Saint Hubertus Resort Cervinia

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Saint Hubertus Resort Cervinia, Aosta Valley - Italy
Saint Hubertus Resort Cervinia, Aosta Valley - Italy
Saint Hubertus Resort Cervinia, Aosta Valley - Italy
Saint Hubertus Resort Cervinia, Aosta Valley - Italy
Saint Hubertus Resort Cervinia, Aosta Valley - Italy
Saint Hubertus Resort Cervinia, Aosta Valley - Italy
Saint Hubertus Resort Cervinia, Aosta Valley - Italy
Saint Hubertus Resort Cervinia, Aosta Valley - Italy
Saint Hubertus Resort Cervinia, Aosta Valley - Italy
Saint Hubertus Resort Cervinia, Aosta Valley - Italy
Saint Hubertus Resort Cervinia, Aosta Valley - Italy
Saint Hubertus Resort Cervinia, Aosta Valley - Italy
15 October 2022

Immersed in a lush pine forest, SAINT HUBERTUS RESORT, although only five minutes from the village centre, has a breath-taking view of the impressive Matterhorn. Breuil Cervinia, one of the most popular ski resorts in Europe, on the Swiss boarder and in the heart of the Western Alps, has an incomparable ski area.

Designed with sober elegance by the famous architect Savin Couelle, Saint Hubertus Resort combines exclusive apartments with top quality hotel services (restaurant, bar, champagne bar, library, swimming pool with thermal waters, spa, gym) making this resort truly unique.

The will to create something unique led Elena and Federico Maquignaz to share the project and the construction step by step of the resort with the brilliant architect Savin Couelle. Saint Hubertus Resort was built entirely by expert hands of craftsmen who made it unique.

Exclusive apartments from 50 to 120 square meters of beauty and comfort, combined with a top quality hotel service (restaurant, bar, champagne bar, library, spa, wellness, gym) making this resort truly unique.

A cuisine made with local ingredients and pure products managed expertly by our Chef Andrea Rizzo. In his menu homemade stuffed pastas prepared with extreme care.

Surrounded by unspoiled nature, our SPA offers an area entirely dedicated to relaxation and wellness. A gentle regeneration in the wonderful swimming pool, with breathtaking windows overlooking the majestic Matterhorn.

Saint Hubertus Resort is unique both in terms of architecture and location. It is the perfect location for special and unique events (weddings or receptions, birthdays and baptisms) as well as for conventions and business meetings.

Summer is the season of leisure. Alpine climbing, mountain biking and rafting for adventure lovers but also walks and excursions along itineraries of all levels of difficulty.

A real paradise for golf, created by Donald Harradine in the early 1950s, which at an altitude of 2050 metres is one of the highest courses in Europe. The course, situated in a unique nature context, offers the player a spectacular view in front of the dazzling image of the Matterhorn.

To warm the winter days, with dreamy winter landscapes, Cervinia offers various opportunities to feel active: skiing, snowboarding, sightseeing tours on sleds pulled by beautiful huskies and snowshoeing.

Nice to meet you, we are Elena and Federico. From the first days of life we breathe the air of Cervinia: our parents taught us how to love this corner of paradise; Federico’s mother, the teacher of the village, transmitted all the traditions to us and with her great sensitivity she made us know the beating heart of this place.

Dr. Maquignaz (Federico’s dad) has been for years the general practitioner and orthopedist of all and for all. Elena’s traditions, on the other hand, come from the hotel industry: five generations of hoteliers preceded her and her parents built the Hotel Hermitage in 1974… today the generation continues the business.

Elena’s father, who is passionate about these places, introduced her to all the herbs and plants. After their studies Federico and Elena run successfully the “Capriccio” restaurant for 16 years in Cervinia.

During this period Federico contributed with great enthusiasm to the administration of the village and still today he is the president of the Cervino golf club (the only 18-hole course in Aosta Valley). In 2000 he opened another restaurant on the slopes which he managed for 11 years.

In these years the dream of creating the Saint Hubertus Resort was born: the name derives from the patron saint of hunters. Great grandparents, grandparents, fathers, Federico and Filippo: everybody in the family share the same passion.

The desire to create a unique resort led us to find a brilliant architect, Savin Couelle, who designed awonderful plan and followed the construction step by step with us. Our sons Filippo and Margherita help us and share with us this wonderful project.

Luxurious suites of 45 to 50 square meters, exclusive and comfortable. Consisting of a bedroom with king-size bed, a marble bathroom with a carved washbasin, and a cosy living room with a sofa-bed and a stone fireplace that enhances the beauty of the handcrafted elm floor.

Furnished with precious fabrics and delightful furniture created by expert craftsmen. Beautiful large windows offer breath-taking views of the Matterhorn and the Grandes Murailles.

Spectacular 70-80 sqm suites with stunning views across the Matterhorn chain. Larch trussed roof, elm and stone floor and a large fireplace in the living room which makes the space extremely cosy.

Consisting of a bedroom with a king-size bed and a sofa bed on the mezzanine floor or in the living room, a bathroom with wash basins carved out of marble. Balcony or terrace offering breath-taking views of the Matterhorn chain.

Deluxe 90-100 sqm suites full of luxuries for visitors to feel spoilt and pampered while enjoying fantastic views of the majestic Matterhorn, lulled by the gentle crackling in the stone fireplace heating up the elegant living room rich in handcrafted furniture and precious fabrics.

With two bedrooms (one with a king-size bed and one with one king-size bed or two single beds), a sofa bed on the mezzanine floor or in the living room, a cosy living room and a large stone fireplace that enhances the artisanal elm and stone floor. They can accommodate up to 6 adults. Two bathrooms with carved marble wash basins, each with a unique design.

Under the wide vaults, enclosed by the stone walls, with a large central fireplace and candlelit atmosphere, there is a romantic restaurant serving great Italian and local dishes revisited following the canons of nouvelle cuisine.

Our Chef Andrea Rizzo personally selects top-range, wholesome ingredients locally sourced from small producers, for a varied menu that includes deliciously fresh handmade pasta and traditional filled pasta, all prepared with extreme care. Gourmets will have a wide choice of quality meals. The restaurant is also open to external customers upon prior booking.

A small room for private dinners adjacent to the cellar, a charming and relaxed environment that will lead you to discover the selected list of renowned Italian and foreign wines, as well as wines by small producers, carefully thought out by owner and professional sommelier Federico Maquignaz.

With its spectacular view of the Matterhorn and the two large fireplaces heating the cosy room, the “Ginepro bar” is the perfect place to enjoy delicious aperitifs, original cocktails, luscious wines from our cellar, and a generous selection of rum, whiskey, gin and vodka beverages.

Wines are “the poetry of the earth”. For this reason our cellar is a real treasure chest, built to allow the wine to rest with controlled temperatures and humidity, so that it can be well maintained without creating imbalance in the wine itself.

Our breakfast buffet is glorious, with fresh homemade cakes, croissants with butter and jam, fresh fruit, natural products from local farms such as yogurts, cheeses and meats.

Also goat cheeses and milk. Fresh squeezed juices. Omelettes, scrambled or poached eggs, bacon and pancetta, cereals, and müesli, fresh salmon and vegetables. Saint Hubertus Resort offers a large selection of exclusive teas, coffee, cappuccino, latte, ginseng and more.

Dining at the Saint Hubertus Resort is a special experience: thanks to the elegant room service, you will have a restaurant in your apartment, in front of your fireplace with a surprising choice of wines.

Every day our Chef proposes dishes of the great Italian tradition to be enjoyed directly in front of the fireplace of your apartment. Dinner will be served by our sommelier and our Chef prior booking.

Saint Hubertus Resort is harmony, vibration, energy: its elegant spaces are designed by the famous French architect Savin Couelle and entirely built by master craftsmen, with unique furnishing elements and materials that convey joy and deep peace.

The resort speaks the language of nature and every stay is an immersion in the power of the elements: water, in the ergonomic swimming pool with its breathtaking windows and the crystal-clear springs nearby, warm wood, like the endless woods that whisper through the windows, fire, crackling from the fireplaces in the rooms, stone, silent and still, which is the bridge to the majestic Matterhorn.

In the regenerating surroundings of this special resort, each guest can have a personal wellness path. Live your experience at SHR to the fullest by having our professionals’ advise on the best path for you.

Rediscover a deep sense of physical and mental well-being that will last over time. Ergo 360° is the solution designed by our wellness team together with our personal trainers, based on decades of experience with guests from all over the world.

Saint Hubertus Resort is not only a perfect holiday destination, but also a location to leave room for creativity. Our small rooms with mountain views and natural light can be the ideal place for small business seminars or intimate meetings.

Choosing Saint Hubertus Resort for your company meetings means picking a quiet and exclusive place that is an unrivalled source of inspiration for new ideas.

We can supply the technical equipment for your seminars, but also organize delicious coffee breaks, light lunches or private business dinners (including for Christmas), or wine tastings at our champagne bar. At the end of a full day, your guests can relax at our Ergonomic Spa, or enjoy some team-building time on the slopes.

In summer or winter, outside or in front of one of our fireplaces, we can book the entire Resort exclusively for your private event and organize theme dinners or aperitifs, birthdays or weddings. The mountain offers us the setting… it’s up to us to invent the story that goes with it!

The Breuil-Cervinia Valtournenche Zermatt ski area is one of the largest in the Alps, with a varied and skiable domain beyond compare, which stretches through three valleys in two countries, Italy and Switzerland, from the 3,883 m of the Piccolo Cervino descending to the 1,524 m of Valtournenche.

Ski runs offering the chance to ski all day without ever repeating the same run twice, alternating easier runs with those of increasing difficulty.

At 3,500 metres above sea level, at Plateau Rosà (which can be reached by ski lift from Cervinia in just over half an hour), you can ski in summer too. The glacier’s high altitude guarantees well-compacted snow all season, with pistes that suit all levels of ability. There is Europe’s highest snow park here, where the best downhill skiing teams train.

Above all, the higher temperatures compared to those in winter, the warm sun that’s perfect for sunbathing and the speed and ease with which you can reach Plateau Rosà from Cervinia are all excellent reasons for spending a holiday in the snow even in summer, at the foot of the Matterhorn.

There are several learning paths, you can take part in lessons with your family and friends or choose individual lessons tailored to your needs.

Choose to go up the slopes on skis, not just down them. Ski mountaineering is one of the specialities that is seeing its supporters grow the most, thanks to the desire to experiment and work hard. Alternatively you can choose to walk in the snow without sinking, breathe deeply, observe nature: all this with a pair of snowshoes on your feet.

You will feel strong emotions when the snow is fresh, soft, powdery and you just have to draw it on skis or board. This is the beauty of free riding, feeling free to bend where the tracks are unique. The “Cervino Ski Paradise” ski area offers unique itineraries with an incomparable panorama. The descents are organized by the Matterhorn Guides.

Choosing not to use the cable car, but being taken to the top by a helicopter is one of the most exclusive activities. Once landed and retrieved the equipment, with guides or ski instructors, you can ski in places with breathtaking views, touch the great peaks, breathe the purest air of the “four thousand meters”, for truly unforgettable descents.

The activity is subject to weather conditions and the availability of helicopters and professionals.

Tandem paragliding is one of the attractions of Cervinia for those looking for extra adrenaline on holiday. In the flight you are accompanied by an expert instructor. You take off from Plan Maison, from the Pancheron area (chairlift arrival) or from Plateau Rosà.

One of the most particular attractions is the sleddog, sightseeing tours on sleds pulled by beautiful huskies, dogs with proud and unmistakable blue eyes.

A “journey” reminiscent of Alaska, Canada, but which is also lived in Cervinia, an experience in close contact with nature, immersed in the silence of snow-covered paths where the only sounds are those produced by the running of these wonderful animals and by the sled skates.

The location is certainly one of the most beautiful in the Breuil area, it is in fact located in Avouil, just below the Grandes Murailles and can be easily reached on foot from the village in ten minutes.

Driving a Go-kart on ice to experience strong emotions and maybe even learn useful basics in case of snow on the road. The Cervinia Ice Kart track, located above the tunnel that leads to the village, is made of natural ice and is open to the public from December to March even at night.

There is the possibility to organize competitions and real grands prix or simply nice timed challenges. The structure has a heated hospitality chalet situated in a raised position to enjoy a 360° view. A minimum height of 140 cm is required to be able to drive.

Visiting the castles of the Aosta Valley is a unique experience to live in every season: wrapped in a white blanket of snow in winter, bathed in the bright rays of the summer sun, or immersed in the warm colors of autumn.

Every moment of the year allows you to grasp details and nuances capable of rediscovering the castles already visited in a new light. The history of the Aosta Valley is rich, multifaceted, fascinating and varied. A tour guide will accompany you on a guided tour of the city of Aosta!

Families are the ideal users of the Parks in the Aosta Valley, which aim to respect and preserve animals typical of the Alps such as the ibex, chamois, marmot, various species of birds of prey and a multicolored flora.

Immersed in the greenery of a beautiful natural area stands the Cervinia Fishing Club, a place that offers a breathtaking view of the imposing Matterhorn.

Located just a few minutes drive from the center of Cervinia, the Club, equipped with a large car park, will allow you to relax while fishing thanks to the equipment specially made available for customers. The fruit of your peach can then be entrusted to the expert hands of the kitchen team who will transform it into an exquisite dish for your palate.

The Fishing Club is therefore also a place of peace in which to enjoy delicious simple dishes prepared on site by our Chef as tasty grilled meat or fish.

But it is also a refuge in which to treat yourself to a moment of tranquility at sunset for a breathtaking aperitif in the shade of the majestic mountains and greenery that surround the lake. A magical place that can also become the point of arrival and refreshment after a nice walk among the peaks that surround it.

In a context of natural surroundings and a landscape that is unique in the world, at the foot of the Matterhorn, we find the development designed by Architect Luigi Rota Caremoli.

Its enlargement from 9 to 18 holes has marked a new beginning, after the 54 years of glorious history of the old course that came into being in 1955 as one of the first fifteen Italian courses affiliated to the Italian Golf Federation.

The course is a 5300-metre par-69, meaning that the Cervino Golf Club can take its place as one of the most important golf clubs in the Alps. The highest 18-hole golf course in Italy is waiting for you!

Via ferrata are rock faces equipped with metal steps, ladders, suspension bridges and steel cable rail fixed to the rock aiming to help climbing the vertical cliffs.

With the presence of a mountain guide you will spend an unforgettable day in total security.With a rope and a body harness you can spend lovely days under the summer sun or in the middle of vernal scents or warm colours of autumn woods.

Pleasant walks or more demanding excursions with a mountain bike or E-bike spoil our Guests with splendid views and fantastic descents.

Rooms: 18
Price: from 270 EUR per night


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