Hotel Moresco Venice

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Hotel Moresco Venice - Italy
Hotel Moresco Venice - Italy
Hotel Moresco Venice - Italy
Hotel Moresco Venice - Italy
Hotel Moresco Venice - Italy
Hotel Moresco Venice - Italy
Hotel Moresco Venice - Italy
Hotel Moresco Venice - Italy
Hotel Moresco Venice - Italy
Hotel Moresco Venice - Italy
Hotel Moresco Venice - Italy
Hotel Moresco Venice - Italy
12 May 2023

Hints of the orient enriched with surprising blends of different styles and cultures: Hotel Moresco embraces the Mediterranean spirit of Venice, the doorway to the East, re-interpreting it in an original and modern key.

The architecture, the furnishing, the decorations have all been chosen to offer you an experience that is quite definitely out of the ordinary. Even the tiniest of details will make your stay outstanding and unforgettable.

The study is a corner for relaxation, where you can spend some time over a drink or have a quiet break. In the cosy atmosphere, deep in the comfort of a leather armchair in front of the fireplace, sipping a glass of port in the light of an antique crystal lamp, you can immerse yourself in the fascinating history, curiosities and legends of Venice by reading one of the many books available in the library.

The garden is a hidden oasis that is typical of Venice. A little gem protected by old walls, providing a delightful setting for summer breakfasts or for short revitalising breaks between one excursion and another. However, if you prefer to spend a whole afternoon there relaxing and taking things easy, it is the perfect place with its open spaces, sun terrace and bar.

A comfort of the highest level, the result of a design aimed at maximum efficiency, but also a maniacal attention to detail. Minimal details, almost imperceptible to complete the pleasure of living.

No noise from the outside or from other rooms, none from the air conditioning system, no one even from the exhaust systems. Intelligent room lighting systems, which are activated in a calibrated and non-intrusive manner according to the needs and movements of the guest.

Authentic Venetian hospitality, attentive to well-being but also to the pleasures of taste: from food with typical, organic products, specific for food allergies and intolerances, to prestigious wines, from herbal teas to the selection of excellent spirits and liqueurs.

Pure comfort in which obvious reminders of Venetian style can be found, from the furnishing to the drapes of sumptuous materials, while on the ceiling the harmonious geometric crossing of the white beams provides the setting with a particular elegance and charm.

A good breakfast is always the best way to start the day, and our fun and varied buffet will inebriate your senses with its vast selection of pastries, fresh bread, typical cured meats and cheeses and Italian coffee. Breakfast with us is a unique feast for the senses.

Hotel Moresco offers a concept of luxury from breakfast: respect for the culinary traditions of the territory, enhancement of the environment and local products, attention to nutritional and health principles. In summer waking up is even more of an enjoyable experience. Our relaxing garden is a perfect relaxing oasis for you to enjoy breakfast.

Rooms: 23
Price: from 304 EUR per night


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