Monaci Delle Terre Nere Etna

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Monaci Delle Terre Nere Etna Wine Resort, Sicily - Italy
Monaci Delle Terre Nere Etna Wine Resort, Sicily - Italy
Monaci Delle Terre Nere Etna Wine Resort, Sicily - Italy
Monaci Delle Terre Nere Etna Wine Resort, Sicily - Italy
Monaci Delle Terre Nere Etna Wine Resort, Sicily - Italy
Monaci Delle Terre Nere Etna Wine Resort, Sicily - Italy
Monaci Delle Terre Nere Etna Wine Resort, Sicily - Italy
Monaci Delle Terre Nere Etna Wine Resort, Sicily - Italy
Monaci Delle Terre Nere Etna Wine Resort, Sicily - Italy
Monaci Delle Terre Nere Etna Wine Resort, Sicily - Italy
Monaci Delle Terre Nere Etna Wine Resort, Sicily - Italy
Monaci Delle Terre Nere Etna Wine Resort, Sicily - Italy

Welcome to Monaci delle Terre Nere, an 18th century aristocratic villa, in a 25 hectare estate, a unique magic place where Nature and Man live together in harmony.

Let us show you round our exclusive Wine Resort at the foot of “The Volcano” overlooking the Ionian Sea. Have a look at our independent lodges with private swimming pool (hotel formula) where you can enjoy Etna’s mysterious power and top “your energy card” up!

The estate develops through old vineyard terracing, olive tree groves, a big vegetable garden with aromatic herbs and 150 different types of fruit tree. This place of wonder is where we get food for thought… and for our guests!

The central Villa, an 18th century building is surrounded by our restaurant Locanda Nerello, the Convivium bar, the pool bar, some of the most beautiful suites and pool lodges.

Monaci delle Terre Nere is an organic farming project. The rescue of ancient local plant species has favoured the production of fruit trees, vegetables and aromatic herbs. We also produce some slow food types of vegetables such as “cavolo trunzo”.

In the Estate, while you walk along the rows of vines, you can taste Guido Coffa’s organic wine. As a matter of fact, Etna is one of the most suitable areas for viticulture, as well as one of the most famous producers of extremely refined Sicilian wines. Nerello Mascalese and Carricante (from a special type of Sicilian grapes) are among the varieties produced in our vineyard at Monaci.

We believe in the tenets of slow food philosophy: good, clean and fair food. Monaci revolves around the respect for Nature and the environment, we produce and buy slow food items. By the term “good” we mean high quality food at all meals. By “clean” we mean having low environmental impact and finally “fair “ food refers to fair trade conditions for the producers.

From the Augustinian Monks of the 17th century, “It was this place which chose me! I ‘ve only brought its hidden beauty to light.” “I wanted a home on Mount Etna, a place where I could enjoy the “third slice” of my life in the company of good wine and an amazing countryside. On my very first day of “quest, I came across an old run-down villa immersed in pure beauty and lots of brambles. We definitely hit it off!”

“Back home, I kept thinking about that old villa and how I could bring it back to life. Since imagination is creative thought, I set off to buy that estate which eventually became Monaci delle Terre Nere.

So far, I’ve devoted my life to its rebirth: the former project of a group of Augustinian Monks from Valverde (The Monks of the Black Lands) who had previously chosen this place because of its extraordinary energy.

The Estate is located at the foot of the largest volcano in Europe, bordered by Etna’s National Park, at 500mt’s altitude. My innermost desire has been that of protecting its historical and natural identity; rather than simply a wineresort, Monaci is a Home, whose intimacy I’ve been enduring to preserve.”

Monaci’s project is based on the restoration of pre-existing buildings, thus reducing its environmental impact. We’ve turned to bio-architecture to restore both the central villa and the independent side buildings.

Respect and sustainability have been at the core of any demolition or rebuilding we’ve implemented, therefore Monaci’s project has resulted in an authentic example of respect for both tradition and environment.

It mingles traditional Sicilian Architecture with Contemporary Art. All premises have been preciously furnished and gifted with such comforts as whirlpool baths, fireplaces and glass walls which create a full immersion effect in the natural surroundings.

Etna’s breath and the view of the Ionian sea. Monaci is flavours and colours , wide spaces and long walks . Monaci is the tale of our Identity with its silence and its lively sounds. Wine is our way to express and convey our love for this Land.

A glass of Guido Coffa’s wine at sunset, a signature’s cocktail at the Convivium Bar is our lifestyle; one which highly values the luxury of self expression in an atmosphere of total freedom and exclusiveness, yet always in perfect harmony with Nature.

Monaci delle Terre Nere, set between the volcano and the sea, across the terraced hills of Etna countryside. Faithful to its green philosophy, it has long been committed to an environmental sustainability project which has a low impact on the territory.

In the full respect of the environment we can still create the welcoming hospitality of a luxurious resort. The restoration of the central villa and the independent lodges has been carried out by local craftsmen in the respect of bio architectural principles such as the use of natural plaster, chestnut wood , old copings as head boards.

In our room you won’t find neither tv sets, nor disposable products. We offer an ecofriendly toiletry line, and we kindly recommend using towels more than once, when it is possible.

We welcome spontaneous vegetation in some areas of the estate and we have 150 different types of fruit tree, many of which are endangered species, such as the Mastrantonio Cherry tree DOP, the Tabbacchiera Peach tree, and the Sbergia tree, the Coscia Pear tree and the Baccibbedda tree, the Cola Apple tree, the Damaschino Apricot tree, the Vinnignola Fig tree, the Muscateddu Plum tree; we pick wild vegetables such as Cannatedda, Caliceddi, Caccialepre, Coscivecchi, Portulaca etc.

We are active members of Slow Food, we believe in its philosophy and grow some special plants such as Cavolo Trunzo. Our vineyard and its entire productive process is absolutely natural. Our beloved 120 hens run around happily in their 3000 mt “playground”.

During your stay, you ‘ll be able to meet them personally, by booking egg collection with Rosario, our Minister for Agricultural Affairs. You will eventually be able to enjoy a delicious omelette for breakfast. Last but not least, we are really into recycling and engaged in producing less and less wastage.

Monaci is a full immersion in Etna countryside, across an 18th century terracing system, restored by the wise expertise of local workers. It’s also a rural farm active in the bio-business of recovering the original value of its territory. It’s also a rural farm active in the bio-business of recovering the original value of its territory.

We produce most of what we use and buy the rest from neighbor farmers, in order to keep faith to our philosophy: only 0 Km made in Sicily products! Sorry then, no Parmesan on our kitchen table! Our bread is organic, made with local flour. We offer seasonal seafood, no room for endangered species, only local ones.

Our rooms suites and pool villas offer different solutions and are characterized by a unique style and a strong local identity. They have been conceived to give back value to the original structures which host them. They offer the unique comfort of a luxurious hotel in the middle of nature.

Every room is the result of an accurate restoration aimed at preserving original elements, for example the lava stone walls and the old millstones, thus maintaining the original identity of the antique structure and providing it with a unique timeless style; a wise balance between the antique and the modern.

To experience suggestions from the past together with modern comforts in a luxury accommodation. Only 655 feet away from the main building , this villa embodies Monaci’s Spirit. History, tradition and unique luxury altogether in perfect harmony. An old millstone turned into a suite vineyards and sea view, private garden iconic rooms for an unparalleled stay experience.

The Villa develops over a surface of 223 mq, it has three suite rooms and two deluxe rooms all characterized by the predominance of lava stone, and original furniture enriched with valuable items. The Villa can accommodate up to 15 guests. Perfect to spend your holiday with friends or for a family reunion.

For a full immersion into the colours and perfumes of an embracing nature. Only 492 feet away from the main building, this villa is a jewel of style and comfort. Wide interiors in warm colours overlook a big private garden thus offering a perfectly intimate oasis.

The Villa develops over a surface of 205 mq, it has four bedrooms: two large Suites, a Junior Suite and a Deluxe room. All the rooms are warm and cozy and have huge glass windows; the ceiling is bejeweled by chestnut wood beams. It can host up to 15 guests. Perfect to spend your holiday with friends or for a family reunion.

2.625 feet from the central building, the pool suite Nobile is located in a late xixth century rural cottage together with other two beautiful suites. The suite has a large bedroom, a living room recalling a country style dining room, which opens up onto a gorgeous veranda (porch) overlooking the wood in front.

It has two bathrooms with a bath tub and a shower respectively. The vaulted ceilings, the Etna chestnut wood floor, the walls in the natural shades of white are all elements which represent the distinctive style of Monaci.

These latter together with the fireplace, the Italian design furniture and the works of the Brazilian painter Olivier Mourao create a simple, warm, yet refined atmosphere. A splendid pool, shared with the guests of the other two Nobile suites, offers moment of relaxation surrounded by the luxuriant oak wood.

Enjoy the pink and grey exteriors overlooking a large private garden with a splendid sea view. Monaci pool Suite, together with the other two suites of the same building becomes a three bedroom villa: it is the ideal choice for people who are looking for privacy in an extremely beautiful natural context; a true lava amphitheatre. It can host up to 5 guests.

Our Estate suites fully express the exclusive identity of Monaci delle Terre Nere: some are located in xviiith century buildings surrounded by furnished gardens; others are located in recently restored cottages and offer the possibility to enjoy large and cozy rooms together with furnished gardens overlooking the splendid sea, the vineyards and the volcano Etna.

Some of them are close to the main building, others, deployed on natural terraces, offer the opportunity of a total privacy-stay while they remain easily reachable by our golf cart service or by private car.

The deluxe are our signature rooms. Small masterpieces, great charm and strong personality where classic style is elegantly matched to modern style furniture in perfect harmony with the original structure of the buildings.

Locanda Nerello offers local tradition cooking based only on fresh products, coming mainly from our estate or from the surrounding areas. We serve only seasonal top quality food.

The atmosphere at the Inn is warm and cozy, yet very exclusive at the same time. In the magic colours of a summer twilight, the breathtaking panorama of our outdoor terrace magnifies the flavour of our delicious courses.

A candid cooking style which brings old local wisdom back into life, an informal inn, a home to old traditions and to guests. The connection with Slow Food will allow you to get to know the numerous strongholds of the Sicilian territory.

The pool Restaurant offers a simple fresh menu that you can comfortably eat around the main swimming pool of the hotel. Fresh genuine salads, typical garden dishes, good wine and gorgeous cocktails.

Our pool bar opens everyday from 11:00 to 18:00. The ideal place for a total relax day, it offers cocktails, smoothies, aromatic floral waters, drinks and a simple menu you can enjoy as you cool off at the poolside.

Located in the central building of the estate, the Convivium bar welcomes its guests in a unique space which is both a meeting spot and a place for your spirit to feel at home.

An ambitious visionary project , born from the common intention of Guido Coffa and his Bar Manager Paolo Sanna to infuse” the Spirit of Monaci in a glass” , a process by which skilled hands turn the fruits of Nature into delicious drinks.

The Convivium bar has its special way to convey the enigmatic energy of the volcano, the sea, the land with its outsprings , its herbs and its perfumes mixing these ingredients to create powerful drinks, the drinks of Monaci’s wisdom.

Harvest, transformation, desiccation, mixing, syrups, perfumes, distillates and tinctures. Everything rigorously hand made and drawn from the black lands of the Monks.

All its organic outsprings flow into Paolo Sanna’s Cocktail list, whose every drink is a fluid experience, a sip of Monaci’s essence to be enjoyed through all five senses.The old wine cellar of the estate is a cozy place, furnished with modern design furniture and gifted with a massive fireplace to keep our guests warm in winter.

Guido Coffa’s precious collection celebrates the strong bond with the territory: vertical winetasting and bumper years for the most famous Sicilian labels enriched by a careful selection of local producers.

Thanks to Guido’s passion for biodynamic champagne, you‘ll be able to find special labels such as Fleury, Selosse, Pascal, Agraparte. Not to mention other premium Italian and international products which complete his collection.

Great wines are jealously preserved in our innovative wine cellar, whose glass and iron structure has been set inside an old water cistern, which is still visible thanks to the light material the cellar is made of. You can visit our wine cellar guided by our sommelier.

We till the land the way our fathers used to do : we use our hands! We don’t use any pesticides, fungicides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers. We highly value wild weeds which contribute to the oxygenation and regeneration of the vineyard land.

We use the clone of the local vine varieties, and together with Etna DOC, we produce wine from the so called “uve reliquie” (relic grapes) or pre-phylloxera vineyards. Grape harvest is carried out manually and implies a double step selection of the best grapes, in the vineyard and later in the wine cellar.

Etna is the third most important Italian region for wine production, thanks to the extraordinary variety of its lands, its micro-climates and the amazing quality of its wine.

The oenological production of the region is characterized by unique conditions of the land and of viticulture techniques: the volcanic soil , the grape growing up to 900mt above sea level, local vine varieties both red and white; as to red wines: Nerello Mascalese, Nerello Cappuccio; as to white ones: Carricante and Catarratto.

A magic frame with the majestic Volcano behind and a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean ahead. Luxurious indoor premises, luxuriant gardens will be the white canvas you ‘ll paint with flying colours, those of a perfect weeding party.

For the couples who look for a special location Monaci is “the” place! We’ll take care of your wishes and desires, while we implement them item by item with our expertise and make of your wedding party an unforgettable experience.

Since Monaci is a “Casa Comunale“, we can officiate civil weddings; you’ll have the possibility of exchanging your rings and vows in one of our splendid terraces, in the olive grove, or in the warmth of our Convivium bar.

Under the expert guide of our Maitre, our chefs will help you decide about a delicious menu made of authentic Sicilian flavours accompanied by our wine list which includes Monaci’s winery production as well as classic or creative cocktails. Celebrate your dream wedding in a breathtaking scenery , in elegance, refinement and natural beauty. We’ll make your “wedding” day. One off the charts!!!

Monaci is a special location for private or business meetings. The perfect place for those who look for an exclusive location together with the assistance of a specialized team. The background scenery of Etna’s majestic line, the blue sea and the green Estate will add magic to a meeting brunch in the old millstone or to a private party amid the olive tree grove.

Restoring body and soul, feeling in tune with Nature. Slowing down life rhythms, breathing in the Mediterranean breeze, feeling the energy of the Volcano, eating healthy food, grown in respect of the natural rhythms of the earth and with no contamination at all. Enjoying a beauty therapy, awakening one’s senses.

Raw materials enhanced by the skilful hands of those who make cooking a gesture of love. Monaci delle Terre Nere experience is to indulge in a holiday of pure vitality and quality. A true approach to physical, mental and emotional regeneration that can also become a wellness routine.

Every single moment spent at our wellness area is a tender loving care of body and soul. Cares get even more special after a long walk up the volcano.

Give yourself a present, one of our signature treatments, get your energy back by inhaling the perfume of our essential oils, organic products, in the hands of our most expert therapists. Come in Monaci’s wellness world: we’ve chosen the products of our land to create face and body treatments which will delight your senses and give you new energy and strength.

Among the wide range of services offered by Monaci delle Terre Nere, Wellness hotel at the foot of mount Etna, you can choose various treatments and massages.

Spend some time to take care of yourself during your stay in Sicily, book a room massage. It will help your body and muscles to be relaxed and flexible especially during hard physical activity or mental stress, last but not least ,it will keep you in a good mood.

Try a yoga session at Monaci, and let the energy of the volcano and of the surrounding nature invade your whole being and restore your inner balance: pure wellness for body and soul.
At the end of the course, special attention can also be paid to nutrition with genuine, vital menus to promote energy balancing and meditation.

Monaci’s 25 hectares allow us to organize walking tours around the estate, nothing too challenging , just a way to enjoy the surrounding nature and discover the cultivated areas of the estate such as the vineyards.

For the more adventurous ones we do organize challenging tours of the volcano along its wonderful paths; we tailor them on your requested levels of difficulty. Once back to your lodge, book a “deep tissue” to relax muscle tension.

“Nerello Inn” promotes local genuine ingredients. We like to call Monaci’s cooking “food for your soul” since it favours a proper energetic balance , the ideal diet for those who practice sports.

Monaci delle Terre Nere is a 25 hectare Estate with huge outdoor areas where you can do various activities and have great fun. During your stay , make sure you try at least a couple of the experiences we suggest: private cooking lessons, wine tasting ( our own wines), cocktail masterclass, horse rides, guided tours of the Estate, private dinners, helicopter tours and a lot more….

A walking tour of our garden can turn into an extraordinary sensory experience, a peculiar way to come in touch with Nature trough your smell: learn how to recognize the different varieties of aromatic herbs, inspire and be inspired by Monaci’s true essence.

Learn the secrets of Sicilian cooking tradition straight from our Chef. You and your loved ones can learn the art of making pasta and ravioli with (grani antichi) ancient Sicilian wheat.

Enjoy a romantic dinner by candlelight on a private hill overlooking a breathtaking sight, with personalized service. Enjoy this unique experience with your significant another.

On a beautiful Sicilian horseback feel free to explore the estate and the amazing countryside around it.

An unforgettable, extraordinarily exciting way to admire the splendour of the majestic Volcano from above and/or fly to the Eolian Islands

Explore the entire estate on the bicycle, you can even risk further by following other surprising naturalistic cycle paths around Monaci. ( reserve your bike and equipment).

Mount Etna is a place loaded with energy. It’s the largest active volcano in Europe , UNESCO World Heritage; its special position offers the possibility of enjoying both mountain and hill sights as well as a magnificent view of the Ionian Sea.

Exploring Etna, is the ideal trek in the middle of a magic, seducing, mysterious landscape, able to arouse sensations: you can reach up 300mts altitude and be amazed by the sight of the sea below, you can also go skiing in winter.

During your stay at Monaci, we suggest that you take some time to explore the artistic treasures of Eastern Sicily together with its breathtaking naturalistic sceneries. Sicily has always been a melting pot of peoples and cultures, you’ll be mesmerized by its beauty.

A fully-fledged world heritage, Etna is famous for its scientific relevance together with its cultural interest. Its high craters , its cinder cones, the lava caves, the depression of the Bove Valley, its frequent eruptions both from the central crater and from side cracks, they all fascinate and attract scientists and tourists from all over the world.

The “strada del vino dell’Etna” is an association which promotes the discovery of Etna through its vineyard and wine path. Etna is a rich generous land; the activity of the volcano provides its fruits with a unique swing.

The Association embraces the best wine cellars and wineries of the territory, and offers travelers unforgettable experiences along the wine path. Monaci is a proud member of this Association.

If you happen to go to Catania, don’t forget to visit “la Pescheria”, the traditional fish market, next to the Duomo square with its white Obelisk on top of the Elephant, symbol of the city of Catania, which stands out against the city cathedral Saint Agatha.

Ten minute walk from the Duomo, you’ll discover the Monastery of Saint Nicolò l’Arena , a late Sicilian baroque jewel and one of the largest Benedictine monasteries in Europe.

Its formation goes back to 300.000years ago. The river has patiently carved the magma from within, this last one has gradually got cold and has originated deep irregular cracks. A breathtaking natural landscape to be enjoy by going hiking or body rafting.

The seven sisters seduce! Visit them all, if you can: Lipari, Salina, Panarea, Stromboli, Vulcano, Alicudi e Filicudi. Each sister has its own peculiar characteristics; they all share the same wonderful sea! From Monaci ‘s Elipad you can reach them by private helicopter.

Between the majestic volcano and a breathtaking coastline, Taormina is one the world’s wonders. Before visiting the Greek Theatre, stop at Isola Bella and enjoy its sea and sun. At sunset have a drink in one of the fantastic hotel terraces which overlook the sea.

Siracusa is a jewel from the past, In its archeological area you can admire Archimedes’ tomb and the Greek Theatre where classic tragedies and comedies are still nowadays staged by the INDA (National Institute for Ancient Drama).

The Isle of Ortigia is the oldest part of the town, its precious core. You can get to Ortigia by crossing the Umbertino Bridge. Then keep walking till the Aretusa Spring a natural freshwater spring a few steps from the sea.

World’ heritage, Noto has the richest baroque citycentre in the world. You can’t miss its “Infiorata” , an amazing event which takes place on the third Sunday of May. Marzamemi is a typical sea village not far from Noto. A fairytale village built with yellow stone little houses around two natural harbours.

La Villa del Casale, in Piazza Armerina, offers one the most preciuos displays of Roman mosaics in the world. The room with female figures playing ball games wearing an “ante litteram” bikini is worldwide known.

Rooms: 8
Price: from 432 EUR per night


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