Hotel Quadrille Gdynia

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Hotel Quadrille Gdynia - Poland
Hotel Quadrille Gdynia - Poland
Hotel Quadrille Gdynia - Poland
Hotel Quadrille Gdynia - Poland
Hotel Quadrille Gdynia - Poland
Hotel Quadrille Gdynia - Poland
Hotel Quadrille Gdynia - Poland
Hotel Quadrille Gdynia - Poland
Hotel Quadrille Gdynia - Poland
Hotel Quadrille Gdynia - Poland
20 October 2021

Alice and Wonderland motif accompanies the whole concept of Quadrille, from the name itself, which refers to the quadrille danced by the novel’s characters, through the White Rabbit Restaurant referring to Alice’s guide in the fantasy world, to 10/6 Pub – the name derived from the Mad Hatter’s Day.

The entrance hall is decorated by a black-and-white floor as a reference to the game of chess played by the main characters of the novel, and the interior design of the Palace creates a fairy-tale illusion. In addition, one of the suites was inspired by a film adaptation of the novel created by Tim Burton.

Vigilant guests will notice many other fairy-tale accents in the object, however this does not mean that this place is dedicated to children. The object was created mainly for adults with high self-awareness, interested in discovering the world and with good knowledge of culture and art.

Design lovers will find a number of stylish elements in the Palace which were created by world-known designers.

Materials used for the interiors were ordered from the most reputable suppliers and manufacturers, in particular the wallpapers were chosen from the French “Elitis” or British “Cole & Sons” brands, the latter supplying a range of goods to the Buckingham Palace or the White House.

The furniture was purchased from a Danish “Frits&Hansen” manufacturer or from one of the oldest Polish producers – “Paged” company.

The lamps and light installations are comprised of a gallery of international brands, such as Italian “Artemide”, “Karman” and “Modoluce”, Danish “VITA Copenhagen”, Dutch “Zuiver”, or “Areti” coming from London.

Each of the twelve exclusive palace suites delight with a different design and a one-of-a-kind concept. The diversity is also reflected in their names, which refer to the world-renowned literary masters and to the character of their works.

The suites treasure such pearls of design as the Portuguese “Azulejos” tiles, handmade and covered with multicolour glazing. Real enthusiasts of interior design will also notice many design accents and icons.

Classical style of the Palace was preserved in many places which made it possible to create an inspiring combination of historic and modern elements.

History of the Palace
For four centuries, the Palace’s floors were walked by the Brauchitsch family, the Starost of the Gdańsk District, the senator of the Free City of Gdańsk, as well as by cavalry of General Józef Haller.

In the 1930s, the Palace became the property of the Society of Secondary and Higher School Teachers in Warsaw. After World War II, for over a half of a century the building served as a high school and later was used as the main seat of the Gdynia Film School.

At the beginning of the new millennium, with great respect to its long and eventful history, we restored the Palace and the Park, opening the latter for local residents.

Through many years of its existence, the Palace witnessed a few owners, users, however the inscription “Semper Idem” (“Always the same”) placed over the main entrance seems to remain up-to-date.

Business Suite of Thomas Hardy in the Outbuilding
Discover the poetic side of nature. A two-room suite with a separate bedroom area with a desk and a separate bathroom. A spacious salon is equipped with a comfortable sitting area and the second bathroom. Another notable feature is a terrace with a view of a picturesque pond.

Double Deluxe Room of Bashō Matsuo
Prepare for a relaxation in the interiors inspired by the Land of the Rising Sun and a journey filled with Japanese exoticism. Innovative furniture serves as decoration of the suite’s interior and at the same time ensures the highest level of comfort and pays tribute to contemporary Japan.

The sofa and armchairs look like effortlessly arranged stones. Black accents, wallpapers inspired by old paintings and Zen philosophy introduce a feeling of peace and harmony into the interior.

Double Deluxe Room of Charlotte Brontë
Catch the spirit of a transitory nature of time in an out-of-this-world surrounding. A cow-spotted bed framing and a row of wooden beams are not the only rustic accents of this spacious suite.

Openwork hanging lamps and an old chest type handles remind of an elegant forest lodge surrounded by old trees and silence, disturbed only by a sound of a stream.

The White Rabbit Restaurant
White Rabbit widens the horizons of culinary experiences; it is a place created with imagination, where reality and magic come together, especially on a plate. A unique interior design of each of the three halls invites guests to the magical world of fairy tales and refers to the character of meals.

Enriched by contemporary culinary trends, traditional dishes delight with their unparalleled combinations. Our creative chef Marcin Popielarz (Chef Patron, S.Pellegrino Yong Chef 2018 finalist) takes guests on a journey to the land of their childhood tastes.

The White Rabbit specialities include recipes based on local products. We take pride in supporting local farms, purchasing natural, fresh and wholesome ingredients from carefully selected producers. Follow the White Rabbit!

The White Rabbit restaurant and the entire Quadrille Hotel are adult friendly. For the comfort of our guests we invite only people over the age of 16.

Pub 10/6
Original as much as its name (the Mad Hatter’s Day), the pub is an atmospheric place located in an underground part of the Palace.

Celebrate your every special occasion with the Mad Hatter! Guests can choose from a wide assortment of alcoholic beverages, a variety of aromatic coffee and tea types, as well as simple and yet unusual culinary propositions.

10/6 Pub is also a perfect place for casual company meetings, as well as private anniversary, birthday, name day celebrations, as well as hen and bachelor parties.

Quadrille Spa is a modern comfortable space where each of our Guests will feel exclusive and will escape from everyday routine. Our Guests’ well-being and beauty are treated comprehensively here which enables us to plan consistent and effective therapies.

Cosmetologists and massage therapists keep an expert eye on maintenance of the balance between the body and the mind through a skilful compilation of treatment programmes. Based on our two-track approach, we expertly combine care and relaxation therapies with technology.

For the purpose of a psychophysical regeneration, we highly recommend the manual Forlle’d facial therapy and the Comfort Zone body therapy. Our Guests can also enjoy an incredible world of original massages and Tibetan bowls and gongs concerts.

At the same time, the most modern solutions in the cosmetology field, such as Surgen, Zaffiro, LPG Endermologie, Vectus, Med 2 Contour and Hydrafacial, are a guarantee of reduction of fatty tissue and body hair, improvement of skin condition, rejuvenation, reduction of wrinkles and much more.

The current Quadrille Spa menu corresponds with the trend in cosmetology industry for technology based treatments. As professionals, we not only care about the final result but also aim at maintaining the highest standard and comprehensiveness of our services during your entire stay in the Spa and a°quadrille area.

We are a team of professionals with a good understanding of our Guests’ needs. We care about quality, atmosphere, comfort and safety during treatments, combining therapeutic experience and skills with innovative technologies and soothing rituals.

The Quadrille Spa team is comprised of specialists in the field of cosmetology and therapists who continuously advance their qualifications.


Aesthetic cosmetology is, above all, based on high-tech therapies, i.e. cosmetic treatments with employment of advanced technologies.

In Quadrille Spa, we managed to create an interesting offer of services based, among others, on highly advanced equipment comprised of the most modern machines and devices available on the market, thus offering treatments with a guarantee of visible effects.

Employment of the most modern solutions in cosmetology, such as Surgen, Zaffiro, LPG Endermologie, Vectus, Med 2 Contour, Hydrafacial, makes it possible to conduct pleasant non-invasive treatments and achieve spectacular results within a short period of time.

A rich Quadrille Spa offer includes, among others, Zaffiro – a non-surgical face lifting treatment and Med 2 Contour – a non-invasive and non-surgical liposuction therapy.

Our treatments are suitable for all age groups and are aimed at slowing down ageing processes, maintaining a healthy look and resolving aesthetic problems occurring over the years. To achieve long-lasting effects, high-tech therapies are recommended to be carried out in series of three to ten treatments.

Spa & a°quadrille area
Enjoy the a°quadrille water area; immerse yourself in a blissful relaxation and take care of your health. We guarantee that a visit to our Spa will be a worthwhile experience.

Here, all your sorrows will disappear in a dry Finnish sauna, whiledivine relaxation and cleansing of the skin will be brought by a steamsauna and a rejuvenating peeling. You will also be positively surprisedwhile treating yourself to an ice rub and a refreshing shower.

We highly recommend using our indoor swimming pool andexperiencing a delicate massage in a Jacuzzi. A moment of loungingon one of the sunbeds under a sunny meadow will make you feelexceptionally relaxed after treatments and will leave you hungry formore.

If you are longing for some physical activity, we recommend that youshould visit our mini cardio gym where, in a private atmosphere, youwill be able to conduct a circuit training, strengthen your muscles orburn some fat.

A perfect relaxing atmosphere for individual guests and groups (special offers). For a maximum comfort, for thisday we will provide you with a towel and a soft dressing gown.

Due to a limited capacity and in order to provide our Guestswith comfortable conditions for their relaxation, the number ofA˚quadrille area entrances on a given day is limited, therefore we highlyrecommend making a prior booking.

Events & Adventures
Immerse yourself in the world of Quadrille and have a closer look at our newest offers of leisure activities. A culinary adventure, a relaxing jazz concert, a soothing Spa session – we have everything you might need. Stay tuned!

Your Quadrille event
An important festive occasion, a family celebration or a private ceremony requiring an exclusive setting? Or just the opposite – a business meeting, a sophisticated conference or an exceptional training?

Quadrille Palace is a perfect place for unique events. An exceptional interior design, professional equipment and impressive catering services constitute just a part of our offer which guarantees a suitable setting for even the most high-class events.

Entrust us with organization of your special event, rely on our experience and let us propose a solution which will comply with your preferences.

Caviar tasting
We are always delighted when we can offer a new and special gourmet experience to our guests. That’s why we have prepared recently great Polish sturgeon caviar tasting. Antonius caviar has a great intense aromas and fantastic texture.

It is extremely exclusive, the company uses only artisan, traditional methods of production. We serve it at a table from our special caviar trolley. The waiter opens a caviar can in front of the guests and he puts it on ice straight away after so the temperature is perfect.

We serve it with special home-made selection of pastries and extras. Some of them are traditional combinations with caviar but the others may be considered quite unusual at first but they work beautifully together.

You can find there little capers with herbal gremolata, grated hen’s white with chives, cucumber compressed with dill or traditional Kashubian cakes – salty “ruchanki”.

To make our guests experience even more special we prepared unique beverage selection to make a perfect pairing. Apart from a glass of exquisite Champagne Ruinart Brut we encourage to taste three different Polish Belvedere vodkas.

There is a classic Belvedere served with two single origin – Lake Bartężak which is from Warmińsko-Mazurskie voivodship where a cold climate makes it herbaceous, minty with lovely spicy white pepper element and Smogóry Forest from Lubuskie voivodship which is one of the warmest in Poland and where you can get aromas of fresh flowers and caramel.

As an option we offer as well a special Vodka Martini cocktail which have already proved to be very popular with our guests. Caviar tasting is a great intermezzo before a main course to cleanse your palate and makes your mouth watering ready for more.

Cheese tasting
Led by our philosophy of rediscovering traditional Polish products, we offer our Guests the tasting of excellent Polish cheese. This selection is guided by variety of types, textures, colours as well as producers.

We would love to share with Guests unique flavours created with passion by native cheese factories, accompanied by homemade pastries and preserves.

Starting from the intriguing way of exposition it foreshows a promising experience. Every day we arrange our trolley with great care with highest quality and fresh products to make it as attractive as possible.

Our offer consist of eight types of cheese, intense cow’s long-ripening, blue, smooth goat cheese and many other. Their individual, special character is perfectly underlined by properj am made by Marcin Popielarz’s secret recipe. Every flavour enthusiast will find something for themselves.

Guests can combine their own set of three or six cheese or give themselves full pleasure of variety and taste all of them. All this creations are realised and served by a waiter at the Guest’s table. He cuts thirty grams slices of chosen cheese and serves it in proper categories grouped by style and intensity.

Then they offer some confiture as well, flavours depending on amount of tasting cheese. Last but not least served are our own-baked brioches, flatbreads and crumpets straight from an etagere.

During this service Guests can get to know about origin and production of each cheese to understand and discover better their hidden flavours. Our sommelier made his best to fulfil the experience and chose three wines from our list creating a small pairing with cheese.

Fresh and fruity Sauvignon Blanc with its acidity underlines delicate flavours of goat cheese, semi dry sherry oloroso with its nutty notes corresponds with aged hard cheese as well as tawny port is a great match to our blue cheese.

Tasting of our cheese selection is a perfect ending of a special dinner, when after the desserts the magic of the evening may last even longer.

Attractions of Gdynia and Tricity
A home to Quadrille Palace, Gdynia is a relatively young city which will celebrate a centennial in eight years. Its development was triggered by construction of a port which was aimed at securing Poland’s access to the sea within an insecure period between WWI and WWII.

A lot has changed since that time and apart from the sea port Gdynia offers a number of attractions, both for the city’s residents and Polish and foreign tourists. The latter are mostly unaware of the fact that Gdynia is a part of larger Tricity – the agglomeration consisting of Gdynia, Gdańsk and Sopot.

Due to its existence, there are at least three times as many attractions. It is difficult to explain this exceptional symbiosis of the three cities to Tricity’s visitors, however it becomes clear once they experience it themselves.

Gdańsk, of course, is the largest of the three cities and as a city with over a thousand-year history it has numerous historical objects and architectural monuments. A number of cultural events are held here as well.

Sopot is a seaside health resort, among others known for the Sopot Festival – a singing contest with a 60-year-old tradition. Another notable attraction is the longest wooden pier in Europe which is also situated here.

As a seaside city, Gdynia is a home to beautiful beaches. There are a number of those here, in the city centre as well as other districts, e.g. in Orłowo, Babie Doły – all of them are worth visiting and guarantee spectacular views.

Beaches are not the only form of contact with nature offered by Gdynia – surrounding forests serve as a nice alternative. Some of the forests are a part of the Tricity Landscape Park, with over 60 species of flora which are strictly or partially protected.

This certainly is an ideal place for relaxation and an escape from everyday routine, and it can be fully explored on one of our bicycles.

And now it’s time to discuss forms of entertainment created by man. One of them are cruises in the Gulf of Gdańsk, organized by local companies specializing in yacht charters.

We would be happy to assist in organizing unforgettable sea voyages which make individual or group stays more attractive and also serve as an efficient team-building activity.

Golf lovers or anyone willing to take up this sport are always welcome in the Sierra Golf Resort field located close to Gdynia. Of course, this is not the only proposition of this type in Tricity.

Even in the picturesque park surrounding Quadrille there is a possibility of organizing a small tournament or exercises under supervision of an instructor, for instance in a form of a break during a conference.

Gdynia also has a lot to offer for horse enthusiasts and those who enjoy contact with these noble animals. There are a lot of horse riding centres which offer beginners and more advanced levels of training.

The closest one to Quadrille is a centre in Kolibki, on the border of Gdynia and Sopot, where horses are bred in balance with nature – they can roam freely in a herd. Out of season, there is a possibility of going for a ride on the beach.

The Sopot Hippodrome is also located nearby, known for equestrian competitions and the prestigious CSIO show jumping competition.

Gdynia is also a great place for entertainment and culture. Such objects as the Musical Theatre or Gdynia Film Centre guarantee unforgettable experiences due to regular new shows, plays and film premiers, as well as the famous festival.

Gdynia is inseparably related to music due to the Open Air Festival. One also cannot miss such sports events as the Marines Commando Run, Biegun challenge and Gdynia Aerobaltic.

Rooms: 12
Price: from 76 EUR per night


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