Ca’ del Moro Wine Retreat

Europe Italy
26 November 2021

Just 17 km from Verona city centre, in the heart of Valpantena – DOC Valpolicella area – stands the Locanda Ca ‘del Moro Wine Retreat, between the CRU vineyards and the cherry trees orchard, a tribute to slow tourism inspired by nature and wine.

A revolution that transforms luxury into an experience of total wellness. With its six exclusive rooms, the “wine refuge” is the result of the recovery of the old stables and barn in the village of Erbin, owned by the Gianolli family since the 60s.

Cherry trees, the view of the vineyards, the thin border with a gentle and at the same time strong and protective nature. In this atmosphere Ca ‘del Moro allows you to escape from chaotic and noisy everyday life in a “house” built with natural materials: wood, iron, stone.

Extraordinary raw materials that lead you back to traditions and blend harmoniously in the innovation of well-being, where comfort and technology allow a new sense of conviviality and peace.

A modern hermitage, where you can find and rediscover yourself in a unique enogastronomic journey: in a silent solitude or in company you can approach the philosophy of La Collina dei Ciliegi and the taste of its great wines.

Crossing the doorway of Ca ‘del Moro means entering a place where the material, in every detail, is influenced by time. It acquires maturity, character and history, being always different, in continuous evolution.

The architectural structure and the distribution of the elements has been conceived to allow the man himself to get lost in the nature and in his peace.

The countryside and its colours give atmosphere and inspiration. Raw materials and warm fabrics come together in an overflowing combination of style and surprise. The consistency of material recovery is embellished with a private collection of original furnishings and decorations.

A refurbishment work carried out according to the ancient construction methods of the lessini refuges, retrieving the mixing techniques of stones, live kicks, woods and natural fibers: every detail has a story to tell, each space has its own personality.

The man at the center of the experience
An experience built around human habits to rediscover and bring value back to simple gestures, the authenticity of flavours and aromas, the mutable charm of materials.

The key element is time and its ability to influence things: that’s why Ca ‘del Moro offers the possibility of isolating from the everyday rhythms to find your own dimension.

A green oasis where the contact with nature awakens the senses and puts man back in the center, in harmony and awareness with the environment that surrounds him. A unique concept able to shape and renew itself with the seasons.

The six rooms of “Ca ‘del Moro” are a combination of precious details conceived following the model of a luxury not ostentatious, to let you live the experience of a unique place and rediscover the pleasure of time, food, company.

The precious wood, the linen fabrics, the soft colours on the shades of white and grey, the view on the vineyards, the cherry tree, everything contributes to build the experience of the wine retreat.

A different way to conceive the holiday, to isolate yourself from the world being in the world, to enjoy silence and peace listening to the sound of nature, awakening the senses of taste, touch, sight in a unique experience.

The location and the decor
Each room has been built in natural stone and is characterized by its own uniqueness, just like the nature of those who will have to experience it.

From the spaces of the private rooms, to the large heated stone baths, from velvets to linens, to the light paths created ad hoc and to the choice of a private collection of furniture, all the signs of an unmistakable style perfectly integrated and consistent with the context of nature.

The habbit to wellness
The experience of the shelter passes not only from contact with nature but also and above all from contact with themselves. Wellness becomes a habit, a necessity that remains intact well beyond the days of stay here.

Inside the personal SPAs in each suite you will rediscover small intimate and daily gestures that will represent a new way of approaching everyday life.

The Deluxe Rooms have been designed for total relaxation and comfort of customers. The furnishings and materials are chosen to create continuity with nature, the large space available allows for maximum comfort.

The bathroom with shower guarantees an enveloping experience of pure relaxation. The King Size bed, the sitting area and the minibar with the wines of La Collina dei Ciliegi allow you to enjoy the calm and tranquility of Erbin.

The Prestige Rooms have been created for maximum relaxation and comfort. The large spaces of the rooms, the colors of the furnishings, the exposed beams and the windows allow you to immerse yourself in the village and the surrounding vineyards.

The bathroom with shower guarantees an enveloping experience of pure relaxation. The King Size bed, the sitting area and the minibar with the wines of La Collina dei Ciliegi allow you to enjoy the calm and tranquility of Erbin.

Nestled between the Valpolicella DOC vineyards and the new CRU vineyards, the refuge offers excellent food and wine experiences.

Inside the winery you will be guided in the tasting of the products, starting from the classic Amarone and Valpolicella Superiore, the freshest and most delicate Garganega and our Brut, in an intimate but at the same time convivial atmosphere.

La Collina dei Ciliegi
A timeless cuisine that binds the dishes of the past to the needs and tastes of the present in a harmonious and refined simplicity.

Under the guidance of the young chef Alessia De Simone, tradition and innovation find unexpected harmonies and accompany the concept of “Ca ‘del Moro” towards a sensory experience that allows the return to the real pleasures of life. The restaurant “Locanda Ca ‘del Moro” will remain open all year round.

As the whole Wine Retreat, Ca’ del Moro’s Theatro were realized in an old rural building, the stable. It is a wide room with an high ceiling, but it is also a warm and comfortable location.

The building, located near the Wine Retreat, is equipped with technical devices for business meetings and conventions and it is the perfect location for private events, buffet dinners and aperitifs.

Wine Regeneration 
Give yourself a regenerating break at Ca ‘del Moro. Discover our Amaroni and experience the flavors of our restaurant.

Amarone Week-End
The land of the great reds fully experienced and told by our Amaroni Cru and Reserves.

Rooms: 6
Price: from 160 EUR per night


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