Castello Reschio

Europe Italy
Castello Reschio, Umbria - Italy
Castello Reschio, Umbria - Italy
Castello Reschio, Umbria - Italy
Castello Reschio, Umbria - Italy
Castello Reschio, Umbria - Italy
Castello Reschio, Umbria - Italy
Castello Reschio, Umbria - Italy
Castello Reschio, Umbria - Italy
Castello Reschio, Umbria - Italy
Castello Reschio, Umbria - Italy
25 November 2021

The Castello Reschio, dating back to 1050, is a historical gem brimming with interest and intrigue. Now, after years of careful restoration, it has been transformed into a singularly unique hotel filled with wit, whimsy and effortless style.

Within the walls of the castle are two interlinked courtyards – one now encased in glass and starting a new life as the Palm Court. The other is a wonderful grassy lawn circled by impressive mature umbrella pines and cypresses. It is blessed with perfect acoustics and the home to concerts, recitals and pop-up events

Where better to kick off Wellington, riding or walking boots, leave jackets, coats and hats than a voluminous Boot Room and head off, knowing that when you see this paraphernalia again, it will be so much cleaner

If these walls could talk… they’d probably tell thrilling tales of the 13th-century owner Marques del Monte, or about the Archbishop of Todi, whose coat of arms from 1610 still hangs above the entrance.

Or perhaps about Count and Countess Antonio Bolza who arrived in 1984 and planted the seed for the idea of transforming and regenerating the 1,500-hectare estate.

Or even the most recent residents, Benedikt and Nencia Bolza, who lived here until recently with their five children, racing around the ruins having a very jolly time (even if the ceilings did occasionally collapse)

Ruggero the Butler
The Reschio Negroni comes with a health warning, it is most addictive and could cause marital strife.

Should you find yourself in this dilemma, Ruggero, the butler, will surely oblige and find you a dusty attic room for a lonely night. We love having fun and loved re-enacting our favourite Charlie Chaplin clip. After all, we have the most perfect show stopping set in our Palm Court.

Domenico & Domenica da Cesi
Some weddings take time, but some innamorati just won’t wait… Domenica and Domenico da Cesi fell so very in love here at Reschio in 1687 that they chose to marry on the spot – even though our chapel of San Michele was looking rather rustic that century.

These days, nature’s floristry has been tamed to make room for fellow revellers, and there’s a roof again – but love-struck brides and grooms all still marvel at how the place brims with wild beauty

La Contessa
The long-standing residents of the Castello are taking well to their new companions. La Contessa changes three times a day, so she’s been grateful to room service for helpfully transporting all her laundry – it’s terribly kind of them to insist!

Ornella the Chambermaid
For centuries, Ornella, the chambermaid, has proudly kept the Castello ‘spick and span’. Over the past two years she has been getting rather irritated, with the new arrivals, for leaving dust everywhere… but it could be said that she takes her obsession with cleanliness a little too far, at times….

Nonna Giorgetta
Darkness falls at Reschio. But it isn’t time for bed just yet… Like all the best grandmothers, Nonna Giorgetta knows all the best stories. As you can see, her bedtime stories attract quite an audience… young and old.

From tales of enchanted forests and fearless adventurers, the bambini slip off to sleep, their heads full of dreams. But a few always stay to hear how it all ends – for is it true that a wandering knight once saved the Castello from a fearsome dragon – with the help of a clever princess?

The Rooms
The rooms and suites contained within these ancient castle walls are imbued with personality and panache, thanks to our organic approach to contemporary design coupled with a discerning nod to the intriguing characters who once called this home.

If you are travelling with children, please contact us directly to enable us to suggest the best options for your family. All our rooms are inside the castle, either on the ground or second floor, overlooking the garden courtyard and far reaching views over the Reschio hills

Suites Castello
Where better to while away time than our spacious and luxurious suites in the castle, each individually designed and all have decadent bath tubs.

Suite Castello Twin
A spacious twin-bedded Suite Castello on the 2nd floor. The corner suite has panoramic views in both directions. With queen-sized double beds it is ideal for a family or perfect for friends exploring Umbria.

Suites San Michele
Just outside the castle’s ramparts in the former Vestry, adjacent to the San Michele Church, are six suites, two of which have their own private gardens, those on higher floors have an elevator.

Grand Suites
The clue is in the name, guests can live a grand life with ample space to indulge in old world glamour. Places to relax & take in spectacular views.

The Tower Suite
The most ancient part of the castle, built in 900AD, the 2-bedroom suite spreads over five floors with a spectacular terrace. It will be hard to tear yourselves away from the very top, relaxing on day beds & soaking up the atmosphere with 360° views.

Design at Reschio is everything. It extends beyond architecture, landscape, gardens and interiors. It is having the vision to ensure beauty and joy is in absolutely every aspect of the estate.

Every bespoke project starts with the footprint of the ancient farmhouse that once stood here. Benedikt will stalk amongst the weather-worn stones, his trusty Fujifilm XT4 camera dangling from his shoulder, taking in the light, the orientation, the trees.

Working hand-in-hand with owners, the plan then comes together, plans that have earned Benedikt numerous accolades; he has been named by architectural Digest as “one of the top 100 architects currently working in architecture and design”

Custom-made marble washstands, finest linens, bespoke furniture, intricate stucco work – all is laid, built, hand-stitched and formed by a remarkable team of local artisans, some of the finest working in Italy today. How you, the owner, plans to use the space is key, the interiors are at the heart of a project from the very beginning.

As well as creating bespoke pieces through B.B. for Reschio, Benedikt will source rare furniture and oil paintings from Italy’s best below-the-radar antiques markets, these are available for viewing and purchase from the Reschio Dealership at the Tabaccaia

Ristorante Alle Scuderie
Step into the cool shade of Alle Scuderie and take a seat amongst the lofty fern-trees, head out onto the broad terrace or perch at the long, marble Bar Centrale. With its soaring ceilings, hand-crafted furniture and wide-reaching views, it exudes an air of old-world Italian glamour.

Our organic kitchen garden does most of the hard work here, which combined with the freshest local produce, creates simple menus with elegant touches, and pizzas straight from our outdoor oven. Bar Centrale is just the place to pause for a pre-dinner cocktail or post-dinner drink.

Ristorante Al Castello
The western ramparts echo with history, after all this fortified castle was built a 1000 years ago to defend the southern territories from the rampaging north. The restaurant enjoys amazing tranquil views with stunning sunsets and fig trees gloriously perfume the terrace in summer.

Everything has been designed and custom made by B.B. for Reschio with a magnificent dresser as the centre piece. Here castle-dwellers are tempted each morning by a splendid buffet breakfast.

Traditional Italian specialities are served each evening, using ingredients sourced from the estate or nearby. Other spaces, such as a semi-secluded dining table for eight or the Old Castle Kitchen, where guests can linger over liqueurs and coffee, with a blazing fire in the winter. It is a restaurant for every season.

Bar Centrale
The centrepiece of the restaurant, however, is undoubtedly the ‘Bar Centrale’. Almost an artwork in its own right, the bar represents the perfect union of Benedikt’s design vision combined with the master craftsmanship of Reschio’s own woodworkers, blacksmiths, and stonemasons.

Exuding an air of old-world Italian glamour, the bar has become the natural meeting place for those on the Estate at different times of the day. Whether calling in for a macchiato in the late morning or enjoying a Negroni in the evening, the bar is the perfect backdrop to any stay at Reschio

Palm Court Bar
A cool respite from the summer heat or a blazing fire in the winter chill; the Palm Court Bar is a place to relax while luggage is whisked to your Castello suite. It is the hub of the hotel, somewhere to linger over an espresso and plan daily excursions or to sip a cocktail and gossip.

Il Torrino
The former watchtower continues to play a vital role providing castle-dwellers with poolside sustenance.

Il Torrino is an airy pool bar where everything from a quick espresso or cappuccino, freshly-made juices or cocktails, tempting gelati or made-to-order panini are served to those on its chic outdoor deck beneath imposing umbrella pines or tucked away in leafy niches offering secluded spaces to hide away.

Bottega di Reschio
Take a taste of Reschio home with you: grown sustainably on the Estate our delicious olive oil, wines and golden honey as well as just-picked biodynamic vegetables, herbs and free-range eggs are beautifully packed and ready to go, along with our own Reschio Ginepro and Amaro.

There are also many more tempting treats, personally sourced by Conte Benedikt and Donna Nencia, such as Venetian silk slippers, exquisite linen shawls, hand-woven Florentine sunhats and many other artisan made things from our Umbrian doorstep.

Accademia di Cucina della Bottega
Located next door to Ristorante Alle Scuderie, our cookery school will lead you on creative foraging walks in the grounds to pick what takes your fancy, show you how to create a variety of dishes, and transform the best of our local produce into scrumptious Italian meals.

The Old Kitchen

The castle’s former kitchen is now a relaxing place to meet friends for a preprandial drink or even to have a light supper in one of the window seats gazing out at the stunning views. The original hearth is still the focal point, especially when an autumn fire is blazing.

As the Reschio Estate has been preserving the wilderness for almost thirty years, nature has been generous in return.

A mapping programme has ensured that the best sites for foraging have been recorded with dates of harvesting to ensure sufficient time is given for the truffles, herbs, salad leaves, flowers and lichens to revive.

These are used by the chefs to create delicious dishes for the restaurants or for tisanes and infusions for spa treatments or bath rituals. Guests can join the foragers and learn more about the medicinal and nutritional properties of much of Reschio’s vegetation.

The Bathhouse
The castle’s ancient wine cellars, below the Palm Court, have been transformed into our otherworldly Bathhouse, a steamy, dreamy retreat. Worn stone steps lead down to a tranquil sanctuary of therapeutic interconnecting spaces, offering holistic, nurturing treatments to soothe both body and soul.

The Philosophy
Deeply inspired by the Roman baths of old, we have partnered with a medical specialist to create a unique combination of personalised treatments carried out in the extraordinary surrounds of our ancient cellars.

Every treatment – from massages and facials to traditional bathing rituals – is utterly bespoke, focusing on your specific physical needs. The result: emerge feeling relaxed, re-energised and with a new spring to your step.

The Roman Bath
The star of the show is the large, ethereal salt-water pool, lit by high-up windows allowing atmospheric shafts of sunlight to slant into the space. Sink into the water and float across through a vaulted stone arch, to wallow in the connected circular base of the three-storey tower.

Sit on the marble benches in the warm water and gaze up at the walls, flooded with natural light from up high and from a window beneath the water level – or release the tropical rain shower, which cascades dramatically from the ceiling.

The Hammam and Sauna
Located in one of the ancient, vaulted stone cellars, this spacious steam room is big enough for up to six people. Octagonal in shape, natural light pours in atmospherically from a central lightwell.

Next to The Hammam in another of our beautiful, vaulted cellars, is our traditional sauna. Crafted from Mediterranean oak, the fragrant Swedish style sauna has space for six people.

The Treatment Room

Relax in this warm and comforting space beneath lofty stone ceilings, and enjoy one of our bespoke treatments, carried out by the caring hands of our expert therapists. Massages and many treatments can also be arranged in the privacy of your own room.

The Private Room
Step into our original red wine cellar and be transported into a private, cosseting space to enjoy with family or groups of friends. Set beneath soaring ceilings, this large room includes a crackling fireplace, two “conversation” baths, two massage beds, a soft and welcoming daybed and a well-equipped tea kitchen and juice bar.

Off to one side is a private changing room and a steam shower, while down a couple of worn, stone steps in an ancient cave carved out of the solid rock, transformed into a tepidarium – a warm space inspired by the ancient Romans, and the perfect place to relax, stretch and limber up before a tailor-made treatment.

The Swimming Pool
Our outdoor pool is a thing of natural beauty. Settled in the landscape surrounded by mature trees and fragrant gardens, inviting a casual dip.

It feels like wild swimming, as you skim over the ripples to the undulating views beyond with paintbrush cypresses, glimmering olive groves and ancient vineyards. The old Torrino has had a renaissance and its attentive staff cater for your every whim.

Sunk like a glimmering optical illusion into the verdant lawns is our incredible outdoor pool. Located just outside the castle walls – and mirroring the historic, time-worn ramparts – the water gently overflows the stone rim of the pool to the grass at its edge, while tall umbrella pines provide balmy shade.

Showers and changing rooms are available beneath the deck of the adjacent Il Torrino, and another pool-side deck offers a perfect front-row seat to the water. Leafy niches between the trees and around the gardens, meanwhile, offer more secluded spaces for families or couples.

Nature comes first at Reschio, and always will. This is Italy as it should be, Italy as it once was, with rolling, golden hills, shady olive groves and dense oak forests, with flower meadows and an irresistible sense of wilderness.

A place to let your hair down and breathe deep. This pristine corner of Umbria has been nurtured and protected by the family for years, and at the heart of it all is Donna Nencia, who lives and breathes Reschio. The result? A 1,500-hectare estate like no other

We are fully organic, of course, but we’re going a step further, working towards making everything – the sunflower, hemp and wheat fields, the vegetable gardens and the poultry – fully biodynamic and synergic. What does that mean? Stroll through Nencia’s organic garden and you’ll get the gist.

Here, vegetables are grown as nature intended: mingling with flowers, herbs and fruit bushes, all working together to grow and produce as much as they can. You’ll emerge enlightened and fragrant with the lingering scent of mint, lavender and rosemary

Our 1,500-hectare estate produces outstanding light reds and rosés, and some Reschio houses have their own private vineyards, where our head winemaker oversees the careful wine production for owners.

Harvest time, from late September, sees everyone romping through the vineyards together to bring in the fruit for pressing. Our century-old olive trees, meanwhile, produce organic, cold-pressed oil which tastes simply sublime

Reschio’s flower-filled meadows and forests filled with flourishing wild herbs and plants have always been free of artificial fertilizers or pesticides.

This means we are lucky enough to have thriving colonies of happy, healthy honeybees which produce our rich millefiori honey. Seek out our beekeeper, a regular on the estate, who will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about bees

The days are long, the skies are blue, the air is perfumed with the wafting scent of lavender and filled with the hypnotising sound of cicadas…this is the time to relax, unwind and regroup. Siestas optional, but highly recommended

The rolling landscape transforms into a riot of burnt orange and buttter-cup yellow as the oak forests change their leaves, and a feast of truffles, porcinis, juniper berries, sloes, olives and grapes are harvested. Come hungry

A gentle mist rises from the valleys. Long walks beneath crisp blue skies end with cosy afternoons in front of log fires, where warming glasses of red wine and comforting meals are just what’s needed. You’ll sleep the sleep of kings

Oh, hello colour! The fields and pastures burst into bloom, while the fruit trees show off their blossom and the countryside stretches its arms and greets the new growing season with a warm, lazy smile

Own a House
Our estate is dotted with the crumbling remains of 500-year-old Italian farmhouses, slowly being brought back to dazzling life at the skillful hands of our talented team of designers.

Overseen by Count Benedikt Bolza, the son of our founder and a London-trained architect whose work at Reschio has won him numerous accolades, the thriving family connection to the land runs deep through every project

From clever chefs who will magic up a feast for a crowd, to behind-the-scenes magicians who will create a dreamy Umbrian wedding or a theatrical birthday party, our services cover every eventuality, and make sure that every stay is as relaxed or surprise-filled as you wish

We don’t shout about what we do, or for whom, but what we can tell you is that our options of extraordinary locations lend themselves perfectly to our extraordinary celebrations, whether that’s an intimate Umbrian wedding, or a full-blown summer carnival.

Our team can turn their hand to just about anything. Just take your pick from one of our spectacular spaces

Family Chapel
Within the walls of the castle is this pocket-sized chapel dedicated to the Virgin Mary, perfect for intimate celebrations.

Restored by the family while Count Benedikt and Donna Nencia Bolza lived in the castle with their five children, the walls are covered with fine monochrome frescoes, trompe l’oeil columns and delicate floral paintings. On the back wall is a fresco that tells the story of the Bolza family and their origins

San Michele Church
The church of San Michele Arcangelo, located just outside the walls of the Castello, was consecrated in the 14th century as the parish church of Reschio, and is currently undergoing meticulous restoration. It will soon be the home of the Reschio Choir, and just the spot for weddings and other ceremonies

The Palm Court

The wrought-iron columns and glass ceiling create an exotic fin-de-siècle space, with an air of Agatha Christie mystery (but without the murder). On arriving at the Castello, it is a perfect first port of call.

A place to take in an invigorating negroni, while also absorbing the majesty of the castle’s walls from within. Pluck a book from our library and sit back with another icy glass of something delicious

The grand piano is tuned and ready for those that play jazz or classical arias, while portraits of the Conte di Reschio and the Contessa have pride of place to observe the activities of their guests in the heart of the castle. When the sun sets, the warming glow from within entices you into the magic

The Library

The perfect place to steal away and read a book, or even write one while sitting at the jewellery makers’ table. The castle cat, forever stalks the book shelves.

Our gamekeeper found and identified that this wild cat (who had its met demise in a road accident) was an extremely rare specimen, he is registered by the authorities as a national treasure.

Garden Courtyard
The lawns of our castle courtyard, ringed with old cypress trees and umbrella pines, is enclosed by the castle walls, an ideal centre point for a party. This space also boasts perfect acoustics, making it a brilliant location for operas, concerts and recitals

Alle Scuderie
The cluster of buildings around our main restaurant offer a variety of spaces, both indoor and out, with shady terraces, cool piazzas, verdant gardens and the stylish, sky-high interiors of Alle Scuderie restaurant itself – all with an easy flow from one space to the next

Food Delivery
Take your pick from our selection of seasonal delicacies, hand-made pastas and sauces, and delectable extras that can be brought to your house whenever suits you. We’re rather proud of our wine list, too, including bottles from our estate, the local area and the wider region

Our estate drivers know their way around, whether you need a quick hop from the airport, or a full-day excursion around Tuscany and Umbria’s delightful hilltop villages and medieval towns. Helicopter trips are also available on request

Being at Reschio involves all the senses, with music played each evening on the 1908 Steinway in the Palm Court, oil paintings, hand blown glass to complete an antique lamp, amazing finds from Benedikt’s buying forays such as a jewellery makers’ table for five artisan and Nic Fiddian-Green’s monumental sculptures dotted throughout the estate; the spirit of Reschio sings with artistic inspiration. Quirky or serious it is a joy to behold and is often to be found where it is least expected

The Dealership
Benedikt and Nencia Bolza travel around Italy, visit below the radar shops, hear about one-of-a-kind esoteric items and attend virtual auctions. They cannot resist unusual and special pieces and bring them back to the Tabaccaia.

When you are next at Reschio, come and browse our extensive range of decorative and antique pieces that are all looking for good homes

Graceful, intelligent, resilient and strong: these are what define Reschio’s purebred Spanish horses. Our magnificent stables are the brainchild of our founder, Count Antonio Bolza, who was inspired as a boy by the famous Lipizzaner horses of Vienna.

He founded his stud in 1999, and now Reschio is home to some of the world’s most skilled dressage horses. Come along for a hack through the wilderness, or take in one of our dressage performances – trust us, you’ll be amazed

What do you do if you want to launch one of the world’s finest studs? Go to one of the world’s finest stables, of course.

Which is exactly what Count Antonio did, selecting an impressive stud and broodmares from the world-renowned Yeguada Candau, just outside Seville. It was the right decision. The horses, chosen for their grace, power and intelligence, have since produced some 40 beautiful foals

Our cutting-edge indoor and outdoor Equestrian Centre and Theatre offers multilingual instructors who know just how to introduce young novices to the joy of riding, as well as encouraging the more experienced on to bigger and better things, including the fine art of dressage.

Or head out on a guided hack through the wilderness. Wind in your hair, birds wheeling above, wild boar snuffling in the undergrowth…it’s wild

Our trainer, Antonello Radicchi, is a true master of his craft, having devised a unique approach to horse training.

His deep understanding of behaviour and psychology uses a gently coaxing method – never using force – to carry out extraordinary manoeuvres. Watching Antonello and his wife Francesca during one of our weekly dressage performances will leave you inspired

Take a spin on our Astroturf courts, available for hire to guests, either for a knock-about with friends or for lessons with an experienced tennis coach. The tennis pavilion is stocked with refreshments, perfect for relaxing between games or for enthusiastic supporters to spend time in during a heated match

Our unspoilt estate is just the place to explore on two wheels, with kilometres of tracks to race around on, or to gently cruise along with the wind in your hair. High quality bikes (including electric bikes) of all sizes can be hired through our estate service team

The Lake
Our secluded, glassy-calm lake is surrounded by nothing but untamed nature, and you really must experience it by exclusively hiring out the lake cabin for the day (for a minimum of six people).

It’s magical: just you, the birds, wheeling in the sky above, and that rippling water. Take a dip, glide about on the paddleboards, lounge on the wooden deck, tuck into a freshly-made picnic, start a water-fight … whatever, really. It’s up to you

Reschio’s quiet, remote lakes offer a perfectly peaceful setting to spend a few hours with a rod, available to borrow to guests year-round. Take some time out, find a spot in the dappled shade and try your luck

Truffle Hunting
Give your nose a workout on a truffle hunting trail with our local expert, heading to a neighbouring farm to snuffle out this rare delicacy. Follow a truffle hunter and his dog, enjoy a truffle tasting session, watch a cooking demonstration and round the day off with a delicious truffle-themed lunch

Wildlife Watching
Our hills and ancient forests are filled with wildlife, from wild boar and roe deer, to foxes and porcupines. They don’t just trot out on demand, though. Head out on a gentle nature hike with our gamekeeper for the best chance of a glimpse of the creatures that call Reschio home

From riding and tennis lessons, to wild hiking and biking, Reshio is the place for kids to go free-range. Our estate team can arrange all sorts of ways of entertaining the kids on the estate, while our child-friendly excursions can bring the region to life for young, inquisitive minds

Around the Area
The landscapes of Umbria and Tuscany inspired the canvases of the Renaissance painters, and exploring the hazy hills, medieval hill-top towns, museums and art galleries is a rare treat.

Within an hour’s drive of Reschio are the spellbinding towns of Assisi, Arezzo, Cortona, Gubbio, Perugia and Siena. The long summer season, meanwhile, is alive with open-air concerts and opera, as well as little seasonal festas held in villages and towns. Then there’s the food to discover and the Sangiovese wines to try.

What’s on
Stroll on over to our restored Tabaccaia di Reschio, an industrial-chic space that hosts our roster of art exhibitions, such as works by Nic Fiddian Green and Lindy Guinness. We also host seasonal events and concerts in the courtyard of the Castello, which happens to have astonishingly good acoustics

Rooms: 36
Price: from 710 EUR per night


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