Hotel Fufu Kawaguchiko

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Hotel Fufu Kawaguchiko, Chubu - Japan
Hotel Fufu Kawaguchiko, Chubu - Japan
Hotel Fufu Kawaguchiko, Chubu - Japan
Hotel Fufu Kawaguchiko, Chubu - Japan
Hotel Fufu Kawaguchiko, Chubu - Japan
Hotel Fufu Kawaguchiko, Chubu - Japan
Hotel Fufu Kawaguchiko, Chubu - Japan
Hotel Fufu Kawaguchiko, Chubu - Japan
Hotel Fufu Kawaguchiko, Chubu - Japan
Hotel Fufu Kawaguchiko, Chubu - Japan
Hotel Fufu Kawaguchiko, Chubu - Japan
Hotel Fufu Kawaguchiko, Chubu - Japan
21 June 2022

Even when hidden by clouds, Mount Fuji’s presence nearby is always felt. The appeal of Fufu Kawaguchiko is more than just the views of the mountain. This resort in the heart of a beautiful forest draws on the power of the land to soothe and invigorate your mind and body.

Each Fufu hotel is unique. At this Fufu, you can discover the charms of Kawaguchiko and create precious new memories and stories. This is a place to sense time, a story of four seasons.

The trees grown and the stones that rested on this land have returned as counters and furniture. The art pieces in this hotel had been photographed on this land or in the area before FUFU KAWAGUCHIKO was constructed.We can connect to the life of the forest through different forms.

This tree was carefully managed, and has been reborn in many ways as the entrance’s louver, as benches, as counters for the restaurant and the bar, as the lobby lounge, and as souvenir stumps.

We can connect to the life of the forest through different forms. The stones that rested here have become stonework, and have been given new life as drip coffee makers and candle holders, returning to their original home.

Moments and encounters on this land become art, and return home. Each guestroom has different photographic art. That in your room could be of what this place looked like a few years ago. Perhaps it is a picture of a leaf that you just stepped on during your walk and what it looked like in the past.

A fleeting moment in the past lives on as art, traversing through time, but remaining in place.A boundaryless forest resort with the aroma of trees and waves of light We would be delighted if you enjoy a relaxing time that can only be experienced here.

Forest-scented, moisture-rich amenities
Shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, body wash, handwash, and facewash. FUFU KAWAGUCHIKO selected the Green Forest fragrance. It is organic, easy on the skin, helps retain moisture, provides dense foam, hydration, and charm, all the while ensuring that the aroma spreads.

We capture memories with the aroma of travel and revive these memories through its fragrance. Enjoy your time surrounded by the fragrance of the forest.

Restaruant Yamanoha
Fufu’s restaurant serves food made with local ingredients that capture the essence of the region. A feast for the eyes and the tastebuds, our dishes prepared using fragrant firewood, dancing flames, and volcanic stone from Mount Fuji can be experienced only here at Fufu Kawaguchiko.

No matter when you visit, you can enjoy seasonal ingredients when they’re at their most delicious.

You can explore Kawaguchiko’s mountain, lake, and forest. Enjoy idyllic moments immersed in nature with a variety of luxurious activities: renting your own canoe, taking a cruise on the lake, going on a nature tour of Aokigahara (Jukai) forest, visiting Mount Fuji’s 5th Station, and more.

Discovering Kawakguchiko’s natural majesty and encountering new landscapes is sure to be an unforgettable experience!

A resort nestled amid peaceful, beautiful scenery
Relax in your guest room’s natural hot spring bath covered with volcanic stone from Mount Fuji. Experience perfect moments in any season of the year thanks to the region’s natural bounty. Open the windows of your room and step out onto a balcony right next to the forest.

Feel the breezes blowing in from Mount Fuji, bringing the scents of the lake and the trees. Close the windows and slide open the inside doors to create a spacious living room. Light a fire in the hearth and the enjoy the flickering flames.

In the first-floor guest rooms, the green of the interior balcony brings the outdoors inside. All rooms feature views of the forest and Mount Fuji.Equipped with a natural hot spring bath lined with volcanic stone from Mount Fuji and a bioethanol fireplace.

Mount Fuji looms over the treetops. Enjoy views of the peak and lake through the forest from the second- and third-floor guest rooms. Equipped with a natural hot spring bath lined with volcanic stone from Mount Fuji and a bioethanol fireplace.

This guest room on the top floor has a commanding view of Lake Kawaguchi and Mount Fuji.Equipped with a natural hot spring bath lined with volcanic stone from Mount Fuji and a bioethanol fireplace.

Occupying a corner location, the Tokiwagi premium suite is a special room that makes you feel as if you’re right next to Mount Fuji and the forest and water of Lake Kawaguchi. Enjoy the flickering flames of the bioethanol fireplace while relaxing on the private balcony. Accommodates up to 4 people.

This room features a spacious living room with a large sofa and a panoramic view of Mount Fuji and Lake Kawaguchi. It can be divided into separate rooms by closing the sliding doors.

You can enjoy a private open-air bath in natural hot spring water and a bedrock bath made with volcanic stone from Mount Fuji whenever you feel like it. Accommodates up to 4 people.

Experience Mount Fuji, Lake Kawaguchi, and the forest up close in this premium suite on the corner of the fourth floor. Open the living room window to access the spacious balcony with a panoramic view of the lake.

Savor special moments with the hammock and bioethanol fireplace. In the private bedroom, you’ll feel like you’re sleeping in the forest. You can enjoy a private open-air bath in natural hot spring water and a bedrock bath made with volcanic stone from Mount Fuji whenever you feel like it. Accommodates up to 4 people.

Fusing Japanese kaiseki cuisine with regional Kawaguchiko ingredients, we create unique local flavors with a fresh twist. Join us for an exceptional dining experience at our forest getaway.

Savor the moment while sampling the flavors of the forest. Our dishes feature locally produced, seasonal ingredients prepared using wood, fire, and volcanic stone. We also offer a selection of drinks, including wine and sake to pair with your meal.

Breakfast (Japanese style)
Wake up to natural, seasonal flavors. We serve breakfasts focusing on regional dishes such as rice cooked with a wood-burning kamado stove, hearty vegetable soup, gratin made with locally produced natto (fermented soy beans), Japanese yams, and Jiyoran eggs.

Wood, bounty of the land, bounty of the sea, shirumono soup, fish, lava, herbs, entrée, pickles, tome-wan soup, fruit. We use local ingredients to prepare meals that vary from season to season.

From the majestic heights of Mt. Fuji to the deep pulse of the earth, From the sound of the wind whipping across the lake to the fresh fragrance of the forest, From the pure sunlight filtering through the trees to the shade of their great bows, A place for admiring any of the four seasons in luxurious comfort.

Feel the blessings of nature, Surrender your body to the breath of the forest, Wrap yourself in the essence of comfort. As the great outdoors thrill all of your senses.

“Spa by sisley” in one of the most prestigious hotels in the world. At the Spa by sisley, we focus on the state of mind and body of each of our guests.

Through the benefits from plants and methods based on traditional rituals from around the world, our all-hand treatment method restores health and vitality.
We offer personal and customized treatments through our highly skilled specialists.

Let yourself be transported from the ordinary, through a luxurious voyage to a sensorial world, with our heart-warming hospitality.

Replumping Youth Facial With Rose
A timeless experience offering an exceptional feeling of well-being. A true beauty rendez-vous, deliciously and naturally rose-scented, this gentle and pleasant journey relaxes the face, softens features and reveals the skin’s radiance. The complexion is fresher, the skin is toned and signs of fatigue and age are smoothed away.

Nature Hot Spring with Mt. Fuji’s Volcanic Stone Bath. Soak in the bountiful hot spring waters of the Kawaguchiko area while the gentle breezes blowing down from Mount Fuji caress your skin.

The soothing waters will gently enfold you and invigorate your mind and body. All of our rooms come with an open-air bath. We also have communal baths featuring a Finnish-style dry sauna (men’s bath) and mist sauna (women’s bath).

The FUFU Kawaguchiko experience includes a tree-enclosed lobby lounge, a bar lounge under the starry sky, a patio warmed by the flames of a firepit, a garden cooled by refreshing breezes, and a gift shop that lets you take a piece of FUFU home with you. Soak up the forest atmosphere as the breeze caresses your skin at this idyllic getaway.

A relaxing space surrounded by trees, the lobby lounge is available for guests to use any time from check-in to check-out. At sunset, candles are illuminated and the firepit on the patio is lit.

Guests are served at a counter carved of solid timber sourced from a local zelkova tree. Enjoy the forest at night with a FUFU Kawaguchiko original cocktail or a glass of whiskey.

As a souvenir of your stay, various guest room amenities, coffee cups, tumblers, and other goods are available for purchase, along with a selection of original Sisley products.

There are four gazebos–Kokage, Tsutsumu, Soyogu, Akara–with seating of various kinds where you can enjoy a drink or snack.

Breakfast and dinner are served at Yamanoha, where each table provides a view of Mount Fuji while maintaining your privacy. For more intimate occasions, a private dining room is also available.

Enjoy natural hot spring waters fed by our in-house spring in a bath lined with volcanic stone from Mount Fuji. The men’s bath includes a Finnish-style dry sauna, while the women’s bath is outfitted with a skin-soothing mist sauna.

To enjoy the nature activity. To strengthen your body and mind. Guests can experience a variety of activities during the stay, such as a nature tours of Mt. Fuji or a handicraft workshop instructed by local people. Both adults and children may find a course to enjoy a back-to-nature time here.

Kawaguchiko Morning Canoe
This short morning canoe course departs from Okugawa on the north shore of Kawaguchiko. It floats along the calm lake while taking in the view of Mt. Fuji.

With no wind in the morning, the lake surface often becomes a mirror, offering a chance to see an excellent reflection of the mountain in the light of dawn. This tour is especially attractive in the changing colors of autumn.

Kawaguchiko Deserted Island Canoe Tour
This tour departs from Shikkogo Park on the south shore of Kawaguchiko. After canoeing the calm morning lake and exploring the unique maze of inlets of the south shore, it lands on Yamanashi Prefecture’s only island, a deserted island called Unoshima.

Long considered a sacred spot, even now it holds festivals dedicated to the eruption of Mt. Fuji. It is also a power spot where ancient Japanese pottery was once found.

You can visit the shrine on the island’s summit or have a leisurely tea time somewhere with a great view of Mt. Fuji and other stunning places. Finally, the tour circles Unoshima before returning.

Sea of Trees Nature Tour
A designated national natural heritage site, the Aokigahara Sea of Trees is found along the southwest side of Saiko Lake, one of the five lakes at the foot of Mt. Fuji, standing at an altitude of 1,000 meters.

A massive eruption at Mt. Fuji 1,200 years ago gave birth to this primeval forest. This tour lets you enjoy this rare, mysterious forest of conifers and moss-covered caves. The wind, birds chirping and other sounds of the forest you don’t normally hear will calm and liberate your spirit.

Lake Shore Bird-Watching
The foot of Mt. Fuji is a treasure trove of nature and the site of the first bird-watching event in Japan was held. Many snowbirds come down from the north to spend the winter in Japan, so this is the best season for a visit. Wake up with waterfowl encounters at the lakefront in the quiet dawn with a view of Mt. Fuji.

Arakurayama View Trail Tour
This is a popular spot among overseas guests that shows up in the top results for a Google image search of Japan.

The view of Mt. Fuji and a five-storied pagoda from Arakurayama Sengen Park was used for the cover of the Michelin Green Guide Japan and is a world-class location that represents Japan. Cherry blossoms bloom in the spring and the leaves change color in the fall, making for fantastic views.

Starry Sky Premium Tour
This tour offers an unparalleled time at the northern base of Mt. Fuji beautifully lit up by the starry winter sky in the clear air, connecting time immemorial to the future.

This is the real experience under the night sky with the sounds of the forest and wind that you can’t get in a planetarium. Come listen to the stories the stars tell in the gentle glow of a full moon.

Mt. Fuji Hike: Kawaguchi Asama Shrine and Hahanoshirataki Shrine
This tour explores the origins of the Mt. Fuji faith in both the sacred trees over one thousand years in age and Hahanoshirataki, a ritual cleansing place.

You will stroll along a mountain stream and enjoy the impressive icicles in the heart of winter, searching for animal markings along the path and watching for wild birds around the stream.

Mt. Fuji Hike: Old Road Winter Climb
Mt. Fuji has long been prized for its special sacred spots, not only at the summit but deep in the bosom of the mountain and as far as the eye can see around it.

One of those, Yoshida Trail, is the only trail extending from the base to the summit, and it features a numerous mix of Shinto and Buddhist stone monuments paying homage the past. This leisurely winter hike invites you to surrender to the vast nature of Fuji.

Mt. Fuji Sunrise Hike
This hike offers a beautiful winter-only view of Mt. Fuji as the morning light progressively bathes the mountain in red. It departs under a starry sky. The frost glittering in the cold, refreshing morning is something that can only be experienced in the winter.

This tour is led by expert Fuji mountain guides, so beginners are more than welcome. The real appeal of climbing Mt. Shakushi is the view from the top. Mt. Fuji is visible from the foot of the mountain, while the summit offers a 360-degree shot of the southern alps.

Fuji Herbarium Crafting
This is a workshop for making original creations in which beautiful ikebana-like flower arrangements are preserved in bottles with oil that collects light and shimmers.

Suncatcher Crafting
Creating interior ornaments that turn sunlight into rainbow colors with crystal glass, great for decorating windows or other spaces, this is an artist-led workshop that uses a lot of Swarovski beads to play with light and rainbows.

You’ll be able to take home a suncatcher imbued with the energy of the light at the base of beautiful Mt. Fuji.

Rooms: 32
Price: from 459 EUR per night


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