Rosapetra SPA Resort Cortina

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Rosapetra SPA Resort Cortina d
Rosapetra SPA Resort Cortina d
Rosapetra SPA Resort Cortina d
Rosapetra SPA Resort Cortina d
Rosapetra SPA Resort Cortina d
Rosapetra SPA Resort Cortina d
Rosapetra SPA Resort Cortina d
Rosapetra SPA Resort Cortina d
Rosapetra SPA Resort Cortina d
Rosapetra SPA Resort Cortina d
Rosapetra SPA Resort Cortina d
Rosapetra SPA Resort Cortina d
22 April 2022

The reflection and essence of the majestic beauty of the Dolomites, Rosapetra Spa Resort is the perfect welcome to Cortina d’Ampezzo, a gem dedicated to you, ready to provide a special welcome, inviting you to a superb moment, immersed in the wellness rituals of our spa, in perfect comfort and with an excellent dining experience at our Corte del Lampone restaurant: a dedication open to each guest, in every season, to experience a unique stay in perfect harmony between relaxation and fun, nature and elegance, health and pleasure.

From the refined visions of design by Carlo Samarati, a Milanese interior designer who designed spaces, volumes and essences of the resort, with the maximum care that the Property provides in every detail, every place and time spent here, radiating the passion and art of those who dreamed it, built it and who still run it each day for you, for the best welcoming to Ampezzo.

Rosapetra… a name that sings magic, nature and the traditions of Ampezzo…“When the air is clear and open, at dawn and dusk descends the unparalleled spell of the Dolomites; the imposing, rocky peaks of the Tofane, Mount Pomagagnon and Mount Crystal light up in a shade of pink that vibrates and stands out in the twilight of the valley.

“Enrosadira” we say here in the Ladin language, which means “to become pink”; as if nature, at the height of its splendour, had been touched by a quiver and blushes with emotion.”

Fir tree wood, stone and environmentally-sustainable plants, exquisite fabrics and furnishings, pure atmospheres and areas and soft spaces, all provided with the highest level of comfort: all Rosapetra rooms, many of which are terraced, are an intimate, comfortable space, with wonderful views over the Ampezzo Dolomites.

In all Rosapetra rooms – Superior, Premium, De Luxe and our Suites – you can experience wellness, by enjoying the Herbal Touch kit treatments provided in your room, fine complementary Italian made applications, that have been carefully selected and used in our spa, to respect and value yourself and the nature of your skin.

Furnished in warm wood and enhanced by elegant finishing and soft furnishings, our Mirtillo Suite faces the sun and the magnificent Cortina scenery, nestled in the majestic Dolomites.

The room has 2 double beds, a living room with a sofa which opens up onto the large and comfortable balcony where you can enjoy the scenery at any time of day and in any season. The large and finely crafted bathroom is spacious and has all the comforts with a tub and a shower.

A magical counterpoint played between the internal atmospheres and the breath-taking views of the Dolomites, offered by the wide panoramic balcony or patio, accessed directly from your room.

Each area of our Premium rooms is chiselled and carved with natural elegant finishes and fine upholstery, designed to give enhanced comfort, provided by a knowledge of design and technology in soft textured atmosphere.

Furnished with expert handmade warm wood furnishings, comprising a bathroom and shower, our SUPERIOR rooms are an intimate, elegant nest in which you can spend your stay in Cortina immersed in the colours and atmosphere of the Ampezzo landscape, reflecting and reviving in the areas and fine design of our finishes and furnishing.

Inspired by the intense, vital essence of raspberry, the symbol of a generous, spontaneous and captivating nature, la Corte del Lampone restaurant offers a refined innovative and natural local menu.

Immersed in warm surroundings and in the refined furnishings of the room or indulging in a lunch with views during any season in the comfort of our outdoor spaces, the flavours of our restaurant will devote to you a journey within a journey, provided on the table by fine wines from our cellar and by the flavours of finely prepared dishes.

According to La Corte del Lampone, sharing the love for our land means understanding and enhancing its flavours and seasons. It is for this reason that the aromas of our menu are enriched with an aromatic hint of alpine essences, recently collected by our staff directly from the Rosapetra garden.

According to La Corte del Lampone, sharing the love for our land means understanding and enhancing its fruits, flavours and seasons, by offering a refined, innovative natural local menu, both for breakfast and dinner.

Our passion for the local gastronomic tradition, combined with our care for dietary health and solid knowledge of the most refined culinary art, guarantees guests an authentic journey within a journey offered at the table, from fine wines from the Rosapetra cellar, through to delicacies and specialities: dishes that, through the early produce of the forest, rare recipes and knowledgeable preparations, pervade us with tastes and aromas capable of intense, pleasurable evocative forces; flavours that, from the palate, evoke our imagination of ancient Ampezzo customs or lead us through the warmth and authenticity of mountain cabins.

Flavours and taste for everyone at Rosapetra, with no exception! Every palate is catered for by our chef, a faithful interpreter capable of satisfying the most experienced and wellness-oriented appetites, for which our hospitality ensures an intense experience dedicated to “wellness with pleasure!”

La Corte del Lampone offers you a treasure trove of flavours, a corner where you can explore, sip by sip, local and international wines and distilleries, the most sought-after produce, full of fragrance and special stories, which Rosapetra’s sommelier can evoke and comment on every time, with skill, curiosity and news.

From the exclusive “grapperia” with the beneficial properties of our centrifuges, to cocktails and our extensive selection of fine national and international spirits: the bar area is an elegant lounge in which plush velvets, marble and wooden furnishings welcome every guest and every occasion, for your relaxation, friendships and all business toasts.

In the summer, a beautiful garden offers the opportunity to sip an excellent cocktail, with views over the Dolomites, beneath a twinkling night-time sky; in the autumn, it forms a sunny oasis from which you can admire the fiery orange and vibrant reds of the surrounding woods. The Open-Air Lounge is to be enjoyed, day after day, holiday after holiday.

Rosapetra values important working moments, taking care of your professional relationships in a functional, relaxing and productive context: our hotel can provide an adaptable meeting room, equipped with any technology, ideal for private meetings and exclusive events, with an internal bar and our “La Corte del Lampone” restaurant for coffee and rest breaks, an outside area and a reserved covered garage.

Far from fashions and trends and certified by the “Made in Italy” brand, Herbal Touch, Rosapetra, together with the high competence of the SPA Manager & Supervisor, Vincenza Fresta, has designed a resort characterised by protocols, bio-cosmetic products and special equipment exclusively supplied to Cortina, dedicated to your holistic care, to prepare and awaken your identity in every way. An oasis in which atmosphere, treatments and staff work together on health and charm to recover the three perceptions of wellness.

  • PHYSICAL: joints and muscles
  • AESTHETIC: skin and shape
  • SENSORY: senses and emotions

Purify, Stimulate, Tone, Relax: choose the rhythm and colour of your wellness. To relieve fatigue from sports, treat the strains of your daily routine and prepare for an evening of charm and seduction: let yourself be guided by Rosapetra staff, surrendering yourself to the pleasure of treatments in which massages, products, technologies and skilled hands work together in unique harmony, achieving the best solution to your needs.

Access to the SPA (minimum age: 16 years) with heating swimming pool to 30° with hydromassage, counter-current swimming and plates for the neck area, Finnish sauna, Mediterranean bath, Turkish bath, cold pool, icy waterfall, water jet, sensory showers and relaxation areas with herbal teas and fresh fruit throughout your stay.

During your visit to the sauna park, our staff will advise you of the most suitable areas for your needs (Relax, Purify, Fun, Excite). Technogym-equipped gymnasium with the option, by appointment, of a personal trainer and participation in specific activities.

A Spa kit (bathrobe, towel) and complimentary Luxe Spa bag and slippers are provided. Children under the age of 14 are only allowed access to the pool until 16:00, accompanied by an adult.

Whatever the reason for your stay, Rosapetra welcomes you with warmth, care and maximum preparation to enhance and protect special and important times of your life, such as during pregnancy or relationship, to deal with stress, unforeseen events of daily life or periods of life you are going through.

  • In Rosapetra treatments, massage and the application of products comprise a single gesture: our Herbal Touch organic skincare used at the SPA are employed by therapists as a massage enhancer.
  • Exclusive in Cortina, Rosapetra benefits from the Hatma Space, a unique patented location that enhances traditional massages and develops innovation, thanks to its ability to offer the performance of three-dimensional manoeuvers on the person: the therapist and special massages act simultaneously and in harmony on the various anatomies, giving a profound and unrepeated experience of harmony and wellness.

Even if you are just passing, allow yourself two extra hours to fully enjoy our spaces and services.

Rosapetra considers massage, always carried out with essential oils by highly trained staff, as a normal, complementary practice to all kinds of activities, a powerful ingredient of stimulus and of relationship with tissues, essential to the awakening of the body and senses.

Rosapetra’s pride lies in Hatma Massage, a treatment that our Resort exclusively offers thanks to the special equipment we provide in the “Hatma Space”: a patented location that allows us to carry out real three-dimensional massages on the person, which is impossible to achieve with other traditional systems.

A profound, unique wellness experience, enhanced by specific massages and precious applications, capable of leading the mind, senses and body towards dreaming and waking experiences, rest and balance.

Each guest can therefore freely choose between slow and enveloping or intense and dynamic massages, pervading relaxation or individual paths and treatments of the highest efficacy, designed to meet all our profound needs with science and solid competence.

Selected by Touring Editore as one of the top 100 spas in Italy in 2014-2015, Rosapetra’s 5 stars shine even brighter today, thanks to the new evocative outdoor sauna designed by Starpool, a brand of excellence in Italian made wellness products: the BLACK SAUNA.

Inspired by the most authentic Finnish savusauna, or smoke saunas, where the essence of the chimney “smoked” the wood of the walls with antibacterial soot, Rosapetra offers you a unique place to relax, characterised by innovative materials and by finishes that reflect the colours of the forest.

Wellness, technology and design combined in a sauna, celebrated by a view over the majestic Dolomite scenery.

From the historic Olympic Games of 1956 to the World Championships in curling in 2010, Cortina is currently a location for major sporting events that, in every season, offers endless opportunities for wellness, recreation and entertainment, always inspired by unbeatable views, UNESCO Heritage landscapes loved by Hemingway and, over the decades, by many major international celebrities.

Rosapetra offers a wide range of sporting activities in partnership with the most prestigious local sector institutions, to choose how to enhance your tone and put all your skills into practice.

Golf in Cortina is a unique experience, a course in which each hole offers a spectacular panorama skimmed by the dense surrounding forest of larch trees and constantly under the Alpine majesty.

Rosapetra, as a partner hotel of the famous “Cortina Golf”, invites you to discover the wonder and incomparable beauty of the prestigious green designed by Peter Harradine, guaranteeing each of our guests access to the Club House, the refined heart of Cortina Golf, where sports players and enthusiasts can meet, between games, to spend time by indulging in a breach rich in design, comfort and warmth.

Holidaying as an opportunity for discovering Wellness or using every day to keep in shape, for professional athletes and sports people as an integrative practice, the Technogym-equipped fitness room offers multiple packages and training courses tailored to your needs.

By booking a qualified personal trainer, you will develop a customised training plan according to your needs, physical condition and preferences, monitoring the correct performance of each individual move.

At the same time, you can have a nutritional consultation to optimise your eating habits or simply learn how to eat healthily.

Rosapetra, in collaboration with Dolomiti SkiRock, founded by Alpine Guide and National Instructor Mario Dibona, offers its customers many new activities in both winter and summer, to discover the wonders of our mountains.

Climb among the most beautiful fixed-aid climbing routes to discover the most picturesque landscapes of the Dolomites, take educational lessons and learn the basic techniques of climbing, partake in ski tours of the four Dolomite passes, free-riding and Alpine skiing to fully experience the mountain during the winter.

Rooms: 29
Price: from 301 EUR per night


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