Villa Valentini Bonaparte

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Villa Valentini Bonaparte, Umbria - Italy
Villa Valentini Bonaparte, Umbria - Italy
Villa Valentini Bonaparte, Umbria - Italy
Villa Valentini Bonaparte, Umbria - Italy
Villa Valentini Bonaparte, Umbria - Italy
Villa Valentini Bonaparte, Umbria - Italy
Villa Valentini Bonaparte, Umbria - Italy
Villa Valentini Bonaparte, Umbria - Italy
Villa Valentini Bonaparte, Umbria - Italy
Villa Valentini Bonaparte, Umbria - Italy
24 November 2021

Located between Tuscany and Umbria, Villa Valentini Bonaparte is a wonderful historical residence surrounded by a secular park and gardens blooming almost all year around.

With its 10 elegant rooms & suites, Villa Valentini Bonaparte is the perfect place for all those guests dreaming a relaxing escape enjoying the lux of a boutique hotel or, for couples aiming at celebrating in a fairy-tale venue.

Dating back to the XVII century, over the last years Villa Valentini Bonaparte has been totally restored with the aim of maintaining the original aspect of the main building and enriching the surrounding secular park.

With its 10 prestigious rooms & suites, two big ballrooms, one relaxing space, a SPA centre and, the restaurant La Terrazza and the Bistrot bar Colet Villa Valentini Bonaparte is surrounded by an enchanted forest and a beautiful garden blooming almost all year around. Walking among its gardens is blessing for bodies and souls.

A romantic amphitheatre for ceremonies or outdoor shows for over 150 guests is part of the enchanted Garden. The roses and the botanical gardens are the ideal places for relaxing moments enjoying the beauties of the Tuscan countryside.

Our SPA la Contessa, together with the heated pool and our library space are available for all residential guests.

Our chefs are available for cooking classes and our sommeliers will guide you towards the most renewed labels, these are some of our luxury treats for all guests excited to learn the secrets of the Italian food traditions.

The villa is also a perfect and unique venue for ceremonies, weddings, celebrations or corporate reunion. With the numerous and large spaces each event can be personalized according to your requests and our staff will guide you towards the most suitable solution for creating a memorable and unforgettable occasion.

The History
Princess Alexandrine and Earl Vincenzo
Set in a scenic location between Cortona and Montepulciano, in Tuscany, Villa Valentini Bonaparte boasts a long history featuring great personalities that further contributes to enrich its charm.

This is the place where the story of Saint Margaret of Cortona and the stories of Princess Marie Bonaparte and Earl Valentini, weaving together, are retraced.

The history of Villa Valentini Bonaparte began in the mid-nineteenth century when Princess Marie Alexandrine Bonaparte, Napoleon’s niece, purchased in 1853, from the Oddi family, the estate of Laviano, between Tuscany and Umbria, with the aim of being closer to her beloved husband, Earl Vincenzo Valentini, who was forced into exile from the Papal State to the city of Florence.

Princess Bonaparte entrusted the famous architect Giovanni Caproni with the task of designing the villa. Apart from the imposing main body of the villa, the magnificence of the park surrounding the whole estate catches the eye of attentive visitors.

It was the princess’ favorite place to go for a walk and spend pleasant moments of retreat while waiting for her beloved spouse. In the current project, apart from the centuries-old park, the property was enriched with big gardens that are in blossom all year round.

The literary salons
The residence of Mr and Mrs Valentini-Bonaparte, in the County of Laviano, soon became a gathering place for men of letters and the most authoritative leading figures of the patriotic movement of Perugia.

From here, Marie Bonaparte used to write to her friend Louise Colet, a well-known French poet and writer, updating her on the main political events and changes of the period.

The poet Colet herself spent a long time at Villa Valentini Bonaparte, as she was really interested in the story of Saint Margaret, who was born in the County of Laviano, to whom the little chapel inside the villa was dedicated.

Today, thanks to careful restoration works, the villa was brought back to its original splendor and has become a prestigious venue for receptions between Tuscany and Umbria.

From the beautiful gardens to the 19th-century imperial staircases that lead to the terrace, every corner of the estate was accurately designed to bring the villa to its former glory.

Rooms & Suites
10 elegant rooms and suites for a relaxing holiday between Tuscany & Umbria. The ideal place for a holiday in a concierge villa enjoying the services and lux of an hotel. Each room has a private bathroom and the suites at the first level are enriched with an additional freestanding tub in the sleeping area.

From each room of the villa guests can enjoy a beautiful view of the estate or he surroundings countryside. Our pastry chefs will prepare for all our guests sumptuous breakfast with products coming from our the estate.

Guests can book upon demand our Spa services and choose among the numerous packages of our experiences inside and outside the property.

Suite La Torretta
This romantic suite is located in one of the most amazing area of the Villa. Guests can have access to the room through a private elevator as well as a spiral staircase. A rounded bed is located in the centre of the room underneath an enchanting crystal chandelier.

From this room guests can enjoy a complete view of the entire estate. A romantic marble fire place is enriching the room together with the big Jacuzzi. This room is ideal as honeymoon suite as well as for a private and luxury escape.

Suite Maria Alessandrina
The suite Maria Alessandrina is located at the second level of the villa and it is dedicated to Princess Bonaparte former owner of Laviano county. At the entrance guests can admire a prestigious crystal chandelier and refined furnishing leading to the a spacious and luxury sleeping area.

A freestanding tub in the middle of the sleeping area and a private bathroom decorated in Carrara Italian Marble with experiencing shower for chromatography is the ideal space for honeymoons and romantic getaway. The spacious terrace can be ideal for enjoyable breakfast or romantic dinners.

Suite Bonaparte
Among our suites and rooms collection, located at the first level the Suite Bonaparte presents a welcoming and enchanting atmosphere.

An antique marble fireplace and refined furnishing are only one of the main characteristics of this suite which also has a spacious Tuscan marble bathroom including a mini-spa with experiencing shower and a Jacuzzi for chromotherapy.

The suite Bonaparte is ideal for an exclusive escape among the countryside of Tuscany & Umbria.

Deluxe Room Canova
Intimate and cosy, located in the ground floor of the Villa. With a big window with view on the gardens. The ceiling frescos represents some of the most famous masterpieces of the sculptor Antonio Canova.

Both the sleeping space and the bathroom have marvellous crystal Murano chandeliers. Carrara Italian Marble covers the walls and the shower of a comfortable bathroom.

For all our guests a good day starts in the morning. Our pastry chefs have created an incredible list of gourmandise, honeys and jams based all with organic products from the Villa. Guests can order express omelette as well as any kind of local specialities.

Restaurant “La Terrazza”
The restaurant La Terrazza is an elegant and refined space where our guests can taste Tuscan and international specialities. A rich wine lists encloses all the long-lasting experience of our historical restaurant Preludio di Cortona, a menu artfully elaborated by our chef can satisfy also the most discerning palate.

Bistrot Bar
Our cocktail bar Colet offers a wide range of international drinks and fine wines, artfully enriched with the herbs of our gardens. All our drinks are paired with delicious canapé and served during the day by the pool and in the evening our hydrangea terrace.

Our Princess spa offers wellness, remise en forme or detox programs. Upon demand it will be possible to have a personalized program tailored by our experienced staff according to guests needs and requirement.

The Gardens
The fountain at the bridge opens the view at our gardens. A swirl of colour and parfums available for all our guests all year round. Rare English garden roses, a spectacular carpet of flowers is the door of our amphitheatre overlooking a small lake.

The amphitheatre is a perfect space for our concerts or wedding ceremonies as well as a place to enjoy the surrounding nature. The shallows fountain located in the middle of the Italian garden is the starting point for a nice walk towards our botanical garden.

Our botanical garden is where our chef collects all products for creating gourmand plates as well some of the products that you can find in our shop. The pergola at the vegetable garden is dedicated to our cooking classes but also perfect for a romantic dinner.

The wisteria kiosk is always one of the favourite spaces to read a book have a drink by our pool. For the privacy of our guests, the fireplace room is available for relaxing moments as well for private meetings. Sports and meditation lovers can find the sercret forest the perfect place train and keep fit.

Villa Valentini Bonaparte is an exclusivity of Preludio Classe catering. Your partner for excellence to create magical moments. You event a Villa Valentini Bonaparte is a privilege of an unforgettable moment for all your guests.

Luxury treats for a Memorable Holiday
A holiday at Villa Valentini Bonaparte can turn also into a special occasion. Our staff has created a detailed list of proposal to pamper our guests, such as:

  • Cooking classes
  • Our Jars moments (sauces and jams preparation).
  • Wine tasting with some of the most expert sommeliers of the area.
  • Lovers of falconry can enjoy a day in the property with some of the most expert chiefs of the area.
  • Our staff can also organize guided tours & education experiences for all our younger guests.

Between Tuscany & Umbria
Plunged among the rolling hills between Tuscany & Umbria, Villa Valentini Bonaparte is located in Via di Laviano in the municipality of Castiglion del Lago, home birth of Santa Margherita da Cortona, crossroad of the regions.

The property overlooks the Tuscan country side of Cortona and Montepulciano and the waters of the famous Umbrian lake, Trasimeno.

The departure point of your trip
Even French poet Louise Colet, Flaubert’s mistress, who stayed for a while at Villa Valentini Bonaparte as a guest of Princess Marie, was amazed by the beautiful landscapes that surround the villa. The villa garden affords the view of the Castle of Montepulciano, the town of Cortona and the hills surrounding Lake Trasimene.

The villa is situated in Laviano, on the border between Tuscany and Umbria, in a particularly central location that is perfect to visit the main towns of historical and artistic value in these regions. Jewel towns like Montepulciano, Cortona and also Pienza, Montalcino, Orvieto, Siena and Perugia are at short driving distance.

120 Km – The regional capital of Tuscany, Florence is within easy reach from Villa Valentini Bonaparte and is one of the most important towns for arts, architecture and culture in the whole of Italy.

Florence reached its highest splendor between the 11th and the 15th century as a free city and then thanks to the domination of the Medici family. During the period of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany, the city was at the height of its glory in politics and economic power.

Italian painters like Cimabue and Giotto, innovators of the Renaissance such as Brunelleschi and Donatello, and universal men like Leonardo and Michelangelo lived there.

You cannot miss a visit to the Uffizi, the most prestigious art gallery in the world, Michelangelo’s sculptures, the Medici Chapel, the Baptistery with its mosaics, and the Cathedral.

50 Km – The city of Perugia is the regional capital of Umbria and is divided into five quarters, each named after the original city gates: Sant’Angelo, Sole, San Pietro, Eburnea and Santa Susanna.

Piazza IV Novembre is the city’s main square and includes the Cathedral of San Lorenzo and the Fontana Maggiore designed by Fra Bevignate. Just opposite is Palazzo dei Priori, which still houses the municipal offices, and the Galleria Nazionale dell’Umbria, which is one of central Italy’s best art galleries.

The Collegio della Mercanzia and the Collegio del Cambio, located on Corso Vannucci next to Palazzo dei Priori, are the town’s medieval money exchange offices and their walls were superbly frescoed by Perugino.

At the other end of Corso Vannucci you find the Carducci Gardens from where you can enjoy a stunning panoramic view.

70 Km – The medieval town of Siena is located North-West of Villa Valentini Bonaparte, edging through the Chianti region.

Formed by the meeting point of three hills on which Siena is built, the famous and spectacular Piazza del Campo is divided into nine sections commemorating the Council of The Nine that governed the town in the 13th century.

Twice a year, in July and August, the inhabitants of Siena faithfully recreate their medieval heritage in the Palio, a sumptuous pageant-cum-horse race taking place on the square. Some other important monuments to visit are Palazzo Pubblico, the Museum and the Cathedral built at the end of the 12th century.

Val d’Orcia
30 Km – The spectacular landscape of this valley is a Unesco World Heritage Site since 2004. A perfect union of arts and nature, it is a great example of how landscape was redesigned by people. Apart from its breath-taking views, there are many lovely villages to visit in this area like Pienza and Montalcino.

Pienza is to be regarded as a real monument as a whole and offers some incredible views of Val d’Orcia. The Cathedral, Palazzo Piccolomini and the Diocesan Museum are extremely interesting.

Pienza is famous for the production of cheese made with sheep milk and skillfully seasoned in a variety of different flavors ranging from walnut leaves and pomace to pit seasoning.

As for Montalcino, it is set on the top of a hill and towers above the valley. The attractions to visit are the Town Hall, the Cathedral and the Churches of S. Agostino, S. Egidio and S. Francesco.

However, Montalcino is, above all, the home to one of Italy’s most important red wines: the Brunello di Montalcino. It is made from pure Sangiovese vines grown in the nearby hills.

22 Km – The town of Cortona is near Villa Valentini Bonaparte, standing high on a hill with spectacular views of the Valdichiana, Lake Trasimene and Mount Amiata.

The heart of Cortona is represented by the central square, Piazza della Repubblica, and the nearby Palazzo Pretorio that currently houses the MAEC Etruscan Museum.

The Diocesan Museum, located opposite the Cathedral, contains the “Annunciation” by Fra Angelico and other works by major Tuscan artists, including Luca Signorelli, who was born in Cortona.

Beautiful churches to visit are the Gothic Church of San Francesco and the Sanctuary of Santa Margherita, which contains the body of the saint who died in 1362.

The Medici fortress affords the best views of the surrounding landscape and in the North-East area of Cortona, right outside the city walls, visitors can tour Hermitage Le Celle, which was founded by Saint Francis in 1211.

15 Km – Montepulciano is a fine example of Renaissance architecture. It is known as the jewel of the 15th century, which is well represented by the Cathedral, the Loggia del Mercato, the Avignonese and Tarugi Palaces and also the Bucelli Palace, which preserves Etruscan and Latin remains.

Other places of interest to visit are the Church of Saint Agnese, the patron saint of the town, and the Civic Museum. Montepulciano is also famous for its excellent Vino Nobile and other typical products.

70 Km – Orvieto boasts a historical and artistic heritage that is one of a kind. This “museum” town played the role of protagonist in different historical periods: in particular, in the Etruscan times and in the Middle Ages, Orvieto was really important in the whole of Italy from the historical and cultural points of view.

The town was built on a tuff cliff and appears suspended in the sky when looking at it from far away, especially at night. During the day it rather seems leaning on the clouds.

It is mostly world-renowned for its Cathedral, a beautiful example of European Gothic architecture, and for Saint Patrick’s Well, which is a real masterpiece of hydraulic engineering. Tiny, tidy and cozy, Orvieto is within easy reach from Villa Valentini Bonaparte.

75 Km – The enchanting and spiritual town of Assisi lies at the foot of Mount Subasio. Founded by the Etruscans and later dominated by the Romans, the town was the birthplace of Saint Francis, Patron Saint of Italy.

The main attraction of Assisi is the Basilica dedicated to the saint, which was built in the 14th century and is an important pilgrimage destination.

It consists of two churches: the upper one, built between 1228 and 1230, is embellished with frescoes made by Giotto and Cimabue on Saint Francis’ life; the lower one was built between 1230 and 1253. The facade of the Basilica dates back to the 5th century.

Another magnificent example of Gothic architecture is the Church of Santa Chiara where you can see the crucifix that spoke to Saint Francis according to what was handed down.

Rooms: 10
Price: from 360 EUR per night


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