Cousine Island Resort

Africa Seychelles
Cousine Island Resort Seychelles
Cousine Island Resort Seychelles
Cousine Island Resort Seychelles
Cousine Island Resort Seychelles
Cousine Island Resort Seychelles
Cousine Island Resort Seychelles
Cousine Island Resort Seychelles
Cousine Island Resort Seychelles
Cousine Island Resort Seychelles
Cousine Island Resort Seychelles
6 December 2021

Adorned with lush palms & verdant vegetation, this pristine granitic slice of heaven marks one of the few destinations on Planet Earth where the miracle of nature thrives and man in all his curious wonder is simply a silent observer.

Once exploited for her fertile soils, this exclusive private island jewel in the Seychelles encapsulates a personalized & intimate adventure, a secluded space of timeless reflection and the ultimate expression of romance and beauty, naturally formed to captivate your heart, connect you to your being and nature’s universal source.

Cousine Island is a sustainable nature sanctuary for rare native species and guests who seek to experience her pulse and magic.

You are invited to discover a fountain of life, where natural healing meets child-like curiosity, where authentic homely comforts meet enduring sustainability, and where ancient knowledge meets the wild unknown.

Our petite private island wonder in the Seychelles allows guests to connect to nature in a way you could never comprehend, only truly feel & experience —diving along coral reefs, serene guided hikes through the native flora & fauna, and a sense of the oceans wisdom as you sink your toes into the island’s soft nurturing sand.

As contributors of ecotourism in the Seychelles, our private island villas offer guests every authentic luxury of homely comfort while keeping our human footprint as delicate as possible, mindful, conscious & aware of our impact to her delicate ecosystem.

Your petite private island vacation is thoughtfully curated to leave a life-altering shift & impression on you—and not on her.

Accessing your Private Island Hideaway
Cousine is an exclusive private island with limited access options. We maintain our security to the island for multiple reasons which include – peace of mind & absolute privacy—while creating space for guests to journey other inner islands & explore the beauty of the Seychelles archipelago.

Once you arrive at Mahé International Airport, you can leave the world behind and start your private island adventure with the following travel options.

Leading Ecotourism Destination
Whether you witness our nature revival efforts first-hand during your stay or help us continue our sustainability and conservation efforts from home, let the heart of Cousine Island’s philosophy serve as a compelling reminder of our innate connection to ourselves, each other, and our Mother Earth.

Cousine is proud to be doing our part as an environmentally conscious, off-grid private island destination in the Seychelles.

From our long running scientific research and restoration projects, to our newly constructed solar power farm, sustainability and conservation have always been at the centre of Cousine Island’s philosophy.

Learn more about how ecotourism and sustainability are changing how we experience and influence the world. Our hearts desire is that you will take all that is Cousine Island home with you.

Our guests and our delicate consideration of the island’s ecosystem requires controlled access ensuring seclusion, discretion & safety as our top priorities.

Whether you choose a stay in one of our beautiful villas or rent the entire island exclusively, we do encourage stays of one week or more to capture all the island has to offer and explore the surrounding inner islands nearby. Regardless of your length or choice of villa, our island team is completely at your service.

Cousine Island History
1800’S – The First Known Records
The first known record of ownership of Cousine Island was when Louis Pouponneau sold the Island to Pierre Hugon on the 25th December 1818.

Sadly, the island was exploited for her natural resources which drastically impacted on the fauna and flora (as well as the surrounding marine life) that called Cousine Island home. The timber of the Casuarina tree was excessively harvested as firewood for the neighbouring islands of Praslin and Mahé .

Large numbers of Sooty Tern eggs, regarded as a delicacy in the Seychelles, were removed (between 8,000 to 14,000 eggs each year). As a result, the Sooty Terns abandoned their breeding colony on the Island.

Wedge-tailed Shearwater chicks, also considered a delicacy in the Seychelles, were taken in their thousands which drastically impacted the population size. Various crops were planted, such as coconut and banana trees, tobacco and fatak (guinea grass or Panicum maximum).

Copious amounts of fish were caught on the surrounding reefs and sold to the market in Praslin. Many turtles, which came up onto the beach to lay their eggs, fell prey to human exploitation.

Green turtles are prized for their edible flesh and Hawksbill turtles for their shells, which were used in the manufacture of jewellery. Both species now nest on Cousine Island.

1992 – A Healing Journey
From a dark history to a healing journey back to her light, Cousine Island was given a second chance in 1992 when the current owner and his wife purchased the Island to transform it into a legacy of their love.

All farm animals (cattle, pigs, chickens) and Casuarina trees were removed as part of the initial stages of the restoration project. This included the large-scale planting of indigenous and endemic trees (about 8000 from 1992 to date) and the removal of all non-native plant and animal species.

Due to these inspiring efforts, the Island has recovered from its history of over-harvesting & exploitation. The rehabilitation and protection efforts have been an unparalleled success in her own right.

Population numbers of Wedge-tailed Shearwaters have recovered to 15 000-30 000 breeding pairs. The Sooty Terns have returned, after an absence of 30 years and now starting to thrive.

2020 – OurLegacy of True Love
Today, Cousine Island is a heavenly safe haven for many species and one of the few granitic Islands in the Seychelles that is entirely free from alien mammals (such as feral cats & rats). Multiple reintroductions of native species have also been achieved on the island.

The endangered Seychelles magpie-robin was introduced in 1996 with gratitude to Fregate Private Island, instrumental partners in the reintroduction. Over the years, their population has increased to over 50 individuals found in 12 territories across the Island.

Cousine Island now has habitat to support thousands of nesting seabirds each year (including approximately 55 000 pairs of Lesser Noddies). Twenty giant tortoises were introduced to the Island between 1992 and 2004, and many more that were purchased or rescued have found a home on Cousine Island.

There are now 78 free-roaming individuals between the ages of five to 120 years old that call Cousine home. The reintroduction of a healthy population of the Seychelles Warbler has also been successful.

From the despairs of unsustainable exploitation, to being rehabilitated and protected, Cousine Island is a conservation success story.

A legacy of love shared between a husband & wife that brought this precious petite private island back to life in the Seychelles and doing our part in contributing globally to the floral and faunal biodiversity of our planet by simply starting at home.

The Presidential Villa
For those who must stay connected to the “other” real world, our elegant study is appointed with the needed privacy and sweeping views to make work inspired and efficient.

For those looking for a complete experience, spa treatments are available at a moments notice—and wherever you want them. For those who are looking for it all, your private gym, two master suites, fully catered repasts, and sweeping verandas look forward to helping you find it.

Luxury Villas
If you’ve never totally immersed yourself in an otherworldly experience, our luxury villas will inspire a wholehearted stay—while leaving you as attached to normal life as you see fit.

You may be surprised at how at home you feel, even halfway around the world, and that’s exactly our point—home should always feel this safe, serene, relaxed, and peaceful.

Private Island Rental
When you book the island exclusively, you are guaranteed absolute privacy and seclusion with exclusive use of all villas, island features & facilities and our highly-attentive team, including a private chef & sous chef.

Breakfast starts at 7am – 9.30am. Lunch is 12pm – 2pm. Dinner is 6pm – 9pm. Any adventure, desire, calling, wish is our pleasure. Whatever your ideas, our team will make it happen.

Cherishing precious time with family and friends is the ultimate expression of true love on Cousine –truly the best kept secret of the Seychelles. What makes Cousine Island is her character, charm — the tiny, important details that make this stay your own as a family loved island.

Private Island rental is idyllic for weddings, festivities, special occasions, gatherings or any reason to celebrate life with family & friends. Cousine island offers the perfect hideaway for those seeking the ultimate escape to life from the world.

Ligne St Barth Spa
Our historical spa is synonymus with pure relaxation. Unwind and rejunenate your body, mind and soul during our whimsical treatments. This is the call to indulge and spoil yourself with our exclusive Ligne St Barth product range of elixirs, nourishing creams and masks designed to caress and pamper your senses.

Our skin care contains active ingredients of plants, fresh exotic fruits and flowers – including extracts of pineapple, papaya, melon, passion fruit & mango.

Bask in sensational fragrances from discrete perfumes of pure Bourbon Vanilla to refined lily and the soothing warmth of shells from the natural world that have formed part of our spa rituals and ceremonies.

Be sure our exquisite spa treatments will whisk you away on a sensory journey that will leave you nurtured and nourished. Surrounded by windows, this restful renovation of the island’s original beach house, is an oasis all its own.

We nourish each guest with delicate Ligne St Barth’s signature range of elixirs, rejuvenating creams, and masks and that will keep you desiring. In addition, our full menu of spa treatments is available upon request and on location.

The Pavilion
The Pavillion is the social heart centre of the island. Evoking memories of its stories past, the island’s French Colonial Pavilion nests in the breathtaking views of the lush neighbouring islands as they float amidst the turquoise waters.

As a panoramic gathering space, the open-air Pavilion offers a restaurant, boutique, quiet indoor cooled library, bar, fresh-water swimming pool, dining and lounge areas. Ideal for celebrations, social get togethers, and family activities, the Pavilion is included in private island rental and accessible to all guests.

Gecko Bar
Refresh yourself with tropical tipple cocktails, a selection of international wines, champagnes, local beers & ciders as you celebrate life and share your stories together at Gecko Bar.

Our open air bar serves as the perfect space to connect with friends & family throughout the afternoon or romantic couples to enjoy a tasteful afternoon refreshment. The bar is much enjoyed in the evenings too and becomes a social gathering just before dinner.

Gecko Bar has been named after the gorgeous geckos that visit and live in the bar area. The way to a Gecko’s heart is with cocktail cherries, so be sure to ask and make friends with our reptile residents.

Cousine Island Library
The private library — located in the Pavilion — holds books for every mood. Pick up an epic novel for long days on the beach, a treatise on history if you’re feeling contemplative, or one of the children’s books when it’s time to tuck in the family for the night.

The library is also the perfect setting to simply enjoy puzzles & board games with family & friends.

La Coquille Island Boutique
The essentials island boutique — located in the Pavilion — covers all your needs from cosmetics to clothing & essentials.

We have carefully selected brands and products that are consciously and actively doing their part to sustainably protect our planet. Brand & planet integrity means the world to us and we wanted to bring them to you as shining ambassadors for the future of our island home floating in space.

Seychelles Weddings
You found each other. There’s no better reason to celebrate, and every reason to commemorate it here, on an island celebrating her own discovery and renewal.

Cousine Island has been rekindling romances for over 28 years, just ask the sea turtles and the magpie robins, who return year after year with their families, with a growing body of proof that love prevails.

Guests who are celebrating young or everlasting love on Cousine’s romantic shores will have every detail of their perfect day seen to by our accomplished team.

Whether your dream beach wedding involves a grand affair — complete with an adorned pastor, a classical quartet and a celebratory feast with family and friends at the Pavilion— or an intimate down to earth barefoot beach ceremony with loved ones on the powder soft, white sands of Cousine Island’s one & only romantic beach, our heartfelt hospitality guarantees an extraordinary wedding day for our bridal couple and their treasured guests to share in your memory of eternal love.

Seychelles Honeymoons
Cousine Island is a magical destination for honeymooners looking for an experience that truly reflects the miracle of their union. Here, powdery white beaches dissolve under a blanket of glassy, turquoise-blue sea, making for timeless and intimate walks.

Dappled sun springs from great-shaded palm leaves that rustle in a soft ocean breeze where secluded and romantic picnics are dreams come true. Awe-inspiring sunsets ignite passion in their remote onlookers who sip slowly together from champagne glasses.

The virgin beauty of Cousine Island naturally creates the perfect air of romance for newly-weds in which to cherish one another’s company. A special touch is added by offering you a choice of romantic barefoot dining on the beach, secluded champagne picnics, and romantic turndowns at bedtime.

Romantic Getaways
Imagine sipping champagne with your one-and-only while sharing the intimacy and comfort of a warm Jacuzzi bath, surrounded by fragrant coconut cream candles. Watch the sun descending behind the blue horizon to a cast of dancing orange lights and twilight shadows over a tropical paradise to call your own.

What could be more romantic and more desirable? The seclusion, mystery and sheer marvel of the island make it the perfect destination for seekers of exclusive adventure and escapism to her sun-washed shores.

A truly idyllic setting for spontaneous romantic proposals as well as love bird honeymooners seeking a magical experience, Cousine Island offers a serene and private destination for intimate memories.

Island Celebrations
Cousine is perfect for principal guests with extended family and friends to indulge in all kinds of festivities, special occasions and celebrations, including — birthdays, intimate beach weddings, anniversaries — and LIFE with complete privacy & discretion on a paradise island in the Seychelles.

Our timeless petite private island offers a tailored for you experience with genuine personal attention and passion for detail to make your heart sing and dance, ensuring the same comforts of home with the promise of unparalleled beauty of Cousine Island. This is our call to come celebrate life and all there is to love.

Private Island Vacation
Cousine Island offers the ultimate sanctuary to connect with those you love and hold dearly. Our promise is an entire private island completely at your service with family and life-time friends.

Escape back to life — embrace laughter and create infinite memories beyond as you restore, rejuvenate, replenish and relive all that is, happiness, peace & serenity.

Cousine Island Babymoons
There is nothing more precious than savoring the memories of your pregnancy for parents-to-be before the arrival of a new family member.

This is the perfect time to pamper, spend quality time together and connect deeply with your maternal instincts as Cousine Island promises to ignite the magic of being a parent and all that is creation.

Mindful Island Safari
Cousine Island offers a beautiful earthing experience of self discovery and exploration to wellbeing and flow.

Time to tune in and connect with all your senses through yoga, meditation, creativity, nutrition and — the most healing experience of all — nature. Our mindful island safari’s are tailored for you to ensure your highest potential is unearthed.

African Bush & Island Safari
Cousine Island offers a beautiful combination of African bush and island safari experiences.

Aligning with some of the finest destinations in Africa and a hand picked collection of family-loved properties, we bring you the best of both the exquisite African bush & our tropical island paradise just off the coast of Kenya in authentic Seychelles.

Cousine Island is delighted to offer tailor made experiences that will leave you speechless as you take in a deep breath of soulful Africa.

Scuba Dive Hub
Cousine Island is ideal for guests who wish to enjoy the idyllic waters of the Seychelles. Choose from a range of diving options including our very own fringing ‘house’ reef to long-range diving trips. We are fully equipped to accommodate certified divers and offer tailored underwater tours.

Catamaran Excursions
Excursions by catamaran can be arranged for half-day or full-day charters, secluded beach picnics, fishing of all kinds and scuba diving around the inner island archipelago. All packages include an experienced skipper and guide to ensure all our guests have a safe and unforgettable voyage.

Island Excursions
From time immemorial, man has been an explorer. Experience the Seychelles beyond our private island jewel by exploring some of the 115 islands that make up the archipelago, the majority of which are uninhabited.

Satisfy your wanderlust and discover the unique heritage of our island nation. From art galleries to plantations, botanical gardens to UNESCO sites, golf days on Praslin to ox carts and bicycles on La Digue, we invite you to design your unforgettable adventure to the surrounding inner islands.

Fishing for Fanatics
The waters of the Seychelles boast some of the best fishing in the world, and our island offers a range of exciting fishing experiences.

Cast out a popper from the beach of Cousine Island, drop a jig off the boat, or just sit back and wait for the big strike whilst trawling from the catamaran. Our culinary team is all too happy to share in the appreciation by preparing your catch of the day with love and gratitude to Mother Nature.

Snorkeling on Cousine Island
For those looking to journey beneath the polished waters of Cousine, the island is one of the best places in the world for snorkelers to experience diverse and vibrant sea-life. Snorkeling on Cousine Island reveals some of the widest biodiversity in the world.

Guided snorkeling activities can be organized to point out the best spots for specific sightings and one-of-a-kind finds. We also offer a guided snorkel at the back of the island, which is not accessible by beach and can be accessed with our Mini Mahe boat.

Kayaking on Cousine Island
Explore the tropical waters around the island and kayak through crystal waters in search of epic marine life. You may just meet our resident spotted eagle ray around the back of the island which is always a glorious invitation to get your snorkel and fins out to embrace a closer experience.

Stand up Paddle Boarding on Cousine Island
Explore the tropical waters around the island by Stand up Paddle Board. Walking on crystal waters is always so much fun under the sun around Cousine Island.

Nature Walks & Guided Hikes
Our 26-hectare (62-acre) island is wholeheartedly dedicated to the preservation of the Seychelles environment and equally committed to giving our guests a personal introduction to our native birds, mammals, vegetation, and landscape. See the world as few have and understand it in a way that few will.

Bird Watching
Cousine Island has been identified by BirdLife International as an important bird area. Birders from around the world delight in rare sightings of the Seychelles Warbler, Seychelles magpie-robin and Seychelles Fody, as well as breeding colonies of Wedge-tailed Shearwaters, White-tailed Tropicbirds, Lesser Noddies and Fairy Terns.

Sea Turtle Preservation
Share in a life-changing experience with one of our dedicated conservation staff as they monitor a nesting sea turtle or hatchlings on their journey to the sea.

Hawksbill turtles, classified as critically endangered by the IUCN, and rare, endangered Green turtles return time and again to Cousine’s tropical beaches to lay their eggs.

Beach Games
Ready for a little friendly competition? Encourage and make friends over a game of sand volleyball, beach bowls, swing ball, and more. Our homemade refreshments always taste better after some physical activity at the beach—and, to be honest, they are pretty good to begin with.

Tree planting today for tomorrow
The custodians of Cousine are eager to share their passion for conservation with all who visit the island. By choosing to plant an indigenous tree from the island nursery, guests can commemorate their stay and actively participate in the conservation efforts on Cousine.

Since 1992, scores of researchers and conservationists have brought the Island back to life. Cousine Island is a private conservation sanctuary and is one of the few pristine granitic islands in the world free from exploitation, mammalian predator species and other foreign flora and fauna that once threatened her delicate ecosystem.

With restored habitats and thriving biodiversity, she now stands as her own living legend and testimony of a conservation love story. Awe-inspiring proof than humanity can make a conscious effort to protect, serve and live in harmony with Mother Nature.

Rooms: 4
Price: from 2.929 EUR per night


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