Palazzetto Pisani Venice

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Palazzetto Pisani Grand Canal Venice - Italy
Palazzetto Pisani Grand Canal Venice - Italy
Palazzetto Pisani Grand Canal Venice - Italy
Palazzetto Pisani Grand Canal Venice - Italy
Palazzetto Pisani Grand Canal Venice - Italy
Palazzetto Pisani Grand Canal Venice - Italy
Palazzetto Pisani Grand Canal Venice - Italy
Palazzetto Pisani Grand Canal Venice - Italy
Palazzetto Pisani Grand Canal Venice - Italy
Palazzetto Pisani Grand Canal Venice - Italy
Palazzetto Pisani Grand Canal Venice - Italy
Palazzetto Pisani Grand Canal Venice - Italy
16 October 2022

Take a leap back in time to a golden age and a very special place, a Boutique hotel in Venice, suspended between music and water, where travellers enjoy the most fascinating aspects of a truly unique city.

Palazzetto Pisani offers 5-star hotel services in two historic Palaces overlooking the Grand Canal and joined by the narrow Calle Genova: the 16th Century Palazzetto Pisani and 16th Century Palazzo Foscolo.

Palazzetto Pisani & Palazzo Foscolo can be reached from the Grand Canal through a private water entrance on Rio del Santissimo or by the narrow Calle Genova with access from Campo Santo Stefano. In Palazzetto Pisani you can find the Reception & the Conciergerie, at your disposal 24H.

Palazzo Foscolo hosts our exclusive Suites overlooking the Grand Canal or internal court; all suites feature original Venetian decor, enhanced by touches of contemporary design.

The Bar&Restaurant il Pisanino and Salone Pisani, which serves as a breakfast room and gala dinner, provides reserved spaces for our guests.

The elegant and brightly lit Salone del Doge is situated on the Noble floor, with balconies overlooking the Grand Canal and offering a unique view; to the left the Basilica della Madonna della Salute and Punta della Dogana, to the right the Accademia Bridge, and in front the Guggenheim Museum and opulent Palazzo Barbarigo.

Palazzetto Pisani Boutique Resort is located near the Accademia Bridge and Campo Santo Stefano, overlooking the Grand Canal, in the most elegant area of the city, full of art, culture and history.

If you arrive on foot from “Ponte dell’Accademia” you will arrive in Campo Santo Stefano square; you will find the restaurant “Art Blue Cafè” on the right, go behind it and you will see the huge Palazzo Pisani di Santo Stefano, today the music conservatory; walk in front of this Palazzo and after the arch: you will see the “Sottoportego Pisani” (sort of gallery); proceed inside it and pass the iron gate in the middle of the “soportego”, than you will arrive at the Palazzetto.

Palazzetto Pisani History
historyThe Pisani family appeared on the Venetian scene during the 14th century and soon became well known for their wealth. They had immense properties in Venice and on the mainland, due to their commercial activities.

Towards the end of the 16th century, Alvise Pisani, who belonged to the branch called “Pisani del Banco” (because they founded and owned one of the most important banks of Venice), left his home at Santa Maria del Giglio and built the enormous palace next to Campo Santo Stefano that became his home and that of his heirs; since then they became known as “Pisani di Santo Stefano”.

It was and is a splendid palace but it didn’t have a facade on the Grand Canal. So the Pisani bought the smaller and older palace belonging to the Marquis Poleni and, in 1751, they joined it to their own house so that it became a wing of Palazzo Pisani projected onto the Grand Canal.

From then onwards it was called “Palazzetto Pisani” to distinguish it from the immense one behind it. When the two buildings were joined, considerable alterations were made to the Palazzetto, so that the structure and decorations that we see today belong to the 18th century, and we have only a few reminders of the original Poleni house, the most important of which is the facade.

At the end of the second world war, the Palazzetto was reoccupied by the last descendants of the Pisani and it is till their home today.

Royal Suite Pisani Grand Canal View
Immersed in a historical atmosphere, between the walls which once housed Doge Alvise, the Royal Suite Pisani Grand Canal View welcomes you with enchanting display of light.
The view looking out onto the Grand Canal will leave you speechless.

From the two out-sitting windows you can admire the Chiesa della Salute, designed by Baldassarre Longhena after the Palladio, the Palazzo Barbarigo with its mosaics, and the Accademia Bridge. It feels as if you are living in a painting.

The suite has a spacious living room featuring a beautiful period fireplace which will set the perfect mood for your most relaxing moments, whether you are enjoying a good book, a sip of tea, or an aperitif.

The room is elegantly furnished with fine fabrics from the early Venetian tradition. Antique furniture, paintings, and lamps will spoil you in a charming atmosphere that only Venice can offer.

Suite Grand Canal View
The Suite Grand Canal View is located on the mezzanine (first floor) of the building and consists of a romantic bedroom and an elegant lounge. It is characterized by beautiful windows overlooking the Grand Canal where one can enjoy an unforgettable sunset over the Punta della Dogana.

This bright and comfortable Suite features stylish furnishings and hardwood floors. The beautiful wood paneling accents the warm yellow and the elegant green of the curtains dressing the room. The corner desk looking towards the Grand Canal inspires one to think and to read.

Prestige Double Room Doge
The Prestige Double Room Doge is located on the Noble Floor of the Palazzetto Pisani in the rooms of Doge Alvise Pisani. The room with a double bed is done in shades of gold and is a real tribute to the magnificence of the past.

History lives on in this room through the decoration of the ceiling and the valuable fabrics lining the walls which tell the story of Serenissima and the Republic of Venice.

The headboard is entirely in gold leaf with mirrors that reflect the period fireplace on the other side of the room, which displays beautiful antique vases of Murano glass. The cozy bathroom includes an antique tub and sink.

Double Classic Room
Our spacious Double Classic rooms, located on the first floor in the heart of Palazzetto Pisani, feature renovated bathrooms. Each Double Classic room is stylishly decorated and offers a variety of amenities, with original decorative details. Overlooking the nearby Calle Genova and Rio del Santissimo, they are the ideal choice for a romantic holiday for two.

Il Pisanino Dining & Bar
Il Pisanino Dining & Bar overlooks the Palazzo Barbarigo, Guggenheim museum and Accademia Bridge. This distinctive and stylishly bar and restaurant is open for lunch and dinner, as well as for drinks and specialises in fresh and local cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere. Il Pisanino Dining & Bar also features a fine selection of Wines and Amaro.

Balcony Experience
At Il Pisanino Restaurant you can enjoy a romantic dinner on the terrace, with an exclusive view on the Grand Canal. A really rare privilege.

Organize your event
For an exclusive event, the Noble Floor of Palazzetto Pisani can be at your disposal. Available for private party, business meetings, conferences, special events, wedding or other special occasion, we can assist you to make it remarkably unique! Rely on our expert staff who will help you in realizing your dream and to make it unforgettable!

Palazzetto Pisani is the ideal location for those who want to organize a Wedding Celebration in Venice centre: you can choose either the Salone Pisani or the Salotto del Doge Grand Canal, while the gallery for the welcoming of your guest.

Services Offered

  • The possibility to enter the Palazzetto by gondola through the private water entrance illuminated by candles
  • Short guided tour of the palace: take the amazing coffered staircase to get the Piano Noble, view the most important rooms, paintings and frescoes
  • Unique aperitif on the balcony of the Piano Nobile overlooking the Grand Canal: breathtaking views of Accademia Bridge, the Guggenheim Museum, Palazzo Barbarigo, the Chiesa della Salute, the Punta della Dogana and St. Mark’s under the Venice sunset
  • Exclusive private dinner with wait staff in the dining room with the original serving ware of the Palazzetto
  • After dinner drink (liqueur) in the Doge living room, pampered by an almost surreal atmosphere and accompanied by pleasant and relaxing music
  • Tour through the small canals with a Venetian topina (typical lagoon boat “Pisanina”-1970) leaving from the water entrance of the Palazzetto (max 3 people)
Rooms: 25
Price: from 148 EUR per night


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