Hotel Villa Franca Positano

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Hotel Villa Franca Positano, Amalfi Coast - Italy
Hotel Villa Franca Positano, Amalfi Coast - Italy
Hotel Villa Franca Positano, Amalfi Coast - Italy
Hotel Villa Franca Positano, Amalfi Coast - Italy
Hotel Villa Franca Positano, Amalfi Coast - Italy
Hotel Villa Franca Positano, Amalfi Coast - Italy
Hotel Villa Franca Positano, Amalfi Coast - Italy
Hotel Villa Franca Positano, Amalfi Coast - Italy
Hotel Villa Franca Positano, Amalfi Coast - Italy
Hotel Villa Franca Positano, Amalfi Coast - Italy
Hotel Villa Franca Positano, Amalfi Coast - Italy
Hotel Villa Franca Positano, Amalfi Coast - Italy
12 March 2022

Perfectly situated on a hill between the craggy cliff tops and the glinting Mediterranean Sea, HVF Villa Franca Positano is romantic Italy at its most ravishing.

With the picturesque cobbled piazzas of Positano and two blissful beaches just steps away, this stylish hilltop retreat offers the chance to check out from reality and absorb the glamor and gorgeousness of the ever-enchanting Amalfi Coast.

A cool calm envelops this Italian idyll where bewitching coastal beauty dominates the window views and pines and citrus scent the air.

From the early 40’s, HVF Villa Franca has been one of very first hotels to welcome international tourists and pioneered in-house restaurant for travelers in Positano.

The environment and its protection have always been one of our core values, and the base on which our every business endeavor is envisioned, aiming at minimizing our carbon footprint; like our other core values such as the wellbeing of our personnel and of the communities in which we operate, all paramount to our success.

HVF Villa Franca boasts a prime location in the heart of Positano and is easily reachable by land and sea. On request, our expert concierges can organize private transfers with sedan cars or minivans to and from the hotel.

Our story dates back to the early 40’s when Chef-owner Giuseppe Russo decided to host in his own home the very first int’l travelers who ventured in Southern Italy to discover its natural uncontaminated beauties and its hidden treasures.

With these first tourists, Positano started to rewrite its history of a place that had been a holiday resort since the Roman empire. This picturesque fisherman village became one of the most famous and sought-after location for international tourism.

Subsequently, his children Mario and Franca, (to who the hotel is dedicated) took over the reins. With utter respect for the typical local architecture, they refurbished the hotel in a mix of Persian and Mediterranean styles to welcome the most demanding clientele.

HVF VILLA FRANCA boasts a dominating position overlooking the entire bay and the pastel-colored houses of Positano, set somewhere between the cliff tops and the sparkling sea.

Massimo and Rosa, 3rd generation of hoteliers, with a daring and visionary spirit, start to wisely create their own style, mixing pieces of design and contemporary works of art.

The result is truly one-of-a-kind, so distinctive that a sense of place makes every guest feel at ease as in their own home in Positano. The interior design and the shop HVF EMPORIUM, all created by RMAX Design & Services, never cease to amaze.

They both allow the visitors to escape from reality and take the distance with everyday life while taking in the wonders of Positano and the Amalfi Coast to create fond memories of a relaxing vacation “Dolce Vita Style”.

In the unique atmosphere of HVF VILLA FRANCA, from generation to generation, the mythical song of the Sirens is renewed and becomes reality,

Contemporary ART and DESIGN are part of the core values that represent our concept of hospitality and LIFESTYLE. These elements are paramount aspects of every guest’s experience.

Villa Franca is a magical place, envisioned like an art gallery to create a unique experience for whoever stays, simply enters the lobby, a place where ART and DESIGN are the fil rouge and the leitmotif to our every project.

Here, all aspects carefully considered, every work of art and designer items have contributed to completely transforming this private villa in Positano into a mere museum where beauty and uniqueness are celebrated, with a permanent display of world-famous international artists.

Step into HVF and allow yourself a walk in our private ART collection and in DESIGN, where the omnipresent white and the infinite shades of blue create an incredible atmosphere, a heavenly sense of place.

Our guest Rooms and Suites are spread across two elegant villas. Each room is unique, but all share our signature style of luxurious, contemporary décor and are filled with carefully chosen furniture of the highest quality.

A mix of design and contemporary art, white is the dominant color in all our designs, and each room has generous windows that allow sunlight to flood into the space. Each room comes with a balcony or a terrace offering spectacular views of the Mediterranean or the charming village of Positano.

Our interiors are always planned with the aim of cultivating a romantic but relaxed atmosphere. Works of art and a curated selection of elegant furniture make every space feel highly personal.

Each morning, enjoy a gourmet breakfast brought directly to your room. In the evenings, when the sun is setting, head out to your balcony or terrace for an aperitif as the stars start to twinkle in the clear sky above.

All of our rooms feature a king-size bed, Loewe satellite LED TV, pure Italian linen bed sheets designed by Villa Franca, iPad/iPod docking station, free Wi-Fi, air-conditioning, safe, comfort kit, and a minibar. Our bathrooms are decorated with the finest Italian marble.

Our HVF Master Suites are luxurious open space accommodations where you can truly lose yourself, representing the very essence and spirit of Villa Franca. The 50 m² interior (538 sq. Ft) features our signature, clean, light, and contemporary décor throughout, enhanced with works of art from famous artists.

They are ultra-luxurious spaces where you can truly lose yourself. Although each of these rooms is different, all offer an exceptionally high quality of stay. With a double bedroom and a generous adjoining living area, there is plenty of space to relax and unwind.

This understated MIX OF DESIGN and CONTEMPORARY ART complements perfectly the striking landscape. Step out onto the large terrace with views over Positano, Dedon sun loungers beckon you to sit down, stretch out, and forget reality.

Our Art Junior Suites represent the perfect fusion of CONTEMPORARY ART and CHARM with paintings of famous artists on the walls. These spacious rooms are the ideal accommodation for couples seeking a home away from home.

The generous indoor space of around 40 sqm (430 sq. ft) is enhanced with crisp white walls and fabrics. It includes a stylish and inviting living area. The private terrace offers a peaceful spot to enjoy views of the village of Positano.

Gaze into the distance and see the dramatic cliffs of the Amalfi coast. It is an incredible place to sip your morning coffee, or to simply lie on a Dedon chaise longue as the Mediterranean sun warms your skin.

Each of our Terrace Rooms has its own distinctive character, but all are perfect for sun worshippers. Decorated in our signature sleek, stylish, and fresh style, these rooms feature 27 to 30 sqm (290m to 323 sq. ft) of interior space.

However, the pièce de resistance is a private terrace of 12 sqm (130 sq. ft). Relax on a Dedon chaise longue and take in sweeping views of the entire bay, including the multi-colored houses of Positano. This is the ideal spot for a sunlit breakfast or a romantic evening drink beneath the stars.

The Superior Rooms are airy and bright. Bathed in warm, natural light, these spaces have been designed to be soothing, serene, and romantic. The interior is around 22 sqm (237 sq. ft) and enriched with custom-made furnishings and textiles.

Every item has been chosen to harmonize with the hotel’s gorgeous surroundings, allowing the shimmering sapphire blue of the sea and the pastel-painted buildings of Positano to really sing. The balcony is the perfect place to relax while you take in some truly breathtaking views of the village of Positano.

Our HVF Classic Rooms combine pure, pared-back luxury with convenience. Each room is outfitted with elegant, refined furnishings and luxury fabrics.

They boast an indoor space of 19 to 21 m² (205 to 226 sq. Ft) where natural light creates a sense of continuity between the understated interiors and the small furnished balcony overlooking the village of Positano from where one can breathe in the powerful scents of bougainvillea, citrus sea breeze.

We know that to win the hearts of our guests, we have to win over their tastes too. The Mediterranean climate allows us to find the best produce, from sun-ripened oranges and zesty fresh-from-the-tree lemons to seafood, meats and herbs.

Our talented kitchen brigade, led by our Executive Chef Savio Perna, one Michelin Star, can flawlessly balance flavors and ingredients to create the unique dishes from traditional recipes.

For casual lunch, sit down for a pool-side bite at O’RO Sky Terrace, high above the sea and Positano. Enjoy the spectacular views and feel the sea breeze as you enjoy our Mediterranean cuisine a lunch made of fresh fish.

For a gourmet dining experience that embodies the sophistication of the Amalfi Coast, look no further than LI GALLI RESTAURANT. If you opt for a traditional dinner, pay us a visit at O’RO Incanto Lounge Bar & Osteria to taste the traditional Campanian recipes.

For an elegant and informal dinner with panoramic views, reach the GOLD ChampagneBar & Seafood Grill on the rooftop.

Fne-dining menus are a taste of the sublime in a dream setting with sky-meets-sea views. The food here is rooted in local Campanian culinary traditions and utilizes the best produce of the territory, fruit and vegetables ripened under the Mediterranean sun, seafood caught in the bay, and meats from the nearby hills.

Since 2019, the talented kitchen brigade, headed up by Executive Chef Savio Perna, one Michelin Star, work in collaboration with multi-Michelin Star Chef Nino di Costanzo to craft a masterful menu that is at once innovative and yet still true to Campania traditions.

Through this alliance, the value and the uniqueness of LI GALLI RESTAURANT is further enriched and taken to the next level.

LI GALLI RESTAURANT and Nino Di Costanzo gave life to a new partnership to strive for excellence and share with its guests the pleasures of hospitality, which also lies in territorial gastronomy – one of the most important values of our land.

It is now possible to experience first-hand the combination of excellence between the skills of Executive Chef Savio Perna, one Michelin Star, and the valuable guidance of Nino Di Costanzo through the valorization of produce as well as the interpretation of dishes with the only joined mission to excite the palate and create emotions.

LI GALLI RESTAURANT with its modern design and works of art, is the perfect stage to taste the very best of the Mediterranean cuisine.

Our well-stocked wine cellar is one of HVF VILLA FRANCA most prized treasures. It holds an extensive wine collection of over a thousand labels from sixteen countries.

Each bottle is carefully selected by our expert Head Sommelier Franco D’Angelo, with a particular attention to their unique characteristics and peculiarity.

Our expert sommeliers can help you find the wine that better matches your menu or assist you in picking an extra-special celebratory pour to toast a special occasion.

Our philosophy is a storytelling of what HVF is all about. It perfectly reflects the very essence of our Campanian traditions, skilfully mixing innovation, and respect for our culinary heritage.

For our Executive Chef Savio Perna, one Michelin Star, the intrinsic quality of the raw material is paramount, with local and biological produce that represent the immense variety of our territory.

Each ingredient, carefully selected, originates from the Lattari mountain range while seafood products are strictly from the gulf of Salerno. Our cuisine is made of passion, love, extreme attention to details, studies, and experiment able to able to exalt every aroma.

Each dish is a journey through the flavors of the extraordinary produce the Campania region offers, an incredible culinary journey that will take you to the heavens of Mediterranean cuisine.

GOLD ChampagneBar & Seafood Grill situated on the breathtaking Sky Terrace is where you can relax and at the same time, have some serious fun.

Choose from an incredible selection of over a hundred rare vintage champagne labels accompanied by caviar, oysters and the culinary creations of our Executive Chef Savio Perna, one Michelin Star.

GOLD ChampagneBar & Seafood Grill is the best expression of a refined contemporary lifestyle and it is with no doubt it is the best spot on the Amalfi Coast to celebrate in style.

Let yourself be mesmerized by the feeling of being suspended between sky and sea.

Thanks to its unique position dominating the entire bay, O’RO Sky Terrace boasts incredible 360° vistas of the Divine Coast, from the village of Amalfi to the natural marine reserve of Punta Campanella, the mythological islands of Li Galli, and the cobalt blue sea of the gulf of Salerno, from the picturesque pastel-colored houses of Positano at your feet to the Lattari Mountain range at the back.

All these incredible landscapes, mere gifts from Mother Nature, creates the perfect micro-climate for a sunny and relaxing lunch or al fresco dining of our Executive Chef Savio Perna, one Michelin Star and his team during the warm and breezy summer afternoons.

O’RO Sky Terrace is simply the most sought-after location to enjoy the sun in Positano while sipping a cocktail created by our expert mixologists and admiring the horizon, to lose yourself in “nel blu dipinto di blu”. To complete the experience, a relaxing musical background will keep you company all day.

An ode to the ‘Bon Vivre’ in the spirit of elegance, O’RO Incanto Lounge Cocktail Bar & Osteria is the ideal location to sip an exquisite cocktail prepared by our expert mixologists with a typical Italian twist and try the very best of Campanian culinary traditions, dishes with roots that go deep into Italian history, created by our Executive chef Savio Perna, one Michelin Star and his team.

It boasts amazing vistas of Positano and Spiaggia Grande, oversized paintings on the white-washed walls and sculptures will keep you company. In the open kitchen, the Chef brings back to life and prepares local delicacies that will surprise and delight your taste buds.

This will represent a unique gastronomic experience where the large windows will make Positano feel so close you could touch it. The Bar overlooking the beach of Fornillo with its incredible design, numerous pieces of contemporary art and design, will be the backdrop for a tasty drink served with mouth-watering nibbles.

The magnificent Amalfi Coast scenery adds mere magic to any celebration, not to mention providing an unbeatable backdrop for photographs of the big day. Our dedicated staff is at your disposal to deliver these extra special details that can elevate your special event to greatness. We create memories.

There is no place as romantic as Positano to exchange wows of awe before the vows, under the shining stars on the rooftop terrace. With a capacity of just over 30 people, this outdoor venue is well-suited for intimate ceremonies.

Its incredible far-reaching 360-degree views extending out at sea as far as the eye can see and inland towards the lemon groves and the Lattari mountain range, make every guest believe they got the best seat in the house. Gold is merely the place for wows and vows! Capacity: 30/35 persons.

Every morning, from 07:30 to 11:00, our guests can enjoy a mouth-watering breakfast at Incanto Lounge.

Our F&B ambassadors prepare and set up an incredible breakfast at your table, conceived by our Executive Chef Savio Perna, one Michelin Star, with tasty delicacies of our Pastry Chef Carmine Di Nardi, from the traditional croissants to the cured meats and cheese, while admiring incredible vistas of the beach of Spiaggia Grande and Positano at your feet.

There is no better way to start the day and let the soothing effects of the first rays of sunshine warm you up.

A deluxe spa on the Amalfi Coast, our wellness center is a place of solace. It offers rejuvenation to anyone who wants to put a spring back in his step. If you want to embrace your energetic side, have our personal trainer devise a tailored exercise program before working up a sweat with a session in our cardio room.

If it is all-out relaxation you seek, head for our traditional Turkish bath or opt for any number of tension-reducing massages, body and facial skin therapies and beauty treatments.

All our O’Spa treatments are performed by skilled therapists, using Sothys skincare products. As some Covid restrictions apply, some services such as Turkish Bath may not be available.

The pool located on the rooftop boasting 360° views over the Mediterranean and Positano is an enchanted place. Here the sparkling blue sea meets the horizon in infinite shades of azure and the multicolored pastel houses offer an unforgettable experience.

The refreshing sea breeze along with the scents of bougainvillea and citrus seem to arouse every sense. Look the other ways and the views of the village of Positano will surprise you, Spiaggia Grande and its church on one side, Fornillo on the other.

There is no better occasion to switch on your camera and start taking pictures. Alternatively, close your eyes, take a deep breath and let your 5 senses transport you in a relaxing dimension.

The entire gulf of Salerno and its crystal-clear cobalt blue waters spark bright like thousands of diamonds. This is the incredible view from this high-perched observatory, a heaven of tranquility in the heart of the action.

The Divine Amalfi Coast, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, looks like a balcony overlooking the Mediterranean, suspended between the cobalt blue sea and the steep Lattari Mountain range, valleys, promontories, bays, and beaches.

In Hotel, do not just admire the entire Gulf of Salerno from the rooftop Sky Terrace, but indulge yourself and swim in the crystal-clear waters at one of the wonderful nearby beaches.

The two main beaches in Positano are Spiaggia Grande and Fornillo, both a few minutes away from Villa Franca. To reach the pedestrian center of Positano, we invite you to use our complimentary shuttle service.

The most sought-after beach is Spiaggia Grande, a hangout for tourists and locals; the lesser-known is Fornillo, a mere paradise located between steep cliffs and the Mediterranean. Please note that the hotel does not own any beach club and can easily recommend the location to best suit your needs.

HVF Villa Franca Positano is a five-star luxury hotel, with a host of services and facilities available to guests. We pride ourselves on being able to meet the most unusual requests and to assist with those forgotten essentials.

From the moment you reserve your stay, our staff ensures that your stay is as enjoyable as possible. Satisfying the needs of our guests is our top priority and our staff works to ensure your stay is as memorable as Positano’s gorgeous sunsets.

From Spa massage to beach club reservation and yacht rental, there are many activities and services on and around the property to enjoy.

From its high perched position over Positano, Villa Franca Positano is a window onto the Amalfi Coast, overlooking glorious landmarks, one-of-a-kind walks and excursions by land and sea.

Incredible and iconic sights reveal themselves at every turn – most just a stroll or short boat ride away. However, for the most unique and memorable experiences, turn to HVF concierges for insider access to the secrets of the Amalfi Coast.

Each trip gives us new emotions in a sea of ​​wonders, takes us on a walk through history, opens our horizons and enhances our imagination, guides us in the typically Italian Dolce Vita. Let yourself be tempted by unforgettable experiences.

Let the timeless beauty of the Mediterranean and its wonders charm you while you admire the Amalfi Coast from its most fascinating perspective: the sea!

We offer you a relaxing stay for a minimum of two nights with a day at sea onboard a luxury boat tour to discover the incredible wonders of Mother Nature till the sunset.

You decide where to take an unforgettable aperitif and raise your glass, in front of Positano, at the archipelago of Li Galli or by the Faraglioni Rocks in Capri. Our ambassadors will greet you with a refreshing welcome drink and a special amenity in your room on arrival.

Every voyage is lived three times: when you dream it, when you live it and when you remember it. Live the Amalfi Coast as it once was, in pure Dolce Vita style and discover the most incredible locations of the Divine Coast.

We offer you a relaxing stay of minimum two nights with a one-day self-drive of a vintage car to live or relive “Italian Dolce Vita” or a luxury car in the spirit of elegance and comfort, to drive along one of the most scenic roads you’ll ever see.

You can decide to stop for a walk in the lemon groves of Amalfi or a wine tasting. Our ambassadors will greet you with a refreshing welcome drink and a special amenity in your room on arrival.

A volcano of emotions awaits you! This is a one-time opportunity to discover the secrets of a territory that once was the cradle of civilization, with an incredible history and infinite stories to tell, from the ancient to the world as we know it today.

We offer you a relaxing stay of minimum two nights with a private guide tour comprising a walk to the top of Mount Vesuvius followed by a visit of Pompeii that never ceases to amaze.

In between the two excursions and to complete the experience, you could decide to have lunch in one of the traditional pizzeria restaurants in or near Pompeii. Our ambassadors will greet you with a refreshing welcome drink and a special amenity in your room on arrival.

Let a magical scenario unfold before you… the entire Amalfi Coast admired from the sky is a mere treat for the eyes.

We offer you a relaxing stay of minimum two nights with a helicopter tour of the Amalfi Coast, an unforgettable experience that will create fond long-lasting memories to cherish. Our ambassadors will greet you with a refreshing welcome drink and a special amenity in your room on arrival.

Rooms: 44
Price: from 723 EUR per night


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