Château de Pondres Villevieille

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Château de Pondres Villevieille, Languedoc Roussilon - France
Château de Pondres Villevieille, Languedoc Roussilon - France
Château de Pondres Villevieille, Languedoc Roussilon - France
Château de Pondres Villevieille, Languedoc Roussilon - France
Château de Pondres Villevieille, Languedoc Roussilon - France
Château de Pondres Villevieille, Languedoc Roussilon - France
Château de Pondres Villevieille, Languedoc Roussilon - France
Château de Pondres Villevieille, Languedoc Roussilon - France
Château de Pondres Villevieille, Languedoc Roussilon - France
Château de Pondres Villevieille, Languedoc Roussilon - France
Château de Pondres Villevieille, Languedoc Roussilon - France
Château de Pondres Villevieille, Languedoc Roussilon - France
4 August 2022

Between the Mediterranean Sea and the Cévennes, the Château de Pondres is located a short distance from the medieval town of Sommières, in the Gard department.

In the heart of unspoiled nature, the castle overlooks a 15-hectare park, dating back several centuries, bordered by a river. A place of prestige and tranquility, the Castle invites you to discover its elegant settings.

Parenthesis outside the agitations of the century, for a few hours, a night or several days of appeasement, reflection, sharing and soon art and culture, in the authenticity of a heritage of history and beauty, conducive healing and fulfillment.

The Salons du Château, the majestic Salle des Etats Généraux, its terraced areas and the immensity of the Park host business seminars, professional or cultural events, private receptions and weddings, as exact events.

A Historic Monument
Chateau de Pondres offers an exceptional setting with a park of 15 hectares. Terraces, French gardens, Avant Cour du Château or our Cour d’Honneur will welcome aperitifs, dining cocktails and lunch/dinner.

Your first meal together as a married couple has to be unforgettable, with only the finest ingredients and wines to complement the day’s celebrations.

Each of our wedding cuisine menus promise a taste of luxury, or work with our head chef to create a seasonal menu, made using local ingredients, that is truly unique to your day.

You can continue the evening with the presence of a DJ or orchestra until the end of the night. On Sunday, a sumptuous brunch awaits you to finish your stay at Château de Pondres.

The Tower of ‘’Bonne Garde’’
Uncertain of the date but probably part of the fortresses of old, the Tower of ‘’Bonne Garde’’ contains a remarkable spiral staircase, totaling 6 helical flights and 136 steps. In the foundations of the building, it led to two narrow and deep cellars, the use of which remain a mystery.

In “Bonne garde” of the Lord of the place the question must be asked, Were the stairs the starting point of a traditional underground gallery, where one could escape under the Castle to exit near the river Aygalade?

Before heading up to the current floors, the staircase, by a recent opening to the south, allows access to the fish pool level. A double flight of stairs leads to the courtyard on the ground level, then up to the 1st and 2nd Floor.

Rising above the 20m height difference, the staircase heads up to the roof level, leading to the narrow walkway on the outskirts of the Dome.

The remarkable architecture of the hexagonal dome, built of matching stones and topped by a faceted decorative knob. A simple flight of stone steps lead to the top floor of the staircase, the guard’s platform, from where they surveyed the road from Montpellier to Alès …

Gargoyles and cannons
Large stone gargoyles spring from the crowns of each tower. Positioned on the exposed faces, they give the impression of large guns in defense of the Monument.

In fact, their implementation in the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries seem to be lacking a reason, it could have been part of a deterrent strategy or a reminder of a glorious warlike past.

They certainly contribute to the overall decoration of the Castle with their motifs of carved ferns and their decorative placing. The Donjon, equipped with a circular walkway, has 8 intimidating cannons defending the castle.

Aliasing and Brattice
The lord of the nineteenth century, Marquis de Montlaur, was motivated by elements of military architrave. The construction of an aliasing at the top of the north wing, and the installation of a brattice, significantly modified the appearance of the facade. Back in the days when the Chateau de Pondres was a stronghold.

Rooms & Suites
The monumental staircase, built in the Renaissance era, leads you up to the 2nd floor. Wide corridors, take you to the wings of the Castle with views of the courtyard, our 10 newly-renovated rooms respect the original architecture and are decorated with an attention to detail.

Natural materials (teak, natural hemp, down and feathers) have been used when possible, especially in the fabrics, to accentuate the original character of the rooms. The suite ‘’collection’’, housed at the top of the donjon, is no exception and brings back memories of royal stays within the castle.

La Suite du Levant
This elegant family suite consists of two bedrooms. The Levant Suite is the largest suite in the Château. It consists of a large living room, two bedrooms, two private bathrooms, one of which has a bathtub. The parental suite enjoys a most majestic contemplative panoramic view of the Château’s park.

Chambres Signature Moulins
A breathtaking view of the Castle, in a sleek and modern style, in immaculate white, from the rooms in the old mills dating from the 9th century. These rooms are below the Castle in the wooded park, which will allow you to escape in complete peace of mind.

The existence of the Château de Pondres oil and wheat mills dates back to the 9th century. The restored millstones and channels are preserved as they are, traces of an immemorial past.

On the banks of the Aygalade river, in the surrounding listed wooded area, the adjacent and completely renovated stone building offers rooms combining the strength of history and modern comfort, some opening onto the imposing north facade of the Château, with views of the Park or the forest for others.

A paved path leads to the Castle, enjoying one of the most beautiful perspectives of its architecture.

Chambres Charme Maison des bois
Rooms warm and full of sweetness, they are located in an annex next to the Castle which is called ‘La Maison des Bois” between serenity and enchantment you will be delighted. The advantage is a private terrace. In the wooded part of the forecourt of the Château, access to the Maison des Bois is via the Orangerie gardens.

The 4 rooms built of stones and wood constitute a private terrace, under the plant cover of the surrounding forest. Spacious and clear, they combine the authenticity of materials and natural decoration with the latest advances in technology.

The Restaurant La Canopee
The original kitchen has been preserved, with its monumental fireplace and 5 metre high stone vault, its equipped with the most modern material. A refined cuisine, with an emphasis on local products.

The adjoining sitting room and the lounge area near the bar welcome you, opening onto the majestic courtyard and terrace, fountain and a magnificent view overlooking the gardens and the castle park.

Out of the hustle and bustle of the world for hours, to stop time for a few minutes or several. In the old cellars of the Castle, testimony to a history prior to the 12th century and perhaps contempory with the beginning of our era, hammam, sauna, treatment and relaxation areas have found their place, obtained comfort and modern technologies.

The majestic stone vaults, the starry sky of the hammam, the complete range of treatments, the refinement of the products and our dedicated and attentive team will participate in making this sensory experience unique. For your care, your relaxation, your rejuvenation… Welcome to the Well-Being Center of the Château de Pondres.

Private Events & Weddings
On a 15 hectares park, nestled in Mediterranean flora at the top of a hill, the Castle of Ponders composes with its gardens and park a privileged setting for your private receptions, christenings, weddings, family gatherings…

Restoration of the building has taken time to realize itself, reasonably, sustainably, in constant concern to preserve its soul and architecture.

Conciliating harmoniously authenticity and modernity, the Château de Pondres wants to meet the requirements of comfort, functionality and wellbeing indispensable for an excellent hospitality.

With a variety of private dining rooms including the more intimate Musique Room and Reception Room, along with the larger Etats Généraux Room, there’s ample space to suit celebrations of all sizes. If you prefer, you can even hire exclusive use of the hotel for your event to ensure the utmost privacy.

Salle des repas
This former Arms Room is a beautiful arched room of 93 m². With natural light by three large openings, it overlooks the Court d’Honneur.

The chapel
Painting on canvas, animated by a deep symbolic carried by the Angels of the Annunciation. Blazons recalling the nobility of the owners of the Domaine “ecartelé du I et du III d’un lion d’or issant sur fond de gueules, du II et du IV de billettes d’or sur fond d’azur”. Altar fully restored.

États Généraux Room, Arts Rooms
Decorated with a magnificent chimney of carved stone and painted French ceilings, the Salle des Etats Généraux is a prestigious room, rich in the history of the Castle.

The Latin inscription of the pediment “Beatus non est esse qui non putat” bears witness to man’s ability to achieve his own happiness, the masterful motto of the Lords.

At dusk, sunsets on the Pic St Loup bathe the room with a golden light. With the adjacent Arts Room, the Etats Géréraux Room welcomes banquets and major events, in cold or humid seasons. Superb fallback solution for happy weddings, in rainy days!

Music Room, Reception Room, Library
An essential witness of the 18th and 19th centuries, the Music Room, the Reception Room as well as the Library are organized in a series in the south wing of the Castle. Confidential and friendly spaces, these spaces welcome drinks reception, preparation of the newlyweds or spaces for children.

Cour d’Honneur
A majestic area of 500m², the Cour d’Honneur overlooks the Park and offers stunning views of the basin, French fountains and gardens, romantic wedding in the open air and large spaces.

In the beautiful days, in the complicit shadow of old stones or under the sweetness of a beautiful star night, it is suitable for the organization of your private receptions, weddings, baptisms, family gatherings.

In the heart of the Castle, the Cour d’Honneur distributes the restaurant area, a Lounge Area and the Chapel. It can accommodate 200 guets in a banquet style and 300 guest in a stand-up dinning.

Park & Gardens
Built in terraces, offering benches and shade trellas near fountains, the landscaped gardens are organized for large receptions, banquets or drinks receptions.

The Castle’s Park, lined with a river, and its completely restored period paths, are the occasion for beautiful walks in the shade of centuries old trees in a perfect decor for your most beautiful wedding photos!

The Château de Pondres, a place to work, exchange and meet.
Ideally located between Nimes and Montpellier, the Château de Pondres offers a privileged setting for organizing professional events. Whether it’s for a seminar, training session, networking conference, company party, product launch, a full day or half a day, benefit from an exceptional setting and a dedicated team.

The Château de Pondres offers tailor-made events. A park of 15 hectares, lined with centenary trees, gardens, various rooms fully equipped and able to be made private, 10 hotel rooms, a swimming pool, bar, the courtyard and its terraces and a restaurant make it the ideal place to combine work and pleasure.

The Cévennes
Come and discover the Cévennes! A Beautiful landscape, nature in its raw state. Lovers of hiking, discovering history, canoeing … the Cévennes allow you to combine all of these activities.

The Grau du Roi
Pretty seaside town of the Gard region, The tourist destination of the Grau-du-Roi and Port Camargue are a hidden treasure where a beautiful wild beach awaits you.

The Grande-Motte
The Grande Motte, one of the most popular seaside resorts in the region. Beaches and various activities are to be discovered in the city of Hérault.

The Bambouseraie d’Anduze
The Bambouseraie d’Anduze (Prafrance), a rare site where natural bamboo is revealed in all its splendor. La Bambouseraie allows a visit full of freshness, a place to unwind in the foothills of the Cevennes.

The Arena of Nimes
Originally built to house bullfighting, The Arena of Nimes is a symbol of a city full of cultural and festive encounters. Between Féria, concerts and festivals, the Arena continues the traditions of the Gard region.

The Pont du Gard
A true showcase of the Gard region’s heritage. The Pont du Gard remains today one of the most beautiful Roman architectural achievements, the history of which dates back to a long time ago.

Rooms: 13
Price: from 171 EUR per night


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