet native fruits and island-grown vegetables from our garden.

Spirit away with your beloved in a remote setting for a romantic feast, or join with new friends for an engaging dinner party.

We hand pick wines from boutique wineries in premier wine growing regions to pair with our island cuisine.

These wineries are just far enough off the beaten path in France, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, and America, that you’ll likely be trying them for the first time while visiting us. We are passionate about bringing you unique, interesting, and delicious hidden gems.

Intimate dining in remote locations, breakfast on a private beach, open-air picnics, seaside moonlight dinners, dessert under the stars by lantern light on a floating pontoon, fun-filled community dinners with the rest of the guests—all conspire to create special moments and dining experiences you will never forget.

Greeting the sunrise on Long Beach from horseback, followed by a water’s edge champagne breakfast is a must when you visit us. Or if you prefer breakfast in bed with a freshly brewed flat white, let us deliver.

Or join other guests around the family table for a breakfast buffet of farm eggs, piping hot pastries, and tropical fruits — passion fruit, papayas, mangos, star fruit, guavas, soursops, and malay and custard apples. So many ways to start the day, just the way you like it.

Impossibly white sand beaches fringe Turtle Island, some stretching along the water’s edge, and others shyly hiding in coves.

Every other day during your stay, a private beach is yours to enjoy. Seclusion for the two of you — no other soul in sight. While away the afternoon with swimming, beachcombing, and extreme hammocking. Lose your inhibitions or work on your all-over tan.

And then indulge in a sumptuous picnic, featuring champagne and the finest wines from around the world, island cuisine, succulent fruits, and tantalizing pastries. When you’re ready for pickup, radio us and we’ll arrive by boat or cart to gather you.

Dinner for two in intimate settings is one of the most magical, romantic and memorable experiences on Turtle Island. On the floating pontoon in the Blue Lagoon, your meal is served by boat. Bedecked and softly lit by lanterns, it’s hard to imagine a more fanciful setting.

Cliff Point, situated on a rock outcropping that juts into the lagoon, is lovely for up to three couples. Your meal may be prepared onsite, or delivered via cart. And the saltwater pool is beautiful for an after-dinner moonlight dip. The serene Spa Deck, overlooking the Blue Lagoon, welcomes one or two couples.

Choose as well from several cozy dining spots — dockside under charming thatching, dining in your villa, or under the stars in front of your villa. Wherever you enjoy your dine-out, we love to welcome you back to the family table for dessert and laughter, as we will most certainly have missed you!

Every Wednesday evening we prepare dinner in an underground oven called a lovo. This is Fiji’s traditional method of cooking — a shallow hole in the sand is filled with stones heated by fire. Atop the stones, wrapped delicacies are layered and cooked until tantalizing scents of the roast emerge.

Every night we host a dinner party at unique locations around the island. Whether it’s dining in the garden, the top of Mount Ford, or at one end of the beach or the other, a sumptuous cuisine and an unlimited supply of fine wines and cocktails are served under the stars and lantern light.

Having been honored by Travel + Leisure’s ‘World’s Best Service’ list, you will come to know the gracious hospitality of your Fijian hosts. Linger for hours enjoying stimulating conversations with new friends, and after dinner, partake in Fijian revelry — traditional songs and dances, story telling, and kava ceremony.

Our wine list changes constantly, ensuring that each vintage is a unique discovery you’ll want to stock for your own cellar. We find wines that pair with our island meals — such as our Mongolian Barbeque, which pairs well with Toscana Monte Antico Merlot & Cabernet Sauvignon blend from Italy.

Or try something sweet like Allan Scott 2008 Marlborough Riesling from New Zealand with something spicy, like Indo-Fijian curries. As a family business with an eco-focus, we especially like to find wines that tell a story and honor the land and craft of the winemaker.

When you’re with us, you might discover the Mi Sueno Pinot Noir from Napa Valley. This gem is created by Rolando and Lorena Herrera, Mexican immigrants who started as dishwashers at Meadowood Resort and with vision, persistence and deep respect for the earth, now create world class wines under their label Mi Sueno, meaning “The Dream”.

At the start of your stay with us, you are welcome to peruse the cellar so you can select your favorites for a picnic or dine-out.

Celebrate with an intimate, private wedding or with a grand beach wedding surrounded by guests and loved ones. On Turtle Island, weddings are special events and the locations yours to discover – like sunset on the shore of the Blue Lagoon, sunrise on Long Beach, or late afternoon on Mountain Top.

Let us handle all the preparations while you relax in paradise. Don your dream gown or Fijian wedding attire of tapa, a cloth of tree bark and hand-painted with tribal symbols in tan, brown and black. And let us bedeck you with garlands of fresh, fragrant flowers.

In the grand wedding the trumpeting of conch shells announces the bride’s arrival on the wedding raft, called a billi billi. Drums beat rhythmically as two Fijian warriors escort the bride to her groom, and our Fijian choir herald the approach.

If you like, choose a Methodist ceremony with the minister who resides across the lagoon. After the ceremony, everyone gathers for kava, an ancient tradition. You are then carried onto the billi billi for your return to the wedding feast or traditional lovo, typically consisting of roast pork, fresh seafood and local root crops.

Under the soft glow of lantern light, guests and staff alike raise their glasses in a toast to your sparkling life together while you enjoy cake and celebrate with everyone.

Castaway on a remote beach, with just your beloved. White sands nestled in a volcanic cove. A vibrant reef at your feet.

Whether you’re planning a picture perfect proposal at sunset, a memorable anniversary or honeymoon, or an in-the-moment picnic among the palms, Turtle Island is so unique, it seems to have been created for pure romance. During your week-long stay with us, choose a different private Fijian beach every other day.

Our horses are beautiful, whether running free or carrying riders. Enjoy a ride over to Long Beach at dawn, canter along the water’s edge, and pause for a champagne toast and breakfast as the sun rises. Or, opt for a ride as the day cools, and the leafy trails offer shade and solitude from the vantage point of your steed.

Fiji is known as the “Soft Coral Capital of The World.” With around 1,000 species of fish and several hundred types of coral and sponges, divers experience unparalleled marine biodiversity.

A stunning array of virgin reefs and clear, pristine waters make Turtle Island ideal for divers — hundreds of species of fish, cephalopods, turtles, colorful reefs, plant life, and a dizzying display of spectacular South Pacific sea life.

One dive per day is included in your stay, so be sure to bring your dive card with you. We have all the equipment you need including regulators, BCD, full foot fins, masks, weight belts, wetsuits, and tanks, as well as expert direction from our operator’s very knowledgeable divers.

There is no better place to dive than in Fiji where water temperatures are a comfortable 27-30°C (75-80°F).

Snorkeling can be enjoyed almost anywhere on the island – from right off your doorstep, to the main beach, to a multitude of other incredible reefs that encircle the island. Explore alone, or join one of our Fijian guides for local knowledge.

In the tranquil waters of the Blue Lagoon, living coral reefs of vibrant blue, green, and yellow ring Turtle Island and are home to fascinating fish, from lion fish to angel fish to butterfly fish.

You can swim amongst spectacular ocean life, including squid, octopi, sea cucumbers, rays, crabs, and—of course—green or hawksbill turtles.

On starry nights, the breeze carries the scent of frangipani down to the sea’s edge and the waves turn an almost otherworldly green and gold with sea life bioluminescence. Be sure to take a reflective snorkel through this underwater tropical paradise.

Stand Up Paddle (SUP) boarding is popular, in large part because it’s a relaxing way to play on the water and rather easy to master. And it’s great for exercise and core toning.

The serene Blue Lagoon offers the perfect conditions for a novice, and we’re happy to help you get started. As well, sea kayaking is also a leisurely way to spy sea creatures like manta rays, crabs and starfish. Or, admire the horizon dotted with volcanic islands.

Take hold of the breeze by windsurfing or sailing across our crystal clear waters. Windsurfing combines surfing and sailing, scooting you across our lagoon as the wind picks up. If you’re adventurous and skilled, feel the adrenalin rush of jumps, spinning maneuvers, and other freestyle moves.

Or set sail on the gentle tropical breeze in one of our gaff-rigged Sunfish sailboats. Amble about or set sail for a tour around the island. Seeing this island paradise from the water’s edge is a special adventure.

Mountain bike around the island. Paths lead into the spectacular tropical forest of raintree, tavola, Noko Noko and mahogany.

Choose a leisurely ride to one of the private beaches or push yourself a little further to the top of Mount Ford to enjoy incredible views of Turtle Island, the Blue Lagoon and our neighbors in the Yasawas chain of islands.

The trails around Turtle Island are marked by delicate red hibiscus which is a beautiful reminder that you are on the right track.

Journey by solar-powered electric cart and experience the wild beauty of Turtle Island. Tour our lush five-acre garden tended by three full-time staff Visit with our joinery artisans where we make our own furnishings.

Learn about our “farm of light” where our extensive solar installation made Turtle Island one of the first ever clean energy Ecotourism resorts in the world. And once out onto the trails, spy tropical birds flitting in the canopy of trees, and mud crabs scurrying into their burrows.

Once denuded of its lush rainforest and vegetation, we’ve planted more than half a million trees on the island. The trees encourage biodiversity, re-establish indigenous forests, prevent soil erosion, create windbreaks, and add to the natural beauty of our island paradise.

Turtle Island is a very special place, as are the sea turtles that make their home and fragile nests on our shores. As a result of being spectacularly beautiful and tasty creatures, endangered sea turtles are sadly hunted.

We save the lives of sea turtles in the Yasawas, our chain of islands, with our Turtle Conservation program in partnership with World Wildlife Fund. In the Yasawas, local fishermen bring sea turtles to Turtle.

We tag the turtles and release them back to the sea. Sharing with guests our knowledge of turtle conservation and witnessing a strengthening of the sea turtle population in the Yasawas is one of our greatest pleasures and proudest accomplishments.

In the late 1970s, film producers who had searched the world for the perfect location to remake “The Blue Lagoon,” starring Brooke Shields, approached Richard Evanson (the owner of Turtle Island) to use his island.

When the project finished filming, Richard realised how much he enjoyed having people on the island who appreciated its beauty as much as he did, so he decided to open the property to guests.

The film was shot on privately owned Turtle Island. The flora and fauna featured in the film includes an array of animals from multiple continents.

As it turned out, the iguanas filmed on Fiji were a species hitherto unknown to science; this was noted by the herpetologist John Gibbons when he watched the film, and after traveling to the island where the iguanas were filmed, he described the Fiji Crested Iguana (Brachylophus vitiensis) in 1981.

Nestled along the shore of the Blue Lagoon, our spa is an inviting and quiet zen-retreat. Scents of lavender, rosemary and lemongrass, the pleasures of candlelight, and the warm breezes of the South Pacific pervade this hidden jewel.

The spa nurtures mind, body and spirit with luxurious treatments infused with pure and natural ingredients found in Fiji. Relax with a hand and foot rub followed by a signature treatment of your choice.

Polynesian-style massages are favorites , with cold-pressed, indigenous nut oils in calming island fragrances. Or, indulge in a facial or a body scrub to be truly swept away to a place of bliss and rejuvenation

Kava, a traditional beverage made from water and the ground root of the pepper plant, is served at special gatherings. Guests are welcomed to a village with a kava ceremony. And at important events, such as a meeting of chiefs or a wedding, kava is always served.

On Turtle Island you will experience the kava ceremony on Wednesday evenings, and you’ll have a chance to enjoy kava with the staff on evenings as well.

After the ceremony, much laughter, singing and socializing happens around the kava bowl. Our distinctive bowl, lovingly tended for years and called a tanoa, is a hand-carved turtle.

Fijian oral history is handed down in meke, a combination of dance and story-telling through song. Typically shared at festive events, you’ll have the chance to experience the rhythmic clapping, chanting and beating of the traditional meke on Wednesday evenings.

Turtle Island is located in the central Yasawas, surrounded by seven villages on three separate islands. Our staff is excited to share their village homes and customs with you.

Discover Fijian plant medicine, in which common plants and trees are used to make tinctures to calm the stomach, or poltices to relieve a burn. Or let us show you how coconuts have sustained South Pacific peoples for millennia — providing food, oil and fronds that are woven into baskets.

As we are all interconnected, we support our neighbors as family. We invest in the education of our youth, we honor the Fijian heritage of music and story telling, and we host annually medical and dental clinics. And when needed, we launch special projects, like post-cyclone rebuilding and village solar installations.

Handline fishing is one of the true social pleasures of Fijian living. A simple line, wound around a reel or even a plastic soda bottle, is baited and dropped into the water. At the tiniest nibble, pull the line to hook your fish. Catch and release, or bring back your larger bounty for a grilled fish luncheon.

For reef fishing, we outfit a sturdy 25.5′ runabout with outboard twin engines for fishing. Excursions launch early morning, and last 4-6 hours depending on weather conditions. The runabout trolls the reefs located around Turtle Island and neighbouring islands.

Catches include yellow fin tuna, trevally, Spanish mackerel, barracuda, skipjack tuna, and rainbow runner. Our chefs are delighted to prepare your catch — “sashimi” style for lunch, or as an exquisite dinner for all.

Many amazing trails, from easy to moderate, offer the runner, hiker, or those just out for a stroll plenty of wonderful opportunities to explore the island. Hike our 500-acre paradise, run our canopied jungle trails, amble through our gardens, or explore acres of golden grassland.

The scenery is spectacular — native rain forests, verdant hills, fascinating mangroves, turquoise waters and white sands, rugged, black volcanic cliffs. Feel free to explore. Our staff is always delighted to guide you, or you can venture out on your own.

Whether our guests visit Turtle Island for their honeymoon or their 30th wedding anniversary, they often say the same thing – “I would love to bring my family back here.”

Although Turtle Island is typically a luxurious private island for couples only, we do bend the rules a few times a year. Family week at Turtle Island is magic for everyone: parents, children, and grandparents.

Fijians honor family and friends as the most important of life’s blessings. We’ve continued this cultural tradition, with a joyful community, and a nurturing, teaching, and fun-loving staff.

We provide every child 5 and under with a Nanny. From 6 years and above, every child has their own “Bula Buddy” to be a companion and playmate. Parents can relax and enjoy themselves, safe in the knowledge that their children are constantly under the watchful eye of our dedicated, loving Turtle Island care givers.

The activity program for Family Time is flexible. We tailor the days to make sure there is always something fun and adventurous for every child on the Island. We have fishing, sporting events, lots of swimming and water activities, as well as crafts and games.

On Saturday nights, weather permitting, we host dinner atop Mount Ford. The evening begins with cocktails at Vonu Bar — a bit of sustenance for those intrepid guests willing to make the trek up the mountain trail.

From the trail peals laughter and song, as the culinary caravan gets underway. At the top of the mountain, more merriment ensues with dancing before dinner. As we’re gathered around the dining table together, we breathe in a moment of silence under the stars, reveling in this shared gift of nature.

Tour our lush five-acre garden tended by three full-time staff, providing the island chefs with fresh fruits and vegetables, and herbs and spices daily – like bananas, spinach, hydroponic lettuce, papayas, sweet corn, lemongrass, and basil. Join us to harvest the daily bounty.

The spirit of Turtle Island inspires us to care for our planet and one another. Our hope is that after living in harmony with us, you will take this island spirit with you and share it with the planet.

Turtle Island and its neighbouring seven villages in the central Yasawas have resisted any temptation for development. There are no high-rises or tennis courts. No airfields or shopping malls. No televisions or billboards. Just unspoiled natural beauty and the gentle rhythm of the tides.

Fijian culture is very much alive on Turtle Island, and when you visit, you will live and play alongside Fijians. Fijians are taught from an early age that family and friends are most important in life – and this has remained true even in our world where technology is pervasive.

From this warm, ancient yet living culture comes a welcoming and fun-loving community. We’ll spoil you with our hospitality or, if you prefer, leave you to savor your solitude.

Website: www.turtlefiji.com
Rooms: 14
Price: from 1.215 EUR per night


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