Schloessle Hotel Tallinn

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Schloessle Hotel Tallinn
Schloessle Hotel Tallinn
Schloessle Hotel Tallinn
Schloessle Hotel Tallinn
Schloessle Hotel Tallinn
Schloessle Hotel Tallinn
Schloessle Hotel Tallinn
Schloessle Hotel Tallinn
Schloessle Hotel Tallinn
Schloessle Hotel Tallinn
18 May 2021

The Schlössle Boutique Hotel is one of the finest hotels Tallinn has to offer! The 23-room 5-star hotel can be found on Holy Spirit Street, with its picturesque cobblestones, numerous historic storage buildings and merchant houses dating back to the 13th century.

The luxury five-star Schlössle Hotel invites you to disappear under the arches of the romantic Old Town and enjoy the charms of the building with dignified history.

Nestled in the heart of Tallinn’s Old Town, the Schlössle is a delightful boutique hotel that will take you back to Estonia’s medieval past. The luxurious furnishings and the attentive staff ensure that you will have a memorable stay in this charming hotel.

Massive wooden beams, antique furnishings and the affectionate personnel emphasize the charm of the hotel. The boutique hotels’ staff is friendly and helpful, aiming to make your stay as comfortable as possible!

In the hotels Stenhus gourmet restaurant and Summer Garden you can discover cuisine reflecting the best of Nordic culinary traditions, and if you are just looking for a casual drink or a private event the Stenhus Restaurant in the historical cellars offers the perfect cosy atmosphere.

During the summer months, the hotel opens its romantic external courtyard Summer Garden, with live music every Friday and Saturday. The Schlössle Hotel belongs to the award-winning Marbella Club Hotels group and is a member of The Leading Hotels of the World.

Hotel Schlössle building history
Tallinn in the 13th century was a thriving Hanseatic trading centre where merchants and nobles from all across Europe came to do business.

This fortified medieval city was one of the most famous ports in the eastern world, home for goods brought from ships that sailed from as far away as Africa, and by horse and carriage from both east and west. Tallinn was and still is a trading city, and many of the old medieval buildings are a continuing tribute to that legacy.

The present site of Schlössle Hotel is on the very same narrow cobblestone street where numerous storage buildings and merchants houses were located. Called, the Holy Spirit, this was a principal road leading from the central market to the harbour.

Thousands passed this way, among them Tallinn’s finest, and today a visitor cannot help be awe-struck when he realises that he is walking where for over 500 years merchants traded and lived.

The corner of Pühavaimu and Vene Street – previously Monk’s Street – was first mentioned in writing in 1363 and the building which currently houses the City Museum was then a merchant’s home.

Large stone storage buildings already stood at the site of the current “Schlössle Hotel” at the time and the first known owner of these warehouses was a Tallinn alderman, “Consul” in Latin, who lavishly adorned his home in gold coloured stone and coffer vaulted stairways.

In 1464 bürgermeister Marquart Bretholt purchased this “stenhus” and soon after, in 1470, the same “dominus et consul” Bretholt became the owner of the buildings on the corner of Vene (then Munga) Street.

There was only one entrance to the inner courtyard, through the gate building housing storage rooms and living chambers. This construction, where Consul Bretholt walked each day from Tallinn’s Town Hall remains preserved to this day in the monumental rounded-arch gothic portal leading to the courtyard.

Over the centuries, the group of buildings on Holy Spirit Street have seen numerous owners, among them members of Tallinn’s most distinguished patrician families. Prestigious and noble names such as Viant, van Husen, Blanckenhagen, Hetling, Intelmann and Schlovin all appear in many of the town’s records as having lived nearby.

But it was during Tallinn’s siege by Russian forces in 1710 that the black plague spread, and the storehouses and wonderful homes alongside this street were left abandoned and in ruins for many years.

In 1739 famous merchant Wilhelm Brinck purchased the twin storehouses. The right storehouse was restored in the year 1758 and the buildings saw extensive changes throughout their reconstruction. Triangular gothic gables were demolished and the cellars and ground floors were newly vaulted.

All the inserted ceilings were replaced, and the stone-framed cargo windows on the façade were replace with baroque windows. Originally all the doorways, windows and ventilation openings were framed in stone – but today only a few remain.

In spite of all the changes, the sturdy medieval base-walls still stand and the building at Pühavaimu 13 can be considered as so-called “baroque-gothic”.

As the importance of residential space increased, richly decorated tiled stoves painted in blue were introduced as sources of heat. Painted acanthus leaves on the ceilings are a testament to these rooms also having been later converted from storage spaces to opulent living quarters.

“Schlössle Hotel” has painstakingly preserved all the valuable old structural details and exposed them in their original splendour.

Almost as if untouched by the passing centuries, the central chimney, portals of cut stone, small spiral staircases, and living chambers with irregular corners and wall niches, all this belongs to classic limestone architecture from medieval times and can be experienced as they once were.

We believe that Marquart Bretholt and the many that followed him would be happy to know that their guests feel comfortable and safe within these noble walls.

Jüri Kuuskemaa

Presidential Suite

The stately Presidential Suite leaves nothing to be desired. The design of this classic suite pays homage to the rich heritage of the historical building set in the heart of Tallinn’s Old Town that dates back to the 13th Century.

Decorative touches complete the elegance of this opulent suite, including antique furnishings and intricately woven tapestries. The antique wooden beams of the building add a special character to the warm and cosy atmosphere. At the same time, the suite offers the discerning guest the latest in modern sophistication.

Tallinn is most famous for its historic centre, the Old Town, which is an exceptionally complete and well-preserved medieval northern European trading city dating back to the 13th Century. Tallinn was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1997.

The heritage of the Schlössle Hotel epitomises these unique characteristics and sets it apart from any other experience. The peaceful tranquillity of the suite ensures that our guests enjoy an exceptional stay in this charming hotel that is steeped in history.

The private and intimate atmosphere, together with discreet, attentive service levels, leaves our guests with fond memories of their experience in Tallinn, Estonia. The name Schlössle means ‘little castle’ in German and the fairytale interior of this destination seems to welcome every guest with the phrase ‘Once upon a time…’

Stenhus Restaurant
The Stenhus Restaurant is situated in the Old Town of Tallinn at the 5* Schlössle Hotel, offering a unique gastronomic experience since 1998. Steeped in history the restaurant has stunning architectural features, roaring log fires, offering its guests a warm and relaxing atmosphere.

Whether you are celebrating with friends, family or business clients, the Stenhus is perfect venue of that intimate dinner, a private party or to celebrate the festive season in style. Executive Chef Timofei Monahhov is bringing a sophisticated twist to a traditional dining experience.

The menu consists of enticing classic & contemporary dishes using quality seasonal ingredients. Our restaurant conception is based on cooperation with small Estonian farms, fishermen and producers who’s natural and organic products bring all flavours of Estonia to your plate!

Cigar Lounge
Encircled by massive stone walls the Cigar Lounge invites you to take a rest and let the day go by. By sensitive hand for detail cushions, lamps and mural paintings were integrated carefully and confer a cozy and warm atmosphere.

Reserve some time to enjoy the ambiance with reading a book or simply having a sophisticated conversation. Whether good or bad weather our Cigar Lounge is definitely a perfect place to be. Choose a cigar from our private selection and taste a glass of Cognac in our House of Lords atmosphere.

Summer Garden
During the summer months our courtyard is the ideal setting to enjoy breakfast and light meals “en bel air”, under the shade trees surrounded by blossoms and blooms. Small details are added, which make great effect on the overall atmosphere.

In the evening chains of lights confer to a unique ambiance you normally can only sense in romantic films. Our courtyard is a hidden secret, which invites you to relax and enjoy the gentle summer days.

Hotel private sauna is located in the basement of the building from 13th century and offers a genuine old Estonian sauna. For hotel guests staying overnight the morning sauna at 7:00 to 21:00 is included in the room night price.

The Schlössle Hotel is a one of luxurious 5 star hotels in Tallinn’s Old Town. The 23-room boutique hotel has luxurious furnishings and attentive staff to ensure that you will have a memorable stay in this charming hotel. Nestled in the heart of Tallinn’s Old Town, the Schlössle is a delightful boutique hotel that will take you back to Estonia’s medieval past.

Under the wakeful sights of the medieval owners of the buildings, who take pride of place on an antique chest of drawer, guest feel immediately safe and comfortable. Subtle mural paintings next to historical stone walls decorate the generous lobby area.

Petit lamps on walls and desks create a perfect and haimish ambience. The fireplace invites you to join in even on cold days as a place of well-being. Massive wooden beams and poles together with several seating accommodations around the lavish merchants’ style of the whole room.

The lobby area is a place where friendly service eliminates any feeling of distance and carefully chosen details create a private and intimate atmosphere for everybody.

Travelling with Kids
A happy child means happy parents. Memories created on a break with your family will always bring the greatest joy and happiness. However, we know how hectic travelling with your little ones can sometimes be.

Therefore, we have prepared a list of items that you might find useful while staying at the Hotel Schlössle, making your time with us as relaxing as possible.

Sightseeing in Tallinn
Tallinn is most famous for its historic centre – Old Town – an exceptionally complete and well-preserved medieval northern European trading city dating back to the 13th century and a Unesco World Heritage Site since 1997. The picturesque center of the city is filled with cafes, restaurants, museums and history.

Other areas of Tallinn are equally enchanting – visit Kadriorg district to see what Tallinn was like when ruled by the Russian czars, get a glimpse of Soviet-era life at Lasnamäe or enjoy the great outdoors at Nõmme and Pirita.

Tallinn weather

The summer skies are blue with daytime temperatures hovering around 19 to 21 °C, reaching even 28° C and nighttime temperatures averaging between 9.6 to 12.7 °C from June to August. The warmest and also wettest month of the year is usually July, with an average of 17.2 °C and 70 mm of rainfall.

Although the nights are cooler, there can be up to 19 hours of daylight, locally knows as the “white nights”. The weather in Estonia is largely dictated by its closeness to the Baltic sea.

Pirita beach, about 10 km from city centre, is very popular among locals and the sea water is warm enough to swim in from June to September, with water temperatures ranging from 19-24 degrees Celcius.

Light rain can fall in spring and autumn and temperatures range form 5-15 degrees, so bring an umbrella and warm waterproof jacket.

Tallinn transforms into magical winter wonderland when the rain turns to snow as temperatures drops below zero in November. This makes for ideal skiing weather, great for sledging and building snowmen too! – all of which you have plenty of opportunities to try – so wrap up warm.

Medieval old town Tallinn is picture postcard perfect when the buildings are topped with snow, especially when visiting in Decemeber when Tallinn Chistmas Market takes over the Town Hall Square.

If you are looking for adventure it’s good to know that some winters allow the ice roads to be opened between mainland and the islands – the chance to drive over the frozen sea is well worth the 1,5h drive from Tallinn.

Although summer months are clearly tourists favourites for visiting, don’t let Tallinn’s weather distract you – there is fun to be had and sights to enjoy on every season! With less competition for hotelbeds among ohter perks, the rest of the year offers unique opportunities to discover the real beat of the city!

Rooms: 23
Price: from 139 EUR per night


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