Mara Engai Wilderness Lodge

Africa Kenya
Mara Engai Wilderness Lodge - Kenya
Mara Engai Wilderness Lodge - Kenya
Mara Engai Wilderness Lodge - Kenya
Mara Engai Wilderness Lodge - Kenya
Mara Engai Wilderness Lodge - Kenya
Mara Engai Wilderness Lodge - Kenya
Mara Engai Wilderness Lodge - Kenya
Mara Engai Wilderness Lodge - Kenya
Mara Engai Wilderness Lodge - Kenya
Mara Engai Wilderness Lodge - Kenya
2 December 2021

The distinctly unique Mara Engai Lodge is nestled amongst pristine Kenyan Ravine forest on the Oloololo (Siria) Escarpment.

Overlooking the amazing Masai Mara National Reserve and Wildebeest Migration Route, with around 120km of unbroken views across the vast savannah of the Masai Mara – it is simply breath-taking.

MARA ENGAI: In Maasai belief, Mara means the spotted Land, whilst Engai is the Maasai God who created what we have labeled as the 7th wonder of the world.

Our promise to you is one of a first class service. We want you to be our guest and enjoy a holiday of a lifetime. Let your body and mind detox in this incredible, natural environment that’s like no other place on earth.

Wonder at the most amazing views over the Masai Mara and Great Migration route from your own private veranda. Indulge in fine dining, with delicious treats made from fresh produce from our organic gardens.

Get back to nature on thrilling game drives and experience thousands of years of Maasai tradition. Then before you sink into your large comfortable bed, take a look up at the mass of twinkling stars in the clear African sky — it’s something everyone should should see at least once in their lifetime.

Nestled in a secluded location, 1000ft above the Masai Mara with uninterrupted views over the incredible landscape and Great Migration Route. Our lodge is cleverly designed to blend into the natural environment and enjoy the stunning scenery with large private viewing decks and panoramic restaurant.

From the pink hues of the morning sunrise to the rich golds of the sunset and finally the mass of stars in the night sky; the ever changing vista is always a sight to behold and treasure.

The Mara Triangle is the North-Western part of the Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya, and is managed by the not-for-profit organisation The Mara Conservancy on behalf of Trans-Mara County Council (Trans Mara District).

Divided from the rest of the Masai Mara National Reserve by the Mara River, the Mara Triangle is less visited and less crowded, often with many more game animals grazing on the plains and between the volcanic hills that distinguish this corner of the Mara.

Our unique, specially adapted 6×6 Pinzgauer vehicles for game viewing will lead you via our private road directly from the Lodge to the gated Mara Triangle.

All members of the “Big Five” (lion, leopard, African elephant, African buffalo, and black rhinoceros) are found in the Masai Mara. The plains located below Mara Engai Lodge are some of the best for game viewing, in particular lions.

We have our own private road, maintained by us, that leads directly form the Lodge to the Mara Triangle gate. Sit back in comfort in our specially adapted Pinzgauer vehicles and enjoy stunning views and game spotting from the moment you leave the Lodge. 4×4 vehicles are required to access our area.

The position and volcanic rock composition of the Esoit Siria Escarpment gives rise to lush ravine forest.

This is where Mara Engai Lodge is located — nestled amongst the rich forest like a natural hide. This elevated location overlooks the wide open grasslands of the Mara and the densely populated wildlife that favours this region.

Relax in palatial tented accommodation, decorated with antique and local art — spacious suites with, sumptuous beds, full en-suite facilities and large private decks boasting stunning views over the Masai Mara and ravine forest. The sumptuous decor continues in the lodge restaurant and bar with panoramic views.

Large tented suites nestled in the Kenyan ravine forest. Elevated to maximise the view and spaced over a large area to provide seclusion and privacy.

Luxurious toiletries provided in our full en-suite facilities which feature twin vanities and invigorating waterfall showers.

Special occasion? Private, in-suite dining, for a romantic breakfast , lunch, afternoon high tea, champagne and canopies or an indulgent dinner overlooking the incredible views.

Sit and relax on your private veranda, the palatial tented suites all have stunning views across the Masai Mara plains or within the ravine forest

The rich volcanic soil of the escarpment provides an excellent foundation for our organic garden. We have a cleverly designed irrigation system, rainwater collection and crop rotation process to ensure fresh produce all year round.

The rich volcanic soil of the escarpment provides an excellent foundation for our organic garden. We have a cleverly designed irrigation system, rainwater collection and crop rotation process to ensure fresh produce all year round.

The organic garden has over 40 different fruits and vegetables producing year round crops including: Fruits — melon, banana, apples and oranges. Vegetables and salad ingredients — tomatoes, lettuce, peppers, aubergine, sweetcorn and Chinese cabbage. Herbs — rosemary, parsley and basil…and many more.

Our Head Chef is highly trained and experienced. Together with his talented team they work hard to develop stunning dishes influenced by a worldwide palate.

Dining with a stunning backdrop. Whether you choose to dine in our main restaurant with panoramic views, on your private viewing deck or al fresco in the bush; you are guaranteed an amazing view quite fitting for the exquisite dishes.

Our dishes include fresh meat, fish, pasta and vegetarian selections to suit every taste. Look out for our bush feast at the Maasai Experience evening.

From breakfast cooked to your specific taste, through lunch to your evening meal, our chefs’ aim is to delight, impress and satisfy. Each meal is feast for your sense. Enjoy the stunning surroundings, and attentive service, as you sit back and indulge.

The Mara Engai Lodge also features a host of luxurious facilities perfect for a wedding or honeymoon. Imagine how spectacular and unique your wedding photos will be with this incredible scene as your backdrop?

Your guests will be entertained by traditional local entertainment while sampling fine wines and exquisite fine dining. If it’s privacy you’re after, why not retreat to your luxury accommodation and private veranda to sip champagne and watch as the sunset gives way to a mass of twinkling stars.

We offer a wide range of exciting activities to please the little ones and also the adventurous ones. From Quadbike Safaris to , Learning how to make a real fire like a Masai, a special Masai naming ceremony to visiting the Masai Village to name a few.

Unique to Mara Engai Lodge are our Pinzgauer vehicles which are known as the ‘Big 6 ‘ in the Mara Triangle . These vehicles offer a whole new experience when it comes to Game drives.

The vehicle can seat up to up to 8 people comfortably and has a canvas roof top for easy game viewing. They are strong and sturdy and offer a Game drive like no other.

With our exceptionally highly trained and experienced guides you will be sure to see the very best Game that the Mara Triangle and Masai Mara have to offer.

Game drives are scheduled twice a day but there is also flexibility during peak Migration to stay out all day so you are sure to catch nature’s greatest show in earth, ( all full day Game Drives must be booked with reception the night before).

For the adventure of a lifetime we offer the unique experience of a Balloon Safari over the plains, forest and river of the Masai Mara Game Reserve, famous for its abundance of wildlife throughout the year.

Lions, Elephants, Buffalo, Hippos, Crocodiles and prolific numbers of plains game are regularly seen, as are the countless species of Birds both in flight and atop their lofty perches in the trees.

The annual migration of the Wildebeest from July to October is a sight that, viewed from the vantage point of a Balloon, is never to be forgotten. Departure is from Little Governors’ Camp, which has a perfect natural launch site and offers easy access for the take off shortly after sunrise.

The flight lasts about an hour, with ample opportunities for photography and video filming from this unusual and often exciting perspective. After landing there is a traditional champagne toast, followed by a breakfast cooked on the Balloon burners in the middle of the rolling plains of the Masai Mara.

It is another tradition with us that each passenger is presented with a cd which includes a certificate to commemorate the flight. The Balloon Safari ends with a leisurely game drive which often allows you to return to the animals seen from the air before returning to the lodge.

There are no special requirements for participation in a balloon safari. For safety reasons children must be eight years old and above and taller than 1.2metres to participate in hot air balloon safaris.

A thrilling ride through the African Bush. Take in the incredible views from the escarpment and see the wildlife from a completely different perspective. Ride past giraffes, elephants and zebra and go deeper into the bush for an unforgettable experience.

Not many experiences are more memorable, or as typically Kenyan, as breakfast in the bush. You will set of in the early morning hours and enjoy a fascinating game drive in the Mara Triangle, your guide will then take you to one of our specially chosen breakfast sites where a feast awaits.

Just outside Mara Engai Lodge is a small settlement of a traditional Maasai community. A traditional Maasai homestead is known as a “Manyatta”. We encourage clients to visit this Manyatta if they are interested in Maasai culture and would like to experience a way of life unchanged for centuries.

The rich volcanic soil of the escarpment provides an excellent foundation for our organic garden. We have a cleverly designed irrigation system, rainwater collection and crop rotation process to ensure fresh produce all year round.

Enjoy a tour of the garden and sustainable farming plot and meet our talented gardener. You may even get the chance to pick your own fruit or veg for your dinner!

Wow, that view — perched on the rock at the Mara Engai Vantage Point, you can relax and enjoy an unbelievable and truly intimate dining experience overlooking the Masai Mara and great migration route, this is quite simply magical.

This is no ordinary picnic, this is a Mara Engai Picnic. We’ll drive you into the Masai Mara, watching the game en route before setting up your table and chairs in a prime location. So you can enjoy scrumptious treats whilst taking in the views and still watching the unique wildlife.

Our ” Safari Walks’ will identify tracks; highlight interesting insects; talk about fascinating plants; birds and most important the eco- system, which we as Mara Engai are very passionate about . We hold a Gold Eco Rating award .

The ‘ Walking Safaris ‘ It’s a great way to appreciate the smaller wildlife, which can’t be so easily seen from a vehicle. It’s also offers the thrill of being in the bush with the big game.

Indulge in fine dining under the twinkling stars of the African sky. It’s a wonderful al fresco dining experience overlooking the Mara open plains — add an extra memorable touch with traditional Maasai entertainment around the bonfire and listen to stories of the Masai.

Famed for their fire building skills, in this experience, Maasai warriors will teach you how to build a fire using traditional techniques and explain how this is so important to their daily lives.

If you would like to enjoy a little grown up time, why not book our child minding service — Let our child minders look after the little ones while you have some well deserved time to yourself.

A lasting memento of your time at the Mara Engai Lodge — your own Maasai name. Take part in a traditional naming ceremony, and receive a certificate with your new Maasai name. It’s up to you which name you choose to use after that!

Enjoy refreshing cocktails and tasty canapés whilst watching the sun set over that spectacular scenery – breathtaking. Soft drinks are also available for children.

This package offers an enchanting extra of traditional Maasai dancers to entertain and delight you, while sipping a delicious cocktail and enjoying canapés. Soft drinks and mocktails are available for the younger members of the party.

Around July-September each year, herds of Wildebeest migrate north from the Serengeti plains in search of the fresh pasture of the Masai Mara.

The Great Migration is one of the most impressive natural events worldwide, involving some 2,000,000 wildebeest, Thomson’s gazelles, Topi, elands, and zebras. These migrants are closely followed by hungry predators, lions, crocodiles and hyena.

More than 470 species of birds have been identified in the park, many of which are migrants, with almost 60 species being raptors.

Birds that call this area home for at least part of the year include: vultures, marabou storks, secretary birds, hornbills, crowned cranes, ostriches, long-crested eagles, African pygmy-falcons and the lilac-breasted roller, which is the national bird of Kenya.

The Masai Mara offers good bird-watching any month of the year, but the best time is from November to April when the migrants from Europe and north Africa arrive.

Rooms: 20
Price: from 1.362 EUR per night


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