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Karia Bel Bozburun
Karia Bel Bozburun
Karia Bel Bozburun
Karia Bel Bozburun
Karia Bel Bozburun
Karia Bel Bozburun
Karia Bel Bozburun
Karia Bel Bozburun
Karia Bel Bozburun
7 April 2021

Would you like to enjoy your vacation in one of the most beautiful bays in Marmaris, far from the madding crowd, where Mediterranean and Aegean Seas meet? Karia Bel’ is in Bozburun, a small fishing town which has not yet been explored by the masses.

Our wish as Karia Bel’ is to host our guests in the comfort of their home, away from the rush of daily life. Karia Bel’ is the right address for those who appreciate a relaxing and soothing experience in the heart of the nature, right by the sea.

Our family trips to Bozburun starting from 1980’s have created Karia Bel’. The beautiful house where we used to spend our summers is, now, hosting our dear guests as a boutique hotel.

With our 35 year-experience in international hospitality and tourism, as Karia Bel’ family, our desire is to share our happiness in Bozburun with our guests and to provide them with unforgettable memories.

One of the qualities of Karia Bel is its location on Bozburun Adatepe Peninsula where there is no traffic allowed. You may reach out Hotel by a 15-minute walk on a nice pathway. In addition, a whole day transfer service is available to Bozburun Village for our guests.


From Corsica to Capri, here are the restaurants serving up tfresh summer dishes with a side of spectacular scenery. The wind in your hair, wine glass in your hand and an enormous pan of piping-hot paella making its way to the table.

Nothing sums up summer like piling up seafood shells on a plate while staring out into the deep blue, all sticky-fingered. And nowhere has a selection quite like the Mediterranean.

So whether you like your sea bass al sale (baked in salt) or a la plancha (grilled), here are MR PORTER’S top spots to gorge on the freshest shellfish and flakiest fish out there.

If the theory that all the best islands are the ones without airports holds water, the same logic could well extend to the very best restaurants being the ones without car parks. In other words, reachable only by boat.

Getting to Karia Bel’ in the bay of Marmaris involves phoning the restaurant and having an all-in-white captain come and meet you at the nearby port of Bozburun before the 15-minute pootle across the bay.

As you pull up to the series of pontoons, you’ll notice the white tables bobbing around on top of them. Sip a crisp glass of Turkish wine while watching the fish swim up to the illuminations underneath. This boutique hotel started out as a holiday home for owner Ms Beliz Üke before she starting taking paying guests in the 1980s.

After sunset, Karia Bel’ turns into a magical place as the lights of Bozburun Bay and Symi, start to flicker on the turquoise waters of Bozburun. Karia Bel’ Restaurant offers a romanticdinner with its tables located over the seaside decks.

We offer fresh sea food and boutique dinner menus prepared daily with renowned local herbs accompanied by prestigious local vines. We invite our guests for a unique taste experience.

In the morning, a delicious breakfast is expecting you with fresh baked bread from our stone oven, home-made jams, organic eggs, tomatoes and peppers and the local cheese plate.

Here below, we suggest you some activities that you may enjoy during your stay in Karia Bel:

  • You may visit bays nearby with a canoe, tour around Kiseli Island and enjoy a swim in Ada Boğazı.
  • You may paddle around the bays with a paddle board and enjoy the sea while exercising.
  • If you like fishing, we advise you to take your fishing tackle with you.
  • You may explore underwater beauties while snorkelling.
  • Please contact us if you would like to take a scuba diving-blue cruise or if you are interested in scuba diving.
  • You may go out for nature walks, and with a 15-minute pathway walk, you may visit and explore the charming village of Bozburun.
  • If you are interested in tracking, amazing views from the heights of Bozburun is expecting you.

Bozburun Bays Nearby

For years, Bozburun is the place of resort for local and foreign blue cruise lovers. While it was the must-see address for blue cruises made with fishermen boats years ago, now, it is hosting internationally famous yachts.

You may explore the ancient ruins, the small islands and the unique bays around Bozburun Peninsula with daily blue cruise tours. You may enjoy the deep blue sea whole day by casting anchor wherever you desire. We recommend you to explore the underwater world by snorkelling.

Greek Island, Symi Tour

It is possible to have a daily boat tour to the Greek Island, Symi from Bozburun. It takes only a two-hour boat trip to go to Symi from Bozburun. Symi harbour welcomes you with its colourful and incredible architecture.

You could wander the back streets of this beautiful little island and enjoy the delicious food of Greek cuisine at the fishermen places and taverns by the harbour. Symi is the ideal address for seafood lovers. We kindly remind you to keep your passports and Schengen visa with you during this tour.

Places to explore around Bozburun
Selimiye is a peaceful fishing village, 10 km away from Bozburun. You could walk by the beach and visit the small shops by the road. You could find fresh figs, almonds and small souvenirs as well as other local products. Selimiye is also famous for wooden boat construction and you may easily see the solid wooden boats constructed with traditional methods.

Söğüt is a small village between Aegean Sea and Mediterranean with its protected nature. It is 10 km away from Bozburun. Its restaurants by the bay are famous primarily for fresh herbs and vegetables from their gardens, grilled octopus and other seafood.

Knidos & Datça Knidos (Cnidus) is 114 km away from Bozburun which takes 2 hours and 10 minutes by car. It is an ancient city of Caria developed in science, architecture and art. The main ancient sites to visit in Knidos are the temple of Aphrodite and Sanctuary of Apollo at the highest point of the city.

Moreover, the sundial located here, one of the most important discovery of its era, still attracts worldwide attention. You could visit Datça while traveling from Bozburun to Knidos. You may enjoy seeing beautiful stone houses in Old Datça which are the typical architecture of the area.

Turgut It takes half an hour by car to go to Turgut which is 22 km away from Bozburun. Turgut village is famous for its waterfall area. It is a collection of five small falls with the highest one of 10 metres and it surely is beautiful and peaceful under the liquidambar trees. You could enjoy a cool swim in a hot summer day in the pools of Turgut Waterfalls.

Bayır Bayır Village is 19 km away from Bozburun which takes half an hour by car. Bayır is a mountain village and it is famous for the monumental sycamore tree, which is around 2000 years old, located near the mosque at the village square. Local rumour has it that walking around the tree three times lengthens the life.

Orhaniye & Kızkumu Orhaniye, which is at the Loryma Peninsula, takes around 35 minutes to drive and it is 27 km away from Bozburun. Orhaniye is famous for its 600 metre long sand spit called “Kızkumu” – “Maiden’s Beach”.

It is possible to walk along the sand bar, whilst wading in water that is only just above your ankles and you would feel that you are “walking on the water”. Additionally, it is a wonderful spot for the activity-seekers to satisfy their expectations with underwater fishing, mountain and rock climbing.

Taşlıca Taslıca Village is 15 km away from Bozburun which take half an hour to drive. It is located at the end of the Bozburun Peninsula and it has a wonderful panoramic view of the Aegean Sea that surrounds the village from three sides.

The ruins of the ancient Pheonix, a Carian city is only 4 km away from Taşlıca. You may see the remnants of the ancient tombs before the ancient pathway between village and the ancient city.

The acropolis of the city is at the top of the Aşar Hill. Serçe Harbour is sheltering against all waves with its narrow gate and it has one of the most beautiful views of the village.

Website: www.kariabel.com
Rooms: 18
Price: from 274 EUR per night


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