Lesic Dimitri Palace Korcula

Croatia Europe
Lesic Dimitri Palace Korcula
Lesic Dimitri Palace Korcula
Lesic Dimitri Palace Korcula
Lesic Dimitri Palace Korcula
Lesic Dimitri Palace Korcula
Lesic Dimitri Palace Korcula
Lesic Dimitri Palace Korcula
Lesic Dimitri Palace Korcula
Lesic Dimitri Palace Korcula
20 October 2020

Lešić Dimitri Palace and its Michelin star restaurant stand within the heart of the old town of Korčula, with a refined elegance that represents the rich history and culture of its destination. Celebrating the marriage between old and new, this boutique bolthole has just five unique and spacious suites, restaurant and spa.

They were designed by an Asian-Croatian team of architects and interior designers and inspired by Korčula’s famous resident, Marco Polo and his travels along the Silk Road which people say started from this beautiful island.

The 18th Century Bishop’s palace was lovingly restored over five years and now offers Luxury apartments with full hotel service for those wishing to escape, create, relax or unwind.

It offers guests the chance of experiencing the essence of Dalmatia, through an intimate yet unobtrusive level of service, from a team passionate about the destination and sharing it with its visitors.

Our goal is to celebrate, share and promote the best that Korčula has to offer, from the richness of its history, culture and scenic beauty, to the breadth and quality of its gastronomy.

Stay with Peace of Mind
LD Palace has always offered its guests the opportunity to unplug from the busy world and to reconnect with their inner selves, restoring health, natural beauty, and vitality.

Having only five Residences, each with a private entrance, in an original preserved 18th century Palace provides the level of privacy that helps sustain personal safety and security.

Our team follows the latest available guidelines from local and international health authorities and government officials, with the aim to eliminate any possible health risk. We provide the highest sanitising and housekeeping standards as key elements of our hotel service, without compromising on our warm hospitality.

We look forward to welcoming you to LD Palace and would like to thank you for having trust in us delivering the best practices of wellbeing for all of you – our dear guests and friends.


The faithful restoration of the Palace has retained many of the original features and combined them with bespoke furniture, excellent design and modern technology.

Our commitment to keeping the original features and layout of the palace in tact, inspired the creation of individual residences on every floor of the building, instead of classical hotel rooms.

Thus we have five beautiful residences ranging in size from one to three bedrooms, offering luxury boutique style accommodation. They are fully serviced but allow independence with fitted kitchens and dining facilities, either for self-catering or private dining using our chefs.

The palace’s design pays homage to Marco Polo and his Silk Road adventures with subtle themes from the route’s different regions integrated with restored original features and exquisite handcrafted furniture.

Restore Health, Natural Beauty and Vitality

An exotic experience awaits you blending cultures and techniques from along the Silk Road. Indulge in the therapeutic benefits of spa therapies offered by the palace’s Thai and Ayurveda therapists who are trained to world-class standards in a countries with centuries’ worth of spa tradition.

The team offers an inspiring treatment list with influences from the Silk Road, India, Thailand and the Mediterranean with natural products created especially for Lešić Dimitri palace using herbs, roots, flowers and fruits organically grown in Dalmatia and Asia.

Our Brazilian therapist, Viviane Cruz, a highly experienced Ayurveda specialist trained in India, provides a series of Ayurveda treatments that restore health, natural beauty and vitality.

“Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word that translates as “The Science of Life.” The tradition of Ayurveda, the ancient medical system of India, extends back more than five thousand years and has been practiced continuously to the present day.

The primary focus of Ayurveda is the maintenance of health, the prevention of disease, and aligning the body and mind with the rhythms of nature. Our Ayurveda treatments will offer clients a wonderful opportunity to detox and rejuvenate, in one of the most beautiful settings in Croatia” says Viviane.

With its atmospheric Old Town and picturesque surrounding countryside that produces some of the country’s best wines and olive oils, Korčula island – soaked in history, cultural and natural heritage, is widely regarded as one of the prettiest islands in the Adriatic.

Korčula is one of the larger of the 1,000 + islands that make up Croatia’s coastline. It lies between Dubrovnik and Split and is a wonderful base to explore the Pelješac peninsula and other islands in South Dalmatia. It has a rich history and strong local culture, especially in music, arts, wine and olive oil production.

Lešić Dimitri Palace is hidden within the walls of the medieval town of Korčula, with its winding alleyways, terracotta-tiled houses and tiny churches, next door to the house of Marco Polo and only a stone’s throw from the crystal clear Adriatic Sea.

Discover delightful vineyards, charming villages, secluded beaches and historic buildings. Indulge in wine, olive oil and oyster tasting sessions and courtesy of the palace’s sailing yachts, explore the surrounding islands.

Website: www.idpalace.com
Rooms: 9
Price: from 226 EUR per night


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