Amilla Fushi Resort Maldives

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Amilla Fushi Resort Maldives
Amilla Fushi Resort Maldives
Amilla Fushi Resort Maldives
Amilla Fushi Resort Maldives
Amilla Fushi Resort Maldives
Amilla Fushi Resort Maldives
Amilla Fushi Resort Maldives
Amilla Fushi Resort Maldives
Amilla Fushi Resort Maldives
Amilla Fushi Resort Maldives
26 August 2021

Amongst the finest Maldives luxury resorts, discover a tropical playground of powdered sugar sand, lush jungle, and crystalline waters at Amilla Maldives Resort and Residences. Timeless style, endless bliss. Maldives private island lifestyle, your way.

Explore 23.5 hectares of space to play, roam and relax. We’re one of the largest and most spacious Maldives resorts. With only 67 spacious Villas and Residences; 70% of the island is untouched. Leafy cycle tracks. Secret beaches. Unparalleled freedom.

An Island of Surprises

Stand by for unexpected treats and indulgences. Delighting and surprising you is our hallmark. Your Katheeb (guest experience) personalises your guest journey. Tailored to your fancies; exceeding expectations. The sky is the limit.

Homemade and Homegrown

Feast upon nutritious Homemade@Amilla and Homegrown@Amilla cuisine. Cultivated metres from your table, on your plate in minutes. Healthy and immunity-boosting food and drinks. Plus homemade treats – you deserve it.

We Are Maldivian

Learn about the real Maldives. Amilla is authentically Maldivian. Your booking directly benefits the local economy. Uplifting musical and artistic talent. Revealing local culinary delights. Opening doors to cultural experiences.

Naturally Lush

Wander amongst sea almonds, screwpines and thousands of mature coconut trees. Explosions of colour from hibiscus, bougainvillea and frangipani blooms. Floral scents drifting through the air.

It’s Better in Baa

Experience the underwater wonderland of Baa Atoll UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. An area renowned for mantas, whale sharks and remarkable biodiversity. Pristine waters, kaleidoscopic colours.

Vote for the Planet

Rest assured that sustainability is at the heart of all we do. Amilla respects the fragile beauty of our ecosystem. Our organic gardens and homemade cuisine, spa and bath products lower our carbon footprint. Amilla – always evolving.

Wellness Your Way

Indulge in a celebration of vegan, paleo, keto, low lectin and dairy-free eating lifestyles in our world-class menus. Customisable dishes. A contemporary approach to nutrition. Not a Maldives wellness resort, but a champion of holistic wellness .

Amilla Glamping

Treat yourself to a unique ‘Amilla Glamping’ experience in a private beachside location. Choose between one of three bubble tent experiences featuring champagne, a private chef, sauna, and plunge pool.

Dine Around

Rotate between various restaurants so that you keep experiencing something new each day, no matter how long you’re staying with us. Choose from a selection of meal plans to suit your needs.

Free Ice-Cream

Enjoy free Homemade@Amilla ice-cream every day at Chill’d cafe. We like to keep the treats rolling at Amilla. And we believe having a bit of fun is important – no matter your age.


Unwind in some of the most spacious pool villas in the Maldives. Starting at 200sqm, they’re far larger than most Maldives luxury villas. Contemporary tropical retreats. Huge indoor and outdoor areas for play and relaxation. Immersed in your choice of elements – water, air, or earth.

Beach Pool Villa Maldives
Spacious villas for families with young children or groups of friends. Relax in your pool under the dappled shade of coconut trees at this beach pool villa in Maldives with large separate bathrooms for optimum privacy and comfort.

Private Villa with Pool
Floating above the canopy of coconut trees, awake to the sound of tropical birdsong. Unique and playful. By far the best value two-bedroom Maldives private villa with pool.

Water Villa with Private Pool
With a 4m long freshwater pool and deep ceramic bathtub made for two, we’ve set the stage for romance at the Maldives water villa with private pool. Perfect also for snorkelling addicts, who can reach the reef in seconds


Unwind with family and friends in our hip beachfront Maldives Residences. These vast private sanctuaries are nestled on one side of the island for optimum discretion.

Unparalleled ocean views open out from huge tropical courtyard gardens. Daylight streams through the palatial living spaces. Malibu beach-house sophistication. Maldivian seclusion.

Beachfront Villas Maldives
Whether you’re hosting a large group of companions or simply enjoy the luxury of space – treat yourself to the biggest property at Amilla. Palatial dimensions; split-level indoor and outdoor living areas. Magnificent ocean views. These beachfront villas in Maldives are ideal for relaxation, celebration, and play.

This two-story Residence expands outwards from the vast living room. Floor-to-ceiling windows optimise sea views. To one side of the living area is a kitchen. On the other side, a bar/kitchen. The glass doors can be rolled back for direct access to two dining terraces.

In the centre, two 11m (36ft) pools slice between two sundecks. A single ensuite bedroom and guest bathroom are behind the kitchen. Upstairs, a huge open plan living area connects two wings. Each wing has its own staircase, study area, and sea-view master suites. At the rear are two ensuite guest bedrooms.


Among the very best restaurants in Maldives, feast on divine Japanese fusion dishes over the water at our award-winning Feeling Koi restaurant. Then ‘Dine Around’ to explore diverse menus at our other venues. Maybe slip away to a secluded ‘Dine by Design’ location for an unforgettable evening under the stars.

Vegan, paleo, keto, and other dietary lifestyles are comprehensively catered for, with the freshest garden-to-table ingredients. Below restaurants are open on a rotating basis to allow for variety over a 7 day week. From fine dining to comfort food. Food to suit your mood.

Wellness Your Way

Amilla Maldives is a pioneer in ensuring that guests in the Maldives can follow their ‘eating lifestyle’ whilst enjoying the food they love at our island resort.

We recognize that wellness starts with the fuel you put into your body, so we offer a variety of plant-based options, low carb/keto/paleo specialties, gluten-free and dairy-free dishes. Whatever your path to Wellness is, we are here to walk beside you.

At Amilla, the Maldives food lifestyle-friendly resort, we are serious about the wellness of our guests and we are here to help you follow or try out lifestyle eating. Ask our friendly wait tam for a dedicated Wellness your Way menus that cover the following special eating lifestyles.

Additionally, we offer our guests a range of ethically sourced, humane raised, grass-fed beef, lamb, chicken, and fish. Our supply partners care for their animal’s welfare and the produce tastes all the better for it. For more information click here

This ultra-low-carb, high in healthy fats way of eating is gaining popularity around the world and at Amilla Fushi we have been able to support this lifestyle with everything from MCT oil to bulletproof coffee and baked items.

This so-called Caveman diet consists of eating meats, vegetables, fruit, and nuts. We support this with our offering of activated nuts, coconut, and grass-fed meats. Our mini-bar snacks are also paleo.

Reducing the intake of carbohydrate-heavy foods can help to slim down and avoid that heavy feeling post meals. We offer a wide variety of low carbohydrate dishes including Konjac pasta, almond flaxseed rolls, and coconut flour battered fish. We even have a delicious coconut raspberry ice cream made without sugar.

With dishes designed by our visiting chef, Tora Olsson, our kitchen is able to produce delicious plant-based meals that are sure to satisfy.

Gone are the days of gluten-free bread-like cardboard here at Amilla Fushi you can dine on delicious soft sandwich bread, crispy pizza bases, and homemade seedy crackers that are also naturally low carb. All naturally gluten-free and tasty.

If lactose is an issue for you, at Amilla we can offer you a variety of dishes. We make our own plant-based milk on the island that is also preservative and sugar-free as well as delicious coconut yogurt made from the fruit of the 2500+ coconut tree growing on our naturally lush island.

We make a wide range of homemade@amilla fermented beverages on the resort. There is a range of 8 different kombuchas as well as Lacto-fermented lemonade, natural ginger beer, and milk kefir. In our effort to reduce food waste we make delicious mango soda and tepache using leftover fruit items.

Our kitchen team also come to the party with a range of fermented foods such as kimchi, sauerkraut, and delicious yogurts

Ethical Meats

At Amilla Maldives we are committed to providing quality meat products and ingredients. Our meats come from farmers who raise their animals with humane protocols. Animals that are allowed to roam freely and eat foods that are natural to them. To do this we have partnered with the following suppliers.

Feeling Koi

Tables poised on the over-water deck in prime positions for you to watch fish dart by while you discover our Japanese fusion cuisine.

Spicy Thai specialities, fiery Indian treats, piquant Indonesian temptations. Dishes that take you on a journey. Dine here with your toes resting on the white coral sand.

Homemade ingredients; nourishing Italian fare. Stunning views over the main pool and the ocean to accompany succulent grills, fresh vegetables from our organic garden and handmade pasta.

This laid-back beachside spot is the social hub of the island. Enjoy breezy meals on the sand after some beach volleyball, retail therapy or a wine-tasting session nearby.

Start the day poolside with a soul-nourishing breakfast buffet or homegrown tropical fruit with homemade yogurt. Dishes to fuel your day of adventure or relaxation.

Indulge in your favourite pizzas with gooey cheese, fresh herbs and a crispy base. Creations made to order, overlooking the pool and lagoon.

Craft cocktails, fine wine and chilled beer beckon on our sandy beach. Spirits infused with ingredients grown on the island. Our DJ standing by to play laid-back sundowner the sun casts its last golden light on the tranquil waters of our lagoon.

Private dining experiences in a range of romantic locations around the island. Let us design an unforgettable dinner under the stars.

Fresh cuisine to nourish body and soul. Salads, wraps, sandwiches, juices, smoothies and probiotics. Homegrown ingredients. Indulgent homemade ice-cream and sorbets.

Laidback beats drifting through the twilight, chilled champagne, live entertainment and spontaneous fun.

From renowned culinary talent to world-famous gastronomic brands, our Visiting Chef programme adds another dimension to dining at Amilla Maldives.

Thousands of labels from the Old World and New World to discover in an atmospheric setting. Book a private wine tasting experience or select a bottle to enjoy later.

Your spacious private haven and its expansive outdoor spaces are there to be enjoyed to the max. Home Delivery meals are just a call away.

We offer a holistic approach to your wellness journey at the Amilla Maldives spa resort. Our programmes encompass cuisine, spa, movement, and mindfulness. Authentic. Tailor-made. Contemporary.

Our wellness packages are designed to fit in with your holiday. While some group activities are scheduled private activities can be booked to fit around sun bathing, snorkelling and family time.

Maximum wellness will be reached with a 7 day package however shorter packages can be accommodated. You will receive a detox bath ceremony set up on your first and last nights in your room.


Relax, rebalance, rejuvenate at the Amilla luxury spa in Maldives. Classic massage therapies such as Balinese, Thai, and hot stone massage.

Amilla’s unique ‘Dhivehi Beys’ inspired by Maldivian traditional medicine, harnessing the power of our island’s plants. Body treatments, facials, and beauty treatments. Private gym pods. Visiting practitioners. Find balance with Javvu Spa.

Staying on top of your fitness game is easy with the Amilla Maldives fitness retreat. Join a yoga or pilates session, book a personal trainer, or try one-on-one tennis coaching with our resident Pro.

Check out three types of gyms – our contemporary fitness centre, private gym pods, and fun outdoor Jungle Gymnasium. And if alfresco exercise is your thing, you’ll love our running/cycling track in the shade of the jungle.

There are team sports a-plenty, with beach volleyball, badminton, and football. We also regularly spice things up with visiting practitioners.

“Yoga is not a work-out it is a work-in, and this is the point of spiritual practice to make us teachable to open up our hearts and focus our awareness so that we can know what we already know and be who we already are.”

In Amilla Maldives Wellness Resort, we guide you through your journey toward self-discovery as you work-in, while improving your posture and flexibility, preventing injuries, boosting your energy, and keeping the mind, body, and soul balance.

“The only Bad Work-out is the one that did not happen”. And for that, at Amilla Maldives Wellness Resort, we make sure that you don’t miss a single chance to do your work-out, as research shows exercising improves brain performance, sharpens your memory, prevents signs of aging, improves your immunity, boosts self-confidence and of course improves your sleep quality.

Our Jungle Gymnasium features fun, island-made, ‘Flintstonian’ fitness equipment including barbells, a coconut weight machine and monkey bars.

This jungle playground lets you channel your inner kid, no matter your age, swapping your regular workout for birdsong and fresh air. Embrace nature and free your soul whilst toning your body. So much fun, it doesn’t even feel like a workout!

Set under one of our most majestic Banyan trees, this popular new zero-carbon gym enables you to get a full-body workout using functional fitness stations. They were all built using natural materials, ranging from wood benches and climbing frames to ropes and pulleys.

Through detailed research, as an Amilla Maldives sustainability initiative, Javvu Spa has developed a variety of plant-based remedies that combine modern herbalism with the ancient knowledge of the local Maldivian medicine.

Dhivehi Beys, enclosing all the properties and powers of freshly picked herbs, making them available for your daily homecare routines. Discover Javvu Spa’s range of homemade soaps‚ scrubs and balms, featuring fresh ingredients grown here on our beautiful island.

Amilla’s ‘Alchemy Bar’ offers guests the chance to learn how to use these heavenly combinations of herbs and oils to make their own products.

Our homegrown ingredients include coconut oil and aloe vera‚ as well as therapeutic herbs such as neem, lemongrass, mint, and aromatic flowers including jasmine‚ wild marigolds, and hibiscus.

The instructor leads a fun class where you can learn about the benefits of the natural ingredients and how to combine them into your own fragrant blend.

You can take your personalized creations back to your Villa or Residence to enjoy the wonderful benefits of your beauty potions or take them home with you as a little reminder of paradise.

This multi-sensory light, sound and vibration therapy helps melt away anxiety and stress. Sensora has even been used in the treatment of insomnia, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, depression.

Treat yourself to a unique ‘Amilla Glamping’ experience in a private beachside location. Choose between one of three luxury bubble tent experiences featuring champagne, a private chef, sauna, and plunge pool.

Restorative. Romantic. Grounding. Calling all nature-lovers: we have created a bedroom under the stars for you!

Located in a secluded spot amongst the jungle foliage, our luxurious, fully waterproof, and climate-controlled inflatable pod offers you a uniquely immersive nature experience – with 360-degree views of the scenery!

As a refined form of camping known as ‘glamping’; Maldives offers this chic and hip experience inclusive of access to a well-appointed bathroom, showers (indoor and outdoor), a plunge pool, steam room and sauna.

Personalize your stay by choosing from one of the three packages available and immerse yourself in the only experience of its kind in the Maldives. An experience of living in harmony with nature that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

Infinite excitement or ultimate relaxation? Whatever your style of holiday is, we have more than enough activities and Maldives excursions to keep you occupied, no matter how long you stay.

Discover a host of water-sports activities, from parasailing to wakeboarding. Land-based games such as beach volleyball, badminton, tennis, and football. Plus special happenings, daily. Read on for a taste of some of the best things to do in Maldives including the ultimate Maldives snorkelling experiences.

Fun-filled, excitement packed days await you. If you enjoy group activities, workshops and special events, we have plenty to entice you. Our activities are for guests of all ages and fitness levels.

We have a program designed to keep the older children and teenagers actively engaged during their stay. From DJ to lessons to nighttime glow rider bicycle tours there is never a dull moment.

Amilla is in the heart of a special reserve famed for its remarkable marine life and clear waters. It’s perfect for diving and snorkelling any time of year.

From June to October, manta rays and whale sharks reign supreme. Then the devil rays, stingrays and eagle rays reclaim their kingdom. Diversity and sheer abundance of marine life rarely rivalled.

Baa Atoll UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve is resplendent with marine life. Biosphere reserves are designated by UNESCO with the goal of preserving their exceptional biodiversity. With special protected status, a remarkable number of aquatic creatures and a dazzling array of reef fish flourish.

The reserve expands across the entire atoll; a heart-shaped coral ring stretching 23 miles (38km) wide and 28 miles (46km) long. There are 75 islands, but less than three square miles of the atoll is land.

The warm, shallow waters are perfect for exploring year-round, with something to tempt explorers of all ages. Your neighbours will include spinner and bottlenose dolphins, turtles, manta rays, eagle rays, whale sharks, small reef sharks, squirrelfish, trumpetfish, lionfish, batfish, butterflyfish and angelfish, to name but a few.

Amilla Maldives is proud to have one of the Baa Atoll’s most unique reef formations right on its very own house reef. Accessible with a short boat ride, the Amilla Blue Hole is a unique reef formation for snorkellers to explore. And the jewel in the crown of our reserve is Hanifaru Bay – discover more under ‘Experiences’.

A vibrant underwater world beckons, metres from your bed. Clownfish, squirrelfish and angelfish sew rainbow patterns through the crystal-clear lagoon.

Only 100 metres from our main beach and 50 metres from the end of the water villa jetty is the famous Blue Hole. Explore this wonder of nature right on our house reef by snorkelling or diving. Plunge into the blue heart of this incredible, mysterious reef formation.

Hanifaru Bay is a world-renowned site within Baa Atoll UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. A horseshoe-shaped bay where when the tide, moon, and other conditions are right, mantas and whale sharks aggregate in unprecedented numbers from June to October.

Baa Atoll is one of the best places in the Maldives – if not the world – to spot manta rays and is a well known place to experience the best snorkelling in Maldives.

The Baa Atoll UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve was created in recognition of the incredible biodiversity and importance of the underwater ecosystem in this area.

Reef mantas can have a wingspan of up to 3.3m and whale sharks – technically not sharks but actually the largest fish in the ocean – can grow up to 12m long. Both mantas and whale sharks are generally elusive creatures and are vulnerable to extinction, which makes Baa Atoll – and Hanifaru Bay – even more special.

Manta Season

Mantas typically grace the waters of Baa Atoll UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve between May and November. Peak times for spotting them during this period is during the full moon and the new moon. Whale sharks are also found year-round in the Maldives and from May to November they migrate to Baa Atoll.

Our water-sports team at H.U.B. are pros at tracking mantas and whale sharks. Join them for a thrilling snorkel excursion where we’ll go in search of mantas or whale sharks.

Hanifaru Bay

Hanifaru Bay is a world-famous snorkelling site, renowned for attracting exceptionally high numbers of magnificent manta rays and gentle whale sharks.

The Location

The incredible site is only 4.8 miles (7.8km) from Amilla Fushi so we’re in a prime location for easy access to Hanifaru Bay. The best season to visit Hanifaru is between May and November.

Why Hanifaru Bay is World-Famous

Mantas and whale sharks aggregate here in extraordinarily large numbers to feed on the zooplankton that becomes trapped in Hanifaru Bay, making for an amazing spectacle if you’re lucky enough to witness it. At its peak there could be as many as 100 mantas plus several whale sharks feeding there at the same time.

Hanifaru is one of the only places in the world where so many mantas and whale sharks aggregate in such unusually high numbers, which has led to international recognition and it being celebrated in major publications including National Geographic.

As the jewel in the crown of the Baa Atoll UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve, Hanifaru Bay has been a Marine Protected Area since 2009.

This means the creatures frequenting the area are protected and there are rules in place that protect the environment and limit the number of visitors allowed in the area at the same time.

Coral reefs and many sea-creatures glow at night with natural fluorescence, normally naked to the human eye. Our experienced guide will escort you on a mind-bending snorkelling journey at sunset.

Embark on an exciting adventure to explore some of the most spectacular coral reefs around Baa Atoll. Search for green turtles, reef sharks, napoleon wrasse, moray eels, and much, much more.

Soak up infinite ocean panoramas as the sun dips beneath the glittering horizon. Glide on the velvet waters surrounding Amilla Fushi while sipping on a refreshing sundowner.

Enjoy a gourmet picnic and snorkelling whilst being ‘marooned’ on a tiny slice of sand, surrounded by glistening waters. We provide the cuisine; Mother Nature provides the views at our Sandbank Picnics.

Kaleidoscopic colours of tropical reef fish. Majestic manta rays, friendly turtles, maybe even a dolphin or whale shark sighting. Amilla Maldives is adjacent to a multitude of world-class dive sites. Dive Butler International is our five-star scuba diving partner, based at H.U.B.

Glide over the sparkling water in a kayak or skim across the turquoise lagoon on a stand-up paddleboard. We offer a host of complimentary non-motorized water sports during your stay at Amilla.

Speed across the glassy waters surrounding the island. Wakeboarding, seabobs, jetpacks, fun-tubing. Something for everyone, of all ages and at all levels of experience.

Discover the spectacular underwater world without even getting wet. Take a ride in Amilla Fushi’s glass bottom boat and watch the mesmerising marine life darting just below your feet.

Fishermen have been practising the art of line fishing for generations in the Maldives. Just before the sky turns golden, head out to sea on a traditional Maldivian fishing adventure, embark on a night fishing trip or head off in search of big game.

LUX tennis at Amilla Fushi brings you ample opportunities to brush up on your serve or pit your skills against our resident international tennis pros. Our two professional tennis courts offer excellent surfaces and we provide top-quality equipment.

Our spacious natural island offers more than enough room for a full-size football pitch. Maldivians are known for their love of ‘the beautiful game’ so there’s always someone to have a kick about with or you can join our regular matches.

The excursions team is on hand to offer scheduled excursions in Maldives. Let us open the doors to a world of unforgettable sailing, cultural, romantic, relaxing or high-energy trips around Baa Atoll.

Chartering a private yacht is without a doubt the best way to experience the beauty of the Maldives in total luxury and style; it gives you the freedom to do what you want when you want without the limitations of a scheduled excursion.

Romantic private wedding dinners. Destination dining by the beach. Champagne sunset ‘dhoni’ cruises. Luxury wedding packages. Let us design unforgettable island experiences for your wedding, honeymoon or renewal of vows.

Some of the most sought-after photography in Maldives. Enjoy a complimentary 30-minute professional photo session with our talented photographer at Amilla’s photography studio. Each guest receives a 5”x7″ print of their choice in a souvenir frame. You can also book our photographers for a private shoot.

Rooms: 67
Price: from 843 EUR per night


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