La Badira Hammamet

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La Badira Hammamet
La Badira Hammamet
La Badira Hammamet
La Badira Hammamet
La Badira Hammamet
La Badira Hammamet
La Badira Hammamet
La Badira Hammamet
La Badira Hammamet
La Badira Hammamet
7 February 2021

The choice of “Badira – as luminous as the full moon” seemed obvious to us. The principle of light and shadow, so dear to the artists who came to Hammamet, and the Arabic resonance of the name inspired a poetic setting bathed in serenity, the very essence of our hotel. In La Badira the universe of travel in the 1930s has been recreated.

This was a time when the name of Hammamet first became known around the world – a time when a large foreign community, consisting mainly of Europeans, took up residence there and developed a new approach to architecture, interior decoration and handicrafts.

Dozens of artists came to Hammamet in search of the very special quality of its light, artists such as Paul Klee and his celebrated house in the Medina, André Gide, Arletty, Oscar Wilde and August Macke.

With its unique location, La Badira is a modern construction which captures the spirit of that time. Within an infrastructure of exceptional quality are rooms and suites with a sea view, restaurants serving local cuisine with the innovative touch of a renowned Chef, a Spa By Clarins and a full range of services and made-to-measure excursions which all benefit from the latest technologies.

La Badira has been designed to cater for year-round living, both indoors and outdoors, outdoors and indoors, ensuring guests enjoy a sense of well being throughout the day. Intimate areas have been created in and around the hotel with a library, an indoor fireplace area, the La Badira cocktail bar, the terrace fireplace, and lawns perfumed with jasmine and bitter orange trees.

Two boutiques, one dedicated to local handicrafts and the other to local produce, illustrate the authenticity and charm of Tunisia and the signature of La Badira and its partners guarantees the unequalled quality of the products they offer.

Of the hotel’s three restaurants, the ADRA, under the direction of leading French chef Sebastian Bontour, has a distinctive local cachet presenting the very best of Tunisia gastronomy.

The KAMILAH, situated beside the swimming pool, has a more relaxed atmosphere and offers both Mediterranean cuisine and dishes from around the world. The speciality of the hotel’s third restaurant, situated at the edge of the beach, is grilled food.

The Spa has a magnificent view overlooking the sea and an indoor/outdoor concept with a pool that is partially covered, partially open air. Soft music accompanies the various treatments available, which include the nail bar, massages, fitness equipment, yoga, a hammam and ah sun tan bar.

The hotel’s excursions and activities are original and can also be designed especially for you. Why not savour a dish of freshly caught sea urchins accompanied by a cool sparkling wine served up in the hotel’s own creek, or take a class and learn how to cook Tunisian style, or enjoy a musical and poetic soiree listening to the beautiful classic pieces from La Rachidia’s 1930’s range.

La Badira represents all the charm of yesteryear revisited with a modern approach. Our ambition is to be there for you, to meet your needs and fulfil your wishes from sunrise to sunset.

Like the travellers, writers and adventurers at the beginning of the 20th century, guests at La Badira will feel at home and amongst friends in a setting where regular visitors and newcomers can mingle with simplicity, elegance and discretion.

Suite “Claudia Cardinale”
Claudia is an actress of Italian origin, born in Tunisia, where she spent all her youth and won the title of Miss Tunisia in 1956. Exceptionally beautiful, she symbolizes the elegance and chic.

In 2009 she published a book “My Tunisia” and always responds present when her homeland solicits her This glamorous Suite, with its airy and relaxed decor and its Mediterranean colors, pays tribute to her.

Hammamet, where La Badira is situated, is a charming town. Bathed in light, it is a place for pleasant strolls, for visiting the Medina and for exploring its narrow winding streets. Stop for a chicha in one of the cafes or visit the gardens of the Villa Sebastian to feel the magic of Hammamet’s yesteryear.

Situated about an hour from Hammamet, the country’s capital seduces visitors with its diverse oriental and colonial influences. Visit the Medina, the heart of life in Tunis, or stroll along cosmopolitan Avenue Habib Bourguiba lined with shops selling well known international brands.

Should you want to admire Tunisia’s exceptional archeological heritage, La Badira can guide you in the footsteps of Didon and of Hannibal and help you to discover the country’s magnificent antique sites, from El Jem to Carthage and Oudna to Pupput.

For those wishing to exercise both body and spirit there are numerous activities at La Badira including golf, tennis, horse riding, and yoga.

If you are looking for a truly personal experience La Badira can arrange made-to-measure excursions from the discovery of Tunisian wine making to the festival of classical music at El Jem, from a night under the starry Saharan sky at Nefta to the discovery of the Star Wars sets at Tataouine.

Just let yourself be seduced by the magic of Tunisia, all within a few hours of the hotel.

In our two boutiques, one dedicated to local produce and gastronomy and the other to handicrafts, discover what makes the richness and authenticity of Tunisia.

The boutiques are open all day and offer products of excellent quality including local olive oil, in-season preserves, silky textiles and pottery from nearby Nabeul.

Rooms: 130
Price: from 99 EUR per night


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