Geejam Port Antonio

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Geejam Port Antonio Jamaica
Geejam Port Antonio Jamaica
Geejam Port Antonio Jamaica
Geejam Port Antonio Jamaica
Geejam Port Antonio Jamaica
Geejam Port Antonio Jamaica
Geejam Port Antonio Jamaica
Geejam Port Antonio Jamaica
Geejam Port Antonio Jamaica
Geejam Port Antonio Jamaica
14 December 2021

There’s something about Geejam. Nestled in the rainforest at the foot of the Blue Mountains and overlooking the azure seas of Port Antonio, a region of Jamaica frequented by celebrities and explorers for the last 100 years.

Geejam is a hotel for the rest of us—a magical destination for those not looking to escape life but inspire it. The masterpiece of music industry vets and developers Jon Baker and Steve Beaver, the property plays host to the current Port Antonio Renaissance.

Geejam Hotel is an intriguing local haven for culturalists and creative instigators. A private oasis for discerning adventurists. A destination that celebrates the duality of natural beauty and modern convenience.

With its rich tradition of attracting creative and free spirits seeking illuminating, melodic experiences this hotel has played host to a loyal celebrity and artist following, but also attracts solitude seekers with an effortlessly cool, laid back, and sexy vibe. And though far-flung, it’s also warm, inviting, and altogether luxe.

Breathe deep as the tree frogs and rock steady rhythms provide an epic soundtrack to your journey. Beautiful seclusion, tranquility, and stylish, sun-drenched daydreams await. Off the grid, yet totally dialed in. You’ll want to come back again and again.

Designed by renowned British Architect, Anthony Wood, Sanwood is a contemporary homage to island life with midcentury roots. Style stalwarts will dig the well-curated audio/visual library and the private photographic and modern art collection featuring Geejammers like Banksy and Juergen Teller.

3 guest rooms, 3 en suite showers, 2 upper deck verandas, an outdoor swimming pool, and media lounge. A discerning experience for design-minded travelers seeking inspiration and sun-drenched sex appeal in equal measures.

A stellar example of Geejam’s duality, this private hilltop hideaway marries the lush and rustic surroundings of San San with luxe but laid-back chic.

With stellar views of the sea, this modern villa features 6 bedrooms with private balconies and terraces, a seductively stylish lap pool, and inspirational art, vinyl, and photography collection.

This sleek, next-level residence perfectly complements the solitude of nature with so many lovely places to elevate your chill. Cocosan is a sanctuary for city dwellers, avid adventurers, and creative storytellers.

Don’t forget to say hi to Tito and Tequila, the proprietor’s two identical Shih Tzu Poodle mixes, who will be happy to show you around, and Misty, who’s the gentlest giant on the hillside.

This sprawling ranch-style respite was once the vacation getaway of Audrey Hepburn. Set on a half-acre of naturally landscaped gardens, Panorama is a dreamy, contemporary Eden with an epic past.

A midcentury marvel, this stunning villa boasts a 360-degree view of the John Crow and Blue Mountain peaks, while displaying the Caribbean in all its splendor. Lush vegetation and paved walkways give you a charming backdrop to create the best of memories.

Hang by the pool or curl up with a book in the art-filled great room. Sophistication and authenticity comingle in an ideal setting for group or family getaways. Many say this residence has one of the best vibes in Port Antonio.

A juxtaposition of culture and nature, this is the place for music and scenery lovers alike. Hang out on the ground floor of our iconic recording studio in this panoramic junior suite.

Fold-out windows create a magical vantage point for a sea gaze, and a soak in the tub will set you up for whatever is in store. Outfitted with a jacuzzi, cozy sun chairs, and wicker chaises, the full-scale deck is the perfect backdrop for whatever you want to get into.

Nestled in a tropical landscape overlooking the Caribbean Sea, this jungle hideaway provides a perfect vantage point to plan your day’s adventures.

Open the doors to the veranda, step into your own private jacuzzi, and ponder some very important questions: should we go to the beach, explore the falls, or just relax here for a little longer?

A dreamy, luxe treehouse, Mento has your number for the ultimate in solitude chic. Have a steam in the well-appointed bathroom and set your dial to maximum chill as you head to the private patio jacuzzi or snooze on the hammock.

Listen to the lush rainforest in surround sound and enjoy the perfect mix of natural beauty with modern convenience and style.

Overlooking the azure seas, this luxe cabin provides the lovely wakeup you’ve been looking for. Close to the spa and gym, you can start your day with an active vibe or head back under the duvet for some extra winks.

After a rum-soaked night at the Bushbar, sweat it out in the double steam room. A sexy and stylish retreat to check your head and get set for your next adventure.


Our 12 new, luxurious rooms are designed to amplify your Geejam experience. With both ground floor and upper floor options, each offers our jungle-meets-chic signature style with its own, well-curated art collection.

Open the door and step down into a creative haven with lush, green, rainforest views and the turquoise sea peeking back at you. Our Rumba Rooms sit high above the sea, offering elevated views.

You may find yourself on the ground floor or upper floor, though wherever we place your luggage, every view is majestic. Rooms are allocated at check-in.

Kick back and enjoy Jamaican fusion dishes and cocktails in one of the sexiest backdrops in Port Antonio. Our iconic Bushbar features a stellar infinity pool and a state-of-the art sound system. As you take in the forest to sea views, hang out by the DJ booth/treehouse.

Shoot some pool with the locals, shoot the breeze, and feed your appetite and soul. Our Executive Chef Ainsley brings local flavors to life with secret recipes from his grandmother’s kitchen.

You may wonder how you ever existed without his coconut curry shrimp, and his warm bread pudding will sweeten the deal. Enjoy socially distanced alfresco dining in the rainforest with our award-winning menu choices – ranging from a variety of Jamaican dishes to Fusion to Vegan.

We offer a choice of set menus, à la carte, as well as bespoke cuisine. Whether you’re dining with us, vibing with us, or imbibing with us, we’ve got everything you need to feel welcome and unapologetically chill.

Located in a natural cove just steps from the property, Geejam Beach is our private beach where you can swim, snorkel, kayak, paddle board or simply relax in a cabana or at Bentley’s Yaad, our new beach bar & grill.

Get your sweat on in our jungle gym. Quite literally. Book a private trainer or work out at your own pace in the privacy of our tropical rainforest.

Take a dip 190 feet above water in our new infinity pool. It’s our latest addition to the newly expanded Bushbar. Just wait until you see it at night.

Whether you find yourself dipping your toes in Frenchman’s Cove, swimming under the rejuvenating waters of Reach Falls, drifting down the Rio Grande on a bamboo raft or dancing to the rhythms of street parties, night clubs and ska bars, you’ll discover that Portland is a elf-made mecca of natural attractions, bona fide Jamaican culture and insider cool.

A few minutes drive from Geejam brings you to Frenchman’s Cove, named by Conde Nast Traveler as being “probably the prettiest beach on the island.” Its freshwater stream pours into the sea to create an invigorating sensation while swimming in naturally heated seawater together with the coolness of the spring.

The neighboring Blue Lagoon is gorgeously situated in a protected alcove and is probably the most romantic place to swim on the island. Bring goggles to fully appreciate the plethora of abundant sea life.

Located in the idyllic village of Fairy Hill, Winnifred Beach, also known as the Rasta beach is a popular local hangout. The Rastafarians who keep it in pristine condition can cook you a mean Ital stew!

One of the more coveted outings in Port Antonio is rafting down the gently winding Rio Grande. What was once a means of transporting banana crops from the local plantations to Port Antonio’s bustling harbor became a popular leisure activity of Hollywood icon Errol Flynn and his guests.

Today, experienced guides will share their knowledge about the river and its ecosystem and steer you to Belinda’s Riverside Canteen for an authentic Jamaican meal.

Reach Falls is ranked as one of Jamaica’s more exceptionally situated waterfalls. Located on Driver’s River, the falls are sheltered by virgin rainforest and accentuated by crystal clear rock pools, lovely bamboo stands and draping vines.

Reach Falls has been the location for more than one Hollywood film, not the least of which was Roger Donaldson’s 1988 popular film Cocktail starring Tom Cruise.

Named in memory of the iconic film star who called Port Antonio home, the Errol Flynn Marina is a reminder of our town’s fashionable Hollywood heyday.

Take a stroll down the boardwalk and imagine taking a trip back in time to an era when cargo ships used to unload bananas during Port Antonio’s boomtown years. Visitors can enjoy delicious homemade ice cream from Devon House or indulge in a refreshing cocktail at Marybelle’s Pub.

They say it’s not a proper rum bar if you can’t play dominoes and order a glass of fiery overproof white rum.

There are several open-air bars in the area where visitors can take in the local scene while imbibing a delicious blend of rum punch, mixed drinks or in keeping with the true spirit, drinking the rum straight with no chaser.

Sample the catch of the day at fishing outposts along Folly Road, shop at craft markets, art galleries, supermarkets in Port Antionio’s commercial center, or enjoy a sunset promenade at Errol Flynn Marina or along Harbour Street where local vendors sell cold coconut jellies and other Jamaican treasures.

Jerk seasoning is one of Jamaica’s most prized culinary inventions and Portland offers some of the best tasting recipes hands-down. Just a short drive from Geejam is Jamaica’s famous Boston Jerk Centre, where you can taste the pimento, scotch bonnet pepper, herbs and spices in the air before ever taking a bite.

They say the best jerk chicken is at Piggy’s, a “shack” right in the heart of Port Antonio. Piggy’s chicken is so juicy and perfectly spiced, you may want to go more than once.

Make sure to try the festival as well, which is achieves a perfect balance of crunchy shell and doughy center. Portland is known as the “birthplace of jerk,” Piggy’s exemplifies that claim. They also serve fresh fish, and delicious sides such as rice and peas, grilled vegetables, and a mouth-watering fish soup.

Owner Sista P is a Rasta elder who has worked diligently in the local community for years, and approaches her championing of vegetarian eating and its dietary health benefits with the same vigour and selflessness that she does in all of her endeavors.

The one-stop, hands-down full-time vegetarian menu is a must and just an hour’s drive away in Hope Bay. Your body will thank you, and you will thank yourself.

The latest night food available or perhaps it should be called early morning food is in the Breastworks square heading south out of Port Antonio towards Moore Town.

Jah T’s modest cook shop is sometimes open as day light heralds depending upon the steady flow of drinkers, clubbers, and party people still traveling home. Jah T, a Rasta elder, describes his food as ‘late night candle food.’

The cooking is simple and mouth-watering, prepared on coal stoves and terrific either hot, freshly out of the pot or cooler from his glass display case on the counter.

The fish dishes, plantains and dumplings are all cooked in coconut oil and especially the freshly grated local supply. His mix of dumplings, plantain, salt fish, and ackee with steamed vegetables are bar none, at any hour of the day or night.

Named for its dramatic location, Cliff Hanger sits atop a sea cliff, 80 feet above the waves so that it literally appears to be hanging from the cliffs. Sip on a house-made cocktail at the well-appointed bar while enjoying an expansive view of the horizon.

Then indulge in a delicious meal of seasonal specials such as fresh red snapper, honey curried shrimp, lobster sweet shells, and Cliff Hanger’s signature platter, Drunken Lionfish – named because it’s simmered in both white wine and Red Stripe beer, a heady mix indeed.

This relaxing enclave, where it almost feels like you’re at the edge of the world, promises to capture both your imagination and your appetite in equal measure.

The story behind Solider Camp is as intriguing as its name. When Everold Daley, an ex-US army man who had been based for years in New York, returned to Jamaica, he found a lot of the local restaurant cooking to be bland, and their usage of low-quality cooking oils and MSG unacceptable.

So he decided to open a restaurant that served the kind of food he would enjoy. His charming 20 seat interior-to-exterior restaurant is highlighted by military signage, flags, and insignia.

One of the favorite items on the menu is crayfish cooked in fresh coconut milk, brought in daily from the Rio Grande by local fisherman. You can also opt for the curry goat or baked chicken, which is incredibly succulent and almost drips off the bone.

The curried shrimp is wonderfully flavorful, and best enjoyed when accompanied by a cold beer or a ‘bring your own’ wine libation.

Cynthia and Painta have been running this bar/restaurant combo on Winnifred beach for 16 years, feeding local Port Antonians who flock to the beach every holiday and weekend, and large numbers of visitors from abroad, many of them repeat guests who have come to love the natural calm of the beach and Cynthia’s excellent Jamaican cuisine.

You can choose to have your chicken, fish or lobster (when in season) prepared to your liking. The steamed fish is excellent, as are the brown stew, fried, and grilled fish offerings.

Enjoy sides of roasted breadfruit, plantain, callaloo, steamed cabbage, chopped raw vegetables or a simple salad. Basically, anything you order is satisfaction guaranteed.

There’s no better place to sample true jerk dish than in Port Antonio, the spiritual capital and birthplace of the original preparation technique. For a real experience in local jerk – cooked long and slow over smoldering green pimiento twigs – head to the Jerk Centre, which is a popular favorite of Port Antonio locals.

Treat yourself to the Scotch bonnet infused dishes, so delicious and fiery, you may need to wash it down with a Red Stripe beer. In addition to jerk, there’s an assortment of cooked meals, tasty baked goods, and snacks. The best part is that it keeps long hours for hungry citizens looking to satisfy a late night craving.

One of the best parts of taking a luxurious rafting ride down the Rio Grande is a stop-off for lunch at Belinda’s Riverside Restaurant. Belinda runs this small eatery under a rustic-looking palm frond roof with bamboo supports just as her mother Betty did for decades before.

She continues the tradition of cooking some of the most delicious local dishes, including her signature Crayfish Coconut Rundown, which is made from the juice of grated coconut- simmered to create a thick sauce-curry powder, fresh herbs, and just a hint of Scotch bonnet pepper; the blend creates a burst of mouthwatering flavors.

Also highly recommended are her curried or fricassee chicken – the chickens are organically reared in Belinda’s home yard, the herbs and seasonings are all locally grown too – the result is one of the most flavorsome plates you can imagine.

All meals come with an expansive array of sides from fried plantain to roast breadfruit, rice and peas and even a couple of dumplings on every plate.

Rooms: 31
Price: from 387 EUR per night


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