Nun Assisi Relais & Spa Museum

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Nun Assisi Relais & Spa Museum, Umbria - Italy
Nun Assisi Relais & Spa Museum, Umbria - Italy
Nun Assisi Relais & Spa Museum, Umbria - Italy
Nun Assisi Relais & Spa Museum, Umbria - Italy
Nun Assisi Relais & Spa Museum, Umbria - Italy
Nun Assisi Relais & Spa Museum, Umbria - Italy
Nun Assisi Relais & Spa Museum, Umbria - Italy
Nun Assisi Relais & Spa Museum, Umbria - Italy
Nun Assisi Relais & Spa Museum, Umbria - Italy
Nun Assisi Relais & Spa Museum, Umbria - Italy
24 November 2021

In the very heart of Assisi, a timeless and unique destination, Nun Relais stands as a one of a kind masterpiece where the charm and mystery of an ancient monastery blend with the understated elegance of a pure, contemporary style.

An unparalleled destination: Assisi, a place full of spiritual charme right in the heart of Umbria. The Nun Relais is the result of a brilliant restoration of the former Santa Caterina Monastery, built in 1275.

The original roman marks, combine harmoniously with the minimalist style of the hotel and the contemporary vision of the restoration.

Custom – made furniture created by local artisans and sleek minimal design pieces decorate every Suite. Natural leather for beds and armchairs, fine linen for curtains and bed sheets, and high quality terry toweling, speak about the special attention for the details and fine interior design.

The feeling of dreaming inside a real museum. A magnificent fresco dated back to 1612 dominates the whole room, where lofts and transparent glasses create a sense of pure lightness.

A warm ambiance enhanced by the high wooden beams ceilings, niches and original ancient stone walls and refined furnishing. A hidden secret, the unespected private terrace overlooking Assisi rooftops and the spectacular Rocca Maggiore and Rocca Minore.

Each suite is distinguished by its old stone floors, ceilings with wooden beams and stone walls. Designer furniture, comfortable upholstered chairs, fine carpets and a view of the internal garden and the city make these rooms a true oasis for a relaxing holiday.

The Deluxe rooms overlook the city of Assisi and the Umbrian hills. Decorated in a unique, contemporary style: stone, old brick, wood and soft colors create an intimate and relaxing atmosphere.

A new offer that gives value to Umbria and its traditional food. Both casual and casual elegant styles are appropriate for the restaurant atmosphere.

The Charming and relaxing atmosphere of the Nun Bar is ideal for evening aperitif or the afternoon Tea in the cozy fireplace room.

Since 2000 years, this is a place devoted to the worship of water, where the ancient romans reminiscence still live within a magical environment.

Within the frame of the six limestone pillars surrounding the pool, dating back to the first century AD, our guests can indulge in the circuit of 4 rooms with different temperatures and level of humidity: Tepidarium, Calidarium, Sudatorium and Frigidarium or discover the multi – massage pool, Jacuzzi and infusions’ selection.

The deep detoxifying effect of the circuit works as a complement enhancing the effects of the wellness treatments created by our team of experts. Children are not admitted under 16 years. From 16 to 18 years, only accompanied by parents.

Nun Spa Museum unveils its historical splendor. The uncommon synergy of strength, lightness and balance is expressed by the majestic limestone pillars, where guests can indulge in the most pampering treatments, luxurious essential oils and beauty rituals.


In the romantic frame of the Church of St. Catherine within the Nun Relais, you may choose between Catholic ceremonies or other religious faiths’ ceremonies. Choose the setting of our wonderful garden for outdoor ceremonies or reception parties.

The ancient church of the convent, housed in the walls of Nun, is a flexible space and full of atmosphere, ideal for meetings, events or informal business meetings but also perfect for the celebration of religious ceremonies and concerts of classical music.

Perfectly equipped with every technical device, WiFi, video projector and towel, amplification with microphones, a flip chart, the Sala Caterina can accommodate up to 80 people.

Rooms: 18
Price: from 315 EUR per night


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