Bellevue Hotel & SPA Cogne

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Bellevue Hotel & SPA Cogne, Aosta Valley - Italy
Bellevue Hotel & SPA Cogne, Aosta Valley - Italy
Bellevue Hotel & SPA Cogne, Aosta Valley - Italy
Bellevue Hotel & SPA Cogne, Aosta Valley - Italy
Bellevue Hotel & SPA Cogne, Aosta Valley - Italy
Bellevue Hotel & SPA Cogne, Aosta Valley - Italy
Bellevue Hotel & SPA Cogne, Aosta Valley - Italy
Bellevue Hotel & SPA Cogne, Aosta Valley - Italy
Bellevue Hotel & SPA Cogne, Aosta Valley - Italy
Bellevue Hotel & SPA Cogne, Aosta Valley - Italy
Bellevue Hotel & SPA Cogne, Aosta Valley - Italy
Bellevue Hotel & SPA Cogne, Aosta Valley - Italy
21 April 2022

The soul animating this old house speaks through the smiles with which we greet our guests, through the flavours of our cuisine, the numerous works of art, the fragrances, the kitchen garden and the wellness oasis.

Hotel Bellevue Cogne is an experimental laboratory where knowledge is continually acquired, traditions evolve and future projects are planned. This is precisely Bellevue’s strong point: learning from the past and viewing the present with optimism.

Like most old mountain hotels, Hotel Bellevue has an enthralling history. It was founded in 1925 by Leone Cesariano Cunéaz and subsequently managed by his daughter-in-law Romilda, the mother of Pia and mother-in-law of Carlo.

It is presently managed by Paola, Piero and Carlo with Laura and Mimmo working alongside them. The hotel’s prestige as an historic establishment continues to be on the rise thanks to the owners’ awareness of their clients’ demands and the changing tendencies among both Italian and international clientele.

Hotel Bellevue di Cogne was founded in 1925, three years after Gran Paradiso National Park was created from the historic hunting reserve frequented by the Royal Family. In 1926 a law was issued protecting Italian areas of great natural beauty which prohibited further construction on the Meadows of Sant’Orso.

Hence, Bellevue stands in a privileged position: enclosed by the Meadows of Sant’Orso and affording a spectacular vista over Gran Paradiso Glacier. Despite being refurbished and modernised many times over the course of time, this old abode still maintains an atmosphere generally associated with bygone days.

Since it opened, Bellevue has been a fashionable resort, not only popular with families from Genoa, Milan and Turin but also further afield such as Belgium and other Italian regions.

After perfecting the art of hospitality, Leone Cesariano Cunéaz, the son of the owners, married Maria Romilda Albert, later known as the ‘Signora’ of Hotel Bellevue.

Here, everything still echoes her presence, her smile, her polished professionalism and savoir-faire, her charisma inhabits the hotel, her astonishing way of making light of any problem.

Signora Romilda is an example to follow. It was thanks to her that the old house was spared from the flames and plundering not uncommon during the liberation, the days when Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli stayed at the hotel and practised on his old piano – the one now standing proudly in the dining room.

Romilda’s children Umbertino and Pia then took over management of the hotel. Pia married Carlo, who, with his sister Paola and brother-in-law Piero injected new vigour into Bellevue.

The hotel is presently run by Paola and Piero’s daughter Laura, along with the whole family and her husband Mimmo, the father of her two boys, Pietro and Leonardo.

Panoramic suite with 180° view on the Sant’Orso fields, on the Gran Paradiso Glacier and on the Mont Blanc glacier.

Spacious living room with water fire-place, four-posted bed, two en-suite bathrooms one with a bathtub which, thanks to an innovative system, can slide outside whilst surrounded by glass walls. Covered terrace.

The three suites are located in the new renovated area that is internally connected to the main building. They all have one or two balconies with panoramic view and a surface of sqm. 60.

Being composed by a main bedroom and a separated living room, they are ideal for families. They all have (water) fireplace and Jacuzzi; one also has a private sauna.

The junior suites have balcony or terrace and view to the glacier. They may have a surface of 45/50 sqm. Four are located in the main building and have bathroom with two washbasins, bathtub and separate shower.

Three are located in the renovated area (that is internally connected to the main building) and are also equipped with Jacuzzi and (water) fireplace.

The three chalets with (water) fire-place are located in front of the main building, each on two floors. La Cheminée (sqm. 90) is composed by two bedrooms, two bathrooms (one with jacuzzi king size) and a living room area with (water) fire-place.

Lou Beu and Lou Mayen (smq. 48) have one room with king-size bed and bathroom on the first floor and a living room with (water fire-place) on the ground floor. The bathroom has a shower.

This is a pathway leading you to discover the little pleasures in life, the things that help you think well, love well, sleep well, smile and be happy. Le Petit Bellevue, with just six tables, serves both traditional alpine and Mediterranean cuisine.

Antonino Giovinazzo, the chef, leads a team continually on the lookout for new sensations, without of course straying too far from traditions or top-quality ingredients. Casual chic o semi-formal clothing is required.

It is difficult to define one particular cuisine, certainly not with banal adjectives like good, tasty, creative, classic. Our cuisine follows the cadence of the season and uses the freshest produce cooked to order.

The quality of our cuisine is evident in its digestibility and originality while remaining faithful to Italian traditions. The Chef Antonino Giovinazzo will be more than happy to discuss culinary art with guests if they wish.

The cuisine served at Bar à Fromage is deeply rooted in the mountain traditions of Valle d’Aosta, in particular Cogne.

Fragrances, flavours, dishes cooked slowly at a low temperature, being able to touch the food, are all notes comprising the melody on which this restaurant is founded and which could inspire many “big names”.

Entering Bar à fromage is like lifting the lid of a saucepan. The aromas of old-time cooking unveils the character of this distinctly alpine restaurant with the fireplace acting as the focal point.

Next to the plate glass windows overlooking the Meadow of Sant’Orso, butter moulds and traditional objects used to produce milk and cheese ornate the walls of this splendid dining lounge.

  • Crunchy vegetables with fine anchovies sauce
  • Favô (typical past with Fontina cheese, grean beans, tomato and brown bread)
  • Traditional raclette
  • La Potence
  • Eggnog with Moscato d’Alba of Savigliano’s brothers and Marsala wine

Brasserie du Bon Bec serves dishes that are fun to share, such as mixed grills, fondue etc. La Brasserie maintains its simplicity and pleasant features by serving everyday dishes and informal cuisine that closely follow tradition.

  • Bread-coated goat cheese, green salad, walnuts, pears and sauce vinaigrette
  • Polenta in Aosta Valley style (with melted Fontina and butter)
  • La Frecachà (Veal chopped meat, potatoes and onions served in a pan, small cabbage salade)
  • Cogne’s cream (cold cream with cream of mill, chocolate, almond, caramel and egg)

At any time of the year (weather permitting), you can enjoy lunch on our Terrace overlooking the immense Meadow of Sant’Orso and towards Gran Paradiso Glacier.

In summer we serve grilled meat, fish and vegetables, while on sunny winter days we recommend a quiet aperitif in this sheltered spot away from the wind. It seems as if the sun, the snow, the meadows and the Gran Paradiso Peak are providing protection and that we’re living amongst the angels!

The wine cellar boasts over 2.000 labels, many of which are produced by natural methods, the grapes come from pesticide-free vineyards and no sulphates or added yeasts are used during vinification. These wines reflect the character of our clients, whose souls are in harmony with nature.

The wine cellar is run by our sommelier, Rino Billia, and our Maître d’Hotel and sommelier, Alessandro Moglia. Rino likes to think that this wine cellar is like a library in constant evolution and loves to accompany our Guests telling them about the stories behind the different bottles.

In 2017, in 2018 and again in 2019 “Wine Spectator”, the prestigious American magazine that focuses on wine and wine culture, has awarded the wine list of the Petit Bellevue with the “Best of Award of Excellence”, with two glass rating.

In 2019 Rino Billia, our sommelier, was awarded with the second edition of the prestigous Michelin prize “Passion for Wine”

The cheese cellar is where the best cheeses of our region and the Italian Alps are ripened, but not only, there are also cheeses from the Parma region and spun curd cheeses from southern Italy.

We ripen our cheese until they express their best – just like our guests who, when reaching a ripe age, know how to appreciate the best of Bellevue!

It would risk collapsing, slipping below ground… Consequently, our chefs are attached to their garden like a life-jacket – something that is crucial for survival. Bellevue Hotel & Spa’s circular kitchen garden split into wedges is very distinctive and is looked after with great passion by our Maître Fromager, Roberto.

This garden ensures that our guests are served truly locally sourced vegetables and aromatic plants. To perfect their art, the chefs and bartenders use the freshest possible medicinal herbs.

Let yourself be conquered by our Italian alps spa beauty in Aosta Valley, at the foot of Gran Paradiso Park. Bellevue Italian Alps Spa hotel offers an incredible experience thanks to exclusive welness packages and luxury body treatments.

In our Alps mountain spa in Aosta Valley you will find everything you need for relaxing and taking care of yourself, enjoying one of the most suggestive locations in Italian Alps.

Only natural products are used at the wellness centre: mud combined with the house mineral water, honey, milk and wine; the ancient cosmetics made by Profumo Santa Maria Novella in Florence are also organic.

Two suggestive swimming pools are open throughout the day: the main pool is heated to 32° C and is open to children of all ages, (staying in the hotel) whereas the other, with a water temperature of 34°C and various whirlpools, is reserved for adults.

The mineral salts pool is only for adults (over 14). The two pools are open all day from 8 am to 8pm. Guests can choose from various types of whirlpools in both pools, such as whirlpool spa beds or chairs, lymphatic drainage, sheet or waterfall jets.

The water ranges from 32° and 34° C, depending on the bath. Below an enormous replica of the ‘Fountain of Youth’ painting there is the mineral salt bath with its innovative ‘Magnapool’ system.

This system uses a blend of magnesium and chloride minerals that are absorbed though the skin at a cellular level, detoxifying the organism and thereby reducing stress, anxiety, aches and pains.

The water is odourless, leaves no residues on the skin nor discolours hair; it is also extremely gentle and therapeutic on sensitive skins. The system is so environment-friendly that the circuit backwash can be used for irrigation.

INFRARED SAUNA (from 8 am to 8 pm)

The infrared radiation produced in the cedar wood cabin is identical to the one produced by the sun without having its negative side effects. It has exactly the ideal wavelength to rouse optimal physical reactions. The double-walled cabin leads the body to a greater perspiration.

CITRUS BIOSAUNA (from 10 am to 8 pm)

This biosauna is saturated with citrus fruits essential oils. The heat coming from the steam passes through the fresh citrus peels approaching 60°C. The extraordinary effects of this innovative biosauna are experienced while being comfortably seated on cedar armchairs.

HAY BIOSAUNA (from 10 am to 8 pm)

The heat comes close to 60°C in an environment saturated with alpine hay vapors. The cave is covered with stones embellished with innumerable inclusions of Mont Blanc gray quartz crystals.

MOUNTAIN PINE BIOSAUNA (from 3 pm to 8 pm)

This charming mountain pine sauna is characterized by different elements like pine tree branches, water, fire and natural hot stones. It soothes the respiratory and immune systems.

CHAMOMILLE BIOSAUNA (from 3 pm to 8 pm)

This pleasant biosauna has a temperature between 45°C and 60°C and an air humidity between 40 and 55%. Combined, these two elements gently urge the body, without stressing it excessively. The pleasant scent of flowers and chamomile leaves promotes the well-being of the body and the relaxation of the mind.

FINNISH SAUNA (from 3 pm to 8 pm)

The Finnish sauna has been used for more than a thousand years. The one you find at the Bellevue is made of pine, the only material that does not heat up at very high temperature. In fact, its temperature is very high and its humidity does not exceed 10-20%.

In this way, the body can withstand a higher heat to 80°C and benefit from an extensive skin perspiration. The Finnish sauna relieves muscle tension, improves circulation and eliminates toxins.

ROMAN SHROUD (from 3 pm to 8 pm)

This treatment helps to strengthen the immune system. The temperature between 55°C and 75°C and the humidity of 50% cause intense perspiration and have a purifying and detoxifying action. The very special coating of the shroud is made of natural stone decorations.

STEAM BATH (from 3 pm to 8 pm)

This treatment takes place in a fragrant closed environment, decorated in a unique way. Here the relative humidity is very high (90- 100%) and the temperature ranges from 40°C to 60°C. The Turkish bath promotes the circulatory system and purifies the skin.

It is one of the best therapies against tensions, stress, acne and dermatitis, allowing the skin to get rid of all the impurities and to gain brightness, elasticity and smoothness. The Turkish bath has a relaxing effect and can be of great help for breathing problems.

Personal care requires time, so our guests are invited to spend time in the numerous areas of the magnificent wellness centre where they can relax, drink the spring or mineral water, help themselves to the herbal teas and fresh fruit provided. The centre is fitted out with cutting-edge and environmentally-friendly systems.


Our halotherapy experience consists of a salt cave and salt aerosol generator. The therapeutic properties of this system combine with the pleasure of relaxing in an enchanting ambience. The walls of the salt cave are made up of blocks of Himalayan pink salt, considered the purest in the world.

This mineral is 250 million years ago, hand mined in Pakistan and contains at least 84 trace elements that are beneficial to the organism. Its pink hue is due to the high iron oxide content, a mineral vital to the functioning of the human body.

Sea salt is vaporised in the salt cave, the vapour is enriched with seawater particles and water enriched with ionised salt that flows over a stone mill wheel. The pleasantly warm-humid air opens the pores making it easier and quicker for the skin to absorb the substances and mineral salts in the air.

The benefits quickly become apparent: a vital boost of energy effectively combats skin ageing and nervous tension. Relaxing on a seat carved from a single cedar trunk, both body and mind unwind.

This method is 100% natural and effectively fights off aches and pains caused by an unhealthy lifestyle and pollution. Relaxing in a salt-rich environment is a pleasant form of inhalation treatment that improves blood circulation, vein problems, skin rashes and, above all, ailments affecting the respiratory tract.


The purpose of this cave is to cool the body after having accumulated heat in the sauna. Flakes of ice fall from above into an ancient christening font.

If you want to keep in good shape, the gym equipped with Technogym exercise machines, such as Kinesis, Exercise Bike, Cardio Wave, Treadmill, Synchro, Weights, Stretching Mats is open throughout the day from 8 am to 8 pm.


Green clay has draining and detoxinating properties. It is recommanded to stimulate blood circulation and to accelerate the absorpion of liquids and toxins, thus preventing skin aging. This pack is applied on the body. We recommend continuing the treatment with a draining massage and with the anti-cellulite Santa Maria Novella cream

THE BEAR’S CAVE (40 min.)

We like to think that a family of bears used to have its den right where the Bear’s Cave is now located, and that during its Winter hibernation, there was a pleasant warmth in the cave.

In the Bear’s Cave we propose Rasoul treatment with two types of clay which speed up the elimination of toxins: green clay for the body (a slightly alkaline clay rich in potassium with antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and absorbent properties) and ghassoul clay from Morocco for the face, rich in minerals and saponifying properties that make the skin extremely smooth.

It helps to lighten marks on the skin and to eliminate impurities. It is enjoyable for a couple to take the treatment together, spreading the mud on each other.

The birth of the Gran Paradiso National Park dates back to the 1922. The Italian State, accepting the donation of the royal hunting reserve by Vittorio Emanuele III, established the national Park, entrusting the administration of these territories to a Royal Commission.

The creation of a protected area is strongly linked to the safeguarding of the animal symbol of the Park, the Alpine Ibex, of which, after the WW II, only 416 specimens had survived in the whole world and all of them within the territory of the Park.

It’s particularly thanks to the Park Rangers that the ibex has been saved from extinction and today is present in the protected area with almost 3000 specimens.

The Park rangers have a deep knowledge of the territory, the animals and the environment of the park, and provide a service which is definitely unique, watching over the territory from dawn till dusk.

93 years since establishment, the Gran Paradiso National Park is one of the most known in Italy and in the world and contributes to the safeguarding of biodiversity of one of the widest Italian protected areas.

Thanks to the exceptional natural heritage, to the good state of ecosystems conservation, to the integration of tourist and agriculture activities (today the Park is visited every year by more than a million tourists) and to its role of protected cross-border alpine area, along with the Parc National de la Vanoise and the Mont Avic National Park, has obtained in 2007 the European Diploma for Protected Areas, prestigious acknowledgement of the Council of Europe.

In 2014 has been moreover included, unique Italian park, in the IUCN Green List, the green list of 23 parks all around the world, chosen by the International Union for conservation of Nature, for their role in conservation and management of protected areas.

The Park covers an area of 71.044 hectares, in between the regions of Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta. It’s extended on five valleys that literally “embrace” the Gran Paradiso massif.

The territory is 48% in Piedmont and 52% in Valle d’Aosta, and is characterized by very different environments, in an altimetric gradient that permits to host deciduous forests on the bottom of the valley at the lowest altitudes, followed by those of coniferous, until arriving to the alpine glaciers ended with the 4.061 m of the Gran Paradiso.

In addition to the protection and conservation of the territory, the Park is also a scientific research centre. Activities of research on the fauna and vegetation within the Park are under realization.

Monitoring fauna (also through the so-called census), biodiversity and other activities are carried out on the territory extensively, in collaboration with the Park Rangers and different universities and research centres, such as the CNR.

In order to guarantee the socio-economic development of the Park population, the Body promotes experimenting with methods of land management, suitable to realise a sustainable integration between man and natural environment aiming at preserving the natural heritage.

A sustainable development that the Body promotes, contributing to new productive and compatible activities, as well as safeguarding cultural traditional values, present in the agro-sylvo pastoral activities, in handicraft and in the traditional local architecture.

Undisputedly, Cogne, is the leader for cross-country skiing. Resort where great competition events are held such as the Word Cup and the Grand Paradiso March.

It offers 11 skiing loops that added up bring to about 80km of tracks that wind through woods, mountain streams and bridges. A full immersion in a completely uncontaminated landscape where one can still listen to the wonderful sounds of nature.

A small friendly complex of 5 slopes with a chair-lift, a ski-lift and a cable car, going up to 2252 meters, will allow you to ski without waiting in a long queues within the boundaries of close encounters with mountain goats, chamois and ermines are an everyday experience. All slopes are facing north which guarantee top snow conditions. Baby slope is available for beginners.

Rooms: 38
Price: from 266 EUR per night


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