Huvafen Fushi Maldives

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Huvafen Fushi Maldives
Huvafen Fushi Maldives
Huvafen Fushi Maldives
Huvafen Fushi Maldives
Huvafen Fushi Maldives
Huvafen Fushi Maldives
Huvafen Fushi Maldives
Huvafen Fushi Maldives
Huvafen Fushi Maldives
Huvafen Fushi Maldives

Endless seascapes. Timeless luxury. Huvafen is a secret haven in North Malé Atoll, just 30 minutes by speedboat from the international airport. Here on this island sanctuary, every second transcends time.

Sprawling terraces with reviving plunge pools. An underwater spa adorned with vivid coral vistas. Picture-perfect stretches of pristine white sand. Enjoyed in total bliss. Drift off to another world. Awaken a new reality.

Serene privacy meets  effortless freedom at Huvafen Fushi. Close enough to the airport for total convenience, yet far enough to discover total isolation, free of any disruption. Liberating seclusion.

Step out of the airport and into the indulgence of our dedicated airport lounge. In fewer than 60 minutes, you’ll be relaxing on shimmering sands in perfect serenity. Transcendence awaits.

A staircase to the sea, private spaces give way to exquisite seascapes and sheer relaxation. Experience liberating seclusion at Huvafen Fushi. 44 elegant private dwellings are nestled amidst nature, each with its own private plunge pool.

Mesmerising overwater bungalows, or beach-fringed bungalows with white, powdery sand just footsteps from the door. The iconic Pavilions are a palatial playground for those seeking a totally elevated accommodation experience.

Laugh. Forget the world outside. Here, time with loved ones transcend reality. The large living space and master give way to open-plan social spaces, creating a private beachfront sanctuary nestled. The pool sparkles with a sunlit hue.

A sizzling barbeque brings guests together. A truly pampered retreat, free from the constraints of time. Every comfort provided; every moment a true gem. Dive into underwater bliss. Invent new traditions with loved ones while basking in sunlight. The Maldives are yours.

These two-bedroom sanctuaries centre on a freshwater swimming pool. Its infinity edge mimics the horizon. The pool spans indoor and outdoor spaces, stretching from the private deck to the living room, both shaded and exposed.

Illuminated with fibre-optic lights, the pool beckons for a swim. An outdoor jet-tub perches on the deck. Soak and unwind as the sea stretches out in front of you. This 330 sqm pool residence is a private palace. Bedrooms with balconies and views of the turquoise sea. Wholesome chats in the dining room. Every indulgent amenity, every wish answered at your private Maldivian retreat.

Exquisite Beach Bungalows line a pristine lagoon. Drift carefree in the private bathtub and oversized plunge pool. From the daybed on your spacious deck, survey the beach as you’re warmed by the sun’s rays.

Your room’s interior is equipped with every modern indulgence. Waves caress the shore beyond your private deck. Time stands still as you take in each cherished moment. Another delightful day begins at Huvafen Fushi.

Enticing aromas, unforgettable flavours, striking dining spaces. Seaside, over-water, underground. The Maldives’ finest cuisines. Revive your senses. Awaken your palate.

Early morning, the aroma of fresh-ground Arabica awakens your senses. In the evening, the faint aroma of piquant curry spices drifts on the ocean breeze. International cuisine at our partial over water venue. Dining against a backdrop of sparkling seas. Celsius tantalises the palate with a selection of flavours for breakfast and dinner.

A grove of coconut trees sighs overhead. A patchwork quilt of shade caresses the sand. A wood-fired oven crackles and the warm glow of firelight falls softly. Irresistible aromas fill the air.

Forno gives you an array of contemporary Mediterranean cuisine in a casual beachside setting under the shade of the palms. Artisanal pizzas, handmade pastas, imaginative fusion. Lunch brought to new levels. Weekly live cooking shows designed to delight. Culinary indulgence by the boundless sea.

Huvafen Fushi’s signature restaurant entices the senses. Discover Japanese dining with a Latin influence in a relaxed Izakaya-style dining, poised overwater. Uncover the epicurean secrets of Salt as the sun dips below the horizon. A dinnertime must.

Incredible dishes shared over serene waters. Salt infuses the Japanese gastropub concept with Latin inspiration. Each dish is prepared using the finest quality ingredients. Simple yet exquisite presentation, in true Huvafen Fushi style.

Set over a pale blue lagoon, uninterrupted ocean panoramas. 100% raw, organic, wholesome food in a relaxed bistro-style setting. Invigorating juices and freshly handpicked ingredients from the chef’s garden. Lean and clean selections for a healthy lunch. Paired with glittering views of the Maldives.

Eight metres below the surface. Sink into the island’s depths. Gaze up into celestial art. A treasure trove of rare vintages, hidden gems by the thousands. Vinum is the Maldives’ first underground wine cellar.

Daily wine and cheese tastings enchant the palate. Degustation menus, 6 course gourmet dinners, offer pure indulgence. All in an enthralling space under suspended art installations.

Welcome to the world’s only private underwater dining venue. Indulge in a bespoke dining experience like no other. Dine eight metres below the ocean, a romantic table positioned with uninterrupted views of the marine life before you and savor the culinary delights in this intimate and awe inspiring setting.

Step eight metres below the surface to a secret underwater world. Welcome to the first – and only – underwater spa treatment rooms in the world. Once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Only at Huvafen Fushi.

Currents ebb and flow. The tides play upon your senses. Panoramic reef views and soothing design inspired by the colours and textures of the sea. Embrace the hypnotic calm of a refuge below.

Treatment pavilions poised above water, be drawn into the soothing surroundings around you. Feel the calming aura. Listen to the waves lapping. Gaze through the glass floor windows as you drift into a state of serenity.

Rejuvenate and restore. Soothe and inspire. The Huvafen Spa is a refuge for body and soul. Expert practitioners cultivate wellness and a lasting sense of calm with massages, facial treatments and full-body therapies. Here, modern techniques meet Maldivian traditions. Recharge at the Pump Gym, and embark on a path towards balance with Indian Hatha Yoga.

The first and only in the world, our underwater spa is a cocooned and dreamlike space – the perfect setting for a delightful treatment that harnesses the wonderful healing powers of sleep.

Sleep is essential for good health, helping the body to balance its interconnected systems. A good night’s rest has the power to completely recharge the body, bringing back physical strength, hormonal balance and a positive perspective.

Designed by Beata Aleksandrowicz exclusively for Huvafen Fushi, this treatment combines the stillness and tranquillity of this special location with her years of sleep research and massage techniques. Starting at the feet, this treatment uses a combination of reflexology, pressure point and shiatsu techniques to promote relaxation and a restful sleep.

Soothing massage on the head, neck, arms and legs promotes deep, trance-like relaxation, while ancient breathing techniques help to complete the energy circuit in the body. Unique and transformative, this treatment elevates the power of touch to restore natural sleep patterns and release.

For real detox and revitalisation aficionados. The journey begins with a sequence of sauna treatments, alternated with cold showers to activate your detoxification system. This is followed by a deep back massage and a detox treatment with thorough abdominal work, lymphatic drainage and foot reflexology.

The deep activation of the body will leave you blissfully relaxed and we highly recommend you avoid any extended physical activity afterwards. Instead, enjoy an easy day with plenty of water and rest to support your body as it adjusts to the healthy changes.

An ancient tradition, elevated. This treatment originates from traditional medicine, brought to Huvafen by a Maldivian healer who passed along her secret formula for massage oil, which has been used in local communities for generations. Dhimaalis is about health and sensuality.

The treatment starts with a gentle body exfoliation using sand and Maldivian herbs. You will then bathe in the sea, allowing the salt water to penetrate your skin and nurture your senses.

Massage follows to unblock energies and increase circulation using authentic Maldivian techniques. The final touches have been curated by Beata Aleksandrowicz to give this treatment its exclusive hallmark. Treatment takes place in a private beach sala to ensure total seclusion and relaxation.

Tantalising tastes. Infinite wellness. RAW Café rejuvenates with detox juices and natural fare – each ingredient stripped to its elemental core. The cosy café, adorned in rich woods and warm hues, stands above the spa loft. Ocean views stretch in all directions.

Here, innovative organic juices captivate with the freshest of ingredients and unadulterated flavours – just as nature intended. Reinvigorate with RAW’s signature organic cold-pressed juices. Surrender to RAW – Revitalizing, Addictive Wellness.

Passionately discreet, abundantly beautiful. Surrender to a haven of love encircled by endless blue. A sensuous ceremony bathed in the Maldivian sun. A ceremonial pavilion elegantly poised on powder white sand, fragrant floral decor entwined.

Say your vows, clink glasses against a backdrop of perfect turquoise seas. Reminisce the day over a sumptuous meal for two at signature restaurant Salt. A romantic floral bath brings an intimate close to the day. Wake up to a floating Champagne breakfast followed by a soothing couple’s massage beneath the water at Huvafen Spa. Seize life’s new chapter as Mr. & Mrs.

Vows on the water, a Dream Dhoni wedding. Set sail aboard this iconic 65ft handcrafted timber vessel, traditions of the Maldives resonate as you cruise into the blue. A private crew await. Passionate, idyllic, just the two of you in an intimate ceremony, celebrated by the ocean.

Drift into a new beginning as you say ‘I do’. Retreat to cool living spaces below deck; a king bed, wine cellar and an indulgent gourmet minibar are yours to enjoy. Back ashore, a romantic five-course dinner awaits at an idyllic island location of your choice.

Retreat to a romantic floral bath to unwind and relish the days’ event. A new day follows with Champagne breakfast afloat your private pool, framed by ocean views from the deck. Huvafen Spa awaits you with an indulgent two-hour underwater couple’s massage.

Love declared in Huvafen Spa, deep under the ocean blue. Step 8-meters below the surface into a private sanctuary of affection. Abundant coral and exotic fish gracefully dance with the current, setting the mood for underwater serenity. An exchange of vows, passionately discreet. Just the two of you. Ethereal romance like no other.

A five-course subaquatic dining experience to follow. Retreat to your bungalow, a floral bath shimmering in the candlelight awaits to sooth your senses. Wake up to a floating Champagne breakfast followed by a pampering two-hour underwater couple’s treatment at Huvafen Spa.

At land, at sea or underwater, an enchanted realm waits to be discovered. Experience the elemental at Huvafen Fushi, a world away from the everyday.

A luxury traditional dhoni takes the indulgent Huvafen Fushi experience to open water. This 65ft vessel lets you sail the Maldives in luxury. Exploring reefs by day. Pampering yourself by night.

This traditional 65ft dhoni is outfitted with state-of-the-art facilities and luxury amenities designed to pamper. Stay on board. Explore the reef. Dine on lunch or dinner on an idyllic sandbank. Sail away to paradise.

Explore an enchanted world aboard a dream dhoni, in an experience that lasts through the night. Mimosas served at sunrise on islands that emerge from ebbing tides. Private diving at little-known reefs. The full-time crew and on-board chef are there to tend to your every whim.

Spend an unforgettable evening with stargazing from the Indian Ocean, a view unlike any other. The trip is made even sweeter by a glass of champagne and chocolate strawberry dips.

Admire the sunrise by luxury Dhoni sailing into Indian Ocean. Start your day with an unforgettable experience aboard this traditional handcrafted vessel, complete with your very own captain and crew. Pop open champagne and enjoy a delicious breakfast as you drift on the ocean blue. Indulge in a sumptuous morning while you take in the mesmerizing surroundings.

Step aboard our luxury Dhoni, your private dining venue for the evening. Sip on a glass of champagne as you sail into the sunset. Ocean breeze. Starry skies. Romantic interludes. A glistening backdrop sets the scene for a gourmet dinner masterfully crafted by your private chef. Gliding across the waters. Flavours and aromas stir the senses. An evening full of magic.

An enthralling diving adventure for the curious beginner. Ensconced in crystal-clear seas. Marvel at shoals of fish. Glide effortlessly past intricate coral shelves. Immersed in the enchanted marine world at enveloping Huvafen Fushi’s house reef. All under the watchful eye of your PADI dive instructor. No experience necessary.

Explore some of the finest underwater attractions in the Maldives on daily expeditions launched from Hufaven Fushi’s dedic ated dive dhoni. Travel to the dive site in unsurpassed luxury before descending into the azure blue. Manta rays, sharks, eagle rays, turtles and shoals of colourful fish await. Experience the wonder of diving in the Maldives first-hand.

Add new depth and dimension to your stay. A variety of PADI-certification courses at all levels are offered at the resort. Instructors are on hand to guide you as you navigate the world beneath the glassy sea. Whether at the beginning of your journey, or in search of new skills and qualifications, Huvafen Fushi’s marine experts offer courses to suit.

Get up close and personal with pods of beautiful spinner dolphins – only a stone’s throw from the resort. Aboard the Silver Surf luxury yacht, the crew will transport you to known dolphin hotspots in the area, where you can watch the curious creatures jump and frolic in the wake of the bow. Prepare for an unrivalled experience in a realm without paralel.

Fishing is a cornerstone to the Maldivian way of life. Huvafen Fushi’s knowledgeable staff lead unforgettable fishing experiences around the island. Reel in your catch from the bounty of the Indian Ocean, then bring it back to the resort where a resident chef will prepare and serve it to you.

Plunge into an underwater world of wonder. Instructors will introduce you to basic snorkelling techniques and the proper way to use the equipment. All in the most dazzling living classroom ever conceived of. Light refracts into shimmering colours. Dreams of the deep bubble to the surface.

The ‘Silver Journey’ awaits – a beautifully appointed, 42ft yacht. Cradled in sumptuous luxury over boundless turquoise seas. Spacious, indulgent, crewed by the most courteous and professional staff.

Prepare to be whisked away to islands of wonder and untouched atolls. World beyond compare. All customised to satisfy your every whim and fancy. Silver Journey can accommodate up to 12 pax. Available for private hire.

Soar above the atolls. Guests can go parasailing alone or with a partner for a bird’s-eye view from 150 metres above the sea. Stunning 360-degree panoramas above cerulean lagoons. For an added spectacle, embark at sunset and sail into the fiery orange beyond as the world around prepares for its evening slumber.

Awaken your senses with pure adrenaline. Skip across the ocean’s surface on an exhilarating jet ski adventure.

Bounce across the waves with family and friends on an inflatable fun tube. Refreshing ocean spray cools as you weave through the lagoon at high speed. For a bit of fun, see who stay no the tube the longest.

The thrill of skimming across the seas. Cut through waves at exhilarating speed behind the high-powered speedboat, ‘Dash’. For those who know the ropes, flips and tricks are possible. But excitement is on the agenda for all who partake.

Immersed in the moment, in awe of the world around. Huvafen Fushi offers a selection of complimentary water-based activities to keep you enthralled.

Set sail just before sunset and catch the last rays of sun blanketing the horizon. Enjoy an unforgettable four-course dinner on your own private islet, with only the sounds of the waves and gentle sea breeze surrounding you.

Discover the enchanted sublimity of the underwater spa. Enter a twinkling world of bioluminescent coral and night-time marine life. Watch the reef come alive as you sip champagne. A perfect sanctuary.

Adopt a coral and give back to the sea that gives so much to us. In line with the global campaign to create environmentally aware individuals, Huvafen Fushi together with marine environmental scientists, is taking steps to protect and preserve the beautiful reef that surrounds our resort and local environment. Your coral will grow and thrive in our carefully protected coral nursery.

Slip into the cool water of the iconic infinity pool where the blue horizon harmoniously blends. Marvel at the postcard surroundings, enchanted by nature. Sip on a cocktail as the world goes by. By night, watch as the gentle fiber optic lights cast the illusion of the twinkling stars above.

Private hideaways. Slipping between trees, to hidden retreats. At Lonu Veyo, you float effortlessly in a circular saltwater pool. Buoyant and carefree. The turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean surrounded as your frame.

Embark on a journey of well-being with our internationally certified Wellness and Yoga Instructor. Learn healing postures and breathing techniques to bring the mind and body into a state of harmony. Stretch towards serenity for an hour of true escape in our overwater pavilion, or on a quiet beach beneath the palm fronds.

Work out with the piercing blue of the Indian Ocean as your backdrop as stingrays glide beneath our overwater gym. Elevate your energy and enter the day with renewed vitality and a clear mind.

Sink into oversized beanbags for two under the stars of the Indian Ocean sky. Take in epic Hollywood romances and foreign classics. Order popcorn or a selection of gourmet snacks and beverages to share.

Arrive in total comfort. Huvafen’s 14-metre Veloce speedboat is available for enhanced transfers to and from the island. Settle into sumptuous, fully air-conditioned interiors, as you lean back and gaze at the flickering stars on the LED-lit ceiling. Connect to the on-board Wi-Fi, or simply allow yourself to be enthralled by the passing seascape as you glide across the crystal sea in pure bliss.

Journey to distant horizons. Discover the joy of pure wonder. From the open-air upper deck of this Sunseeker 45 foot luxury motor-yacht, the natural splendour of the Maldives unfolds in every direction. Retreat below to the fully air-conditioned lower deck, equipped with full kitchen and coffee maker. Silver Cruiser can accommodate up to 12 pax. Available for private hire.

Set sail to infinite bliss. A traditional dhoni takes the indulgent Huvafen Fushi experience to open water. This 65ft vessel lets you sail the Maldives on your own. Exploring reefs by day. Pampering yourself, your partner, by night. Below-deck living spaces, cool and quiet. Everything you need: a king bed, wine cellar and an indulgent gourmet minibar. All yours, endless delight.

Rooms: 44
Price: from 1.785 EUR per night


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