El Otro Lado

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El Otro Lado - Panama
El Otro Lado - Panama
El Otro Lado - Panama
El Otro Lado - Panama
El Otro Lado - Panama
El Otro Lado - Panama
El Otro Lado - Panama
El Otro Lado - Panama
El Otro Lado - Panama
El Otro Lado - Panama
9 August 2021

El Otro Lado is a private retreat situated in an exceptional enclave of Portobelo Bay, mixing design, culture, nature and luxury in a unique manner in order to offer its guests authentic, exclusive and custom-made experiences.

Situated just over an hour from Panama City and within Portobelo National Park, El Otro Lado will take you to a harmonious and dreamlike place, which is equipped with all the comforts of modern life. The ultimate combination of authenticism, luxury and comfort with an overwhelm sense of tranquility.

A one-bedroom villa tucked between a soothing waterfall and the rainforest, with its views of the surrounding Portobelo Bay, this 65m2 house displays examples of the work of local artists, together with molas (decorative fabrics painted by Guna Indians) and a peculiar collection of Turkish caps.

Thanks to its unique position; the stimulating nature together with the views over the rainforest and the sea bay from the terraces; staying here is an experience of pure energy. Its 65 m2 contains a collection of African masks made by plastic waste material in the most genuine representation of Arte Povera.

At the edge of the rainforest, with exceptional views of the bay from its two terraces, exclusive privacy and all the elements for maximum comfort.

Sun House is decorated with a collection of Congo headgear with paintings by local artists of the Portobelo Workshop and with evocative photographs of Sandra Eleta, one of Panama’s most recognized contemporary creators.

Touching the sea, Spirit House is divided into a living room, two individual suites and unique views of the sea bay from the terrace.

It has been decorated with a astonishing design, displaying samples of painting and sculpture created by artists from the Portobelo Workshop, colonial chairs, indigenous handicraft made by Guna and Embera Indians, contemporary photography and European art.

The elegant geometry of the building, with its ample terraces facing the rooms, are an ideal setting that highlights the extraordinary view of the Bay of Portobelo.
With nearly 800 m2, the residence is arranged over two floors.

Ground floor: includes a centrally air-conditioned living room, which may be easily prepared for private or business meetings, plus a bar and outdoor dining.

The three suites, which are located on the second floor, each has its own identity and unique elements, surrounded by spacious terraces with exceptional views of the jungle and the bay.

The initial idea of this construction endeavored to respect the privacy of the guests, so that despite the ample areas of space, the designers have incorporated nooks that add both warmth and privacy. Making it a unique and perfect place to unwind in relaxing and beautiful surroundings.

Fusion Cuisine is a delicious mix with the ultimate purpose of satisfying the different palates uniting the local food culture with European, American and Oriental traditions. Our food is based on local, primary, organic tropical ingredients to present a creative yet simple menu.

The idea is to invite you to a journey through the textures and flavors of the different dishes. Professional gourmets reveal that the secret of the preparation lies in reaching a balance between colors, quantity and quality.

Our chefs Juan Ríos and Mirna Chavarría trained by culinary experts work with this formula on a daily basis. We can gladly accommodate special meal requests and private dinners; we also offer vegetarian, vegan and gluten free menus.

Outdoor fitness
Get your workout mode on and be ready to sweat with our local fitness coaches. Enjoy a nice cardio session around the property, followed by functional training out in nature.

A place where the state of meditation will easily be attained, the surreal urroundings provide the perfect stage for that zen moment.

Portobelo is one of the most cultural destinations within Latin America. Located on the Caribbean Coast, it was one of the most important villages in America during the colonial period, a vast majority of the gold and wealth that sailed back to Spain passed through this town.

In 1976, the National Park and four years later, the ruins of the fortifications together with the nearby Fort San Lorenzo were recognized World Heritage by UNESCO. Culture, heritage, sea and jungle impregnate the town in order to offer unique sensations to its visitor.

It was one of the most important American ports during the colonial time, since any ship loaded with South American wealth had to pass through here.

Being the stopover of the navy, it was necessary to prepare a defense system in order to guarantee the security of the town’s inhabitants and the galleon traffic, which has resulted in one of the most impressing conjunction of military architecture in America.

UNESCO, declaring the port and the Portobelo fortifications World Heritage in 1980, has recognized the exceptional character of this town constructed by the Caribbean seashore.

Portobelo National Park was the first protected nature area of Panama, made up of 86,000 acres, 20% of which are marine areas. It protects both coral reef communities and coastal forest.

This coastline includes important stretches of coral reefs, mangrove swamps, coastal lagoons and beautiful beaches. Within the park is one of the more beautiful natural harbors of all Caribbean, the Bay of Portobelo.

Rustic Beach Club at Puerto Francés
Discover a perfectly preserved land where nature rules, the jungles reach the beach and the weather allows breathtaking experiences throughout the year.

Pedal Boats in Barrage Lake
In 1904 during the construction of the Panama Canal, a temporary settlement known as New Portobelo was built where El Otro Lado now resides.

The settlement was evacuated in 1914 and during this 80 years nature retook its territory leaving no trace of this settlement with the exception of our private historical Dam. Enjoy the peace and quite as you ride in the peddal boats through this century old barrage lake.

Wake Board
Not everyone can say that they have wakeboard in the waters where the story tells that Francis Drake, the famous English corsair of the 16th century, rests.

Banana Boat
Feel the adrenaline and the wind in your face while rushing and zigzagging in between the sailboats in the bay of Portobelo.

Deep Board Diving
Twist and turn at full speed underwater with our new deep board. See underwater landscapes, shipwrecks and seagrass in the bay of Portobelo.

Guided Kayak Tour
Discover the flora and fauna in the bay and the mangroves of the Portobelo National Park. You can take a great adventure or an easy ride through the neighboring mangroves.

Artisanal Fishing
Go on an artisanal fIshing experience just like locals do every day. You will be acompanied by a traditional fisherman who will take you to the best spots. You can later enjoy your catch for lunch or dinner!

Snorkeling Tour
Explore the famous crystal clear waters of the Caribbean. Discover the coral reefs at the Portobelo National Park. You will witness colorful coral and a vast variety of reef fish.

Dive into the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean in Portobelo. A historic bay with a great variety of underwater attractions worth exploring. A 110-feet freighter, a C-45 airplane, coral reefs, the famous Drake Island and Salmedena reef are some of the local favorites, but there are plenty more ready to be discovered!

Hikes through the tropical forest
Discover the rainforest in a wide variety of different habitats around Portobelo and witness the incredible biodiversity that makes this such a unique location!

While hiking in the areas around the village can allow us the chance to see monkeys, sloths and toucans, exploring a bit farther into the mountains gives us the chance to encounter more exotic species like the beautiful poison-dart frogs, and excellent places for birdwatching.

Top of the Bay Hike
Dive right into the rainforest of the Portobelo National Park. This protected area extends over 34.846 hectares. Monkeys, reptiles, turtles, crab-eating raccoons and many other species call this ecosystem home.

New Portobelo Jungle Trail
In 1904 during the construction of the Panama Canal, a temporary settlement known as New Portobelo was built where El Otro Lado now resides.

The settlemente was evacuated in 1914 and during this 80 years nature retook its territory leaving no traceof this settlement with the exception of our private historical Dam. Take a walk deep in the jungle sorrounding this magnificent lake.

Power Hike Up the Forts
We believe that El Otro Lado is the perfect place to recharge and refresh our senses. Join us in our power hike up our neighboring forts: San Fernando and San Fernandito. You will have a good workout and enjoy the best view of the whole bay.

Mangrove Safari
Feel like in a safari through the mangroves in the Farahona, one of the main characters of the property. Sit back, relax, dance into the sunset while observing the beauty of nature. Lets make it a romantic ride, a party with friends or a jungle expedition with your family. This versatile activity will amaze you without a doubt.

Portobelo Town Cultural Walk
The town of Portobelo encompasses an array of stories that date back to the Spanish Colonial Period in the XVII century.

Travel back in time while wondering its streets, visiting UNESCO World Heritage sites, the church of the “Black Christ”, learn about the Congo Culture, and learn more about the “Portobelo Bay Foundation» and get to know the people in town.

Taste of the Tropics Cooking Class 
Indulge your taste buds with the intensity of the “Aji Chombo”, the fiery Panamenian red pepper from the Caribbean Coast. Learn how to make the secret recipe of our homemade spicy sauce “La Llamarada” accompanied by our version of “El Otro Lado” mojito.

Drinks at the Barrage Lake
A truly special and unique place at the highest point of our property. A century old barrage and small wooden homestead await you, where, at your request, you can enjoy cocktails and snacks while gazing at the captivating nature that surrounds you.

Percussion workshop
“La Escuelita del Ritmo” is one of the key programs of the Portobelo Bay Foundation. The program offers free music lessons to the children of Portobelo, helping them develop social skills and values through the preservation of their culture and the development of their talents.

Join us in one of the percussion workshops where you can visit one of the children’s classes and adventure your self to release all that passion and talent that you have been keeping inside.

Art workshop
Learn about Congo Art directly from one the local artists of the Portobelo Bay Foundation. Let your imagination flow in our artistic environment where colors, traditions and nature are key elements of inspiration. Take your masterpiece back home as a souvenir that will always remind you of this place.

Escuelita del ritmo
“La Escuelita del Ritmo” is one of the key programs of the Portobelo Bay Foundation. The program offers free music lessons to the children of Portobelo, helping them develop social skills and values through the preservation of their culture and the development of their talents.

Enjoy the performance of this talented community of young artists while they perform different genres.

Congo Dance
Declared this year an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO, the Congo Culture encompasses the contemporary vision of a collective celebration of black rebel descendants enslaved during the colonial period.

Feel the happiness and energy of the dancers that proudly celebrate the freedom of their past generations,preserving the continuity of this traditions.

A dance that describes the historic escape of the cimarrones into the mountains.

Charges River and Embera Town Excursion
Visit an indigenous village surrounded by a breathtaking natural setting where the Embera comunity lives in harmony and preserve their traditions.

Learn about their traditional dances, music, singing, gastronomy, use of plants and flowers as natural medicine, construction of their housing and many more customs they are still practicing.

Observation Deck and Panama Canal Expansion
An exceptional day! Visit Panama’s hidden paradise. We propose you take a helicopter and fly to these heavenly islands. Once there, you will for yourself why these scattered islands along the Panamanian coast are said to be one of the most beautiful places on earth.

El Otro Lado will prepare for you a delicious picnic for you to enjoy by the beach where you land. One of our assistants will escort you along your day and provide you with diving gear, chairs and other comforts.

Panama Museum of Biodiversity
Visit the thriving metropolis of Panama City with its skyscrapers and Museum of Biodiversity designed by Frank Gerhy. Be sure to have lunch and stroll through the old town, and on the way back to El Otro Lado, visit the Miraflores locks on the Panama Canal”

Website: www.elotrolado.com.pa
Rooms: 8
Price: from 354 EUR per night


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